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Google Play Music launches free version ahead of Apple

Google releases the free version of its Google Play music streaming service just a week to rival $9.99 per month Apple Music debut.Google Play Music free

The free version of Google Play music streaming service, launched on Tuesday, has been around for two years offering subscription at $9.99 per month. The free flagship is released on the web while the Android and iOS version is to come by weekend as indicated by Google product manager Elias Roman.

Earlier this month, Apple has said it would launch a music streaming service which will subscribe for $9.99 per month along with $14.99 per month family plan on June 30; the service will come with a free three month trial.

Google Play music with other streaming services such as Rhapsody and Spotify curates playlists, user will be able to tailor playlist based on artist, genre or even activity such as “having fun at work” or hosting a pool party.

In an interview with Roman, he said

“We believe this is a play that will expose a lot of people to the service”

The Google Play Music free service will carry ads; exclude certain songs and will be unavailable offline unlike the paid version.

According to Roman, millions of people check the Google Play music monthly but seem not to be ready to pay for a subscription, with the free version, the company hopes to get more people compelled to upgrading to the paid version.

Google’s timing was just strategic said Ted Cohen, managing partner of TAG Strategy, a digital entertainment consultancy.

“It’s a smart time to do it with all the attention around Apple,” Cohen said. “If they did it absent the Apple service, it wouldn’t be the same story.”

Google in 2014 said its music service subscribers is more than double of the previous year, but it had not revealed the actual number it has on its server. Spotify, Pandora and Beat music had far more mobile downloads than Google in 2014 according to the data from App Annie analytics firm.

With this move, Google music streaming team are strategically negotiating a long-term deal with their subscribers in order to scare away competition from Apple.

Do you think launching free version of Google music streaming is the right step for Google now or it is going to hurt them the other way round? Let’s discuss below.