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Apple’s new iPhone 12 is the Smartest Smartphone Worldwide

Apple’s new iPhone 12 is the first-ever headset to be powered by an advanced 5nm chip making it the smartest smartphone in the world. Nothing compares to it at the moment.

Apple recently unveiled their new iPhone 12 range of models, and if you haven’t heard already, they are quite a big deal as they are the only handsets in the world to be powered by a new type of chip (5nm chips) which is thought to make smartphones even smarter.  

The chip is thought to allow users to do things such as edit 4K videos, play graphically-intensive video games on the devices, and enhance high-resolution images. All the above will be possible by using less battery power and will be a smooth user experience.

iPHONE 12 - the Apple's new iPhone is the Smartest Smartphone in the world
The new Apple iPhone 12 is the smartest smartphone in the world at the moment with the integration of 5nm chips which aids its speed and acceleration, nothing could compare to this new beast in the market. With this alone, Apple is currently leading!

The chip is known as the five-nanometer process, which means the chip’s transitions have been sunken down, allowing billions more on-off switches to be added. According to Smartphone Checker, iPhone 12 holds an A14 Bionic (5 nm) chip, which helps increase the amount of brainpower the 5nm chip offers the handset.

The advantages of 5nm chips on the new iPhone 12

Moving to 5nm chips will effectively make the headsets smarter. Chip developments revolutionize how we interact with our smart devices; their advances mean an increased amount of remote computer tasks can now be done locally with a few taps and swipes on our smartphones. 

We have already witnessed how smartphones are now fully capable of transcribing voice notes and recognizing faces thanks to facial recognition, even in images without the need for an internet connection. 

Chips such as the 5nm will enable even more complex artificial intelligence tasks to become possible. In doing so, the advancement in technology may even help smartphones make better sense of the world we live in, increasing its use rather than it being an accessory to our computers and gaming consoles.

Making a move to smaller transistors can help in the long run as they simply use less power compared to larger ones and can run more quickly. It is thought that the new 5nm chips can deliver a 15% speed boost compared to the last 7nm whilst using the same amount of power. 

A larger amount of gains can also be delivered from this as it creates the opportunity for chip designers to create more accelerators, which opens up the potential for smart devices even wider. 

Apples other products to looks out for 

HomePod Mini

A fresh new surprise from Apple is their HomePod mini. The original HomePod has been swapped for a ball that is just 8.5cm tall and has a flattened top and bottom. The HomePod can play music and allows users to talk to Siri through three microphones. The mini also has a display screen on the top, making it user-friendly. 

Beats Flex

Beats Flex is a new neckband earphone that has 12-hour battery life. They have magnetized earpieces that can pause playback when lined together around the user’s neck. They are available to buy today and are great for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for good quality headphones on a budget that seamlessly works with the smartest smartphone in the world. 


The MagSafe is a magnet that sits in the back of the iPhone 12. The device can wirelessly charge when directly on the back of the phone compared to the previous model and can also attract accessories such as magnetic wallet cases. Through MagSafe, users can charge both their iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. 

The announcements in technology have helped to pave the way for a better tomorrow. Not only do we know we have devices that work beyond our imaginations, as consumers, but we also are savvy users of it and can adapt to it as it evolves. 

Although it may not be so obvious how much of an impact advances in chips can do in our world immediately, as the technology becomes more available, there will most definitely be room for it to be applied in working and educational backgrounds.

One of the best parts of having an array of tech organizations to choose from means the competition between them to see who can get to the finish line first is fierce. For consumers, this is great as it presents users with a wide choice of smart devices to choose from.

The new Apple iPhone 12 is the smartest smartphone in the world because of the integration of 5nm chips that aids its speed and acceleration.

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How to Take Better iPhone Food Photography – 10 Professional steps to follow

iPhone food photography lets you snap and share high-quality photos to your online community. You want to share how satisfied your tummy got whether you’re at your favorite restaurant or you just had the courage to finally try and cook that dish you’ve been dying to copy. Besides, you do not need to bring that chunky camera anymore.

Vice President for iPhone Product Design Greg Mansfield explained that it was found in their study that people use their iPhones mostly to take photos. They patterned the iPhone to a DSLR camera in terms of screen resolution, the inclusion of a 15 mm macro lens and a maximum ISO of 6400 guaranteeing that even you are in a dimly lit place, the device can work like magic.

For a foodie or a food blogger, photos garnering as many likes, hearts, pins, and retweets, make their postponing-my-first-bite act all worth it. You may want to better your skill at iPhone food photography, make your food as appetizing as possible or you just want to fill your iPhone gallery with the meals you’ve already tasted in the most tantalizing angle, these tips on how to better take scrumptious and crave-inducing iPhone food photography is for you.

10 Tips for Crave-inducing iPhone Food Photography

10 Tips for Crave-inducing iPhone Food Photography
iPhone food photography is a process of taking crave-inducing photos of food and fruits with an Apple iPhone. In this article, we will go deep into the “hows’ of iPhone photography and documentation.

Use a macro/telephoto lens 

The macro/telephoto lens is known for its superb optical system that can focus on full life-size images with 1:1 magnification. With its feature to focus on details in its image sensor, it only requires a minimum of 20 cm distance from the subject you are shooting allowing you to frame the subject in such a way that details are finely highlighted.

Grilled cheese and fries with sauce overhead shot while doing iPhone Food Photography
“Grilled cheese and fries with sauce overhead shot”

Natural light never fails 

Before you snap, make sure that your subject is at the nearest natural light source possible, say a window or a door. Make people hungry by utilizing the best light – natural light. However, be cautious when you are using direct light. It may appear too harsh on the photo and may produce unwanted highlights and shadows. Your lighting can make your salad look fresh or stale. Always go for a warm, soft and naturally diffused light If natural light is not accessible try to use the light panel as an alternative.

iPhone Food Photography - Natural light never fails as shown in this picture; Fries and Burgers in natural light.
Natural light never fails as shown in this picture; Fries and Burgers in natural light. That tells a lot of what you can do with your iPhone food photography.

Use the auto-exposure lock 

Your iPhone will initially provide you with a default exposure. With iPhone food photography, you will surely have multiple shots to obtain that perfect photo you will post.

To achieve this, you have to utilize your phone’s feature, auto-exposure lock, to ensure that your lighting will not change from dark to light. Lock it at a certain point so that it will not cause inconvenience.

Shoot up close to make your followers crave 

Shooting your food up close features how drool-worthy it is and how its palatability can be transported virtually to your online community. The most popular shot for an iPhone food photography is the front ¾ view. It is a kind of shot wherein the subject is only 4 to 5 inches away. Whenever you use this type of shot, you engage people more to take time and appreciate your photo. In this way, people can see a perspective on how the food is actually eaten, close and with enough details.

Shoot up close to make your followers crave
“Up close shot of a roasted chicken”

Do. Not. Zoom.

Relax, your subject isn’t a moving one and it is more than safe to shoot close. As you set up the food, it is at your expense whether you will shoot from the side, from the front or from above. Zooming is never an option in food photography or it does not make any sense, at all. One of the many disadvantages is that it results in a poor quality image and it produces a grainy photo.

Overhead shots can save the day 

Sometimes foodies and bloggers seem to get bored with the good ole ¾ shots. Instances such as aesthetics are key, either asparagus are crisscrossed, or a salad is drizzled with Mediterranean dressing. Obviously, taking a ¾ shot will eliminate the possibility of featuring the meal’s aesthetique. A flat lay showcases everything there is. Foodies and bloggers commonly use the overhead shot or “flatlay” to create a more graphic image.

Four-course food spread
A four-course food spread taken with an overhead shot can save the day. Another dimension to focus on in your iPhone food photography.

Simple, neutral background works best 

Simple and neutral backgrounds are advised for effective iPhone food photography shooting. You would aim for the photo to be all about the food. Thus, you should avoid backdrops heavy on the print that overpowers the food. The goal is always to emphasize how scrumptious the food is and not on how you can spot the funkiest background. Less is always more.

Simple, neutral background works best 
“Four donuts well placed against a simple and neutral background” is a perfect example of iPhone food photographs with a keen focus on the detail.

Style and garnish your subject 

Styling and garnishing an iPhone food photography is 20% of the photo. As the food is enticing on its own, adding some complementing silverwares, organic herbs, and spices, ingredients of the dish on the side, table napkins for texture, etc. can add more feel to it. Garnishing and styling your shot can add more color and life to the food.

Styled and garnished sweet crepe with berries
“Styled and garnished sweet crepe with berries.”

Include a hangry hand in the frame 

A hand going for that first bite of a sandwich clubhouse in an iPhone food photography is another way to make your online community hungry and want to try the same thing you’re eating. The hangry hand is a teaser of not only how drool-worthy the food is but how bad you want to try it. You can’t even wait but go dive into that clubhouse before snapping the photo!

iPhone food photography - A hangry hand going for the clubhouse
A hangry hand going for the clubhouse: To get the best of the moment, you can include a hangry hand in the frame in your next iPhone food photography.

Edit to enhance not to exaggerate

There are a lot of user-friendly iPhone photo editing apps to edit your freshly snapped photo out there. Snapseed and VSCO are just two of the many. These apps can help you enhance the saturation, tone, exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, etc. of your photo.

A photo is appreciated for what it is. Post-processing a photo doesn’t need to be complicated nor a handful. A thing to keep in mind as you edit is that you should maintain the “natural look” of the subject. You wouldn’t want a person to perceive your food photography as raw or burnt, right? 

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iCloud Account Is Hacked: I Am Not A Celebrity, Should I Worry?

With celebrity iCloud accounts being hacked, are you also feeling insecure and afraid that private data might leak out into the world?

Trust and security are a common concern in today’s world. Even as technology continues to improve and bring us greater conveniences than ever before, we see reports of hacking and data leakage on a daily basis.

While developers and security specialists are consistently striving to make the internet safer, we have even seen trust issues with blockchain systems – which is often said to be safer than a traditional database platform.

With systems being hacked frequently, the average consumer needs to take measures to make their technology more secure. Looking at security tips for Alexa and other AI systems is a good start. iCloud, the cloud storage solution by Apple, seems to be one particular platform being targeted by hackers.

The Use Of iCloud On The RiseSign in to iCloud under magnifying glass

Apple has grown into one of the world’s biggest telecommunication companies. The company not only serves as a solution for delivering high-performance mobile devices to the world, but also feature laptops, tablets, and even a new gaming system.

Taking things online, the launch of the iCloud service from Apple gave people an opportunity to store photos, videos, and even important documents on the internet. This way, they could easily access these files on any device that is connected to that iCloud account.

In just the last few years, we have seen a significant rise in the use of iCloud. In the US alone, iCloud now holds the biggest market share for cloud services among citizens, at 27%. The service has even exceeded Dropbox and Amazon’s Cloud Drive now.

 iCloud Account Hacks Among Celebrities

People are concerned about storing their photos and other important information on cloud services. We often see reports about celebrity iCloud accounts being hacked. In 2014, there was a massive outbreak in hacked iCloud accounts, with Kirsten Dunst being just one of the many figures affected during the time.

The majority of celebrity hacks tend to reveal nude photos or other sensitive data that are stolen from the cloud accounts owned by these people. Unfortunately, this can quickly ruin the reputation of that person.

Photos are not the only concern, as there are other data that are also confidential, which hackers may decide to use to their advantage.

Should The Average Joe Be Concerned If Their iCloud Account Is Hacked?

The idea of being hacked is concerning. While the reputation of a celebrity can certainly be damaged when a few nude photos are leaked onto the internet, the average person can also greatly suffer from the same type of event.

In the case of the average person, hackers are usually not after a few photographs, however. The biggest concern that comes to mind in case of the average person’s iCloud account being hacked is confidential information. This may include passwords that are used on online banking and shopping websites. Additionally, the person may also have their banking information and credit card details stored on their iCloud drive.

When this sensitive data is leaked to a hacker, they are able to take advantage of the opportunity. In turn, it could lead to significant losses on the hacked person’s side – when their credit card information is leaked, they may find unauthorized expenses on their next bill. The same goes for passwords – they may soon find their Facebook account and other profiles being infiltrated by the hacker.

The best way to make an iCloud account more secure is to choose a super-strong password that includes a larger number of characters. The combination of characters used should also be diverse. The use of two-factor authentication is also a definite advantage.

iCloud Account Hacking Can Affect Anyone

Whether a celebrity or just an average person, when an iCloud account is hacked, concern needs to be raised. We often rely on cloud storage services to keep sensitive and private data readily accessible on all our devices. When leaked to hackers, a nude photograph is not the only concern – as this could cause your passwords and even credit card information to land in the hands of thieves.

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Understanding Why iPhone Xs Needs A Magnetic Case

Rapid acceleration to enhance consumer adoption with a consequent increase in category innovation is the driving for smartphones supporting Qi wireless charging. With a range of exceptional features such as facial recognition, OLED display, and increased performance, the iPhone Xs is a smartphone of the future. Apart from being a phone, Apple’s flagship smartphone is a style statement and an investment. Just like other prized possessions, this phone requires protection in the best way possible. This will maintain the phone’s functionality and design features.

Understanding Why iPhone Xs Needs A Magnetic Case
Spending on a features phone like iPhone X isn’t in any way a child’s play. It requires a considerable amount of money, and for this reason, there’s a need to protect the device with magnetic cases.

Protecting iPhone Xs with Magnetic Case

The best way to protect the phone is by investing in an appropriate case. With a wide range of options, making the right choice might become confusing. Some of the options include bumper cases, wallet cases, and magnetic cases. The rule of thumb is selecting one that matches the user’s personality to get a superior experience. A good idea is to opt for a case that supports wireless charging while offering ample protection to this precious possession. The case should speak volumes about one’s lifestyle without looking like a brick.

Using a Magnetic Case

The iPhone is part of the new era smartphones that support Qi wireless charging. This is technology allowing charging a smartphone over a very short distance without a cable. It is a very easy way to charge a phone and faster than regular charging using a cable. Wireless charging eliminates the need to always plug in your phone to charge and plug it out when full. Charging a phone wirelessly requires placing it on top of the wireless charging pad and wait for a little while.

The iPhone Xs is a beautiful bezel-less smartphone with an all-around glass chassis. Regardless of the need to show off this beauty, it is important to choose the best iPhones Xs magnetic case to cover it. For its premium price tag, this phone seamlessly handles a variety of applications including for adventures that require taking artistic shots of landscapes. Using this phone in all those situations is very risky not to use this phone without a cover.

Here is a catch

Apple claims to have used the durable glass to make this smartphone but you would not let it drop anyway. There is a big chance of the screen cracking and it is obvious that no one would wish to move around with a cracked phone in the back and front. Repairing an iPhone Xs after cracking comes at a cost bigger than the cost of previous models since this phone comes with multiple technologically advanced features. This emphasizes the importance of getting an appropriate case to cover this phone with a glass-covered chassis with an OLED display.

Other benefits of the magnetic case

Since wireless charging eliminates various issues associated with wired charging, investing in a magnetic case is very helpful. The magnetic case comes built to make use of wireless charging capabilities. This involves utilizing magnets for incorporating electromagnetic fields from a device. It allows making an electric current into the metal coil inside the other device. Since the iPhone Xs supports Qi wireless charging, covering it with a magnetic case allows charging this phone at home, in the car, or at work. This eliminates worry about low charge.

The key benefit of wireless charging is the capacity to support multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches using a similar setting. Charging your devices doesn’t require moving around with appropriate cable chargers all the time. Investing in a quality magnetic case will make charging the iPhone Xs a seamless process. With standard universal wireless charging, there’s no use to worry about moving to a new location without appropriate voltage adapters. The magnetic case will allow charging the iPhone Xs securely without exposing it to harmful elements with potential harm.

Final thoughts

It is true that the iPhone Xs has a durable design making it hardly breakable since it comes with a strengthened layer. The layer is 50 percent deeper backed by laser welded steel and copper bumper to make it the go-to smartphone today. This strengthens should be reinforced by covering the phone with an iPhone Xs case. Fortunately, the case supports the phone’s Qi wireless charging capacity making it possible to avoid low charge anytime anywhere.

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iPhone Breaks Easily? – How Did You Break Your Smartphone?

The clamshell design of cellphones in days past were much more protective than today’s smartphone designs with their large, flat screens and thin frames. In spite of protective cases, smartphones still break pretty regularly. PC Advisor reports the average iPhone breaks within six weeks after purchase. So, what are some of the most common and unusual ways people break their smartphones?

Top Five Ways iPhones Break

iPhone Breaks: 5 Ways/Reasons Your iPhone Might Break 

According to PC Advisor, these are the most common ways iPhones break:

  1. Dropped on a hard surface
  2. Fell into water inside the home (bathtubs, toilets, sinks, etc.)
  3. Was accidentally sat or stood upon
  4. Was left on car roof
  5. Got broken by a child

Comments on forums like MacRumors report a lot more iPhone breakage for models released after the iPhone 4. Elite Daily reports that a drop test of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus “will break your heart along with the screens.” Apple may have succeeded with design, it says, but not with durability.

Not Just iPhones Break

Fast Company finds that Androids and iPhones break in the same places around the home. For example, they both fall victim to the toilet 9 percent of the time and to the washing machine 4 percent of the time. Likewise, 6 percent of each are fated to fly off a car roof.

Android phones are much more likely to break in the bedroom (12 percent) than iPhones (8 percent.) Furthermore, 21 percent of iPhone breaks occur in the kitchen, compared to just 15 percent of Android breakdowns. The living room is the most dangerous for both, where 21 percent of iPhones and 17 percent of Androids meet their ends.

Most Unusual Ways Phones Break

Although most phones break for mundane reasons, there are some pretty unique cases out there. Bankrate interviewed two experts in the distribution of electronics to find out more unusual ways smartphones have been destroyed. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Dropped in an outhouse pit
  • Slipped out of a pocket and into an ice-fishing hole
  • Hit in the batter’s pocket by a 90mph pitch
  • Taken by a dog from a kid whose hands were covered in barbecue sauce and ate it
  • Peed on by a dog during a camping trip
  • Fell into a deep fryer at McDonald’s

Clearly, human error plays a huge role in the destruction of cellphones. This being said, it makes sense to shop for a reasonably-priced smartphone like the LG G4 instead of investing in an expensive one.

Don’t Blame Yourself Too Much

Accidents happen. Don’t be too hard on yourself (or your kid) if and when your phone breaks. It was bound to happen anyway. Mine did awhile ago, I forgave myself, and even inspired my colleague to write about his own experience.

The mobile tech news site Pocketnow reminds its readers that smartphones, like other consumer goods, degrade with use. And when you think about it, most people use their phones almost constantly throughout their waking hours. Smartphones have a lot of moving parts that can be damaged by friction, heat and contaminants. Humid environments (like the bathroom) and keeping a phone in your pocket contribute to this risk. So, although you want to try and protect your phone for as long as possible, don’t be too devastated when it breaks.

Does your phone breaks? If yes, did you freak out when it happened? And how did you handle it afterwards? Hit me up.

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Top 10 Best Music Apps for Making Music on iPhone and iPad

Music is a part of everyone’s life and makes all of us feel delight. It gives enjoyment beyond any barriers of language and is universal. That is why loads of gadgets come with options for listening to music and to make the music lover in you satiated. Here are the 10 best music apps for your Apple devices. You can create music, download ringtones and have loads of fun with these apps.

Top 10 Best Music Apps by Popular Demand

Top 10 Best Music Apps for Making Music on iPhone and iPad1. Djay2

No longer, the DJs have to carry bulky record players for the party. iPad and Algoriddm together have made the job easy for them. Also, with the iOS 7.1 upgrade, the app too has been upgraded. The DJs can now see the music running in the waveform. This is much easier for the DJs to play and mix music. Viewing in the waveform view is optional, and there are default modes too.

2. Stezza

Many countries and the States of the US have laws about calls and sending texts. In such places, it is wiser to use the apps that do not disturb the people around. When you use Stezza, you have bigger buttons to control your music apps. All the controls like skipping, pausing and playing the songs can be done with a tap and you need not concentrate completely on the device. Sideways glance will do the magic for you. The UI also lets you change colors to suit your car’s interior.

 3. Google Play Music 

With the iOS version of the music player, you can listen to any radio station, mix, and create albums and songs, and it is absolute fun. You can also listen to a playlist created by the Google music experts. More than 20 thousand songs can be added to your personal playlist.

4. Auria LE 

This is an iPad app that lets you record 48 tracks. If you don’t feel that the number is required, choose a lighter version that lets you record 24 tracks. You can view the download ringtones, play them n waveform. Waveform editor is best the option to cut copy and edit any part of the track.

5. TNR- e US 

This is an app created by a set of artists, who enjoyed mix matching music, and this had given ways to collect awards for the innovative idea. The same was launched by Yamaha for the iOS devices as TNR-I. Now, the TNR E, lets the users enjoy much more. This app is for everyone, and you can listen to house, electro and dubstep genres.

6. Music Studio 

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch. This is software that helps in complete music production. Compared with the competitors, this app offers great quality of sound. The app consists of drum pads, 85 key keyboard, 125 studio recorded instruments, of which 65 come for free, and the rest can be got from the iTunes store.

7. AmpliTube

If you hate to take your guitar with you when you are out, then this iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch compatible app is for you. The iPhone becomes a guitar effect processor. You can also modify the tempo to suit your needs.

8. Sample Tank 

This app is compatible with iPhone 3rd generation, and iPod Touch 3rd generation gadgets. This can also be used in iPad. You can find almost all the instruments in this app, and this is the perfect choice to record on the move. This app has a built in keyboard and drum pads.

9. NanoStudio 

This is one of the most popular apps to create music in iPhone. This app lets to record the songs live, and the tracks too can be mixed real time. You can find 16 instruments, and mixer that let a channel with four inserts.

10. Four Track 

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod. You can make records, mix and upload audio tracks with this app.

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How to Boost your iPhone Battery Life and Enhance Life Span

One of the major problem most Smartphone user faces is quick battery run out and depreciation in battery lifespan. iPhone users often complain of this battery problem and blame Apple for making low capacity batteries.

Actually, Apple is not the problem; the company has tried his best making good batteries on those iPhone. The real problem is you.

Some iPhone user opens numerous applications that run underground, without knowing the impact of this on their battery. There are some important tips you have to put in mind to make your iPhone battery lifespan last longer.

It is recommended that you keep your iPhone from direct sunlight and heat, don’t leave your phone in hot cars, even in glove box. Heat is a factor that degrades battery performance the most.

Apple specifically explained that iPhone works best at 32° F – 95° F. It should be stored under -4° to 113° F which is 0° to 35° C and -20° to 45° C for the metrically inclined. Keep your iPhone near to room temperature.

Apple iPhone battery


Battery Life: This the time your phone runs before the battery is recharged.

Battery Lifespan: This means the amount of time your iPhone battery laps before it get replaced.

One of the important ways of improving your iPhone battery life is by monitoring iPhone battery usage stat. You can access this by tapping on “Settings” on your home screen, chose “General” then “Usage,” Under “Time since last full charge” you will see Usage and Standby

Usage: This is the amount of time your iPhone has been awake and being use since the last time of charge, when on calls, email, music, browsing, and text messaging, and even when applications are open on background, such as auto-checking emails.

Standby: It is the amount of time the iPhone has been on since the last time it was fully charged, including the times the phone was on sleep.

Tips to optimizing your iPhone battery life

Update to latest iOS

Most times, Apple releases updates to its iOS, bug are fixed, new features added. Those news features may include some battery optimization wares. This can be done through the iTunes.

Configure your settings

Your iPhone battery life may get depreciated based on some configurations. If you auto-receive emails so often; be rest assured that you will be consuming more of your iPhone battery.

Here are few configuration tips to help you manage your iPhone battery

Adjust your brightness:

Not only on iPhone, if you reduce the brightness of any gadget with screen display, you will have a longer battery life. It also works well for the iPhone batteries. Dimming your iPhone screen makes you use your gadget much longer. The battery life is extended. You can also set and auto-brightness which auto-adjust your screen based on environmental light.

Turn Push mail off

Microsoft exchange and Yahoo! are examples of push mails, when you don’t need this service, you can simply turn them off to elongate your iPhone battery life. The messages will now be received as global fetch setting rather than coming straight as they arrive.

Don’t frequently fetch new data

You can set mail to “fetch data wirelessly” at some interval. iPhone battery drains quickly when data are frequently fetched. You can set the “fetch new data” based on hours.

Turn push notifications off

On the Apple iOS, new data are mostly alerted by Push Notification. Applications such as instant messaging fully depend on push notification, this fully impact battery life. You may disable “Push Notification, this does not affect receiving of new messages.

Don’t use the location service so often

Its so much fun for some people to make use of the location service on their device. The location service such as map makes use of the satellite technology; it has so much impact on your iPhone battery life. It is advisable that you use this services only when needed.

The Airplane Mode also helps

In areas of low or no coverage, always set your iPhone to “Airplane mode.”

Your iPhone will always make all effort to connect to the cellular network. it consumes more power in areas of low or no network. You will enhance your iPhone battery life by setting your device to “Airplane Mode” in this kind of situation, but you will cut out on calls.

Other tips

Lock your iPhone screen

When you aren’t using your device, make secure you set it on lock. You can manually or automatically set this. You will be able to receive calls and messages, but other programs will be rendered dormant. This will help in saving your iPhone battery.

Regularly use your iPhone

The Lithium ion batteries require continues flow of electron to render is active. One more important tip to help enhance your iPhone battery lifespan is a complete cycle at least once in a month. This includes you completely draining your battery and charges it back to 100% full. The battery life will not be easily depreciated.

These are tips to help enhance your iPhone battery life and lifespan. Feel free to give us a feedback if these tips really worked for you.


Apple Senior Vice President rejects cheap iPhone rumors

Recently was a rumor all  over the  net talking about Apple low end cheap iPhone to release before the end of 2013. Senior Vice President of Apple Phil Schiller has spoken about this issue.

Cheap iPhone

At the beginning of this week was a report on Wall Street Journal talking about Apple in progress making a cheap iPhone for low end customers, and would release this 2013.

Low end Cheap iPhone

Shanghai Evening News recently interviewed Phil Schiller, however, the Senior Apple Vice President said “Despite the fact that cheap smartphones are popular, this will never be the future of Apple product.”

He said “on every product created by Apple, the company only considers using the best technology”, showing that Apple is not going back on its premium, and the dream of a low end cheap iPhone is all a rumor and a mirage by day dreamers.

To some, they felt a cheap iPhone is a way out for Apple to prevail the market over cheap Android devices, the Apple Senior VP however made it known that it’s not all about who dominates the stock market, Apple share for smartphone took just 20 percent, but Apple carted 75 percent of the profit.

Although, many more sites are raising the rumor, its nothing to fear yet as to disregard the news about the release of a cheap iPhone from Schiller’s word as he did not give a definition of what he meant by “cheap smartphones”.

Any of the iPhone from Apple could be premium, but some smartphones are premium than others. It was the same Apple who produced a cheaper and smaller version of its iPad, and called it iPad mini without reducing its standard, so it’s not a big deal if it manufactures a cheap iPhone based on market demand.

What do think this could be, does this interview calls off the idea of a cheap iPhone or Schiller was just being careful of the choice of words?

Hit us with your thought in the comment box below!

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Apple iPhone 6 with iOS 7 begins testing, says Developers

No one really knows if it were going to be called iPhone 5s or iPhone 6, but popular third party developers who makes use of the iOS platform are getting new hardware being tested by Apple with their apps, the signal according to them is a device identified as iPhone 6.1 running iOS 7. When the logs was checked, the IP address is traced back to Apple Cupertino, California address which is its headquarters, suggesting that Apple app engineers may have began testing app compatibility with the next generation iPhone hardware coming with the iOS 7 operating system.

iPhone 6 being tested

The iPhone 6 specs are yet to be unveiled, but predictions and rumors has suggested an higher resolution and thinner display. The current market router iPhone 5 was flagged as iPhone 5.1 and iPhone 5.2 based on LTE model selected.

It is possible Apple changes history and skips to iPhone 6, as opposed to the “S’ it had been adding to the iPhone generations, E.g., iPhone 3GS followed the iPhone 3G before Apple took the figure to iPhone 4, now between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, Apple release an iPhone 4S.

A report from ‘The next web’ source is claiming that it is possible Apple releases the iPhone 6 running iOS 7 in the middle of the year.  As of recent, Apple shifted its hardware release to late summer or early fall, like it happened with the iPhone 5 so as to accommodate developers at the WWDC conference.

It’s no more news that Apple is testing its unannounced hardware and software on developer’s server. The iOS 6 were seen on test just a month ahead of WWDC release last year.

This new year seem to be changing Apple trends, as people thought Apple will want to release its iPhone 6 ahead of Samsung Galaxy S4 that will be a big threat and rival.

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5 Cheaper Alternatives to the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Alternatives

It’s always easy to get caught up in the hype whenever a new iPhone is about to hit the shops. Usually, you find yourself wanting to sell your stuff just to get one, simply because everyone else is.

If you’re one of those who can’t actually afford it, don’t fear; there are always cheaper alternatives to a new iPhone available. Don’t break open the piggy bank just yet! You can save a lot of cash by just going for one of the following phones instead.

Sony Xperia SSony Xperia S stands for the camera

Sony’s new Xperia phone is equipped with a 12 MP-camera and a very nice 4.3-inch HD screen, using Sony’s Bravia technology. It also comes programmed with Android Gingerbread 2.3.

It looks great, too; it has a smooth, sleek design that is reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S2, although it’s slightly heavier. The camera is also great, allowing you to shoot 1080p movies that look sharp and stunning, even in low-light conditions and this feature makes it to be ranked among the best iphone 5 alternatives.

Nokia Lumia 710Nokia Lumia 701 on display

Geared with Windows Phone for an easy-to-use operating system, the Nokia Lumia 710 is a great affordable alternative to the iPhone. Astonishingly, for the price you’re paying, this phone has faster processing power than the iPhone 4.

The screen is nice and sharp at 3.7 inches, and although the camera is 5 MP, it can shoot 720p movies – amazing for the price.

Although the apps available were quite limited when it was released, the number of apps for Nokia phones are now growing at a fast rate.

Orange San DiegoOrange SanDiego smartphone displayed in hands

One of the key features of the new iPhone is its larger screen. The Orange San Diego, an Android phone, matches the iPhone 5’s large screen at 4 inches and is run by an Intel processor.

For the low price you’re paying, it’s somewhat surprising that this phone has an HDMI port, meaning that you can connect it to your TV to watch HD videos.  Orange San Diego is cool with all of its features and we recommend you to check it out when searching for iphone 5 alternatives.

iPhone 4Sapple iphone 4s white

It’s no surprise that because of the release of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S is now about to drop massively in price, with some retailers even slashing prices in half!apple iphone 4s back

Some say that the new iPhone doesn’t really have many substantial differences from its predecessor. It does have a larger screen, but do you really need a larger screen? And as for 4G, last time we checked, most of the population uses Wi-Fi for internet, so that shouldn’t really be a problem. With the prices slashed, it seems silly not to get an iPhone 4S.

Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung should be proud of the fact that it released a phone that’s technically better than the new iPhone – which even arrived before the new iPhone did. You’ll find yourself googling ‘Sell iPhone’ at the sight of the Samsung S3.

It has a larger screen than the iPhone 5 and is overall lighter than most of its competitors. The OS – the latest Android system – is easy and nifty to use. The new S Voice rivals Siri; and the camera captures more than decent 1080p video. Overall, we feel that this is possibly the best cheaper alternative to the new iPhone.

Do you have one of these iphone 5 alternatives devices or you have someone using any of these iphone 5 alternatives? Please share your views. And do you know of other smartphones that you think qualifies to be among the best iphone 5 alternatives?