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How to Join iOS Developer University Program

iPhone Developer Program is an scheme of Apple Inc. It primarily aims to educate developers are interested in application development that work on OS of Apple. There are different versions of Operating Systems for various Apple products and specific techniques would help the developers in devising useful apps for devices like iPhones and iPads. The program is similar an institution and most developers, enrolled in the program are successfully producing great apps for iPhones and iPads

iOS Developer University Program

You can get enrolled in the program as an individual or through corporate institutions. Schools and colleges can avail the opportunity to access iOS Developer University Program. Let us have a look at this iOS university developer program offered by Apple for nurturing aspiring app developers.  iphone developer program university test on ipad

This free program is devised for institutions for higher education that intend to include iOS development in curriculum of their institution. The program is available in three stages. The first one is free and designed for students. Another one is for developers that want to create app for selling or offering free. The final stage is for companies and organizations intending to create iOS app for purpose of business management

iphone development program university development resourcesHow Apple Developer University Program works

If you are interested in this developer program of Apple then it is desirable to know about the categories. This will help you know what is offered to a student of any program. 

iOS Developer University Program helps professors and instructors in building a team (upto 200 students) for student development. This will help in building a teacher to student relationship and enhance interaction among them. There are sophisticated toolsets (iOS SDK tool) and other necessary resources available for development for designing of innovative apps. 

iphone development program university studentAs a budding developer you can test and debug your own applications using Xcode’s graphical debugger. You can also view performance data of a newly developed app in the timeline view mode of the instrument. Students can also install the applications straightway on iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone and test their functionality. This helps in ensuring that the application is working in a planned way.   

The program also offers app sharing feature allowing students and their professors, share among themselves, their development applications. This is usually done by uploading the apps to a specified private location on internet for grading or presentation purpose. In some cases it users also use email for sharing. 

Other programs

Standard University program costs $99 and intended for developers with certain level of expertise. This is suitable for developers who like to create free and paid iOS apps for distribution through Apple Store. While learning this program, you can access pre release version of iOS SDK along with GM version of iOS. You can also access Development Center Resources and Developer Forum of Apple. You can also get code level technical and test your apps on iPhones and iPads.

Enterprise University Program can help companies and organizations to create specific iOS app and distribute it among key officials for improving management


This developer program is a unique opportunity for aspiring app developers to learn from the manufacturer. This is also an attempt by Apple to build a team of highly skilled developers who will be dedicated in developing high quality and standard apps for their App Store.