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How To Add Comment on Multiple Lines in Facebook

Writing comments in multiple lines on Facebook has always been a challenge. But, we’ve got it fixed with a trick.

You know that since the latest upgrade of, everything has changed simultaneously. The way we write on the wall has changed to another style, the way we comment on others post and many other things have changed especially when you are chatting. You can’t write and press enter as we used to do on the formal facebook application.

With the new Facebook, if you type a message and wanted to go the next line, you can’t just do it unless you do some tricks to the written text. And if you press enter button the post will get published immediately but you can now add multiple lines to your comment and many other things while on facebook.

Simple steps to write in multiple lines on facebook

How to Write Comment in Multiple Lines on Facebook
Do you know how to write multiple lines of comments on Facebook without using browser extensions?
  • Log in with your username and password to
  • Click on any of the statuses of your friends as if you wanted to comment on it.
  • Hold-on to SHIFT button while typing your message and press enter to go to the next line and when you finish writing release the SHIFT key and press enter. But, remember not to release the shift key so that your message will get published even before you finish.

As you can see in the picture above, I want to comment on my friend’s post. I inputted the first line of text, then press SHIFT to jump down to the next paragraph. I kept on pressing SHIFT to jump to the next paragraph until I’m done with what I had to say. You can do the same!

That’s just the trick.

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