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Facebook Videos Vs YouTube; Its time to generate more income with the new Facebook Video ad features

Estimate shows that Facebook video clip views have hit 4 billion a day, therefore the next ambition is to monetize this for their creators – Facebook Video ad.Generate income from Facebook video ad

Facebook video clips are watched more than 4bn times a day according to report, now an ambition is set for their uploaders to make money with them.

News sources says the social network is testing a new features on its videos shared on news feed from partner publishers and creators to Facebook users, adverts will be running in between them.

Partners will take 55% of the revenue while Facebook goes with 45%. The NBA, Fox Sports, Funny or Die, Hearst and Tastemade are among the first to run the trial, which is currently restricted to Facebook app for iPhone.

Dan Rose, Facebook’s vice president of partnership says “We’ve heard consistently from media companies and other video creators that if they were able to make money from their videos, they would publish more,”

This step is a big shot for Facebook who behind the scene had always wanted media companies, YouTube multi-channel networks (MCNs) and individual celebs to upload videos directly to the social network rather than just posting YouTube links.

As many companies has been testing up the Facebook native video features, others are being careful to take the risk cannibalizing their YouTube income until Facebook has finally giving them the platform to make money from viewing – Facebook video ad.

If the Facebook video ad initiative is a success, a whole lot of partners are on ground ranging from; traditional TV companies, YouTube stars, MCNs, music companies and perhaps Sport leagues.

Looking beyond, it’s not like to be a coincidence that as news broke of Facebook’s trial as reported by The Verge that the social network is in early stage talks with major labels about expanding its music activities, offering alternative to YouTube and Vevo ad support for music videos would fit the bill.

Some companies may not be convinced enough with Facebook video ad revenue to upload more videos to the social network.

Around early June, MCN Fullscreen took Facebook on trial for regular appearance of its videos on Facebook, uploaded by third party without permission.

As tweet by George Strompolos “I love FB video but getting very tired of seeing our videos ripped there with no way to monitor or monetize,”

“I now regularly see our videos with 50MM+ view counts that are stolen by individuals on FB… sometimes by other media cos… Frankly I’m shocked that a rights holder with deep pockets has not sued yet.”

The YouTube’s Content ID system helps companies to identify when their video is being used by others and then choose to either face off or block them but make money from the ads on them.

If Facebook could employ the content ID system, it would be the best idea as speculated by Strompolos.

With the Facebook video ads system for monetization, the quest to develop the content ID system would be inevitable.

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Funny Video On Facebook – Ape Shooting Gun

This is very funny and I know you will like to watch the video too.

Imagine, Ape carrying gun, what do you think will be the outcome of that where about four people are around the area.

Watch the Video below on  facebook:

Ape Shooting



Facebook Finally Announced New Group Chatting and Video Calling features

It is now live again, the battle lines are drawn between the Google owned Google+ social network and the facebook over the new features that the two company are adding to their service on daily basis. Few days ago,Google launched its own social networking site known as Google+ and give user access to test the service which later see many people giving good feedback on the service. However, facebook on the other side have integrates a video calling feature with the help of the famous VoIP calling giant, Skype to start its own facebook video chatting features that allows users to chat with each others while also doing others things on daily basis.

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How to Activate Video Chat on Facebook

Facebook chatting is now active for all facebook users. In my last post on this topic, I wrote about facebook chatting still in the making but now the service has been launched and it is available for all facebook users and many others. The facebook chatting feature is a by product of facebook and Microsoft partnership to draw up the social networking war line between facebook and Google’s own Google+ social service.