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imo Messenger version 2.0 for iPad, features high-quality voice calling

imo Messenger 2.0 for iPad

As the Internet is growing rapidly, the ways of communication are also changing. People love to have instant chat with their loving beings living all over the globe. If the software like Skype has replaced the Internet land line calling, then instant chat messengers have replaced the SMS to a large extent. Talking about the chat messengers, imo messenger is well-known to all.

If you are having an iPad with you, there here is good news for you. imo messenger version 2.0 is out now and comes with great features that include the high-standard voice calling facility as well. The new feature set also includes the introduction of a new user interface and according to the developers, this new UI allows users to combine contacts and messages messages and contacts, so as to have a better chatting experience.

imo messenger

imo messenger version 2.0 features

The new voice calling facility enables the iPad users to have voice chat with their friends using the imo messenger on their Android or iOS device. The voice calls are made over 3G, 4G and WiFi connection. As the voice quality in this new version of imo messenger is quite good, as claimed, so it can work as replacement for voice calls.

The second big change in this imo messenger version 2.0 is the redesigning of user interface. The iPad users were not having a good time with poor user interface of earlier version of imo messenger, but this new interface enables users to combine the contacts and messages. There’s an indicator bar in the new user interface, tells about availability of particular contact.

imo messenger

The new version also comes with photo sharing feature that enable users to share photos with others people in a group chat with real-time photo uploading features. If you are using imo messenger on your iPhone as well, then you might be familiar that it is the same feature that was introduced in iPhone version of imo messenger in November. This new feature enables you to click the photos with native camera of imo messenger and thus to share them in the real-time to the chat groups. Not any complex step is required to follow.

These features make the imo messenger for iPad app to stand with that of Android and iPhone versions. As stated earlier, these features found their way for iPhone and Android some time back, and iPad users were demanding these features for them as well. Finally, imo messenger has heard to the shouts of its esteemed users and has included the features in version 2.0.

Ralph Harik, CEO of stated:

 “Our VoIP service features and User Interface (UI) redesigns for Android and iPhone smartphone have proven that the app is popular among mobile apps, and many of customers have requested that we should implement these functionalities on the iPad app for them to continue enjoying our services.”

At the occasion of announcement of new version of imo messenger for iPad; developers claim that the imo messenger is very popular and with over 5 million mobile phone downloads till date, it shines in the queue of best messengers. Everyday, imo messenger entertains about 700,000 users and deliver about 50 million mobile and short messages per day.

Imo mobile messenger is a cross-platform messaging service and it allows users to switch to other devices like mobile, desktop, tablet; without even losing the on-going conversations.

The high-quality voice quality will enable the iPad users to have free calling over the WiFi, 3G and 4G connection. imo messenger does not much data during voice calling, so no need to worry about your data limit.

Are you pleased by the features in version 2.0 of imo messenger for iPad? Do share your views in the comment section below.