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Moving Home? Here Are 4 Steps For Setting Up a Fast Internet Network

We’re so connected to the Internet in our daily lives that, for many of us, the first thing we do when we move into a new home is set up the Internet connection. Sure, there are boxes to unpack and furniture to assemble, but what we really want to do is jump online so we can put Netflix on in the background as we get on with the hard work.

Every home is different, so factors like where the connection point is for the NBN and the position of the walls and doors around the house can affect the quality of the Internet signal. If you’re like most people and would like a strong signal and fast Internet speed across your house, a bit of planning in how you structure your home Internet network will go a long way.

This is how to structure your home for fast speed internet connection

How To Setup A Fast Internet Network in Your New HomeMoving home?


Choose the best network provider

This almost goes without saying, but a good network provider is essential for delivering a good Internet speed. Australia has a national broadband network (the NBN) that all Internet service providers (ISPs) can use, so chances are that wherever you’re moving will be connected to the NBN.

However, not all ISPs have their own dedicated node infrastructure throughout Australia; many will piggyback off the technology of other providers, which can result in slower Internet speeds, particularly during peak periods. Because of this, when you move you may find you’re better off switching to an ISP that has its own infrastructure to ensure fast Internet speeds. Be sure to talk to your new neighbors about which ISP they’re with and what their Internet speeds are like with that ISP.

Be smart about the placement of your modem and router

Once you’ve chosen an ISP, the next step is to make sure you’ve got your modem (the device that connects to the Internet) and router (the device that connects your devices to the Wi-Fi) in the right place.

Most people would rather tuck their electronic devices out of sight and mind, but routers have a limited distance across which they can broadcast an Internet signal, and that distance can be further reduced by objects such as walls getting in the way. Additionally, signals can be interrupted by appliances such as microwaves or cordless phones – anything that creates waves of its own. All of these issues can cause the Internet to function more slowly than expected.

The best idea is to place your modem and router in a central location to the home and make sure there’s as little clutter and appliances around it as possible.

Refresh your security

Many people forget about security, especially on devices such as their routers. So, given you’re setting it up again, why not take the opportunity to ensure the security is as robust as you can manage?

Set up your Internet to use the WPA2-AES security standard, which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 – Advanced Encryption Standard. This is the most powerful security option available for your Internet connection, so some ISPs might not offer it.

Security is important because if someone gets access to your home network, not only can they potentially get access to the information you don’t want them to, but they might start to use your Internet for themselves, slowing down the speeds you can get in the home.

Use the Ethernet

While the modern household is very mobile and wireless Internet is often the way to go, don’t forget that if you need extra speed (to a work computer, perhaps, or the box under your TV that plays Netflix), you might want to consider using a wired connection.

The Ethernet is a wired connection used in local area networks (LANs) instead of Wi-Fi. Connecting an Ethernet cable to your device to access the Internet will ensure it gets the maximum speed as it eliminates the loss of speed that occurs with wireless Internet. However, keep in mind there are different Ethernet speeds you can choose from.

The right network for your new home

Whether you live in a cheap city like Columbus or in an expensive home in the suburbs, getting your home Internet network right can make your new home more comfortable and more efficient, just be sure to invest in the right technology and have the right ISP providing your Internet service. If you’re moving home, you should also consider how to minimize the disruption to your Internet throughout your home, and using the Ethernet if you need it.

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Internet Access

7 Steps to Get Better Mobile Broadband Internet Connection

Broadband internet connection is a form internet access that allows us to get the glimpse of the internet at our finger tips. We can do anything with this connection because it is very fast and even secure internet connection method. Majority of the things that we do on the internet daily that took us much time can be perform faster with the use of a mobile broadband internet connection because it is very fast and easy to understand than dialup internet connection and others.high speed internet

It is the best internet access that is available for usage at present and none can take its place for now except in the future. Since we know mobile broadband internet as a fast speed internet connection, does that means that the connection is perfect in all areas? Absolutely NO!

The mobile broadband internet connection sucks just like any other internet connection method that has being in existence for ages especially when the user made some errors when using the connection. So how can we put a stop to most of the issues that normally happens to a mobile broadband internet connection so as to keep on getting all the better service that the connection method offers? The right answers to the question above are what I will be talking about in this short article. So therefore, listed below are the top 7 steps to get better mobile broadband internet connection.

Browse at the right time

Browsing the internet when it is right is one of the best clues to help you have better mobile internet connection. Even if you are connected to the fastest and most reliable internet connection method like a 4G broadband internet, still, you can’t get faster internet access if you don’t browse the internet at the right time that you suppose to do it. You may be asking me that when are the right time to access the internet, I will tell you blatantly that you can get better internet experience when you connect to the web at the time when few people are using the internet in your area.

Think of the time when your area (location) normally cools down, the time when few people are actively doing one or two things on the internet and try to fix your internet browsing activity to that time and you will see that you’ll begin to experience faster and more reliable internet access whenever you are connected to the net.

Protect your connection when on wireless

When you are connected to the internet with a wireless connection, you should make sure that your protect your internet connection by disabling all forms of unauthorized access to your wireless connection because if you don’t do, people will start to share your internet bandwidth with you and sooner or later, your connection bandwidth will run-out.

Use the internet when necessary

If you don’t have what you want to do on the internet, it is advisable for you to stay clear of accessing the net at that point in time so that you can save your internet connection bandwidth. Browsing when you don’t have a clear goal of what you want to do on the internet is like you are trying to waste your bandwidth and that can hurt you later especially when you are short of cash.

Download lesser files from the net

The amount of data you’re downloading from the internet also must be minimized so that you can you can have faster internet connection when next you want to have the glimpse of the internet. Don’t waste your internet connection bandwidth when you are downloading files from the net. Only download the files that can add value to your life and the one that is very much important.

Make use of reliable web browsers

The experiences you will get when browsing the internet differ from one browser to another. If you are using an unreliable web browser, you may experience negativity in accessing some websites on the internet because of the browser. Assuming, you can’t compare a Mozilla Firefox web browser to Internet Explorer (IE, both old and newer versions). The results from each browser are very much different from others.

Use Good Computer

If your computer system is not of higher quality, then try to get another one that is of high qualities because your computer too can affect how you get better mobile internet connection.

You can’t get faster internet access on a slow computer. You can only have faster internet experience when you are using a fast computer with good configuration (computer’s function).

Protect your computer with antivirus

After getting a better and easy working computer system, the next thing to do is by making sure that the computer stays protected always by using antivirus software to protect it from all forms of virus attacks.


To experience a fulfilling internet connection, you should make sure to practice some of the tips mentioned above in this post and you will see that your mobile broadband internet connection will continue to work better than before and another thing is that, the above tips work for a slower internet connection too, slow connection such as a dialup internet connection.

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The internet is the place me and you wishes for ourselves to be every single day because of the cool stuffs that we are enjoying on the internet on daily basis. But we can’t enjoy some of those benefits if we don’t have an internet connection that will enable us to have the access to the internet because the internet can only become a reality when we have an internet connection method(broadband internet connection).

Broadband internet connection is the most fastest among all forms of internet access that is available till present because other internet connections like dialup and others are very slow and that can’t make you have faster internet experience.

Do you know that broadband internet connection too can work slow at times? Yes it can, a faster internet connection can start to fumble by working slowly even at a time when you don’t even expect it to happen.