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iCloud Account Is Hacked: I Am Not A Celebrity, Should I Worry?

With celebrity iCloud accounts being hacked, are you also feeling insecure and afraid that private data might leak out into the world?

Trust and security are a common concern in today’s world. Even as technology continues to improve and bring us greater conveniences than ever before, we see reports of hacking and data leakage on a daily basis.

While developers and security specialists are consistently striving to make the internet safer, we have even seen trust issues with blockchain systems – which is often said to be safer than a traditional database platform.

With systems being hacked frequently, the average consumer needs to take measures to make their technology more secure. Looking at security tips for Alexa and other AI systems is a good start. iCloud, the cloud storage solution by Apple, seems to be one particular platform being targeted by hackers.

The Use Of iCloud On The RiseSign in to iCloud under magnifying glass

Apple has grown into one of the world’s biggest telecommunication companies. The company not only serves as a solution for delivering high-performance mobile devices to the world, but also feature laptops, tablets, and even a new gaming system.

Taking things online, the launch of the iCloud service from Apple gave people an opportunity to store photos, videos, and even important documents on the internet. This way, they could easily access these files on any device that is connected to that iCloud account.

In just the last few years, we have seen a significant rise in the use of iCloud. In the US alone, iCloud now holds the biggest market share for cloud services among citizens, at 27%. The service has even exceeded Dropbox and Amazon’s Cloud Drive now.

 iCloud Account Hacks Among Celebrities

People are concerned about storing their photos and other important information on cloud services. We often see reports about celebrity iCloud accounts being hacked. In 2014, there was a massive outbreak in hacked iCloud accounts, with Kirsten Dunst being just one of the many figures affected during the time.

The majority of celebrity hacks tend to reveal nude photos or other sensitive data that are stolen from the cloud accounts owned by these people. Unfortunately, this can quickly ruin the reputation of that person.

Photos are not the only concern, as there are other data that are also confidential, which hackers may decide to use to their advantage.

Should The Average Joe Be Concerned If Their iCloud Account Is Hacked?

The idea of being hacked is concerning. While the reputation of a celebrity can certainly be damaged when a few nude photos are leaked onto the internet, the average person can also greatly suffer from the same type of event.

In the case of the average person, hackers are usually not after a few photographs, however. The biggest concern that comes to mind in case of the average person’s iCloud account being hacked is confidential information. This may include passwords that are used on online banking and shopping websites. Additionally, the person may also have their banking information and credit card details stored on their iCloud drive.

When this sensitive data is leaked to a hacker, they are able to take advantage of the opportunity. In turn, it could lead to significant losses on the hacked person’s side – when their credit card information is leaked, they may find unauthorized expenses on their next bill. The same goes for passwords – they may soon find their Facebook account and other profiles being infiltrated by the hacker.

The best way to make an iCloud account more secure is to choose a super-strong password that includes a larger number of characters. The combination of characters used should also be diverse. The use of two-factor authentication is also a definite advantage.

iCloud Account Hacking Can Affect Anyone

Whether a celebrity or just an average person, when an iCloud account is hacked, concern needs to be raised. We often rely on cloud storage services to keep sensitive and private data readily accessible on all our devices. When leaked to hackers, a nude photograph is not the only concern – as this could cause your passwords and even credit card information to land in the hands of thieves.

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Apple Releases more iPhone 4S Ad with 3 New Ads featuring iCloud, Siri, and Camera

Apple Releases more iPhone 4S Ad with 3 New Ads featuring iCloud, Siri, and Camera

Apple has again released another bumper TV ads for its smartphone device, iPhone 4S. The new ads features Camera, Siri, and iCloud.

Apple has started ramping up its iPhone 4S advertising and went on posting 3 new TV ads to its YouTube channel this week. The new ads focuses more on particular features found on the iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S, including the Siri, iCloud and the new Camera integration.

This new ads marks the second ad for Siri that Apple has aired since the release of the smartphone and the application.

The first apple ad for iPhone 4s specifically does one thing which is revealing of Siri prowess and not all the other features of the device. But the new TV ads shows more examples of what you should be expecting from Siri – I mean, what Siri can do for you.

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Here below are the new Apple TV ads for iPhone 4S featuring new Camera, iCloud and the master of all voice recognition, Siri.

The Apple iCloud TV ad shows exactly how you can sync data across all devices with ease:

The new Apple Camera ad enlightens us more about the superior quality camera found on the iPhone 4S added with its easy-to-use editing features:

What can you say about these videos, do you think the new Apple phone will make sense to you with these features or not? Let’s hear what you’ve got to say. Thanks for reading


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What iCloud Can Do For You

If you haven’t updated to iOS5 yet, it’s time to start. Not only will you have the fantastic Siri voice assistant, you’re also going to have access to all of your information from anywhere, as long as you have some sort of iDevice handy.

Manufacturers have been telling us that same line for years, though. But this time, it’s actually true. There really is something here. If you have a Mac computer, you can synch files, documents, photos, music, video and more to the Cloud, then use them from your iPhone. To really wrap your head around this idea, think about snapping a photo of your pug while you’re at the dog park. You go home, and you’re killing time on Facebook, when you remember that you have that photo of Sir Winston that you want to share. Instead of grabbing your phone and uploading it from there (which, let’s face it, isn’t great since Facebook’s mobile app isn’t stellar), just open your files. It’s there waiting for you.

Small miracles aside, the iCloud will also be incredibly powerful because it can automatically sync your iCal events to your phone and your Mac. The technology is perfect for everyone, of course, but busy professionals on the go and students are going to get the most use out of this. Of course, those studying for their online degrees and working at the same time will get even more mileage out of it. The busier you are, the less time you have to write down your dentist appointment on your home and work calendars and then save it on your phone and computer. With iCal syncing, you can just put it down once and use your phone and computer to keep track of your life.

iTunes Match is also exciting for music lovers. The program will allow you to sync music that you’ve downloaded on other devices from the iTunes store. It does save you a lot of time trying to save your music in different formats to switch them over, but it’s going to cost you $25 per year. The real benefit here is that iTunes will let you download songs that you’ve ripped from a (friend’s) cd or music that you have from any other source because it sees that you have that song in your library. If you download a lot of music and want the freedom to listen to it anywhere, it will be worth it. If you’re only a casual listener and don’t think it’s a sin to listen to Pandora at work instead of your own selections, save the money and don’t bother with it.

You’ll get virtually no benefit out of the Cloud unless you have multiple Apple products. Without them, you basically have another version of Dropbox. Nice and convenient, but more than a little underwhelming. If you do use a Mac at work or home and you’ve got an iPhone, the Cloud is the next logical step for you. It takes separate devices and turns them into a suite of Apple products that lets you flow from one to the next without losing time keeping up with your data.

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Benefits Of Using iCloud Services

iCloud is a service been offered by Apple Inc. which was announced to be introduced on June 6th, 2011 at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WDDC). This service will enable users to store some of their valuable data such as music and video files on the system and the data can also be retrieved back from the servicewhenever the user needs it and it can also be used to synchronize data from one device to another such as iPods to iPads and iPhones or back to your personal computer system respectively. It also works as a server for your emailing system and can store contacts and calendars and many other useful data. Each iCloud account holder will be given a  5GB of free data storage.

If you are an iTunes user, any music files that you purchased from iTunes will be downloaded to any registered mobile or computer device such as computer, iPhones, iPads (the device you’re using to access the iTunes download area) with the use of iCloud service.

One more benefits that you can get from using an iCloud service is that whenever you buy new songs or video from iTunes, even if at all you lost your device, you don’t need to download it again when you need it because it would have been Sync into the iCloud server and you only need to Synchronize it back to your computer or mobile device without any hassle.