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Top 10 Free E-Book Reader Applications for iPhone

10 Best & Free eBook Reader Apps for Your iPhone Device

iPhone is considered to be the best smartphone in the world due to its absolutely amazing features. It enables you to do almost anything if you have downloaded the right kind of applications for it. You can take benefit from its large screen by reading e-books on it while on the go. Following are the top 10 free e-book reader applications for iPhone:

top 10 free e-book reader applications for iPhone

1. B&N eReader

It is an amazing ebook reader app from Barnes & Noble. It comes with 5 classic e-books and a copy of Webster’s pocket dictionary. All these e-books are absolutely free and you can avail this brilliant application to read a number of e-books on your apple iPhone. If you download any titles, they will be stored within the cloud so that you can easily access them from your iPhone.

2. Kindle for iPhone

It is a very useful application for those who do not have full-size kindle. It offers the same features as offered by the full-size Kindle. Kindle for iPhone allows you to access the e-books in a very convenient way; you can easily advance the page by just swiping your finger over the screen. It enables you to bookmark pages, adjust font size and access table of contents with great ease.

3. Stanza

This application allows you to read e-books on your iPhone with great convenience. It is widely popular for its ease of use and clarity. It allows access to 50,000 e-books for free. By simply sliding your finger over the screen, you can turn the page.

4. Wattpad 100,000+ e-Books

It is a very popular application for iPhone with about 4 million downloads till now. It also offers user-generated content for your convenience.

5. E-Books by Kobo

Kobo is an amazing e-library that focuses on the new books and the best sellers. It offers up to 65% discounts on the current titles. It also offers one new e-book download for free each week which makes it the best option for the light readers who are looking for an inexpensive and regular literary material.

 6. iPDF

It is considered to be the slimmest PDF and e-book reader of the world. It supports both portrait and landscape modes in order to maximize your convenience. It allows you to save PDFs and e-books for reading them offline. It also enables you to edit the download list in order to rename the files.

7. Reader Lite

It allows you to choose the font color that is easy on your eyes. It has also got an in-built night time mode that makes it easier for you to read e-books at night. The quick bookmarks of Reader Lite allow you to jump back to the page where you left. You can also set auto scroll speed in order to maintain a constant flow of pages just like movie credits. Its in-built dictionary enables you to lookup for meaning while on the go.

8. Wirdy

It is a great application that allows you to read PDF’s and e-books while on the go. With Wirdy, you can save your PDF’s and e-books for reading them offline. It offers both portrait and landscape modes for your convenience. Its unique paging system enables you to easily page through the PDF’s and e-books.

9. QuickReder Lite

It offers a very customizable interface as you can choose the font color and size according to your convenience. You can take benefit from touch free reading experience up to 4000 words per minute with Guided Reading Technology of QuickReader Lite.

10. BookShelfLT

It is a great application that supports the e-books in the format of plain text, FB2, Palm, HTML and many others. With this application, you can easily open and display large e-text files within seconds. You can also create named bookmarks for enhancing your reading experience.

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