7 Cool Puzzle Games That Don’t Need Internet or Wi-Fi Connection

Are you looking for cool puzzle games you can play without internet or Wi-Fi connection? Look no further, we have got you covered!

Puzzles and crosswords games have been proven to improve one’s IQ level. Puzzles are mind stimulating problems that test one’s imagination and creativity while at the same time boosts your brain power, hence making them suitable for educational purposes besides being appropriate for entertainment and passing time.

This article outlines 7 cool puzzle games that do not require one to be connected to the internet to be able to enjoy them.

7 Cool Puzzle Games That Do Not Need Internet or WiFi

7 Cool Puzzle Games That Do Not Need Internet or WiFi
Gaming is fun! But to maximize your gaming experience in this new age, a lot of sacrifices are meant to be made in form of internet provision. These are cool puzzle games that you can play without internet or WiFi connection.

1. 4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word is a sensational puzzle game that has gone viral among mobile gamers. Made by Lotum, the game consists of puzzles that will test your logic in a myriad of ways and is related to the crossword games.

On opening the game, one is presented with a screen containing four photographs. The four photographs have something in common which a player must decipher. At times it will be easy and apparent and other times it will, in fact, be tough to deduce what is common in the four pictures, in single words. This is more so as one advance the levels of the game.

Just below the photographs provided on the screen, one will see blank spaces indicating how many letters are in the answer. Under that, there will be a jumbled keyboard of the probable letters you will be required to select from when typing in your supposed answer. Tap the letters on this keyboard to spell out the word you consider to be the solution. The solution will be a common theme between the four photographs.

Once you get a problem right, you are rewarded with three coins and progress to the next level in the game.

4 Pics 1 Word - Cool Puzzle Game That Do Not Need Internet To Play
Created by Lotum, 4 Pics 1 Word is a creative word puzzle game that lets you unravel the hidden word behind the set of letters that is given to the player. It is one of the best cool puzzle games without data that is available on Android and iOS.

2. 2048 

2048 feature a sliding block puzzle offline game developed by Gabriele Cirulli. The game is played on a little 4×4 grid, with numbered tiles that slide smoothly when a player moves them using the four arrow keys. With every turn, a new tile randomly appears in the empty position on the board. The random tile will have a value of either 2 or 4.

If two tiles of the same value bump into each other while you slide them, they will merge into one tile with the sum total value of the two tiles.

One wins the game when a tile with a value of 2048 appears on the board. The game ends when there are no more empty spaces and no more neighboring tiles with a similar value.

2048 - Cool Puzzle Game That Do Not Need Internet To Play
The official 2048 puzzle game was originally created by Gabriele Cirulli with intention to simply swipe the tiles up, down, left, and right to achieve the objectives. When two of the tiles with the equal number touch, they merge into one.

3. Math Effect

Math Effect is quite an intriguing puzzle game where the equations and answers are presented on the screen and you only need to decide and select whether the proposed solution is right or wrong. The equations can be pretty simple in some cases or they can complex.

Of key in this game is speed as well as accuracy. The game ends when one makes a wrong selection. This makes the game more challenging. The fact that speed is also essential adds pressure to the game and makes it more interesting.

You progress levels as you solve the equations correctly and make the appropriate selections. A scoreboard is featured to track your scores.

Math Effect - Cool Puzzle Game You Can Play Without Internet
Math Effect is a speed Mathematics game for everyone who loves to calculate and do workings with mathematics. It is for the smart guys out there.

4. Quento

Quento is a little simple and addictive puzzle game presented on a 3×3 board consisting of four operators and five numbers. You start with a number, swipe to an operator, and then back to another number in order to obtain the total answers required by the game.

Every correct solution earns you a star in the game. Once you collect all the stars, you can move to another board. With one set of numbers, you will have to solve 12 different equations which will ultimately make the game challenging and exciting to play.

If you are looking for a puzzler to invigorate your brain, then this is perfect for you.

Play Quento without internet on your phone
You can play Quento puzzle game without internet on your smartphone, be it iOS or Android. All you need is to download the app and try to make things happen.

5. Threes

Threes’ has simple gameplay but play it for a while and you’ll realize there’s something about it that makes it impossible to put down.

THREES android game app trailer

The logic is quite simple: combine 1 and 2 to get 3, 3 and 3 for a 6, 6 and 6 for a 12, and so on with multiples of threes. You do that by sliding all the numbers on the 4×4 board in the same direction. If two numbers can overlap to make a combination, you clear up a slot. But each slide you make also introduces a new number to the board. Your goal is to get the highest possible numbers on the board before it fills up and you can’t make a move.

The challenge of the game is in how long you can postpone the inevitable end and how smart you are at making several combinations with a single swipe to clear the board as much as possible.

THREES is an android game that works without internet
THREES is an android game that works without internet. It lets you play with random number just to get different outcomes of THREEs!

6. Nove is one of the best cool puzzle games

While Nove is the least complex in this selection, it’s perfect for those moments when you are bored but don’t want to stress your brain.

A 5×7 grid of colored numbers is presented and you have to swipe across end-to-end and similarly colored numbers in ascending order. The longer the swiped sequence is, the higher your score. The game has two modes; Zen Mode that has no time limit and Challenge Mode where you only have a minute to get the highest possible score.

7. Simply Sudoku

Sudoku is a common game and there are tonnes of versions on Google play. Sudoku is quite exciting, ingenious and addictive than the rest.  

That is mostly because of the games design and how it is played. Just like other sudoku games, Simply Sudoku is comprised of random puzzles at various levels of progression. It also features a help function. However, it has many unique advantages as well, like a smart keyboard that only shows the possible numbers when you highlight an empty cell

When it comes to sudoku, Simply Sudoku is one level above the rest and is guaranteed to keep you locked on your screen for hours.

Simply Sudoku is a badass android puzzle game
Simply Sudoku is a badass android puzzle game that works without the need of internet or Wi-Fi. It has some level of difficulties, but you will enjoy the fun along the way.

Conclusion on these cool puzzle games

Even with the advancement in technology today, there are still lots of places where one can’t get an Internet connection. For this reason, one needs to have cool games that don’t need Wi-Fi and Internet connection to work.  Along with these cool puzzle games, you can even download crosswords along with the 7 little words crossword answers to keep yourself engaged when you are out of data or wireless connection.

Therefore, keeping games that don’t need the Internet on your device all the time is a great investment on your entertainment. With these games, one can have a quality time whenever without worrying about connecting to the Internet and data charges.

Internet Access

Top 5 Characteristics of High Speed Internet Connection

For the facts that internet connection cannot be mention today without mentioning high speed internet connection which is also known as broadband internet connection.

High speed internet connection is the best of all forms of internet access. The broadband internet connection works in such a way that really differentiate it from all other forms of net access, in terms of fastness, easy accessibility, flexibility and reliability. In this article, we shall be looking candidly on different characteristics of high-speed internet connection.

Characteristics of High Speed Internet Connection

5 charasteristics of a broadband internet connection or high speed internet connection

Super Fast Speed

Broadband internet connection is a type of internet connection method which offers high speed of net connectivity. It is good for data transmission. It is useful and resourceful when it comes to downloading and sending of data on a website page to and from the internet.

Unlimited download

The downloading and uploading rate you can experience with a dialup internet connection is relatively low but, with a broadband internet connection you’ll be able to upload large and huge files to the internet faster than before. You will also be able to download files from the internet without stress.

Broadband internet connection is very useful in watching videos and listening to music on the internet. Online gaming website did not need to take much time to loads games once there is a presence of broadband internet access.


Broadband internet connection is known to be a kind of connection that can be rely on at any point in time. You can use this connection anytime you want it without much glitch. You can use broadband internet connection at anytime you want it.


The type of comfort you can get from using broadband internet connection can’t be compared with what you can get from using other method of internet connection. There is nothing you can find difficult doing when using high-speed Internet connection except dialup internet access.

User-Friendly Interface (easy to use)

The user interface of high-speed internet connection differentiates it from other internet connection method. In the case of dialup internet access, you need to dial-up a phone line before you can be able to make or access the internet but the experience is different with high-speed internet connection. You can be sure of controlling your internet connection in an easy to use user interface which makes it more preferable than others. You can do variety of tasks without the stress with this type of connection.


High speed internet connection is good for anybody who wants to access the internet at the speed of light without facing any obstacles from any angle. You can download and upload files faster than how you’ve been doing it with dialup internet connection. Browsing and surfing of the internet is very certain with high speed internet connection.

What of reliability? That is another icing on the cake for you while using high speed internet connection and many other benefits you can derive from using broadband internet connection.

Expensive Joke here, imagine! Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak can’t afford a broadband internet connection in his home…true story. 🙂 🙂

Internet Access

7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Internet Connection Speed

Surfing the internet slowly is part of frustrations most internet users faced with on regular basis while browsing the internet. How could someone pay heavily for an internet connection, only to be rendered useless or below average provision. And not only that, but unavailability when the user needs it most. It is frustrating.

Getting good internet connection nowadays is a big task, but you can’t still manage to get the best forms of internet connection, only if you know how to choose the best internet connection ISP because your internet connectivity performance depends mostly on the type of internet service provider that you’re using. But, if you’re unable to get a reliable internet service providers that you can opt for, there’s still an option for you in which you can use so as to browse the internet faster and securely.

Today, we shall be talking on several ways you can use to browse the internet faster even with your current slow internet connection (dialup in this regards).

7 Practical Methods to Increase Your Internet Connection Speed

How to Increase Your Internet Connection Speed

Use Mirror Sites

One thing that’s mostly popular about experiencing difficulties in accessing some website on the net is location of the website server. If you find it difficult to access a particular website with your current internet connection either broadband or dialup internet connection, the first step you should take is to find a mirror version of the websites that you’re trying to access.

Websites like Yahoo, Facebook and Google has different mirror version that can be accessed based on your location. So, instead of lamenting that you can’t access yahoo or any other big websites, you should make sure to contact the administrator of the site and ask if they have a version of the site in your country or closer to your location. Yahoo mirror site for Canada will always looks like this etc.

Load Few Browser Tabs

This is mostly common among internet users, they want to browse the internet faster and easily but neglect the fact that opening more than 5-10 browser tabs can slow down the speed of the connection they’re using. If you load more than 5 website browser tabs, you’ll certainly experience snail-speed internet connection because all the tabs that you opened are sharing the bandwidth that suppose to be transferred at a time once and this will have negative effects on your internet connection speed if care is not taken as fast as possible. If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, chances are that you can still be able to access the web faster even when you load multiple tabs but it will boomerang in the later future for your internet connection and computer memory if you don’t avoid this behavior.

Browse Sites With Fewer Graphics

The design of website you visit also has some part to take in your easy internet browsing experience, if you loves to visit websites that has too many graphics on its homepage very soon you’ll start to experience sluggish internet access and the only way to avoid this is to make sure that you don’t visit website with too many images so that you can save your internet connection bandwidth and speed. You can forge ahead of this by using Google website trimming features to decrease the graphical image and video size that’s on a website that you’re accessing so that you can have great experience of internet.

Update Your Computer Regularly

Frequent computer update may looks too hard for you but if you can imagine the benefits that you’re going to get when browsing the internet with an updated computer to computer that’s not updated, you’ll agree with me that it worth it. You should make it as point of duty to update your computer regularly, at least, twice in a month so that you can be sure of using the internet faster because updating a computer means, to renew the strength in your computer system and thereby allowing it to perform faster than before.

Install Good Antivirus

One more ways to enjoy your internet connection performance is to have good and up to date antivirus software installed on your computer so that you can be sure of browsing the internet faster and securely. If your computer is not working perfectly, there’s great chance that your internet connection will not work as it supposed to perform. You can get take care of this by installing a reliable internet protection antivirus on your computer so that you can be able to browse the internet faster and securely.

Disable Automatic Update

Computer automatic update can help your computer in one way, to make it stay-up-to-date with latest virus attacking  tricks, but, it has a negative effects on your computer internet connection if it is enabled every time. You should make sure that your computer automatic updating is scheduled for at least twice a month by picking the day that you want it to be so that it won’t just be wasting your internet connection bandwidth.

Download Files With Good Reputation

Unhealthy downloading of internet files is not good for you if you want to keep on enjoying your internet connection. You should make sure to scan every possible files that you download from the internet. You can use WOT to scan files that you wants to download from the internet so that your computer didn’t get infected with malicious software normally came with most web files such as software application, gaming apps and others.

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