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Guess Moto E was made for African consumers

Moto E is cheap, but it looks fancier than most high-priced smartphones out there

Buying high end phones lately has never been easier if we look way-back to how it was few years ago. As an African, it is not that easy to order and get smartphones of Apple’s iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series pedigree between the past 3-5 years. But being an emerging market, some of the phone manufacturers have foreseen what the future may look like in Africa – maybe they have might have envisaged scenarios where the majority would be using smartphones with an internet access on them. There’s high level of smartphone adoption in most of African states, people now see technology as part of their must-do-daily lifestyle. If we look at the recent Ghana’s smartphone adoption graph, you’ll agree with me that they over use mobile cell phone in the country with 26.09 million mobile phone users on record. That’s around 101% penetration if we should put this figure against Ghana’s population at 25.37 million. Moto E and 4G Moto G compared

Kudos to my Ghanians friends! Una dey use phone wella ooo 🙂 😀

Back to business, with this eye-opening figure, I don’t think you should count Africa out of mobile phone market movers list. You won’t dare, neither would Apple or Samsung!

Right now, you can order for any smartphone of your choice – ranging from Apple powered iPhone to various other branded smartphones – from the nearest mobile shop close to your home, but at a price!

These phones are available for sale, even at a discount, but the price you will have to pay may seem unreasonable, owing to the exchange rate and nature of currency flow in your country to the standard US dollar or British pounds.

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I could remember when I bought my first Apple iPad two years ago, through the help of my cousin who stays in the United Kingdom, I paid heavily for the item before I could lay my hands on it right here in Nigeria. It was close to 500 quids (500 Great Britain Pounds) that I paid for the tablet directly from Apple store. The amount was too much if it was to be converted Naira, which is Nigerian currency. In fact, you can own a plot of land in Nigeria with the same amount I paid for the tablet – excluding shipping fee – all these due to irregularities in currency exchange between the two countries.

And I’m sure there are countless numbers of wanna-be-high-end-smartphone consumers out there who are having similar challenge.

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In wake of that, mobile service providers came up with features that let phone freak buy latest smartphones at a bargain – you get it cheap and stay long with them as customer – which is well referred to as contracts. But this hasn’t been functioning well in Africa, unlike how it is well-refereed in the UK, US and Canada.

But you know, not everyone will even like to stay indebted to a service provider for that long period of agreement – at least we all seek freedom! Maybe that’s why the new Motorola’s Moto E was launched for consumers in the developing countries of the world. They won’t have to run into a debt before having the luxury of using high-end phones.

For as low as $129, you can become a proud owner of powerful, yet stunningly looking android smartphone with state of the art graphic display. Moto E has a 4.3 inch 960×540 pixel display at 256 pixels per inch. And if you compare Moto E with iPhone 5C – which goes for $549, without contract, has a slightly smaller screen but to a moderate extent sharper with 1136×640 pixel resolution at 326 ppi. And even if the subsidized version of iPhone 5C should go for $99, adding few dollars to it will land you a brand new Moto E with no-obligation to your carrier.

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Moto E is gifted with 1GB RAM along with a powerful processor; duo-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor, and it has no front-facing camera, which is a NO-NO for geeky guys out there. But it has a 5MP rear-facing camera with 4 GB storage capacity. This feature reduces its chance of approval too, but they have included a microSD slot that allows you to increase it to 32 GB of extra storage.

It is a 3G powered smartphone (it will probably make a lot of sense to consumers in Africa, because 3G is almost everywhere in some major cities of the continent), running the latest Android Kit Kat operating system with little to no mix of the common android skin on it – this  would enable users to enjoy same feel of Google android’s interface if they swift from other android phone. And Motorola has boosted itself claiming that Moto E’s 1980 milliamp hour (MaH) battery can power the phone for a whole day, not minding the number of processes it runs. That’s pretty good for some guys that loves playing games on their smartphone.

But above all, Moto E is a legend of high-end smartphones that costs less to use without obligation to your service provider.

What do you think about E against its competitors like iPhones and Galaxies? Do you think Moto E is probably the phone africans have been waiting for?


News: WHO warns against Mosquito bite, Nigeria Allocates 8% on Education

Hmmm, another evening news here again. After yesterday’s bug fixes on the site, I couldn’t do more writing yesterday than David Letterman, Evernote and Smiletrain’s smilestone campaign. Today likewise, I will not be doing more news to give way for my first article published today about AngloGold’s new term resolution about staffs morale.

Let’s dive into today’s trending news all around the world in the technology scene and some other categories. Remember you can subscribe to receive first-hands news and reports using the form on the sidebar or clicking here.

Today’s health news:

WHO says just a bite of Mosquito, fly & tick may pose a big threat to our health. And they’ve published a fact video to explain why you shouldn’t allow these small pieces of works come around you.


Ghana Allocates 30%, South Africa 25.8%, Uganda 27%, Swaziland 24.6%, Lesotho 17%, Nicaragua 15%, and the said Giant of Africa, Nigeria allocates 8% of the federation budget on education. Can somebody tell where the other monies will go to?

Are they truly invested in the future of our youths?

Are they truly invested in the future of Nigerian youths with this 8% allocation on education?Click to view larger image.

I’m sorry for my dear country, Nigeria, she’s been lead by people who do not think for the future but what they’d eat and enjoy now. Paypal has been riding on us for so long, nothing has been done to curb this shameful and limited international business opportunities exposure for our youths who are talented with fresh blood of creativity running in them.

When will Nigerians rise up to chase these hoodlums from our government? That, I can’t say, but time will tell.

In rebasing Nigeria economy, Oby Ezekwesil, the one-time vice president of the World Bank’s Africa division and Nigerian former minister of education, says sectors like Nollywood (entertainment), IT and telecommunication (mobile) industry are now pretty huge, but were not there in 1990. So Nigeria must rebase.

Do you agree with her?

Let’s hear your views on this.

Article posted from my Apple iPad powered by TechAtLast Int’l.

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MOZAT 6.4.0 Provides Improved Mobile Social Experience

MOZAT has recently announced the release of the latest version, 6.4.0. It basically comes with “memory issue” fixes, which most users are concerned about, and feature improvements enhancing users’ overall experience.

What makes this version stand out is the fact that there are more feature enhancements and new services that can make a basic and ordinary feature phone work like it’s packed with smartphone features. Here are some of the improvements and features that are worth a shot:

Improved features in Mozat 6.4.0

mozat chat platform download

1) Social Discovery through “Nearby Users”, a location-based service (LBS)

Wouldn’t it be nice to see other users who are within close proximity to you? The “Nearby Users” now makes it possible to see others around you. From this, you can actually send a message, and once that specific user replies, he/she automatically becomes a friend. So this so-called “social discovery” works because of the Java points spread across major areas in Nigeria. You don’t need to have a GPS-enabled phone to be able to enjoy this LBS. To find out more about where the Java points are, you may check out MOZAT’s community blog.
Mozat chat Java Chatroom

2) @Friend Response in Chatroom

In a chatroom where it gets too crowded and cluttered with so many messages, sometimes, even before you type the name of the person you’d like to talk to, the messages and names get scrolled up too fast because of incoming messages. With the new “@” feature, you can easily click on someone’s name and your message will automatically indicate “@” followed by the person’s name. This way, it’s a lot easier to catch someone’s attention in half the time. More convenient for you, too, because all you have to do is to simply start typing your message.

Mozat Java Chatroom 2
Get started chatting with the @tags with your friends

3) Coloured Conversation Backgrounds in Chatroom

Again, conversations in the chatroom can get overwhelming or confusing and you tend to miss some of them. Now, 6.4.0 comes with different colour backgrounds to easily distinguish which message came from who. Light colours are used for the backgrounds keeping in mind readability of text and overall look of chatroom.

4) Clearly Defined Chatroom Details

Even before you start chatting, you will immediately see details about the chatroom, and access basic information such as participants – like number of males and females, as well as chatroom etiquette.

5) Capability to Receive Offline Messages

With 6.4.0, you can now receive offline messages, so you won’t miss one – whether it’s important or not. This proves to be one of the most relevant features added in this version as it gives the sender the peace of mind that you would still get the message once he/she leaves it when you’re out of reach.

Apart from all these, memory issues concerning crashing and slow loading have already been fixed. So when you start MOZAT, it immediately loads, leading you to the launch pad of apps that MOZAT gives you access to on its “grid” interface. The latest improvements are geared toward improving overall mobile social experience. So it’s not just about chatroom improvements but making it a lot easier for you to reach friends, gain news ones and interact with them through MOZAT.

Give MOZAT 6.4.0 a try and download it from They welcome comments and suggestions via or let your thoughts be heard on Twitter or on Facebook. Updates, tutorials and basic information can be accessed from their blog.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful experience on MOZAT and more friends to come!