Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

No More Black Ink!

Our Black Ink Is critically Low!
After I finished eating at the restaurant down at mama put across Lewis’ canteen, I was confronted by a long line of people waiting for God-knows-What. The look in their faces suggested something so I went over to have a look. If their lining was the way I saw it then it’s inappropriate because I saw a man been jumped. The photographer told the man to be patient.

“How long will I wait here?” asked the man, out of frustration. “Those that met me here are already having their lunch, why have you kept me waiting.”
“No thirty!” called the photographer.
“Why!” the man screamed. “I’m number twenty six and I should be at home now and yet you are calling number thirty.”
“Sir,” said the photographer calmly, “we should have called you since but our black ink is critically low!”


Copyright by Ayodeji Onibalusi