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How to Brand Google+ Profile Widget to Look Like your Site

How to create a customized Google+ widget for your site

If you have been looking for ways to promote  your Google+ profile page to most of your blog readers so that too can add you to their circles, then read this article till end and you will be able to create a customized Google plus sidebar widget for your blog. Go to and start your google plus widget customization and in couple of second with a fast speed internet connection, but with a slow speed internet connection, you can sort it out within some minute. Before we continue, I will like to show you some of the benefits of creating a customized Google+ sidebar widget for your blog.

Benefits of Creating Google+ Widget

  1. No Installation of Plugins
  2. Easy Integration of “Add me to circles widget” to your website pages
  3. Easy to configure, just like ABC.
  4. Ability to match the Widget with your website theme color.
  5. Ability to show your Google+ live stream updates on your blog.

Some of the above are benefits you will get when you create a customized widget basically for your website visitors to add you to their Google+ circles easily.

Reason the WidgetsPlus is cool for you:

  • You have ability to customize the font type, color and size of your Google plus widget easily.
  • You can change the width of the widget without the need of coding or doing any other stressful thing.
  • Easy access to changing of background colors and border colors.
  • change the hover color of the widget so that it will show it when people put mouse on the widget.
  • Well design title text.
  • On & Off Google+ brand logo.
  • Easy display of Latest Google plus feed with a long or shorten url.

Another great features of the service is that it is available in different languages and that means you have many language option that you can choose from. Some of the languages that the service presently supports are English, Chinese, Italian, Dutch (Netherlands), German, Portuguese (Portugal and others), Spanish and Swedish. The only language that the service doesn’t support is French and that surprises me because many people are speaking french even more than any other languages except English.

To Start

Click on the get code button and it will show you the page like the one in the picture above and below. What you need to do is to start configuring your widget the way you wants it to look. Add color that relates to your website to the appropriate field and after finishing it, you will get your desired result.

Once you finish, then get your code and go to your WordPress blog and enter the code in the HTML text box or the sidebar of your website. That’s all!