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Facebook Chatting Made Easy With – Facebook Desktop Messenger

How to Use Facebook Desktop Messenger to Chat

A new development from Facebook is the launch of its chat messenger as a desktop application. Earlier in December 2011 it was leaked, since then FB was secretive about it.  But lately in January 2012 it was officially launched.

It gives you liberty to chat from your desktop instead of browser. Now relax and chat straight from your very own desktop with this latest Facebook Messenger Desktop Tool.

Limitations Of The Facebook Messenger:

This Facebook messenger desktop application is not like other chat messengers. It is laced with very limited options. It does not allow audio or video calls. It is just for communication via sending a text chat. May be some enhancements will be made by Facebook in later versions.

Installation Method for Facebook Messenger

Facebook desktop messenger tool
Facebook desktop messenger tool

It can be downloaded from here Or you can download it from the option available at the bottom right corner of your Facebook profile along the chat option.

Click the “Install Messenger” button and the download will start and complete in seconds.

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No Provision for Group Chat Available:

The messenger desktop application launched by Facebook is in a very basic state. Here you cannot enjoy the group chat sessions which is available in browser chat. It only allows you to chat with a single person at a time.

Operating System Limitations:

I think Facebook has still kept this launch in its beta stage, that’s why it is only available for few operating systems only like Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It cannot be installed on Windows XP, Mac or Linux.

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Stay Updated With Notifications:

The best part of the application is that it keeps you notified of all the activities of your Facebook profile without logging into your account. It informs you about any new chat notification or even a new friend request in your profile.

No Separate Chat Window is Required:

To use the application for chatting you do not need to open a separate window in browser. It works like other chats messengers, which allows you to have bigger chat window to chat know.

So install this messenger application and start pinging your Facebook friend’s right from your desktop. This post talks about facebook chatting, facebook messenger, Facebook Desktop Messenger, facebook chat application, facebook chat messenger, and how to download facebook chat app. And also, it focuses on facebook chat download link with no string attached. Hope you enjoy reading the post? Kindly share this post with your friends.

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Facebook Messenger App will get Video Calling update soon –

Not so long ago, Facebook, the social networking giant released the Facebook Messenger application for smartphones so as to enable users to chat with others on its platform. By default, the app comes with a pre-installed chat option but there’s still a Messenger that was released with it – that Messenger is really better than the normal Facebook app. And now, as we’re hearing it, it seems that the messenger app will even become more useful than the normal facebook app as the news had it that Facebook is planning of integrating video calling feature into the Messenger app.

Facebook Messenger App with Video Calling

You should know that this is still in rumor, but there’s probability that it will be released soon. iPhoneiTalia claims that Facebook, has started the testing process of this video calling option before they can fully integrate it into the messenger app.

In the meantime, some months ago, Facebook joined with Skype, the popular VoIP and online chatting provider in order to provide the computer users of facebook to be able to chat with their friends and families via the platform. It works with most web browsers but this time, facebook is going to another length in order to provide users with smartphones to use video calling with their phones.

Also, the rumor claims that the new to be made available video calling feature will come useful for any iDevice with camera that is facing the front.

As at the time of this writing, no feature has been recorded whether the app will be released for Android or the Windows phone platforms.

We shall keep you updated as this news reached a stage.