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How to Align Content Writing Strategy and Instagram Stories to Boost Sales

Do you want to boost sales without spending money on paid promotion? Are you thinking about using Instagram Stories as a part of your content writing strategy? If your answers are “yes”, you are heading in the right direction.

If you align your content strategy with Instagram Stories, you will be able to achieve fantastic results. Read this article to learn why you should change your approach to content writing and what benefits you will get if you start creating Stories right now.

How to Align Content Writing Strategy and Instagram Stories

How to Align Content Writing Strategy and Instagram Stories to Boost Sales
Copywriting is essential to getting sales especially when it comes to social media marketing and here are ways to align your content writing strategy and Instagram stories platform to boost sales of your business.

Plan ahead

If you want to succeed in content marketing, you should plan everything in advance. And the first thing you should do is to answer the following questions:

  • What is the primary goal of your content marketing campaign? Do you want to raise brand awareness, improve customer loyalty, or boost sales?
  • What type of content are you going to produce: blog posts, Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, tweets, newsletters, infographics, etc.?
  • At what time, and how often you will publish fresh content?
  • How many pieces of content you are you going produce per month and week?
  • Are you going to create content on your own? Or maybe you will hire an in-house or freelance content creator?

Provide answers to these questions and design a content roadmap. It will help you to incorporate Instagram Stories into your content marketing strategy in the right way and achieve the highest results possible.

Encourage followers to check out your latest post

As you probably know, some Instagram users do not scroll through the feed; they only watch Stories. If you want to reach these users, you should share your feed post to your Story. It’s simple. You just need to click a few buttons.

Encourage followers to check out your latest post on social networks
In order to get your users acting on your instructions, you will need to encourage followers to check out your latest post.

Do you want to get the most of sharing your post? Here is a pro tip for you.

Use a GIF sticker to hide a part of the image and intrigue your followers. Make people want to see the whole photo and to read the caption. It will help you to drive engagement and will increase your chances to boost sales.

Content Writing Strategy - GIF sticker to hide a part of the image and intrigue your followers
To boost your content writing strategy on social media, you can leverage GIF sticker to hide a part of the image and intrigue your followers.

Take advantage of interactive stickers

Let’s consider a few examples of how to use Polls, Quizzes, and Questions stickers to collect feedback and improve content writing strategy.

Poll sticker

Ask your followers whether they liked your recent post or not using Poll sticker. Analyze the answers to understand what you did wrong and what you did right.

Probably, you chose a good topic to discuss but didn’t provide enough arguments to support your point of view. Learn a lesson from the mistakes made and use obtained knowledge to improve your future posts.

Also, you can ask your followers whether they agree with the point of view expressed in the last post. It will help you to find out whether your previous post resonated with public opinion.

Quiz sticker

Make a Quiz to find out whether your followers read the captions you write. Ask a few multiple-choice questions related to your latest post. If most of your followers provide wrong answers, it will mean that you need to improve the quality of your content:

  • Write a killer first line to grab the followers’ attention. It will get users to read the whole post.
  • Keep your captions short. Try to express your ideas as precisely as possible.
  • Write Instagram captions in simple words. Make your posts understandable for everyone, including non-native English speakers.

Question sticker

Are you feeling stuck and have no idea what to write about? Ask your followers on Instagram what they would like to read about. They will suggest you plenty of topics to discuss in the next posts.

On InstaGRAM Stories, You Can Use Question sticker
Have you got something you’d love to ask but never had the chance? You can use Question sticker to keep your audience engaged via Instagram Stories.

Promote contests and giveaways

If you want to run a contest on social media, make an announcement to your followers on Instagram Stories. Provide your target audience with the following information regarding the giveaway:

  • What is the prize?
  • How many winners will be selected?

When will winners be selected?

Promote contests and giveaways is another effective content writing strategy for Instagram Stories
Another interesting content writing strategy you could use for your Instagram stories is to promote contests and giveaways.

If you want to grab the audience’s attention, you should design a special Story. Choose the most engaging photo from your archive and use a readable font.

Don’t overload your Stories with the text. Make sure that a few seconds is enough to read the rules and information regarding the giveaway.

Promote upcoming webinar

Are you looking for an effective way to promote your webinar? Tell the world about your webinar using your Instagram account.

Create Stories that will direct your followers to the landing page or your website. Provide your customers with an opportunity to learn more about the upcoming event and your bright personality.

Promote upcoming webinar
You can as well promote your upcoming webinar via your Instagram stories. All you need is a proper content to flow with the drill.

Grow your email list

Besides, you can use Instagram Stories to grow your email list. Create a Story that offers a freebie, and lead your followers directly to your website by using the “swipe up” feature. Find a way to motivate them to sign up to the newsletter.

Grow your email list
Email marketing is fun via Instagram stories and you should avail this gem of marketing tool.

Sell directly from Instagram

You can use Instagram Stories not only to promote your content but also to advertise your products. Showcase your products on Stories, and add a link to your website.

If you want to double your sales, you can use FOMO, the fear of missing out. Write in your Instagram Stories that the sale will last a few days or a few hours only. It will encourage your buyers to make a purchasing decision right here and right now.

Content Writing Strategy for Instagram Stories - How To Sell directly from Instagram
With your Instagram stories fully charged up with the right content marketing strategy, you can sell directly to your followers.

Write in a unique voice

If you want to take your content writing strategy to the next level, find your brand voice, and keep it consistent across all channels.

If you tend to write in-depth, meaningful Facebook posts, don’t try to make your Instagram Stories fun and entertaining. Define your brand’s personality trait and create relevant content. Be the most authentic self, and you will be rewarded with the massive following and Instagram account growth.

 Wrapping up

You should consider Instagram Stories as an integral part of content writing strategy. You should use it to promote all sorts of content you produce: from Instagram feed and YouTube videos to blog posts and webinars. Try to create a seamless omnichannel experience, and you will hit all the marketing goals you have set.

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Here is The Way to Buy More Followers on Instagram

It takes a reasonable amount of time to build up a good number of Instagram followers. However, you can achieve the same results quickly and effortlessly using several ways. Buying Instagram followers is one of the most common ways. Having more followers increases the visibility and credibility of your Instagram account. It also allows you to get more engagement without a sweat. Although, practically, building your followers naturally would have been the best bet but it takes forever to get the desired result. That’s why buying followers is one of the most effective ways of giving your brand a quick take off at the comfort of your home.

Having high numbers of Instagram followers gives you credibility with over brands. But how can you achieve this? We discussed with an expert who was willing to share with us techniques for buying high-quality followers on Instagram, including practical tips to keep them.

Take your time to go through this post as you’ll be learning ways to get started, so here is the way to buy more followers on Instagram while knowing quality is guaranteed.

How to Buy Instagram Followers
One of the quickest ways to build a large following on Instagram is buying followers, but there are gimmicks behind this.

Search For a Trustworthy Supplier

Buying followers on Instagram started a while ago and has been rapidly increasing with time. However, in 2018, Instagram began a serious hunt for those violating its terms of service by selling followers. As a result, these activities significantly reduced in the limelight though they are still being done.

To curb this, Instagram introduced auditing and vetting strategies for third-parties. Consequently, some famous suppliers called it quits, leaving just a few in operation.

Getting the best among the remaining suppliers is a big challenge today. In the process, you will come across some demoralizing websites that offer questionable services.

Amid all the confusion, there are some very reputable and trustworthy suppliers.

Decide Whether to Buy in Bulk or Drip

Instagram Auditors always monitor Instagram accounts. The primary function of the Instagram Auditors software is to monitor accounts to catch fake ones. It keeps track of spikes in the acquisition of Instagram followers. Consequently, it is wise to pay and get followers at a lower rate of growth. Having a sudden spike may create suspicion. However, you can still choose to buy followers in bulk.

Choose Your Package

Buying Instagram followers has become more streamlined in recent years. This is thanks to the fact that Instagram no longer allows the use of third party Apps. Any collision with an App is closely monitored and may lead to the punishment of the account.

This step has made it easier for those who want to buy followers. They do not have to download an App and surrender their personal information. All you need to do is to use your Instagram handle and carry out all the transactions. Select the right package that best suits your needs. The packages may range from 100 followers to 500 followers or more. Each package has a different cost.

Make Your Payment

The next step after choosing your package is to pay for the followers. Most sites will offer you alternative payment methods. Some of the common payment methods include the use of a debit card or credit card. Other options include net banking and PayPal, among many others.

Choose the best payment option for you, depending on your convenience, and then you’re your payment. Soon after your payment, your Instagram account will be credited with the number of followers you had chosen in the package.

In conclusion, having more followers can be a significant boost to your brand. Follow these guidelines to buy more followers on Instagram.

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2 Key Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Use Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networking channels for a reason. This platform has many unique features which make it stand out from the rest. The people operating it are constantly evolving them to ensure they are more user-friendly. One of them is Instagram stories.

Entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds need to take full advantages of the Instagram stories format when uploading new content. Only then do they find it easier to engage their target audience on this site. On top of this, they can even attract new online users to their businesses and products. This takes them one step further to expand its customer base. This is an important aspect which they can’t afford to overlook.How to use instagram stories effectively

Is it worthwhile for entrepreneurs to give so much importance to Instagram stories?

Experts specializing in this field say many entrepreneurs question whether it is worthwhile bothering about Instagram stories. This is because they don’t recognize the uniqueness of this popular feature. It’s a format which these businessmen can easily use to engage with their target audience. They even do so on their smartphones while on the move. In fact, recent research in this area reveals a startling fact. The proprietors who take steps to use it notice online users immediately recognize their brand products. In many cases these individuals to take the initiative to buy such commodities on this platform. This results in a significant increase in sales for these owners.

The professionals point out the following 2 important reasons why entrepreneurs should use Instagram stories:

Boost organic traffic to entrepreneurs’ websites

The specialists of credible organizations say entrepreneurs have one primary concern. They are always looking for viable ways to increase organic traffic to their business websites. Only then can they expect a significant increase in sales. Fortunately, they can achieve this objective by making proper use of Instagram stories. All they need to do is include the format in the content they upload on this platform. This, in turn, increases the online visibility of their business websites. Recent studies show online users are more likely to buy brand products after browsing Instagram stories. This is a fact which these proprietors can’t ignore. 

Ensure the entrepreneurs regularly interact with their customers

Ensure the entrepreneurs regularly interact with their customers

Ardent Instagram users generally fall within the age group of 18 to 26 years. Entrepreneurs who have a business profile on this platform need to understand the mindset of these individuals. After all, they are the ones who are going to buy their brand products. However, this is never an easy task to accomplish. It involves taking polls at regular intervals, asking them necessary questions or answer their queries. In many cases, the owners need to keep track of the people they tag. Fortunately, the proprietor can accomplish all this by using Instagram stories in their content.

Making proper use of Instagram stories can do wonders for entrepreneurs. It can boost the online visibility of their business websites beyond their expectations. This results in a significant increase in organic traffic. They just need to look at the above 2 important reasons to use this feature. It won’t take them long to realize the statement is true.

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A Definitive Guide to Promoting Your Graphic Design Business on Instagram

Ever since its beginning, Instagram has proved to be one of the most powerful marketing tools for large brands and small businesses who are looking to expand their exposure and presence of their offerings online. For graphic designers, Instagram can benefit a lot to their work and projects, ensuring to find clients and reach out to the audiences and boast of their achievements. With the continuous rise in the popularity of Instagram, it is crucial for you to carry forward your graphic design bandwagon to the platform and highlight your works in front of the massive audience present on the channel. To make things easier for you, here is an advertising guide to Instagram outlined specifically for graphic designers:

Graphic Designer’s Guide to Instagram Advertising

A Definitive Guide to Promoting Your Graphic Design Business on Instagram
Ever wanted to increase your brand reputation and increase exposure as a graphic design brand? We have covered a definitive guide on how graphic designers can increase influence using Instagram.

Marketing on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram is impressive if you have switched your personal account to the business profile. Even though it is true that Instagram took its time to allow advertising to all types of businesses, the platform is currently the ideal source of marketing design services. According to, Instagram’s aim is to create any ads that people will see and find it as natural to the Instagram videos and images that they enjoy from their favorite brands. As a matter of fact, the present advertising scenario on the platform looks intriguingly native to the platform and is performing great on the visual-only channel.

On a different note, graphic designers who want to promote their services on social media can now have four kinds of Instagram advertising options:

  • Stories ads: Meticulously forming Instagram’s version of Snapchat advertisements, these ads can be easily seen at the top of the news feed.
  • Photo ads: This deals with the standard post format on Instagram.
  • Video ads: Just like photo ads, this one is the normal post format just utilizing a video for the visual.
  • Carousel ads: This one helps in creating slideshow ads of your work where you can publish multiple images combined into one single post.

Reasons to Invest in Instagram Ads

As per Instagram, a recent finding states that around sixty percent of the audience says they identify new products on the platform, out of which 75% of the users take action after being encouraged by the post. If you are looking to reach out your graphic design works and services to a wide range of people, you can put some efforts and money behind your content to attain more exposure and following for your account along with generating a control over the outreach of your posts. For further assistance, you can connect with reliable sources such as Gramblast to understand how to implement your Instagram advertising campaign.

Tactics to Ensure a Profound Marketing Campaign on Instagram

Needless to say, Instagram renders a long-term marketing value to brand marketing especially when it comes to something as lucrative as graphic designing. The process is crystal and clear – create an account and begin publishing enticing visuals of your work with engaging taglines and effective hashtags.  The motivation is to captivate and keeping your growing follower base engaged throughout the campaign. With the massive potential that Instagram offers for conversions and generating leads to connect with influencers and prospective clients, here are some of the Instagram marketing tips that every graphic designer must follow while advertising on the platform:

Instagram Marketing for Graphic Designers
Here’s a definitive guide for graphic designers for promoting their graphic design business using Instagram.

Growing a Community around Unique and Actionable Hashtag

One of the most interesting aspects of this strategy is that it can be utilized on other social media marketing channels such as Pinterest or Twitter; however, it works exceptionally well, yielding great results in terms of audience engagement with your graphic design works and services. Hashtags that are unique in nature can be the identification and face of your content marketing strategy on the platform, allowing people to recognize your account and utilize the hashtag while mentioning your work. Besides, it helps in giving birth to engaging and geo-targeted posts that make the hashtag optimization on Instagram highly successful to build your own user community.

Promote Your Instagram Profile Everywhere

Likewise your other social networking channels, you have to make the most out of your Instagram to see success in the marketing of your graphic design services particularly in terms of user engagement. For starters, you need to have social icons or buttons on your homepage or service pages that helps in connecting users to your social media channels. Make sure that you are adding an Instagram icon as well to inform the audience of your Instagram account. Besides, while setting up your profile on Instagram, ensure first connecting to Facebook in order to notify your followers and friends regarding your establishment on Instagram. Moreover, you should run Instagram campaigns all over other social media channels for generating a positive relationship with everyone that is connected to you and encourage them to use your graphic design services.

Humanize Your Content

Although you are a graphic designer who is looking for potential clients on the platform, it is important to publish content other than high-quality visuals with vivid graphic detailing. For instance, you can capture snaps in the office or of your working environment to provide followers with a sneak peek into your day to day operation. Get your partners and assistants involved as well while choosing a unique hashtag to describe it and having all the members to leverage the same hashtag while posting images from their account. This will help in creating a buzz regarding your profile and help you in gaining more user engagement.

Leveraging the Filters, Editing Tools and Special Effects

From a graphic designer’s point of view, you can do a lot on Instagram to amplify the visuals, monitor your performance while staying with the upgrades and discovering new clients while maintaining the existing ones. This involves learning all the new and old Instagram filters that will help in processing your visuals to achieve the most visually engaging result. Some of the most popular filters include Valencia, Low-Fi, and X-Pro II.

Concluding Thoughts

Advertising your graphic design business is now easy with Instagram. Invest in the Instagram ads and leverage all the tools supplied by the channel to make the most out of your marketing campaign on the platform. You could as well put in for a graphic design course to increase your chances of being in vogue.

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3 Simple, Yet Effective Ways Corporate Businesses Use Instagram Stories for Marketing

Promoting corporate links on Instagram hasn’t been that easy until Instagram stories was introduced. Top corporations with good amount of social media budget have been able to take advantage of this new innovation while some are still lost in translation over it. 

There is now a strong relationship between businesses and social media. This is because many social media platforms have developed into great marketing tools. No matter what business you’re in, using social media as a tool to promote it doesn’t get better than now.

One of the online marketing tools that has grown massively in recent times is Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories allows you to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. But within those short hours, successful businesses use this platform to promote their products and/or services.

The following points will show you how businesses use Instagram Stories for marketing so that you too can join this trend.

Reveal the Behind the Scenes of Your Products/Services

Successful businesses share photos and videos of their products during the production and finishing stages. It helps show your audience the energy and creativity behind your business, and your consumers are likely to find that appealing.

This is particularly useful for small businesses and new brands looking to expand their territory and trying to gain a new ground. But how do you do this? It’s simple. Take behind-the-scenes photos and videos of how you make your products, look for a brilliant photo/video editor to put them in a flawless package, and share them with your audience.  

However, a small business or new brand needs to do this more anyway, and here are some things that can help your business thrive better. About 800 million Instagram users follow business profiles so you have high chances to promote your products.

Showcase Your Products’ Accomplishments

Another way businesses use Instagram Stories to attract new followers and potential customers is by showing their accomplishments. This works like magic because it convinces potential customers that your product is of high quality and that they will find it useful and effective.

How can you also showcase your accomplishments as a business owner? It’s simple. But first, know that you should never underestimate your accomplishments, no matter how little.

To do this, find customers who are loyal to your product to give their reviews or rate your products. You can even record this in a short, clear video, edit it properly, and share it with other followers. This goes a long way toward influencing the decisions of potential customers.

Share Promotional Offers and Discounts

This could be a timely thing to do, but surely successful businesses do this. Sharing promotional offers and discounts at some strategic periods can be a great way to bring old customers back and entice new ones.

As a business owner, you can use Instagram Stories to achieve this. Instagram Stories are fleeting—after 24 hours, they’re gone (unless you want them to appear again). This makes it more interesting because your customers will have to be targeting your timely offers and checking your stories often.

You can include links to your offers in Instagram Stories. While you get more sales with this strategy, it also brings more new customers to your Instagram page.


Whether you’re an established brand or a new business, Instagram Stories is a wonderful marketing tool that can help you maximize your business—i.e., get you more followers, help publicize your brand, bring in more customers, and of course, generate more sales.

Utilizing this doesn’t have to be hard. Showing the creativity and energy behind your products, letting your followers see how your products and/or services benefit others, and giving out timely offers and discounts are a great way to maximize your business.

Don’t delay, go for it now. Nothing brings more joy than a thriving business. 

How Corporate Business Use Instagram Stories For Marketing

3 Simple, Yet Effective, Ways Corporate Businesses Use Instagram Stories for Marketing (Infographic)
Here are three simple, yet effective, ways corporate businesses and startups use Instagram Stories for marketing purposes, properly explained in an infographic image.

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How to Double E-commerce Sales with Instagram Marketing with Steps to Build a Formidable Empire on Instagram

Can Instagram help e-commerce websites boost sales and revenue? The answer is yes, it can! Many webmasters are not sure on how they can double their e-commerce sales with the help of Instagram. If you look at the social media platform Instagram, you will find that the platform has over 300 million active users online daily. Recently, statistics have revealed that the social media platform has crossed 500 million users. This means like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram also lies at the forefront when it comes to social media marketing.

How to double sales with instagram marketing
Can the use of Instagram help e-commerce websites to boost sales and revenue? The answer is yes, it can! Now, discover how to double your business sales with the wonderful power of Instagram social media platform.

Why opt for Instagram for your e-commerce website today?

There are approximately 68% of Instagram followers that associate themselves with the different brands available in the market. If you compare this percentage with Facebook, you will find that it is only 32%. Gone are the days when retailers underestimated Instagram when it comes to the generation of product sales on their websites. However, if you take a look at Instagram, you will find that there is no place for you to put your active link to the site other than the bio section of your account. However, despite the above, you find that the number of Instagram users and followers are growing fast day by day. This makes it one of the most widely sought after social media platforms in the market today.

Double sales on your ecommerce website with Instagram

The following are some simple tips that every e-commerce website owner should keep in mind when it comes to doubling their sales with the help of Instagram:-

Cut the sales talk out

Now, this is obvious- if you are going to sell a product, it is important for you to sound persuasive. However, Instagram is no sales platform. Post pictures with real people in real life situations. This will ensure that you will get them interested in your product. Instagram needs pictures that speak about the benefits the product can bring to your life and not the features it has in the market.

Instagram mobile marketing for brands

Increase reach to the targeted audience

If you wish to increase sales of your e-commerce website, you need to connect and reach out to more people. This can be done with the tag a friend option where you reach out not only to your circle but their circle as well. You must also remember to hashtag your photo with the relevant word. Do not hashtag your picture with many words – maximum five words will help you reach out to people.

How to Double E-commerce Sales with Instagram Marketing with Steps to Build a Formidable Empire on Instagram

Resort to the principle of influencer marketing

You can opt for celebrity endorsements of your product to get it selling for you. Take for example weight loss tea or a fitness protein shake. You can rope in a celebrity to spread the message and let people know how your product can help them in weight management and overall fitness.

Content is still the king

Most real Instagram followers state that they follow accounts primarily because of the genuine content they post. When you are creating content for your Instagram picture, ensure that it is high in quality. A trick is you can create content that revolves around the hashtags that you use for your product. When you are posting images ensure that you use a picture size that is 1080×1080 pixels. The content on your Instagram handle and caption also influences the likes of followers. Make sure that you create content and use to scheduling software like Latergramme to publish posts for you. In this way, you do not have to log into Instagram all the time and manually publish the posts yourself.

Instagram advertising using content
Content is still the king for any marketing project that is going to be successful. Without great content, you will end up wasting time and money. Learn how to craft winning content to take charge of the market.

Engage with your followers

It is important for you to allocate some time and engage with your followers. It is important for you to personally connect with your Instagram followers and reply to the comments that they make on your posts. This also increases customer loyalty as followers are getting the chance of interacting with you. You invoke trust, credibility, and value when you interact with them. The comments should be read carefully as most of the time you will find that customers have posted their feedback on a particular product for you to take note of.

Track the conversion to the check- out process

It is imperative for you to track the journey of the user from the conversion to the check -out process. You should study these steps and see if you are able to reduce the number of steps or not. You might have to change your strategy. You can place an active link in the bio section of your Instagram account and have your customers click on it to get access to the process directly. It might seem challenging however if you can reduce the number of steps from the conversion to the check- out process, customers are more likely to come back as they know they can buy products from your website without hassles at all!

Positioning your business on instagram for mobile users

Present the culture around your product

If you take a look at the Nike brand, you will find that they post photos of their products however they also create a positive association with them as well. This is the secret of connecting with their targeted audience. It is important for you to ensure that you follow this strategy that will bring you positive marketing results.

Therefore, Instagram is a great boon to you if you know how to use it effectively for increasing the sales of your ecommerce website. With the help of Instagram, you can increase the sales of your products and reach out to a large customer base. You have to devise and develop a content strategy that works. At the same time, you must reply and interact with the feedback and comments you receive on your page. With the aid of the above tips, being on Instagram will give you an edge in the e-commerce market and boost sales. You can double sales and be in the forefront of the competition with success!

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Introducing Instagram Video: Instagram Adds Video sharing service

Some of the hottest events last Thursday were the newly introduced instagram video.

Kevin Systrom, Instagram co-founder in a press conference introduce the Instagram video which will be a rival to Vine, this service is the latest Instagram product designed to serve the over 130 million Instagram monthly active users.

The Instagram video has been an internet rumor over sometimes now, but Kevin Systrom let lose the breaking news in San Francisco this Thursday, and anytime from now, Instagram users should get ready for live streams of their daily events.

He described the new service as “everything you love about Instagram.” The video is furbished around three important phenomenons

  • Simplicity: Instagram made it to be easy to edit and use
  • Beauty: Just like what is done to photos, you can do to Instagram videos
  • Community: There is no changing, it continues to look and work the same way when it comes to viewing and sharing contents.

Instagram videoYou know, no video service will be able to afford to host you when you want to host and share your complete DVD except YouTube, but you know the big cons. Instagram video will be limited to 15 seconds, at least for start, Vine is not better thereof.

The good of this matter is that, Instagram is not being partial this time, they did their complete homework in releasing the Instagram video service, it will be arriving on both iOS and Android at the same time and will be supporting 13 custom filters just for video.

You can edit the frame of your video to scale out certain segments of the footage.

The Instagram video will include a “Cinema mode” as a system of stabilizing the footage.

You can as well choose a cover photo for your Instagram video and will appear in the stream as a regular photo.

About Instagram

Instagram is a social networking service that enables user to share photos. You are able to snap a live picture, apply digital filters on them, and instantly share them on a variety of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. Some of the features that make Instagram the best photo share station are that it confines images to a square shape close to Polaroid and Kodak Instamatic images, not as the 16:9 aspect ratio used by most mobile device cameras.

The company was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched in October 2010 and instantly gained popularity with over 100 million active users as April 2012 clocked.

The service first made its arrival on iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch around April 2012, and later on the Android platform.

Instagram came purely on photo sharing, but as a part of technological growth, Instagram recently introduces video into its loyal sharing service.

What are the differences between Instagram Video and Vine?

I really don’t see the Instagram video as a response to Vine rival. Vine is the most popular competitor Instagram met in the video sharing service, it is a mobile app that enables user to create a 6 sec video that could be embedded or shared on social networking sites such as Twitter and lately on Facebook.

Arrived via the iOS and came so late on Android on Android 4.0 and above (around June 3 2013)

The company was founded by Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusupov in June 2012 and later acquired by Twitter in October 2012. Last year, Facebook also acquired Instagram, and now coming with a response with the Instagram video against Twitter.

Let’s see this snapshot for the little difference between Vine and Instagram Video service.

Instagram Video Vs Vine

TechCrunch broadly explains the differences between the Facebook and Twitter powered company, and as you can see, it is already summarized in the snapshot above.

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Instagram’s user base is following down curve, Report says

The popular photo-sharing service Instagram is facing the toughest time ever since its launch. Instagram has been shining in the news for one reason after the other, for past one month. Earlier this Month, it pulled off its support from Twitter. We covered the topic on TechAtLast. Just a few days back, Instagram announced its new Privacy Policy to be live in action from Jan 16, 2013 on-wards.

The new policy read that Instagram can sell its users’ photos without notifying or paying them. This annoyed its esteemed users and everyone was shocked that how Instagram can be so ‘Cheap’ to make more and more money. Well, if Instagram has shocked the users, the users are also doing the same. Users are quitting the Instagram, and as a result, Instagram’s user base if following the down curve.

According to news coming from Reuters; this Facebook-owned photo sharing service has lost almost a quarter of its daily users and it is all because of Instagram’s back-and-forth privacy policy.

The audience tracker AppData has reveled that Instagram’s user base is decreasing and number of daily active users who access Instagram through Facebook was dropped to 12.4 million on Friday, while the same count was 16.4 million last week.

Well this big drop in Instagram’s user base is not so shocking as analysts were expecting the same thing to happen because of its announcement about new proposed privacy policy. After the announcement, Instagram’s user base was expected to follow down curve as who on the earth will like to get his/her photos being used by someone else, without even getting notified about the same. A hell lot of number started quitting Instagram immediately after new ‘Privacy Policy’ announcement, while others started posting Photos and Tweets about to show their anger against the new proposed Privacy Policy.


Not only the normal users, but some big names including popular celebrities were also annoyed over it. Wildifre Magazine National Geographic also refused to post the images in its Instagram account, till it the new Privacy Policy rolled back. Even, the Magazine put a pic in its Instagram account that read:

 “We are mostly concerned with the proposed new Instagram, terms of service and if they remain as presented we may be forced to close our account.

As of writing, this picture had received 40,000 ‘loves’ and 3,000 comments. The down fall in Instagram’s user base is just a practical result of all those stuffs, coming from the minds of annoyed users.

Even Instagram has rolled back its Privacy Policy and said that the language used in the Proposed Privacy Policy brought confusion, while there was not any intention of Instagram to sell its esteemed users’ pics. The statement and roll-back does not seem to be working here as Instagram’s user base is facing down-fall, and this trend is expected to continue in near future as well.

This down fall in Instagram’s user base is reported from AppData, while the owner Facebook is not ready to accept it and is addressing it as ‘inaccurate’. Here’s what Facebook’s spokesperson said to Reuters:

“This data is inaccurate at all. We continue to notice strong and continous growth in the number of registered and actives users on Instagram.

According to AppData; that down fall in Instagram’s user base is just on the basis of daily active users, while the monthly users’ count is following uptrend.

What do you think over it? Is the down fall in Instagram’s user base due to its back-and-forth Privacy Policy or it was because of people being busy in this Christmas season? We are waiting to hear from you.

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We will not Sell Users’ Photos in new Privacy Policy, Says Instagram

Just check out the yesterday news on web; you will find Instagram everywhere. The buzz is about new privacy policy of Instagram which got just announced, and will be in action from 16 January, 2013. Instagram notified about its upcoming privacy policy in a blog post. The post reads that Instagram has all rights to share user’s private info such as Likes, Username and most important the images. As this is a direct murder of user’s privacy, so this brought a vast anger among all Instagram users, and buzz the waves of web. We also covered a topic on new privacy policy of Instagram at Techatlast.

Seeing much anger among Instagram users on its new privacy policy and huge coverage of the same by web giants; Instagram comes with a statement on its new privacy policy. Instagram states that its new privacy policy has nothing to do something that is getting covered by the web giants and that is putting the users into the clouds of anger. The words in the update has resulted into a ‘confusion’ while nothing like that is going to happen with new privacy policy.


Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram released a new blog post to bring an end to confusion regarding the new privacy policy of Instagram. He stated in the blog post that Instagram had never any intention to sell the photos of its users and nothing such intention is there for future as well. He further stated that “We are working on updated language in the terms to make sure this is clear.”

Talking further about in his blog post, Kevin stated that Instagram users are only owners of their photos. They are completely independent to set the privacy status to their pictures, that they desire. They can set it Private or Public. Instagram has nothing to decide it here and this decision is solely of user.

We respect that there are creative artists and hobbyists out there alike that pour their heart into production of beautiful photos, and we admit that your photos are your photos.

So what’s this New Privacy Policy is About ?

When the ‘confused’ information about the new privacy policy was shared all across the web,  analysts tagged it as Instagram’s new move to make more money. As the ‘confused’ information is now got cleared by the new post from Instagram’s Co-founder; everyone is eager to know that what is new in the new privacy policy?

Kevin stated on it:

Our intention for updating the TOS was to communicate with everyone that we would like to experiment with innovative advertising that looks right on Instagram platform.

Kevin stated that the new privacy policy is about changing the terms so that they can communicate with the advertisers in a better way, and can make good money. This is totally legitimate and not is by selling users’ virtual property; their photos. For example, they will check that which users any particular user follow. Instagram will promote that business to a particular user, to which, most of people he/she follow, are connected.

Well, as an Instagram user, you need not to worry about your photos to any extent. They were yours and will be the same after the new privacy policy comes into action. New updates regarding Instagram are keeping it in news. First it came into news for pulling off support from Twitter, then for bringing some features and finally, for this ‘Confusion’ caused by the new privacy policy.

I’m smelling hard times for Instagram! Or what do you think guys?

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New Privacy Policy of Instagram coming on January 16, 2013

If you are a regular Internet user, then you must be familiar with the popular photo sharing app Instagram, which got acquired by Facebook in April. Right? The day since Instagram has got acquired by Facebook, we are seeing some frequent changes in its features. A few days back, Instagram integration with Twitter was brought to an end. In the series of changes, a new change has joined now. This time it is change about the Privacy Policy of Instagram. Privacy Policy of Instagram is updated now and this new update brings anger among all Instagram users. According to new terms in the Privacy Policy of Instagram, it owns the rights to sell your photos without even paying or notifying you.


The new privacy policy of Instagram will come into action from January 16, 2013. Instagram wrote a blog post notifying people about the changes in its Privacy Policy. Well, this is nothing new as Instagram is now a part of Facebook and Facebook has been doing this kind of marketing from quite a long period. Instagram stated about the its new privacy policy in a blog post and stated that new privacy policy of Instagram will help them to fight again spam more effectively. There is “nothing that has changed about your photos’ ownership or who can see them”. New Privacy Policy of Instagram will help them work as function of social networking giant Facebook.

The blog post further reads that Instagram may share your personal info, likes, shares and your photos with any company for the exchange of bucks for it. You will not be notified about it or paid for it. All will be done by Instagram without your consent.  Any advertising firm can pay Facebook to get your personal info and beautiful clicks.  Well, nothing surprising in it, as its acquirer Facebook was also sued by users to use their person information and images, and to sell them to advertising firms without taking their consents. Instagram is now a part of Facebook, and this update was more likely to come in Instagram as well. So here it comes with new privacy policy of Instagram.

The new Privacy Policy of Instagram also reads that “Instagram will not be liable for any use or disclosure of any content you provide.” So you are responsible for your content that you share in Instagram. You can’t file a case against Instagram if any of your content goes public.

Instagram was expected to bring some surprise after pulling off support from Twitter. This new privacy policy of Instagram is a part of Instagram’s surprises.

Why new Privacy Policy of Instagram ?

You might be thinking that why this new privacy policy of Instagram. Right? If we go with the web analysts, then according to them, this new privacy policy of Instagram is to make more and more money from it. This is done because Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion, which was a hell lot for a non-profit small start-up. Facebook wants to get double the benefit of its invested money. As the Instagram does not offer any paid service of advertising program, so it would not be possible for Facebook to earn money from it. This new privacy policy of Instagram will flow money into Facebook’s account.

The new privacy policy of Instagram is going to be in action from 16 January 2013. So do not get shocked on seeing your private pics, getting displayed in any public event.

The new privacy policy of Instagram seems to be a suicide of such a popular photo sharing service. Is not it?