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Solid Ways To Improve Your High Speed Internet Connection Lifespan

Broadband internet connection is a type of internet connectivity which is widely accepted throughout the world this moment because of its ability to provide its users the speed and unlimited download size (bandwidth) which it is well known of providing at all times but there are certain rules that is associated with the usage of this type of internet connection which cannot be underestimated and this leads us to write this article by explaining the ways which you can use to improve the speed and bandwidth of your broadband internet to make it faster than how it is working presently and in the article below are the insights into the solid ways of enhancing your internet connection lifespan.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

3 Basic Internet Security Rules That You Must Keep for Good Internet Experience

In everything we do in life, there will certainly be one rule or the other that guides the usage of such a thing. This rules issue also applies to internet security, there are many rules that pertain to internet usage even this time where there are many hackers on the internet, hacking and hijacking lots of many internet users’ data and important files that worth a lot to the owner. Imagine, for a hacker to steal and take over someone’s stock account or if they eventually hack through someone’s online banking account, we all know that they (internet hackers or hijackers) are human beings like use but merciless in nature.

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3 Ultimate Factors That Affect Your High Speed Internet Connection Performance

Your high speed internet connection will only work better when there are no problems hindering its performance. Having a problem-free internet connection performance is achievable if only you know how to optimize your connection. If you want to access the internet and your internet connection is working at a snail speed, you will certainly get annoyed and the negative experience get from this can also make someone to loose hope in that particular internet connection method.

Today, we are going to be talking about different factors that can affect your internet connection performance and possible ways of solving these problems easily. So, here below are the three different possible factors that can affect your internet connection performance over the time.

4G internet connection performance
There is a huge difference between 3G internet and 4G internet connection performance. They aren’t on the same level.

Location of Your ISP

The location of your internet connection service provider has a lot to do with your internet connection performance. If your ISP service provider location is far away from where you are accessing the internet from, you will certainly experience slow internet connection. The rate at which you will be able to access the internet from a particular location can be different from how you can access it from a place closer to your internet service provider’s network service. You can only enjoy your internet connectivity if you are located in a place closer to your internet service provider’s connection base.

Location of the website you’re trying to access

Your internet connection performance can be determined by the location of the website you’re browsing through. Most big website on the internet have different mirror servers which you can make use of instead of having trouble accessing the main site. Many website at times has different servers in different countries, if you are accessing a website and you notice that you cant access it efficiently, you should contact the administrator of the site to know if they have a mirror version if the site in your country or in a place closer to your location, e.g. you may have difficulties in accessing while you’re in Canada which supposes to be, but once you can locate the next servers that is closer to your location it will be easier for your to access the site with the full features.
To resolve this, you can contact the administrator of the website you find it difficult to access about the problem and ask if there’s a possible solution to it and also you can make use of internet anonymity software that can help you in accessing website that is too far from you with a dedicated server that’s present in that country, a great example of this is your-freedom software. It has over 20 different servers in different countries throughout the world.

Limitation of your Internet Data Transfer

If your ISP company puts limits on your internet connection data transfer rate, you may find it very difficult to access the internet or a particular website at a particular time because of limitation that’s on your internet connection package. At times, some ISPs companies limits the kind of websites that you can visit with their service by filtering your internet browsing transfer making it difficult for your to access a particular website at a given time.

All the above mentioned points are factors which can affects your internet connection performance and you need to take not of this so that you can enjoy your internet connection.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Internet Access

7 Ways To Enjoy Your High Speed Internet Connection

High speed internet connection has in many ways proved to be one of the best and most reliable methods of connecting to the internet. With the broadband internet connection, life has become a good place to live in. Everything we do in life has in one way of the other been affected by internet connection, and human beings are now finding it difficult to stay away from the internet even for a second just because of the benefits they derived from using the internet on daily basis.high speed internet

When it comes to the aspect of speed, high speed internet connection is known by most internet users as the fastest means of internet connectivity available till this present moment-no other method of internet connection has been able to surpass high speed internet connection in area of high speed and download rate.

High speed internet connection is fast, reliable and efficient but, there are instances when broadband internet connection will be slowed down and this will make the user feel disappointed in one way or the other because of the ugly experience he/she got from using the connection at that very point in time. For this cause, lots of internet users have been searching for a lasting solution to make their internet connection works faster than how it is working before.

Today in this post, we shall be looking into ways in which you can follow in order to increase your internet connection speed and productivity and here below are the three ways in which you can use to improve the efficiency of your internet connection and to make it perform faster than it is presently.

Update Regularly

Your computer will continue to work faster and also will your internet connection functions properly  well if you make it as a point of duty in updating your computer system regularly without procrastinating on it till next day which you may likely forget to remember. Antivirus softwares on your computer are some of thing you must take proper care of on your computer system, you need to update it as soon as possible so as to enjoy a clear and perfectly working computing experience. As we all known, if the computer is not functioning very well, how will the internet connection on it perform well? It is not possible like that; you need to take care of your computer by upgrading it in case if it has old versions of operating system installed on it or if you perceive that your computer system (pc) antivirus software is out of date.

Load Few Website Tabs

Whenever you are surfing the internet, you should make it a type of your habit not to load multiple tab in your internet browser if you want to enjoy the internet connection. Opening multiple tabs can have negative effects on your internet connection pace, it can slow down the whole thing. So, you should be very careful about this because prevention is better than cure. If you load more Website page in different tabs, it will certainly slow down your internet connection and likewise your computer system respectively. In most cases, this can results in too much bandwidth consumption.

End All Background Running Applications

At times, some applications on your computer can be using your high speed internet connection bandwidth at the background of your computer screen unknown to you while they (those background applications) will be slowing down your internet connection. These type of computer applications will continue to perform their usual work until you come into the situation and stop them before they can stop affecting your internet connection.

Remove All Unwanted Programs From Your Computer

Many times, there are many unwanted applications that may find your computer as their home without you needing them in the place they occupied, and they at most time can eats-up your computer memory and thereby decrease your computer speed which will later after you internet connection speed. You should make sure to check if there are temporary files on your computer systems or some computer applications that are unused on the computer system and make sure to eradicate them so as to improve your internet connection performance.

Scan Your Computer Frequently For Virus Infection

Make it a point of duty to schedule a scan for your computer on daily or weekly basis if possible. Your computer may get infected faster than how you might think  it’s been used to access the internet and it is possible for it to get infected with some of the internet trojans that can cause your computer to malfunction.

Sometimes, most of this trojans and viruses can prove dangerous by using your internet connection to send your private data to hackers on the internet, which in return they will use the data collect to hack your online and offline files (valuable information can be lost due to this reason if there’s no valid computer and internet protection software currently installed on your pc). You should make sure that you scan your computer system regularly so as to prevent virus attack which can later affect you internet connection functionality.

Don’t Violate Your Internet Connection ISP Law

Your internet connection will give you the best results if only you can abide by the rules and law guiding the internet connection service provider(ISP) you’re using. Most of internet service providers of today are different from those ones we’re familiar with before and the way they operate this days is quite different from how it is done before. Everything we do everyday are guided by law here and there and there’s nothing we can do about it than to accept the fact and try to adjust to it.

Violating your internet connection service providers laws can cause your internet connection to slow down. They can put law on certain things which you mustn’t do and if you do it you are going to face the consequence of doing so.

Always Disable Browser’s Add-ons on Your Computer

Add-ons are computer browser’s based application software that adds additional features to your computer web browsers. Some certain features may not be included in your web browser from the producing company that develop it and this features can be added to the computer browser with the use of an Add-on. You may ask, Add-on is good to computer, then in why would browser add-on affect my internet connection? The answer to this question is far fetched, since add-on can add additional features to your web browser for more functionality so also can it cause havoc to your website browser’s health if care is not well taken about it.  It can also infect your computer with latest virus threat in town if you don’t know how to identify the one that is good to use among all the add-ons that is in the market(on the internet world).

Most programmers (those people that creates the add-on software) produce good and likewise some programmers create bad add-on software for the purpose of doing one or two task  that pertains to evil, they can create add-on tool mainly for the purpose of hacking or displaying annoying ads on the user computer’s browser. Though, this solely depends on the type of programmer that develop the application and what they plan to use it for and this brings us to this suggestion that you must not use any add-on application if the developer is not a trusted individual organization such as Microsoft, Mozilla, Google and many other household names that you can trust.