Facebook Finally Announced New Group Chatting and Video Calling features

It is now live again, the battle lines are drawn between the Google owned Google+ social network and the facebook over the new features that the two company are adding to their service on daily basis. Few days ago,Google launched its own social networking site known as Google+ and give user access to test the service which later see many people giving good feedback on the service. However, facebook on the other side have integrates a video calling feature with the help of the famous VoIP calling giant, Skype to start its own facebook video chatting features that allows users to chat with each others while also doing others things on daily basis.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

How to Activate Video Chat on Facebook

Facebook chatting is now active for all facebook users. In my last post on this topic, I wrote about facebook chatting still in the making but now the service has been launched and it is available for all facebook users and many others. The facebook chatting feature is a by product of facebook and Microsoft partnership to draw up the social networking war line between facebook and Google’s own Google+ social service.