United States’ Nintendo Servers Hacked but there’s “No Loss” of Customer’s Data

Nintendo Severs Hacked in the United States

Nintendo servers in the United States were attacked weeks ago on many occasions, but according to the report emanating, it seems some of the Nintendo’s customer data that was believed to have been compromised weren’t.

In a wake of this, Nintendo has officially announced to the public on Sunday that user’s private data kept on their servers weren’t compromised during the breach in security.

There are no customer’s data losses recorded during the period because we’re on top of the game, says, one of Nintendo’s representatives on Sunday.

In the history of cyber criminal attacks to date, Nintendo is the largest company that has ever experienced several hacking attacks over the years, far more than the April attack of Sony Corporation.

The Nintendo break-in doesn’t affect its users because the servers (Nintendo servers that were hacked) has no single customer’s information stored on them, the company said.

However, on Tuesday, the company will be launching its new gaming console as a successor to its market hit product known as the Wii.

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