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How to Import Apple Mail To Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

Import apple mail to outlook

In the following section, we are aiming to discuss the Apple Mail and also the Outlook application. Due to the multiple queries encountered relating to the Import Apple Mail to Outlook. Few of such queries are:

“I was using Macintosh previously, Just shifted to Windows. I need to access all my user account information on the Windows Outlook application. Is there a manual technique available?”

Here’s the second one:

“I was using Macintosh OS and the Apple Mail application on It. Due to Transfer in Job, I recently started using Windows 10 OS. So, There is any method by which I can transfer all my email accounts info from Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 Application”

The Apple Mail

Apple mail is one of the foremost common email clients on Macintosh operating systems. It comes in conjunction with all the essential options to manage a user account and uses the MBOX file format. These files contain all the e-mail messages and mailbox items that include tasks, calendars, journals, appointments as well as attachments.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is AN Email client application that’s developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It’s one of the foremost well-liked email clients on the Windows OS. The Outlook application is additionally considered as one of the foremost easy and simple to use email client application.


To get started with the method to Export Apple Mail to Outlook PST. It’s needed for the user to install four email clients i.e. Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Eudora. When installing these mail clients, the subsequent mentioned four procedures should be followed. Also, These steps are needed to be followed very carefully, As any mistake might result in information loss.

Step 1: Open Apple mail and go to File >> Import Mailboxes
Step 2: Choose MBOX file where you wish to import data, choose file in MBOX format, and click on Continue
Step 3: Browse the location where you have saved the MBOX file and click on opt for then click on Continue
Step 4: Click ‘Done’ once method is completed

In order to complete the import method, you need Eudora, as there’s no direct feature offered to import apple mail to Outlook.

Step 1: Download and Run Eudora
Step 2: First of all, rename file extension of Inbox file form “xyz” to “xyz.mbx”
Step 3: Now move xyz.mbx file name to a directory within which Eudora stores its files (C: Documents and Settings Application Data \ Qualcomm \ Eudora)
Step 4: Open Eudora and double click on xyz.mbx to make the file and shut Eudora
Step 5: Now Import mailbox using Outlook express
Step 6: Import mailbox from Outlook Express to MS Outlook


1. To initiate manual technique, you have to be experienced like an administrator.
2. Manual technique doesn’t give assurance for 100 safe migration


It is quite evident from the above mentioned Manual procedure that it’s quite long. It needs the installation of the many email clients on the user’s Computing system. This can be terribly confusing and cumbersome to handle from time to time. So it’s better to the users to switch to a 3rd party solution i.e. SysTools Mac MBOX to Outlook Converter that may be employed in order to migrate the information in Apple Mail to Outlook Application.


In this informative Post, we discussed about the Apple Mail and the Microsoft Outlook Application and their migration methods based on User queries. Also, we outlined the manual solution to migrate from the Apple Mail to Outlook application used on windows. Then, we additionally outlined an automatic solution to convert the MBOX files.

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How to Embark on a Digital Transformation Project

Many companies are now facing the challenge of the digital age. To succeed in the marketplace, enterprises are not only having to adapt to new technologies, but change the mindset of individuals throughout the business, which might be no easy feat.

A Digital Roadmap

While the CEO might be more than happy to embark with a digital transformation project, the mid-level management team might be less open to the new strategy. However, you must have every individual on-board to create a strong business model.

Roadmap Towards a Successful Digital Transformation Project

Digital Roadmap - Digital Transformation Project
Digital Roadmap – How to initiate a Digital Transformation Project for your company by carrying every team members along with the new technological developments. Many companies are facing the challenges of the digital age. But getting it solved has to do with the ability to identify and map out the winning strategy for the team as a whole.

A digital roadmap may therefore be the answer you have been looking for, as it will clearly map out a plan of action for the whole team. By creating digital transformation targets, employees will view the strategy as more of a deadline, allowing them to gradually embrace a new digital age and, therefore, a more technological mindset.

Twenty years or so ago, some companies could not fathom why they would require a website, especially if their business was doing well and they had a strong media team. Nowadays, you would become suspicious of a company if you failed to create a website. So, in five to ten years’ time, others might become suspicious of a company if they do not have a digital strategy.

Gather Evidence

Before you run away with a digital transformation strategy, take a step back to assess where your company is at right now.

The best way to do so is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the company’s digital strengths or weaknesses?
  • What are my direct and indirect competitors doing that my company is not?
  • What technological advancements can we expect in the future?
  • What would the customer like?

It is time to do-away with traditional modes of communication and start looking at ways to communicate with potential customers on a digital platform. Remember, audiences are now more active than they ever have been, so they will not accept information at face value anymore. For example, they would much rather make an informed decision on a service by reading a review over picking up a paper brochure. You must adapt to the changes in your industry or it really will change without you.

Create Company Objectives

Digital transformation should work for your company, not the other way around. You must therefore identify your company objectives, if you haven’t already, to create a new business model that will drive an enterprise into the future.

For example, if you run a coffee shop, you should consider offering customers with free Wi-Fi to encourage footfall. Not offering mobile payments? Well, that could result in a lot of customers walking out the door and heading to a competitor who does.

You must identify the customers’ needs and the benefit the changes will have on a business. Once you have done so, it will be easier to promote the objective and outcome to stakeholders. All that will be left to do is test the strategy before pushing it out on a permanent basis. Speak to Bizagi to help you get started.

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Setting up an Account for Yahoo Mail iOS 8

Marking the eighth major release to the operating system developed by Apple Inc., the iOS 8 is Apple’s biggest iOS release till date, as claimed by the owners. The iOS 8 operating system is supported by iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, all manufactured by Apple Inc. With a bold revamped interface, the iOS delivers excellent performance supporting millions of apps for varied uses. The iOS 8 supports major e-mail accounts by default to ensure complete functionality of the device for both and personal and professional use.

Setting up an account for yahoo mail iOS 8

iOS8 yahoomail

While setting up mail accounts seem quite easy, it is not completely true. Setting up a yahoo mail account on iOS devices is a tedious job and most of the users find it quite difficult to sync their Yahoo mail account on their iPad or iPhone. One of the most common issues involving the account set up is that the devices fail to sync the contacts due to lack of proper connectivity with the mail server. But then nothing is impossible and a few tricks can sync your account with your iOS 8 device and make it work as a charm. Make sure you have a working yahoo mail ID and remember your password properly. It is also of utmost importance to ensure that you are connected to your internet properly before you start with the syncing process because if your internet connection fails in the middle of the setting up process, the syncing will be terminated and you have to start again to set up yahoo mail iOS 8. So make sure that your device is connected to the internet.

Let’s get started: Configuring Yahoo mail iOS 8 the easy way

First of all go to your IOS 8 device’s menu. Then navigate to the Settings panel of your iOS 8 device. Once you are in the Settings menu, head over to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars menu item. Once you are inside that menu, you will be able to see all your existing synced accounts on your iOS 8 device (if you have any already). Now look under all your previously synced account and you will find an option stating “Add Account” (refer to the picture below) which lets you can add a new email account to your iPhone or iPad. Tap on the Add Account option to enable a new options panel having all major email services listed by default where you will be able to see Yahoo mail being enlisted to enable you with the Yahoo account sync up process.

mail, contact, calender
mail, contact, calender

Tap on the “YAHOO!” menu item and a new panel will open which will now ask for your credentials. Quickly fill in all the credentials needed for the verification process and make sure you enter something recognizable in the Name and Description section. Once you are done, tap on the Next option found in the top right corner of your iOS device’s screen to take you further towards customizing and syncing your account. Here you will see that the “Contacts” syncing option is turned off by default. Make sure you turn it on to sync your Yahoo mail contacts to your iOS 8 device. If you skip this step you will not be able to sync your contacts to your IOS device later on. As you turn the “Contacts” option on, you will be prompted with a new dialogue asking your opinion on whether you will like to retain all your previous contacts saved on your device or whether you want them to be deleted. Once you choose a suitable option from the dialogue as per your needs, tap on the Next button and your yahoo mail account will be added with proper contact synchronization.

yahoo maiil settings

A few tricks to prevent common errors in configuring Yahoo mail iOS 8

  • Ensure that the “Mail” option is turned on after setting up the Yahoo account. It is a common error done by users often due to lack of knowledge about the procedure. To ensure proper syncing of your mails, turn the option on.
  • It is advisable to use Wi-Fi for network during the syncing process if you do not have a high speed carrier internet connection. Unless it is maintained throughout the setup process, you might come across error messages showing server connectivity problems or sometimes failing to verify your credentials, thus stating them as incorrect.
  • If you fail to set up your account for a successive number of times, choose the “Other” option instead of choosing “Yahoo!” from the “Add account” menu. In this way you can set up your account by including details such as hostnames for both incoming and outgoing servers of your account. After filling out your valid credentials, choose the IMAP option and write the following hostnames for the incoming and outgoing servers. Your email id shall be used as the username for both. for incoming mail server for outgoing mail server
  • Make sure all essential mail components like “Contacts”, “Calendars”, “Reminders”, etc. are properly turned on for synchronization before completing the setting up process. Failure to do the same shall result in the above components not showing up on your iOS 8 device.

For more advanced tricks and for iOS, you can click here to read from my blog.


How to Change Youtube Channel Design

youtube channel designDo you want the to change your youtube channel page to the brand new YouTube Design? Follow the simple steps below.

If you want the new YouTube layout before it’s rolled out officially you just have to follow this 4 simple steps:

1. Go to
2. Press Ctrl + Shift and J in Chrome to open the Developer Tools, or press the button Ctrl+Shift+K in Firefox
3. Then click on the “Console” tab and then enter document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=ST1Ti53r4fU”;
4. Reload the website and start enjoying the new look of youtube layout.

You can as well check the new Youtube Channel preview page here and a video by Ileane explaining how to use the new channel and some of the cool benefits that the channel has got to offer you as the user.

There are many benefits you can get from using the new youtube layout, there is an otpion for you customize your page as you like and this will give you more option to brand yourself and your business better than using the default design which is very common these days. Hope you will find it interesting to use this new design? I know you will when you consider some of the useful benefits you’ll get from the video and some other useful tips mentioned by Ileane.

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4 Ways to Avoid Experiencing a Degrading Broadband Internet

If you had been using a real high speed internet connection service over the years, you won’t feel comfortable using a slow and degrading internet connection like dial up. There are, however, some factors that can make your high speed broadband become degrading and poor in performance.

When your broadband starts performing slow, your productivity output will be altered. But this could be avoided if we avoid doing some wrong things and also do the right things at the right time. Below, I will share tips that will help you optimize your internet connection usability.

Avoid Visiting Sites You Don’t Know About

Users are fond of doing many funny things with their internet connection which is often referred to as exploring; visiting websites they know nothing about being one of them! If you are fund of visit just any website you heard of or you are fund of clicking links to websites you don’t know about on the web, you may be surprised at what dangers may follow such acts.

When I was on a vacation in one African country at the start of my discount coupon blog where I talk about Allurez Coupon and Diamonds International Coupon, I was reading an article on and I followed a link from there to Craiglist. My IP was banned immediately, and when I contacted my ISP, I was made to understand that my IP was banned for attempting fraud! How could that be? It was later that I discovered that many people from that country do scam people on Craiglist, and so trying to visit the site with their connection service will only lead to them banning your IP address.

Use Proxy Tunneling Sites/Programs

Another way to avoid having bad experiences using a broadband is by using a proxy tunneling program to mask you IP address. There are some sites that won’t work well with your current IP address, but do you know that with the right proxy tunneling software or website, you can visit any website you like on the internet?

If you are experiencing difficulties visiting particular websites with your current internet connection, you can try out proxy tunneling programs like Tor, India web proxy or

Avoid Overloading Your Internet Connection

Overloading your internet connection might cause you to have bad experiences using it to surf the web. You won’t want to be found in a situation where you’ll have to restart your computer or have to wait for longer periods than usual just because your connection has been overworked.

Your internet connection will become overloaded if you open too many tabs on a single web browser at a given time, if you are downloading multiple files at once or if your computer is downloading an update from the internet while you are still running too many tabs at once. Try to avoid these from occurring, and you will enjoy every bit of your broadband connection.

Protect Your Computer from Viruses

Viruses can be bad and terrible at the same time. There are lot of troubles you can run into if you are not making sure your computer is protected from viruses and spywares. One of the most dreaded ways a virus can affect your internet connection is by uploading your browsing history and caches to unsolicited individuals on the internet– usually the programmers of the virus.

You have to make sure your computer is highly secured from any form of virus infection. Secure a strong and reliable antivirus program for your computer and make sure it’s always up to date.

image credit

Here is a guest post by John Edget from coupon blog, who writes about getting the best broadband experience. He has some free discount coupons like Diamonds International Coupon, zenmed Coupon and Allurez coupon to share with you. You can get your free copy of allurez coupon, zenmed Coupon and diamonds international coupon from his blog.


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7 Ways to Make Your Broadband Internet Connection Work Better

Internet Connection Rules

The internet is the place me and you wishes for ourselves to be every single day because of the cool stuffs that we are enjoying on the internet on daily basis. But we can’t enjoy some of those benefits if we don’t have an internet connection that will enable us to have the access to the internet because the internet can only become a reality when we have an internet connection method(broadband internet connection).

Broadband internet connection is the most fastest among all forms of internet access that is available till present because other internet connections like dialup and others are very slow and that can’t make you have faster internet experience.

Do you know that broadband internet connection too can work slow at times? Yes it can, a faster internet connection can start to fumble by working slowly even at a time when you don’t even expect it to happen.