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How Images Can Improve Your Social Authority In 2020

If you want to increase your brand’s exposure on the internet, social media is one way for you to go. However, catching the attention of your audience is one thing you need to know before promoting your product or service this 2017.

Speaking of attention-grabbing posts, it is one of the weaknesses that social media marketers should overcome nowadays. If you are thinking about using social media as a source of promoting your business, you might consider doing your homework or research before taking action.

Why Boosting Social Authority Means A Lot to Businesses of the 21st Century

Gaining Social Authority Using Images
Gaining Social Authority Using Images: It has been proven over and over again that the largest percentage of people hitting the BUY NOW button do so as a result of the graphical appeal of the web pages they are on. Images project the expectations of the customers and businesses in this era could take advantage of this.

If you share posts that are text-based, it is not going to be that engaging and eye-catchy to the viewers. However, adding an image would make a difference in your social media post.

Why should you add images to your social media posts?

According to Stonetemple, they’ve come up with a study of 4 million tweets that those posts with a picture has an increase in generating retweets and likes than those with no images at all. With these images, it increases the social authority of that Twitter profile. However, it does not mean that you should always put images in all of your social media posts. You can mix it with links, videos, GIFs to balance everything in your social media profile.

Furthermore, images could help you increase user engagement that leads to level up your social authority. Influence is very powerful, and it’s one of the reasons why entrepreneurs and social media marketers are successful in their campaigns.

Social media is one way that could attract your business leads. However, it is not that attractive if at least one image was not present within the post. Furthermore, there are some rules that you need to know about sharing posts with images. Make sure that the images should be relevant to the topic that you are posting. Not only that, the images should have the correct dimensions for better social media optimization.

Getting social authority could bring more targeted traffic to your brand’s website as long the images are relevant to your topic’s discussion. Images help increase page authority of a website. Just like in websites, the content is more readable, shareable and optimizes very well to gain better results and conversions.

How to Improve Social Authority of Your Brand with Images
You can use attractive images is very effective to improving the social authority any brand without breaking the bank.

What are the recommended image dimensions for posting on social media?

For each social media platform that you are in for your business, you need to follow the exact image size for better optimization. Without further ado, here are they:

Facebook – 1200 x 630px (470px minimum width)

Twitter – Any dimension will do as long it’s on a 2:1 ratio (506 x 253px is the minimum image dimension)

Instagram – For best quality in posting images, the image must be at least 1080px. For square dimensions, it must be at least 510 x 510px.

Pinterest – Any 2:3 image ratio and a minimum of 600px will do. For pins, 736 x 1000px is the optimal size.

LinkedIn – Before you post, make sure that they are of good quality and size. Sponsored updates have images with 800 x 400px, which is the optimal size.

Google+ – 426px is the minimum image dimension for sharing. The optimal size for uploading is 2048 x 2048px.

What are the free tools for designing your visual content?

Several clients worldwide are having problems in generating their visual content to make an eye-catchy post. They thought that the only way to do this is to spend money to buy photo editing software and programs like Adobe Photoshop. Without a doubt, this is the best photo editing software ever. If money is not an issue, you can buy a license for this software.

However, if you don’t have a budget to buy photo editing software or program, there are free tools you can use for visual content designing.  Without further ado, here are the free tools you can use to create beautiful and engaging designs without the need of a professional designer:


This is one of the most popular and best free platforms for designing your visual content. Several template sizes are social media-friendly, and it’s almost like the free version of Adobe Photoshop. You can even create professional infographics using their platform without the need of shelling out hundreds of dollars for outsourcing or buying Adobe Photoshop license.

Canva designs helps in creating a social authority online.


This alternative free tool alone can make simple social media-friendly images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I personally use this on many occasions to design quotes and some other things.

Pablo by Buffer App Team

Online Image Editor 

Another free alternative that you can use for creating and uploading images to Facebook and other platforms. It is a bit limited in features as compared to Canva but you sure get some value there too.

Online Video Editor

Moving forward

It is not that easy and simple for social media marketers to catch the attention of their audience with just text-based posts alone. If you want to gain influence for your brand, adding images to your post is the answer. It is why images can improve your brand’s social authority.

Or what do you think it? Let’s talk in the comment section below if you have addition or any feedback contrary to using images to boost brand’s social authority.

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Facebook Live Streams from Mark Zuckerberg; Telling from my own point of views and concerns

The latest report this week aimed to disclose the latest release program of the Facebook founder – Mark Zuckerberg, who himself stated that they were launching Facebook Live for everyone. He explained further that the New Released System formally known as the Facebook Live makes it easy to create, share, and discern live video. He disclosed that the service was started as a tool to unite all human-beings one to one or one to multitude – this same initiative that has been in existence with Youtube for ages, only for the fact, unlike Youtube that’s solely a video sharing platform, Facebook live on the other hand is coming from a social media perspective.

So, what’s Facebook Live Streaming all about?

Facebook Live lets you stay in touch with your loved ones.
Facebook Live lets you stay in touch with your loved ones and those who really matter to your life.

In reality it’s just like a television camera so portable and pocket-able which means that whosoever now has a touch-tone phone or smartphone which could browse the web also has the power to publicize to anyone in the world. Such would be able to design, discern, and distribute live video content anywhere and any time. In addition whenever one shares this live video, he stays personally connected. Now the system has made communication so easy and fast and opportunities are being newly created for the whole wide world to become one. The program has now made the world free of the fear of multitude (agoraphobia). Now the most fearful ever could be facing the largest crowd in the world and as well communicate with them.

It was a joyful thing as Mark Zuckerberg went all round answering questions upon questions about the new invention of his.

Mark Zuckerberg`s 1st  Comment

“Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a touch-tone phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world. When you interact live, you feel connected in a more personal way. This is a big shift in how we communicate, and it’s going to create new opportunities for people to come together”.

Could you imagine the state of mind of the CEO when he was commenting over his innovation? There would never be any course for alarm. His joy was overflowing because I personally felt it from him.

He continued, “I’ll be going live myself around 10:30 am PT today and I’ll answer some of your questions about the new product`. Speech by the company`s founder”

This is live and direct. There is no greater joy like the joy of  achieving a new thing. If you ever tried riding a horse inside CEO,I am assuring you,the horse would never stumble let alone falling down.

The Questions Recapitulated by `The Guardian`-

Also there had been a lot of questions asked which were briefed by the Guardian such as the following ones below:

“Does increasing the visibility of violence lead to justice for the victims of violence? Does the video itself constitute a form of redress? Does consuming such imagery sensitize and politicize viewers? Or does it exhaust us – or worse, encourage a perverse kind of voyeurism. In short, should these kind of videos be produced, watched and circulated?”

People were eager to know the great effects that the intensification that the visibility of all events are having towards fairness, also if the overshadowing of the image is to sensitize and politicize the listeners otherwise is this system having anything positive to add to all man kinds?

These were the inexplicable questions raised so as to be sure if the outcome of the Facebook live is to be encouraged, created, viewed, and disseminated and of course, this creativity has already added value to people all over the world.

Mark Zuckerberg Connecting with His COO using the Facebook Live Stream

On Wednesday, the Facebook CEO had a live Facebook video chart together with his company`s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, where they had a brief talk over the year 2016 and also discussed what they were expecting to see, and have in 2017. And there also, Mark tackled the hullabaloo of the counterfeit information that was put out all over the Facebook at the time of  election (issues about fake news and jokes being broadcast on the Facebook). There he made it clear that Facebook had happened to be nothing but an innovated form of proposal and not a business as of the olden days. He gave reasons for building the tool that news is not just for people to read on the stage and not only to be distributed, instead it is also to be lively by uniting the world.

Specially to me, I do not see anything sensible in this castigation.

Facebook Live Streaming puts you in front of your audience and makes sharing easy for you.
Facebook Live lets you stay in touch with people that matter to your world. The streaming feature puts you in front of your audience in no time and makes sharing a lot much easier.

 Zuckerberg’s Comments and Conclusion:

Though the comments thereof really raised a lot of argument as soon as the election ended, nevertheless, he made his opinion known through his own Facebook page whereby he declared that out of the 100% content on Facebook, 99% of what people would often see would be true while just minute would be counterfeit pieces of information and jokes. He explained further that the jokes that might be available would not be for any fan, neither would they be for any politician.

Zuckerberg concluded that they had been at work over a program which could give people the easy access to identify all jokes and pieces of wrong information, he made it visible that they were working to improve and it could later on be seen that the steps taken over this matter were really immediate.

The Modern Zuckerberg`s System:

After,  as a result of the conclusion made during the election period, they arrived at the latest social media tool – Facebook Live which enables all users of Facebook to find it easy to solve the current problem. Which means now, there would not be any existence of unreal information.

I also am urging every reader of this report to try and unveil any fake news discovered. Simple.

In addition,the giant company`s founder released an open invitation for many more complaints to whoever wishes to table them at any moment from now on that it is so easy to reach anyone in the world through the social media-Facebook-Live, as stated by the CEO Mark Zuckerberg during the time that the argument was really on fire.

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Is Social Media Ruining Science Journalism?

Science and technology are areas that have always had the ability to draw public interest – when something exciting has happened. We all look on in excitement at the New Horizons pictures of Pluto, or read with interest when a new medical advancement has been made. However, a lot of the time, the work carried out in science, technology and medicine takes the form of baby steps towards these impressive goals, and headline grabbing glamour stories simply don’t occur with the regularity of celebrity scandals or the other kinds of news we get to feast on through social media media science journalism

This, of course, has always been the case, but as journalism is replaced by blogging, outlets claiming to bring the latest and best science news often use the same tactics more traditionally associated with lightweight media. Has the social media age ruined the way science is reported in the mainstream?


Popular science blog IFL Science has come under criticism from its own fans for increasingly using ‘clickbait’ style titles for its articles. It is by no means the only offender. A clickbait title is one that misleads the reader into thinking the article is more revelatory than it is, and often includes a dramatic question that obviously the reader has to open the article to see the answer to.

This, when it is employed in lightweight news (‘Which member of 1 Direction has a controversial new tattoo?’) is effectively harmless, but when reporting on science and medicine, it can have worrying effects. A link that says ‘Scientists have found that sleep affects your cancer risk – but how many hours do you need?’ and then takes you to an article that explains that in a small study on mice, a possible correlation between sleep and breast cancer was observed, is clearly not responsible writing.

Exaggerating the Significance of Findings

Nobody would even attempt to get a paper published in a science journal which said that the findings of a small, isolated study were enough to prove anything more than that a theory deserved further exploration, however most people don’t get their news from journals, they get it from blogs. People tend to be afraid to simply report that a study was done and the findings were interesting – instead they feel they have to exaggerate the significance of it so that every bit of research says something terrifying about climate change or promises an affordable cure for HIV.

Do You Want to Write About Science?

With a decent website by a design agency like anybody can have a professional looking, nice blog, but that doesn’t mean they are actually qualified to talk about anything – it is still hugely important to display some journalistic ethics. If you want to cover science, medicine and technology on your own blog, make sure you aren’t overblowing the significance of findings, and when you speculate on possible future implications, don’t state your theories as fact. Do this, and report honestly, and maybe you can help turn the tide of misleading and dangerous medical and scientific reporting on the web.

Social media has changed news in both good and bad ways, but when it comes to science and medicine, a move away from misleading journalism really needs to happen.

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How to land 100K likes/followers to your Facebook Page in two months

Facebook is without doubt the most popular and biggest social network today, boasting more than a billion active users globally. This makes it a great platform on which to attract new and promote existing relationships, especially for business owners, marketers and bloggers, among others.How to get 100,000 facebook followers within 2 months

If you have been trying to post updates in a bid to attract followers, but it still bears no fruit, it’s about time you read this article and follow some of the guidelines in it. It is possible to attract as many as 100,000 followers in just less than two months. If you still don’t believe, check out this Facebook page, which managed to attract more than 100,000 facebook likes in less than two months using the same facebook followership technique I’m gonna share with you. Keep reading for tips to get this done.

Why is it important how “many” likes you have on Facebook?

To begin with, why should controllers of public interest work for more likes on Facebook? Using your official Facebook page, you can easily influence large amounts of traffic back to your official website, which can help you secure leads for your business if you’re a business owner, or generate more publicity for your blog if you’re a blogger. It’s no good having good content, awesome products and services if people cannot see it. Even if you’re not a business owner, you can use your platform on social media to promote others’ products and services thereby earning some revenue for yourself. Also, the more likes you have, the more likes you are likely to get. For instance, if you have more than 50,000 likes, Facebook users who haven’t liked your page will be interested to know what brand this is that people like so much, which means attracting more likes will be easier. So, how exactly can you get more likes to your Facebook fan page within the shortest time? Read ahead to start attracting genuine 100K Facebook followers in two months.

Boosting your Initial Page

The first thing to do is to ensure your fan page is well set-up – it’s no use inviting people to a party in your house if it’s not finished, is it?

1. Setting up the timeline

100, 000 Facebook likes in 2 months1

Create your fan-page and upload well-taken photos as cover and profile photographs. These should represent the essence of what the page is about. Next, go to the above section and ensure that all relevant details about your brand have been included, like:

  • Page category.
  • Page name – you can change this provided you haven’t reached 200 likes.
  • Topics – a maximum of three words accurately describing what you’re about
  • Facebook web address.
  • Brief description – make it short and relevant, including all important topics you intend to cover on the page. It’s the equivalent of a Meta description on websites.
  • Start date – when the page was created.
  • Long description – allows you to describe your page in as many words as you want, make it descriptive, interesting and inclusive.
  • Website – URL of the official website that the page is associated with.
  • Official page – specify the brand name where the page represents an organization, brand or celebrity.
  • Facebook page ID – gives the direct URL to reach your page from the omnibox.

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2. Inviting friends and friends’ friends

This is the first step; send invite messages to people in your friend’s list, which can be done automatically from your page. There is an option on the left hand side under the profile picture. It’s a great way to get your first likes. The option gives you a list of your friends, with an “Invite” box alongside their names. Click to invite. You can also send invites on email, including a short sweet personal message so people know who you are. Once you’ve started amassing likes, use your page posts to get those who’ve liked the page to invite their friends. You have to do this carefully – ask friends you know would do that for you, and only do it once; don’t nag. Be polite, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get the help you need.

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3. Include a like and comments box in your website

Add a Facebook like and comment widget directly onto your site to make it easier for your visitors to share your content within their circles and win you more likes. You can either have a sidebar or pop-up box, but have the comment and share widgets after every post on your site. Use your Facebook page to interact with other people as a normal user. Post comments on other people’s content as the page to gain more publicity hence likes.

Moving ahead

4. Fix a posting schedule

100,000 Facebook likes in 2 months2

It’s not the number of times you post that will give you the highest number of likes, unless you’re sharing memes, celebrity insider info or news. You need to use status updates to engage as many people because this will ensure you reach more people and gain more likes. Facebook is more likely to add content to people’s newsfeed if they know other like-minded users enjoyed that content.

Research shows that posting once or twice a day can create 40% more engagement than posting more than that.

Always provide something useful, meaningful and likely to spark conversation. It’s about quality, not quantity.

5. The share for share method (S4S)

This is only useful once you have reached a certain number of likes. Facebook has more than a billion brand pages, so it’s only expected that some of those pages will be posting the same things as you. This method requires reaching out to your competitors and offering to share their content on your page if they do the same for you. The S4S is also known as the shoutout-for-shoutout method, and contributed majorly to the increase of likes for the above mentioned page. This will also only work if you are sharing high-quality, relevant content that your competitors would like to share with their fans.

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6. Choose your posting times and days

Research shows that posting between 12 noon and 1 pm can get more user engagement for your posts, and for more clicks, posting around 3pm is best. In addition, posting on Thursdays and Fridays generates higher user engagement, while Saturday gets your content more shares. Take advantage of this information when preparing your posting schedule.


There are many other ways to raise your Facebook page’s profile, such as using contests and giveaways for your current fans, creating two pages and promoting each other’s content and posting valuable content with emphasis on videos, images and memes, which Facebook prefers. In the grand scheme, the best way to drive likes is through careful planning and persistence. Take advantage of every strategy equally to increase your chances of reaching a bigger audience with Facebook likes. All the best with your page!

Lalit Sharma is an SEO consultant. He is specialized in link building and other SEO related activities. You can also find him on Google+ and his personal site.

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Facebook Videos Vs YouTube; Its time to generate more income with the new Facebook Video ad features

Estimate shows that Facebook video clip views have hit 4 billion a day, therefore the next ambition is to monetize this for their creators – Facebook Video ad.Generate income from Facebook video ad

Facebook video clips are watched more than 4bn times a day according to report, now an ambition is set for their uploaders to make money with them.

News sources says the social network is testing a new features on its videos shared on news feed from partner publishers and creators to Facebook users, adverts will be running in between them.

Partners will take 55% of the revenue while Facebook goes with 45%. The NBA, Fox Sports, Funny or Die, Hearst and Tastemade are among the first to run the trial, which is currently restricted to Facebook app for iPhone.

Dan Rose, Facebook’s vice president of partnership says “We’ve heard consistently from media companies and other video creators that if they were able to make money from their videos, they would publish more,”

This step is a big shot for Facebook who behind the scene had always wanted media companies, YouTube multi-channel networks (MCNs) and individual celebs to upload videos directly to the social network rather than just posting YouTube links.

As many companies has been testing up the Facebook native video features, others are being careful to take the risk cannibalizing their YouTube income until Facebook has finally giving them the platform to make money from viewing – Facebook video ad.

If the Facebook video ad initiative is a success, a whole lot of partners are on ground ranging from; traditional TV companies, YouTube stars, MCNs, music companies and perhaps Sport leagues.

Looking beyond, it’s not like to be a coincidence that as news broke of Facebook’s trial as reported by The Verge that the social network is in early stage talks with major labels about expanding its music activities, offering alternative to YouTube and Vevo ad support for music videos would fit the bill.

Some companies may not be convinced enough with Facebook video ad revenue to upload more videos to the social network.

Around early June, MCN Fullscreen took Facebook on trial for regular appearance of its videos on Facebook, uploaded by third party without permission.

As tweet by George Strompolos “I love FB video but getting very tired of seeing our videos ripped there with no way to monitor or monetize,”

“I now regularly see our videos with 50MM+ view counts that are stolen by individuals on FB… sometimes by other media cos… Frankly I’m shocked that a rights holder with deep pockets has not sued yet.”

The YouTube’s Content ID system helps companies to identify when their video is being used by others and then choose to either face off or block them but make money from the ads on them.

If Facebook could employ the content ID system, it would be the best idea as speculated by Strompolos.

With the Facebook video ads system for monetization, the quest to develop the content ID system would be inevitable.

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Facebook wants you to see what’s trending in 5 topics

Facebook trending newsFacebook continues its organizing experiment by adding Trending area on its homepage which user can view by different topics. The experiment has started since April.

As at now, the social media giant has five view-able topics that users can switch between — All News, Science and Technology, Sports, Entertainment, and Politics.

Presently, the social network has five topics that users can toggle between — All News, Politics, Science and Tech, Sports, and Entertainment — and are represented and displayed by small, noticeable icons, including an old-school film camera to denote Entertainment, a stock market graph to represent All News, and a soccer ball icon to represent Sports.Facebook Trending Topics ALL NEWS

Facebook Trending Topics EntertainmentFacebook Trending Topics Sports

It is obvious that Facebook normally spends a few week to test out experiments for perfection before rolling them out, so expect to start seeing this update on your homepage any moment from now.

And while many may see this as nothing big from Facebook, it symbolizes yet another excellent move by Facebook to become a rich media news distribution platform all over the world. Back in May, for example, the company released an update that enable its partners such as The Atlantic, BuzzFeed, BBC News, and the The New Your Times with an editorial platform to publish instant and engaging content to its users with features like zoom and tilt along with auto play videos.


FYI – Facebook Share Dialogue Preview Bug + Updates

Share Dialogue Preview bug and the updates

Over the last week, we have reported and monitored a bug within Facebook that impacts the sharing of website content to Facebook. Facebook is currently affected by this bug, and it is causing image previews not to display in the share dialog for all websites across Facebook. For content that has recently been published, the og:image will not be presented in the share message preview. It is affecting a large number of sites on the Facebook Platform. Facebook has acknowledged the bug on their end and is actively working to fix it.

FYI - Facebook Bug affect Share Dialogue Preview

The details of this bug are that the “Fetch New Scrape Info” button / API endpoint works, but does not update the image in the share dialogue preview. Your sharing should still work normally, despite the preview not displaying.

While this issue isn’t caused by any , we wanted to make you aware of it.

You can see additional details about the bug and track status here.

This is currently the #1 priority bug within Facebook and across all of other Facebook platforms, so we expect it to be resolved quickly. We’ll put up another article or update the existing one on the status once the issue is resolved. But you can keep yourself updated by staying glued to read from this page.

Until Facebook resolves this bug, here is how the bug will impact you:

  1. The share message preview may not include a picture. We have seen instances where the image is correctly populated after the share is posted, but this behavior is inconsistent.
  2. Facebook may serve the wrong image in the share message. Sometimes we have seen Facebook publish a random image from a given page, but this behavior is also inconsistent.

In the meantime, other aspects of sharing are working well on Facebook. Shares are still being posted and attracting visitors, but engagement may be lower than usual. We are monitoring the situation and will let you know as soon as it is resolved. FHJFJ

Thanks, and have an awesome day!


The bug, reported earlier on above, according to the Facebook Team, has been taken care of as I’m writing this.

FYI - Facebook Bug affect Share Dialogue Preview Issue Resolved

As of last night, Facebook resolved the issue and images will now appear as they should in the share dialogue preview when your content is shared. You can check and verify if this Facebook share dialogue preview issue continues at your end and let me know if there’s any below.

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Facebook changes News Feed this week. Here’s how it affects your Brand message and contents

Facebook news feed changes and your action points

On Tuesday, Facebook announced updates to what content is displayed in users’ News Feed. And in our efforts to keep you posted on the latest regarding this new Facebook news feed changes, we wanted to share a very quick overview of the most important takeaways for your content:

The new facebook news feed change sets to hurt your business. See why.

Facebook May Now Show Multiple Posts From The Same Source

What Facebook said:

“Formerly, we had rules in place to limit you from seeing multiple posts coming from the same source in a row. But with this update, we are easing this rule. Now if you run out of content, but want to stay longer by browsing through your News Feed, you will discover more content.”

What this means for you: Facebook will no longer bundle or hide posts from the same source of content. In the same vein, more pieces of your post have a higher chance of being seen by users, and may drive more referral clicks each time readers share your content. This means optimizing those share messages through tools like Hootsuit or Naytev, can galvanize more referral clicks.

Facebook Is Prioritizing Posts That Users Share Organically

What Facebook said:

“Content posted directly by the friends you care about most, such as links, photos, status updates, or video will algorithmically be processed to show up higher in the News Feed so you are less likely to miss it.”

What this means for you: Organic sharing from your website is now more critical than ever. Publishing content on your Facebook page will still drive engagement, but the visibility of your posts will likely have less and less priority over organic shares from your site and app visitors. This update is not too surprising – Facebook has systematically reduce the reach of Pages long time ago, that is why it was tagged  “Death of Organic Reach” by Martin Beck in his post.

Facebook Is Deprioritizing Posts That Friends Like and Comment On But Don’t Share

What Facebook said:

“Lastly, many people have told us they don’t enjoy seeing stories about their friends liking or commenting on a facebook contents aside what they wanted to read. This new update will make these updates appear lower down in News Feed or disappear totally, so you are more likely to see the stuff you care about directly from friends and the pages you have liked.”

What this means for you: As with the second update, this further solidifies organic sharing as the primary driver of visibility on social media. Facebook post Likes and Comments are still very helpful in there little way, but Facebook Shares are king. We’ve noticed this transition first hand, and want you to use it to your advantage.

Ex: Facebook will deprioritize posts like this where users like or comment on a post shared by a brand (in this case, Jasper’s Market)
All of these updates point to one overall shift – organic sharing is becoming more essential by the day. And with several options of automation tools powering your content, you will automatically capitalize on the new transition.

In a nutshell, if you want to gain the larger proportion of your Friend’s Facebook activities for your brand, you’ve got to embrace “Shares” than you do for “Likes”. With the new update, Likes has been limited to a certain extent, whereas, if anyone comes to your website and shares your content (upon request or willingly), it is a signal of recommendation and authority for your brand.

Let us hear what you have to say about this new Facebook news feed change. 

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Is Bebuzee the Social Network we have been waiting for?

Bebuzee is a new social network, Launched 1st of July 2014 and in its early days it claims to have surpasses 5 million registered users at such an early stage.

Going through the website I can recognise it functions smoothly and has many traits Social Media users recognise. Friends are called networks, status updates, uploading photos and videos, blogging, rate my pic and worldwide business search, plus other features for which I will not go into detail.

Is this the new social media network we've been waiting for, see why Bebuzee beats other social network sites in revenue sharing with users

What’s the appeal?

For starters the heart and soul of Bebuzee is banking on sharing half of the revenue earned through digital ads with its users, this ads displays on the right side of the screen when browsing through this Social Site. So for every post shared on your profile impressions are earned when viewed by your friends and network, for every 1000 impressions 50c of a dollar is earned and every direct click to an ad link 25c is earned. This feature is tracked on my earning tab on the users profile so the user will keep a record of how influential their post has been and encourage user traffic.

Bebuzee is a referendum on how disillusioned we are with the Social Networks we have right now. Fortified Social media Sites like Facebook and Twitter who dominate the market have had many users desire to abandon and jump ship. In today’s digital age data is collected and sold on to marketers for huge profits, and the user is always wondering in frustration from endless calls and email spams who are invading them. The question many people have but yet to be asked is “How did you get my information?”.

So giving out personal information to the Social Giants bites back, this is the result from lack of respect for the user who can’t get away from constant bombardment of ads and only wishes to share moments with loved ones on Social Media.

Bebuzee considers what is true “Ads keep us running, but we must compensate and reward” This is true with all sites unless government funded no site will survive without ads.

The concept of sharing our content was born with Facebook but have they thought of the user who gives away all but receives nothing. I would suggest a big fat “NO”, Bebuzee is the only Social Network who have banked on an idea we have been waiting for “Revenue Sharing”. Share what the user feels is rightfully theirs, as they are the ones ads cater for.

Overall Social Media is and will remain as part of our lives, we want to be connected and update ourselves with moments and feelings of our closed ones no matter how far they are. Bebuzee is there to make things a little better and less frustrating, the user does want to jump ship from the monopoly but want to be active in this digital age.

Is Bebuzee the answer well I can only recommend you give it a go and see for yourselves? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.

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A Brand New Social Media that pay its users

Bebuzee is a brand new social network. With no disrespect to any rivals including the newly trending social sites, it is believed that Bebuzee will compete if not better all major social networks in the world, including the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

A social media that pays


Bebuzee is a modern,fun-filled social network, founded and engineered by a social network enthusiast, and entrepreneur guru, with their small team of staff. They are reportedly attracting thousands of sign-ups and repeated subscribers daily.

It prides itself not only on being free but also on revenue-sharing with its users and its dismissal of selling user data to third parties. Simply meaning, those who heavily use the services available on Bebuzee, will be rewarded.

Users are said to receive one dollar by signing up and creating an account. Adding to this there are several great features, such as Image Shopping, Rate my pic and Blogbuz which are soon to be perfected.

Moving on, Bebuzee has reportedly created several features, which put together results in an incredibly modern social network.

Bebuzee have also got an unusual partner in crime in the form of BebuzeeAdbuz, which they are looking to part with in order to persue an advertising program on the side and enable the social network to take off on its own. The benefits are huge as this will allow them to filter traffic through their site as well as those off the millions of potential customers/clients.

This separate venture will result inBebuzeeAdbuz operating on a completely different platform. This could be a potential money maker. Other social networks will need to be ready for competition as there is plenty of room for this.

Users will be able to divert traffic to their individual sites using this feature. It is a well-known ad-feature similar to the one that Google released a few years back.

A pipeline evolutional idea that Bebuzee have in their pipeline are Video Status capabilities, which is a hidden feature which will be released upon perfection later in the year. Users will be able to upload statuses directly whether it is from their app on smartphone, tablet or PC.

Bebuzee will remain free for those who wish to use the platform to socialise only. Those industries or retailers who wish to advertise their products through Bebuzee will have the capabilities to pay a small fee of as no more than $10 per month to display their images for Bebuzee’s most recent feature Image Shopping. It is an e-commerce venture which has not been tried or tested by anybody else before.

You don’t invite your friend to connect with you if it costs your friend money. Even in the world of digital music – you can pay for services but most people don’t. Bebuzee will always remain free.

As for funding, Bebuzee has raised a sum from venture capitalists leading some people to question how truly independent and principled the network can be with profit commitments. At this stage they have not released the number of VC’s nor how much they have been funded. So from now on Bebuzee are said to rely on the support of its users and potential clients as to see how far they can carry this brilliant invention. Please do not hesitate to contact them directly, should you have any queries in regards to Bebuzee or their products.