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Google Plus: How and Why You Need to Add Google Profile to Your Blog

There are lots of things that many people has said lately about Google plus affecting website SEO. Either true or false, that Google+ can influence website authority search engine especially as Google, we are going to understand well in this article.

Google+ Profile!

What is it all about? Google plus is known as a new social media site that lately comes into the world of social networking and the main aim of its existence as a social site is to help people’s  that are making use of google products to have place to share things with their friends and loved ones. The platform is for people who have access to any of the products that is in Google’s custody. Products like Gmail, Google Chat which is also known  as Gtalk, Orkut, Picasa and some others. It is highly believed that no one  can have access to any of these services without an account with and for this reasons – it is very much easier for Google to keep tracts of those that are using its services.

What is the Benefits of using Google+?

Google+ usage has lots of benefits that you can enjoy from using it and some of them are listed below:

  1. Easy search engine presence for everyone
  2. Ability to share and connect with people
  3. Easy access to all your account information on the same platform, you don’t need to open different account for different purposes when you can get all of them in one place.
  4. SEO for your website and business names -though, this has caused many people’s to keep on wondering why would Google make Google plus to affect website SEO and others. But the truth is that, Google knows very well that people will keeps on using its social sites if this is being integrated into its services and it will even help the company to grow better by allowing people to get better internet presence once the person is on Google+ platform.

Why You Need to Link Your Blog to Google plus profile

The first reason why you need to link your google profile to your website page is because it will help you in showing your image alongside your blog links when people search for information on Google Search that relates to your blog or your profile page.

Note: Using the HTML5 authorship tag rel=”author” in a two-way linking with your Google Profile account couldn’t help you in the long run because you will only be able to gain little authority on  Google’s SERPS. But, by watching the video below, you will be able to understand better on how to claim the real authorship of your blog on Google search page by linking back to your blog from Google profile and vice-versa – this worth more for your blog and your profile on google. This will help Google in determining the true blog authorship of any website with your image alongside searches in Google.

How to Do It Easy Way, instead of video

Google in his bid to make it easier for all blogger in claiming their blog ownership on all Google searches, Google has setup a page with the HTML5 coding to help people like you to use to create an authorship button that you can use to link back to your profile with the Google plus logo. There are two option that you can use for this reason, the first one has been mentioned above with the logo and the second one is where you can use a piece of code to form a link to your Google profile page and back to your blog. You can copy the code below and edit it to suit your own taste. Change the name and the google plus username, you can read this post on how to short your Google+ username to make it better and presentable.

a href=”″rel=”author”>About Olawale Daniel

(you will need to put the <  and </a> at the beginning and end of the code above respectively to get the output result in form of a link to your Google profile page.)

This is the output of the code if you do it as mentioned above: About Olawale Daniel

Do you love this article, try to share with your friends and loved ones so that they can also know about the benefits of using this techniques.

Thanks for reading.

Olawale Daniel


This post idea was gotten from Brian Hawkins blog post How And Why To Add Your Google Profile To Your Blog,” you can head over to his blog to read more other interesting posts from his awesome blog. He is one of my highly respected bloggers.

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