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6 Technology Gadgets You Need for More Productivity

How things and life in general move fast the lane of development cannot be quickly comprehended. It takes a smart person to describe the future of technology, but it’s pretty necessary that everyone involved in using the internet and every other technology resource at man’s disposal knows what it takes to bring out the last juice from technology.

As a wiz techie, knowing some important things that can make your life look more stabilized and easier is as important as the breath you take (didn’t really meant that). As far as getting the best from your tech-centric life is concerned,you have to take the following as some of the most important things your business needs, if not you.

Stereo Sound Systems

Getting a stereo sound system is pretty important for a tech blogger. You don’t know when an important conversation will come up between your online clients which you won’t wish to postpone to another date in the future. During such emergencies, having a good stereo sound system will save you a little embarrassment.

Naturally, your laptop computer should have its sound system which is the in-built speaker which may be good depending on the maker of your computer, Dell laptop speakers are generally louder. But, I must confess, you can’t compare a built-in speaker with stereo sound system which will bring the voice out to you as if your companion is there with you.  <Image credit>

Amplified Microphone

Further, microphone is one of the two major equipments needed for a conversation (audio) to be initiated through the internet, even phones have theirs. The speaker having been put in place, you will only hear your companion’s voice without a microphone.

Some computers have built-in microphones, at least some Hp and Dell laptops do. But they are not as good as external amplified microphones. The benefits of using an external microphone is that your voice will be picked while other sounds are dropped and an amplified microphone will amplify your voice (make it louder.)

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USB Memory

USB Memory or Flash Drive is a portable external device which can store up little amount of data as backup to that on your computer and can be used to transfer files from one computer to another, including viruses and spywares so care is needed when using a Flash Drive as a data transporter.

Depending on the size of your Flash drive, you can store data with digital size of as much as 8 gigabytes on it. Most companies do give free Flash Drives along with laptops, but Flash Drives don’t cost more than 10 to 15 dollars.

USB HD Web Cam

In case you might be wondering how possible it would be for you to initiate a video conference call with a laptop without webcam facility, your simple helper standing around the corner of every computer store is a HD Web Cam. The HD Web Cam can be of great help to you because it automatically takes the position of a webcam and works as good.

Depending on what you can afford, and of course, you choice, HD Web Cams come in different levels. The ones with more mega pixels can offer you more quality picture captures. But to use it, a USB port is required of your computer, preferably something around 2.0.

Mobile USB Cord

Another good gadget you need as a wiz techie is a mobile usb cord. This is very important for a computer user who is using his mobile device as a data transporter. Mobile USB cord is for more convenience and faster connectivity between the initiating device and the computer.

The advantage the mobile USB cord has over Bluetooth connectivity is speed and effectiveness. While the Bluetooth is prone to intrusion the USB cord is pretty safer.

Memory Card Reader

To replace my Flash Drive or USB disk drive, I use a memory card reader. This has the capability to transform my mobile phone’s memory card into a Flash Drive. It is a more convenient way of transferring my files from the memory card to the computer.

Also, this can also help you to transfer viruses, so it is also very important that you are mindful of the type of computer you use your Memory Card Reader on (that is while your memory card is in it). Mind you, it is only effective when your memory card is available.