5 Effective Ways To Win In Blog Outreach; Actionable Steps to Win Big in Blog Outreaching

Content Marketing (or call it blog outreach) is one of the most effective tools in improving traffic and page ranking nowadays. The tactic includes guest posting, where an author (mostly ghostwriters) write for their target blog or websites as a guest or a contributor.

Guest posting started a new trend in content marketing ever since Google announced content as one of the primary criteria for search engine optimization. It had become a craze that everyone tried to do. Unfortunately only a few succeeds. Below are the five basics of blog outreaching with the spices to win.

Actionable Steps to Win Big in Blog Outreach…

Actionable Steps to Win Big in Blog Outreach...
Winning Big in Blog Outreach: Effective content marketing strategy is one of the most effective tools in improving traffic and creating awareness. Guest Posting is one of the main-driver of content marketing, where an author write for another websites as a guest or a contributor in exchange for link juice.

Carefully Pick Your Target Blog Owners

In the process of picking blog owners, you must carefully consider their Domain Authority (DA), Traffic, Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF) you can also add all necessary SEO standards you may want to add, but most depend on these four basic rules to make things simpler.

The main responsibility of a Blog Outreach is to link building, and in doing this, you want to have links that are from reliable, established blogs on their specific niches. You certainly want your great content to have as much exposure as possible, but you don’t want to compromise the quality of the link. So make sure your target blogs meet all the necessary requirements.

Customize Your Sheets

In gathering blogs, you must have a comprehensive sheet that allows personalized email blasting later on. This means that you must have a customized sheet, allowing you to list all the necessary information such as; (1) Name of Blog Owner, (2) Title/s and Link/s to their previous article that you want to relate to your pitch, (3) Link to your own blog that relates to the article you also linked, and (4) if possible add their emails.

You may think that this will make your sheet quite messed up, but you will all see the beauty of this later on. Make sure that you get this information right because you will need this on the next step.

Personalized Email Blasting

This is the reason why you want to customize your sheet. Nowadays, blog outreach is no longer new, and most of the blog owners would only see your email on their spams. So how do you get your emails acknowledged?

The answer is to go personal. Avoid looking so spammy in your email. Make your subject line catchy, personal and controversial. One example to this is to have the name of the blog owner on the subject line, that will give an impression that the sender is probably an acquaintance even though your email is not familiar to them.

If you don’t have their names personally, you can put the title of their recent published article on the subject line. It sounds like crack, but it works.

Avoid using words that are so fancy sounding, if you find the first two samples time consuming, you can also just directly tell them your intention- just cut to the chase. As blog owners who have high traffic, they are so used to receiving emails from blog outreach managers who want to have a guest post on their website.

It’s not something new, so chances are they receive hundreds if not thousands of emails everyday. Making your subject line unique and personal gives you an edge over others who just sent their emails in bulk. This may consume time, but as they say, “slowly, but surely.”

Include Links to Your Already Published Articles and Blog

As mentioned in the second step, include a link to their recently published article in your email, this gives them an idea that you went to their site, showing them genuine interest on doing guest posting.

If your subject line tells them you like their recent article, make sure to add that to your email text. If you want to go the extra mile, add a link to one of your blog posts that relates to theirs. Not everyone does this, so you’re going to stand out.

After establishing genuine intention, pitch your article idea and ask them for any article they might like to have on their blogs. If you state their direct benefit right away, they will surely be waiting for it. You can also tell them you have content ready and ask them if they want to check it out.

Maintain a Reliable Social Media Profile

Do not forget to maintain a reliable social media profile. This is basic, but some people fail to keep this in mind. Places like Facebook, Pinterest, TwitterKlout and LinkedIn are just a few of the social media avenues you can freely take advantage of.

Because of familiarity, blog owners want to see your genuine intention to have a guest post on their website. They also want to make sure they are talking to real people, having a social media account they are assured that you exist and that you’re a real expert in that field.

Your first strategy is to build a genuine relationship with blog owners. Adding a link to your social media account on your ending signature is a total plus!

Send Great Content

This is where everything boils down to. The content you send should be the content you agreed to send to them, and it should be fresh, not a rehashed, generic topic that doesn’t talk specific samples.

Try to question the prevailing trend and create a good headline. This is the writer’s responsibility, but if you give the writer the exact parameters of the article, your chances of getting a live guest post are higher.

Before sending your content make sure that the text and the pictures being used have copyright permission.


There’s no secret to successful blog outreaching; it’s just a matter of great communication and keeping to what you said you are going to do.

Blogging Tips

The 4 Essential Elements Of Guest Posting That Works

Guest posting has remained the #1 proven way of driving free targeted traffic to your blog and website.

The traffic the guest posts drives is usually targeted, rich and converts well. However, you need a combination of creativity and marketing-mastermind to achieve results. So many bloggers who write guest posts do not derive huge benefits from it because they’ve missed the 4 essential elements.

And because you’re here, I’m going to reveal the 4 vital elements, that would catapult your write-ups to the sky and cause you to experience a surge of fresh readers, instant do-follow backlinks and increase in your pagerank.

If you’re ready to learn, let’s do it…


1. Research Your Topic Properly

My first 4 months of writing guest posts was a mess. I don’t even research topics and although, my work was published, the highest traffic I could get was 100 or less. But all that have changed now. You need to research the topic you want to write. Get in tune with the kind of content the blog owner likes. You also need to read several posts from the archive to know which ones got the highest comments.

When you write your guest article having this in mind, you automatically increase your chances of getting social love from the readers. One of your goal whenever you write a guest post is to make sure it attracts the social environment. If no one tweets or shares your article, that’s an indication that you did not interest them. Avoid this by making your posts sticky, interesting and full of uniqueness.

2. Pitch First – Write Second

This element of guest posting is very important. I see a lot of writers who complain that their article was rejected. One way of getting published is to pitch your opponent first. Let them know about the topic, the title and a little about the description. If you’ve been successful with your posts on a few blogs, rant about it on your email message.

No one is going to call you an expert, until you let them know you’re one. Pitching helps to soothe the receiving end, so that when you eventually submit the complete article, the spirit of rejection is out of the way. Creating first impression is very important, and writers know this like the back of their palm. A perfect pitch helps to create that first impression – resulting in a “YES.”

So, don’t write your guest posts before contacting anyone. Contact them first with what you have in mind; topic, title, description, your name, blog and skill. It makes a lot of difference between articles that made it to the homepage and those that didn’t.

3. Write With Your Own Voice

Everyday, I receive over 15 guest posts from bloggers across the blogosphere, and about 10 would be rejected. If this have happened to you before, I know the problem. Even though your article is great, keyword rich and informative, experienced writers don’t count this.

Instead, what matters is your writing style. We all know about the top 10 ways to drive traffic to blogs, why should I get your post published when I already know it – even my readers do too? What we need is your voice.

How would you present a common topic in an extraordinary way? You can’t please blog readers by simply writing about common ideas, you need to protrude your voice. It’s your uniqueness, how you see the problems they have and what you’re doing to solve it.

Your voice makes the difference. So, when you need to get your guest article accepted, don’t be like the desperate writers (beginners), take your time and coin those words. Success begins with attributing time to events, and watch them unfold. This is the underground secret to featuring your guest post on A-list blogs. Make sure you utilize this secret today.

4. Keep Abreast Of Hot Trends

We are living in an ever-changing world and the internet is at the top of it all. Human wants are insatiable and so they long for greener pastures. These pastures are information that have not been before.

They are hot trends. As a blogger, one thing that readers are desperate for is “the latest happenings around.” No matter the field you are in today, there are events unfolding every passing day. Glowhost and hostgator released some of their coupon codes recently and it became popular. Hot trends work!

Writing a guest post on these hot trends is the surest path to a positive answer. For instance, when the recent Google panda updates went out a few months ago, websites were hungry for contents in this regard and several fresh contents made it to the frontpage of authority blogs.

Stay off the radar and watch. You would discover amazing blog posts ideas to help you enhance and increase your chances of featuring your best works on high trafficked blogs. As a side note, hot trends tends to bring more traffic than archaic trends – you know what to do in this regard, don’t you?

Marketing Takeaway

All in all, what is your success so far with guest posting? We all have 24 hours every single day to spend. Some are going to waste it, while others are going to invest it. If you must invest in anything worthwhile on the internet, draw your scale of preference and make sure guest posting is at the top. See you at the top!