Top 7 Free SEO Tools for Digital Entrepreneurs to Improve Search Engine Ranking

As an entrepreneur, you would have most certainly dreamt of getting your website ranked on the first page of search engine results. However, this not an easy task to achieve unless you are an SEO expert or seek professional help from a good SEO company in India. You might have been successful in designing a great website, but without the right SEO strategies, the site might not rank well. There are several free SEO tools that can help business owners improve the search engine ranking of their website. Discussed below are a few such tools that are used by even the best SEO company in Delhi NCR, Pune, Chennai, and other places.  

Top 7 Free SEO Tools To Improve Search Engine Ranking

Top 7 Free SEO Tools for Digital Entrepreneurs to Improve Search Engine Ranking
Claiming and maintaining a top page rank on search engine is one of the ideal ways to generate great ROI as an entrepreneur. Here are free SEO tools to help you take charge of your search engine marketing efforts.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is undoubtedly the best free SEO tool for WordPress, Tumblr or Shopify blogs, thanks to its versatility. With a free account on this tool, you can check the live traffic on your website, create reports on data including page views, users, sessions, the average duration of a session, bounce rates and more. You can get access to all the information that you want to know about your site traffic using Analytics. 


Almost every SEO expert would vouch for SEMRush as one of the best free SEO tools for improving search engine ranking. You can perform a complete SEO audit and get to know the search traffic percentage and number of backlinks for your website. You can even perform topic research, keyword research, and in-depth competitive analysis with this tool. It allows you to check each and every SEO aspect ranging from link building to keyword research. If you are looking forward to using a single tool to start with, SEMRush should be your go-to choice. 

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs Backlink Checker is one of the top SEO tool choices of any good SEO company for comprehensive link analysis. The free version of this tool displays the top hundred backlinks pointing to any site in addition to showing the total number of referring domains and backlinks, URL rating and domain rating. Thus, you can easily analyse the top backlinks to any domain and plan an appropriate link building strategy to improve ranking. 

Yoast SEO

This is a free WordPress plug-in that is in high demand. It provides you all the fundamental details you require while optimising on-page SEO. You need to enter the primary keyword for your blog post and the tool will recommend ways to tweak the content to optimise it for search engines. Many leading SEO companies make use of this tool for optimising blog posts for search engines and enhance ranking. 

Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is yet another good choice of free SEO tool for a complete overview of your pages, links, and website. This link analysis tool gives a complete view of your site’s backlink profile. It includes metrics related to page link such as page authority, established links and domain authority.  You can compare the link profile of your site with that of your competitor. It also gives the link opportunities that you can utilise to defeat your key rivals in organic search results and thus improve ranking. 

Screaming Frog Spider

Just install this desktop program locally on your PC. It functions as a site crawler as well as log analyser to perform complete technical site audits. After crawling through your site, it highlights the SEO roadblocks for the site and gives a report of problematic aspects. It looks for missing metadata, broken links, oversized images and files, duplicate pages and more. Think of it as an SEO audit. You can use these results to enhance your website and SEO.

Google PageSpeed Insights

The loading speed of your web page is one of the most crucial elements of a website. Good website speed results in higher rankings and higher user satisfaction. Google PageSpeed Insights allows you to check the usability and speed of your website on different devices for free. It also gives suggestions to optimise your website for page speed. 

All that you need to do is enter your blog or website URL and click on the ‘Analyse’ button. This free tool will check the page speed automatically and display a score for both mobile and desktop user experience. A score greater than 90+ implies that your website is faster than most sites. A score in the range of 50-90 means it is average. A score less than 50 implies that your website is SLOW.

These are just a few of the important SEO tools that the best SEO company in Delhi NCR, Chennai or anywhere else would use. You can begin with the free versions of these tools to decide whether these are the ideal ones for your conversion goals. Irrespective of the tool you select, ensure that you make the most out of it and get maximum value from it.  


7 Tips For Helping You Become A Better Entrepreneur That Commands Great Results

Owning a company is a huge accomplishment that you should be proud of, but it also comes with a lot of additional responsibility, including keeping your finances on track, your employees happy, and all the cogs in the machine turning smoothly. When you’re a business owner, you can’t be someone who expects all to go seamlessly going forward simply because you opened the doors for business.

You’ll only succeed when you put forth an extra effort to become the best boss and business owner out there. These days, the corporate landscape is always changing, and technology is having a major impact on the way companies function, regardless of industry, niche or country. You have to be willing to learn, grow and go with the flow if you’re going to come out on top.

7 Steps to Becoming A Better Entrepreneur That Commands Great Results

Ideation process helps you to become a better entrepreneur
How do I become a better entrepreneur? This has always been one of the most frequently asked questions by aspiring business owners. We strongly believe that engaging in right ideation process helps you become a better entrepreneur. So we present you this seven helpful tips for become a better entrepreneur.

1. Adopt Technology Solutions

When you embrace technology and not shy away from its challenges, you’ll be a better entrepreneur because you won’t survive long without it. Educate yourself on all there is to know and be willing to experiment with various solutions using trial and error. Consider adding online advertising into your marketing strategy and launching an easy to navigate, well-designed website and blog to help consumers find you more easily. You’ll also likely want to hire an IT team that can help coach you on what direction your company should be heading next regarding any new and improved technology business solutions. There are also many available hacks and shortcuts out there you should know about that will help you and your team work more efficiently and be more productive on a daily basis.

2. Listen to Your Employees

Although you’re in charge, it’s wise to listen to your employees and take their feedback seriously. Be proactive and reach out to gather different opinions and advice as you try to do what’s right for your company. You never know when someone will have a great idea that’s going to allow you to jump in front of your competitors and grow your brand all at the same time. Also, the younger generations are talented when it comes to using technology and can probably teach you some new information that can help your business grow and better connect with consumers.

Listen to Your Employees If You Want To Become a Better Entrepreneur
As an upcoming business owner with ambition to become a better entrepreneur, playing down your ego to listen attentively to your employees would help you achieve more success.

3. Manage Your Finances Responsibly

If there’s one area where you want to make sure you’re attentive to and always be accurate, it’s your finances. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to want to make sure you clearly separate out your personal and professional financial accounts as you become a legit business. Refer to this page if you’re in need of quick money or loans as you get up and running. What you need to be is smart about how you manage your money and always aware of what’s going out and coming in. Cash flow will be most important when you’re trying to stabilize your company and expand.

4. Stop Doubting Yourself

Start believing in yourself and remembering why you got into the business you’re a part of in the first place when the road gets bumpy. Now is a good time to stop doubting yourself and acknowledge all of the accomplishments you’ve managed to pull off so far in your journey to becoming a better entrepreneur. While you don’t want your ego getting in the way of you making the right business decisions, you do need to demonstrate confidence when it comes to running your company. You should work on approaching new experiences with a curious and open mind, instead of feeling worried or fearful as you embark on a wide variety of challenges going forward.

5. Follow A Schedule

Your life is going to instantly get more hectic as soon as you open your own business. There’s no way around all the obligations, meetings and events that are going to occur in your new role. It’ll help if you follow a schedule and try not to veer too far from it each day. Actively manage a calendar, hire an assistant and make sure you block off time for taking care of you. For example, get up early and work out before you head to the office and set a time you want to leave each night and arrive home to your family. Getting into a routine is what’s going to help you stay sane as you juggle multiple projects and employees.

6. Take Risks & Learn from Your Mistakes

Become a better entrepreneur by not being afraid to take calculated risks when the situation calls for it. Where you could fall into some trouble is if you’re constantly making poor decisions that aren’t well thought out or the same mistakes over and over again. Keep a journal and write down each time you come across a situation that you know you could have been handled better and determine how you’ll change your ways in the future. Make a note to yourself to always think before you act and not let your emotions or impulses take over when you’re feeling stressed.

Take Risks & Learn from Your Mistakes
Learn to take risks as much as possible if you want to grow big in your business. And when your trajectory hits the rock, learn to stay calm and learn from your mistakes.

7. Find A Mentor

It’s normal to feel a little lost and apprehensive when you’re first starting out as a business owner. Being an entrepreneur is a new role for you, and it’s going to feel uncomfortable initially. What you should do is work on finding a mentor who’s walked in your shoes before and is currently running or has previously launched a successful business. You can even go as far as to find mentors in different subject matters such as finance or technology, depending on which areas you feel you need the most help. Come prepared to meetings with questions and different scenarios so you can work together to problem solve what’s on your mind.


Being your own boss is an exciting time in your life, but also one that requires your full attention if you want to achieve your goals. Wanting to become a better entrepreneur is a great place to start, and this new knowledge is what’s going to help propel you into experiencing great success in your future. Make sure you stay focused and take one day at a time as you learn the landscape and best practices for being a more talented business owner.

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The Top Benefits To Living In And Working From An RV (Recreational Vehicle)

Today nearly half a million people in the United States alone live in and work from their RV. This means that they travel the country while running their businesses all from within their mobile home.

Many more people would absolutely love to do the same, but unfortunately, they don’t view running a business from an RV as being realistic. If you fall into the same camp, you should know that making a living out of an RV is not only perfectly possible, it also comes with a number of important benefits regardless of which type of RV you use. An RV is a recreational vehicle, or motor vehicle, or trailer that is well-equipped with living space and other useful amenities that can be found in a home.

Here are the top benefits to living in and working from an RV:

The Evolution of RV – 5 Ways Recreational Vehicle Can Increase Your Productivity

Working smart right from your RV
A recreational vehicle can be termed as a well-equipped trailer or mobile home with living space and other useful amenities that can be found in a normal home. The different is just that, it is like a home on a wheel.

You Can Save Lots Of Money 

Perhaps the biggest benefit to working out of an RV instead of your house, and a primary reason why many people choose to do so, is because of all the money you can save.

When you live in a home, you have to pay expenses such as your mortgage payment, homeowner’s insurance, and property taxes to name a few things. The cost of renting a recreational vehicle in an RV park is much cheaper, and you’ll be able to save hundreds or potentially even thousands of dollars each month.

You Can Travel The Country

Another huge benefit to working from an RV is that you’ll get to travel around the country and see some very neat places. This is yet another big reason why many people choose to run their businesses out of their RVs: they simply want to travel around the United States and visit all the places they’ve wanted to visit.

Motor Home - Mobile Home and Office
Travel the country north to south, east to west without limit while enjoying the best of internet access and different country delicacies, all thanks to your RV!

You Can Advertise Around The Country without hassle

Touring around the United States in your recreational vehicle presents you with more benefits than just sightseeing awe inspiring locations. It also presents you with the opportunity to advertise around the country. The very act of having your business name and logo painted on the side of your RV is cheap and yet effective advertising.

If your business requires you to physically complete jobs in different locations (such as if you’re a professional photographer, for instance), then positive word of mouth will spread about you and your business around the country as well. Or if you would just like to focus on one area in the country, such as the Northwest or Southeast, you can easily do that as well.

The Evolution of RVs - 5 Ways Recreational Vehicle Can Increase Your Productivity
The Evolution of RVs – Here are ways Recreational Vehicle can supercharge your productivity and income. Now, you can work on the go and earn without having to stay on the same spot.

It’s Fun

Last but not least, several people just like to make a living out of their RV’s for the adventure of it. Whereas your home life consists of you waking up each morning, going to work, and then coming back home to repeat the same process the next day, by traveling from destination to destination in a recreational vehicle you never truly know what the next day holds for you.

Working From Your RV

These are just a small handful of the many different benefits that you will get to experience from living in and working from your recreational vehicle.

With the understanding of how impactful having to work from a recreational vehicle or RV could be, my question to you now is, wouldn’t you rather invest in one today?

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5 Dumbest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make While Blogging

When you start a blog, you think it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 right? Just set up an account, write contents and then publish the story and sit here and wait till people visit your blog. That is because you think blogging is just like that. You write your thoughts and let people know what is on your mind. But wrong. It is more than that. Running a blog and making money out of it is never easy. It requires a lot of commitment and making your blog as competitive as possible to let people know your site is out there and they should check it out. Others may succeed while some don’t. Of course, you will want to be on the other end of the spectrum and you want to avoid these things that most bloggers do. Here are the dumbest mistakes entrepreneurs are making while blogging and we provide solutions to quickly turn the table over.

Want to Start a Blog? Here are Dumbest Mistakes You Should Be Wary Of.

DUMBEST MISTAKES IN BLOGGING:- Are you making these dumbest mistakes as an Entrepreneur? Now is the time to do things rightly; posting at the sequence, pick the right template to promote your brand, taking time to reply to comments from your tribe, having a working promotional strategy for your content, and not forgetting to put search engine positioning in proper check.

Choosing the Wrong Template

When you start a blog, the design templates, color schemes are very important because the first impressions last. If you have a business-like content in the blog, or if your target is the professionals, then you may want to avoid using flowery templates or cheeky-colored backgrounds. Instead, choose a straightforward color and you can research the color schemes perfect for businessmen. There is a psychology behind the colors and designs in website making so you should do a little read on that.

Also, make sure that the contents are readable despite whatever foreground and background color you choose in the design. If your texts are unreadable or of it causes strain to their eyes, then chances are readers won’t come back because you are making it hard for them to like your blog in just a glance. If you are just starting out, you may want to check out WordPress and if you have a little extra, you can get premium themes do make your website a little fancy but still with great depths.

Not Paying Attention to Comments

The comment section is the place where your readers connect with you. This is the place where they can be heard and as a blogger, you have to acknowledge that. Unfortunately, most of the time, the comments section is unread. Think of the comment section as the feedback comment of your retails store, they air out concerns and even commends your store for having good customer service. The comments section in your blog is like that too. Replying to your customer helps increase your goodwill and you should be courteous about your reply to keep in touch with your readers.

Sometimes the comment section is where they may give constructive criticisms like you are overselling yourself too much or just have gone way overboard with the storytelling. Though telling your story may captivate a lot of people but that can sometimes be telling too much of yourself and sometimes overestimating how your life and “success” stories go, it can lead to losing readers or regular visitors in your website. So when you want to tell your story, don’t overdo it and keep a little bit about yourself when you start a blog.

Want to Start a Blog - Here are Dumbest Mistakes You Should Be Wary Of.

Not Using Search Engine Optimization Techniques

To reach the first page of the Google search is the main point of blogging and using the right SEO techniques. This increases the visibility of your blog thus increases blog traffic. You should understand when you start a blog that writing for a print publication is different when you are writing for online publications. SEO or search engine optimization is very much useful to gain visibility and hopefully make it on the first page of Google Search! However, you have to make sure that you are using the correct method of making use of the keywords. Don’t overdo things and strategically make sure the keywords are in the right spots. There are tools that you can use and purchase them online to add keyword density to your post and still make your article look good and not forcibly just insert the keywords in the whole content.

Not Promoting Blog Content

As an entrepreneur, you have to promote your blog or website to increase traffic, gain a lot of visitors and earn money in the future. When you start a blog, this vision seems far-fetch at first so sooner or later, you may forget and neglect that you had a blog. That can be a problem because if you don’t put contents or then your readers don’t have anything to look forward too.

Promoting your blog is very important because it helps you build your brand and make it become a household name to a lot of people. One of the best and surest way to promote it is through your social media accounts. You can always share your content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media websites. Aside from that, there is the e-mail list where you send emails and send updates to your subscribers about your products. Then you can also guest post to other blog sites with the same niche and also encourage other bloggers to post on your website. It is very nice to promote and see your blog grow along with other people who are also in the same niche as you.

Writing Everyday

Writing every day is like a 2-edge sword if you are a beginner in the blogging world. Others may say that when you start a blog, writing every day will increase blog visibility and at the same time increase blog traffic. But if you are a beginner in blogging, and you only have a few following, in the beginning, only about 10% of those viewers will see your blog. It does not really make much of a difference depending on the article contents that you have too. So, as a newbie in the blogging industry, you may want to go slow on your entries and then increase the number of articles as your viewers also increase.

There is no exact solution on how to really avoid these dumbest mistakes in blogging but the one thing that you should do as a blogger is to listen. Publishing anything on the blog the way you want to and not thinking about other people will make them like your website even less. It is not the content and the appropriate keywords that matter to them the most. It is because what they are looking for in your blog site is not met or seen by their eyes.

There are many things you can do to turn people off your blog that we might have missed. But, we believe avoiding some of the major points outlined above wouldn’t be considered as part of the gravest or dumbest mistakes you’d ever make this year as an entrepreneur trying to make things happen through blogging.

If you could do without any of these blogging mistakes which have been dragging some of the former top bloggers backward as a result of complacency or not measuring up to the industry standard, you’d be highly regarded by people in your niche as a professional blogger who knows what’s working and what’s not. You will not commit some of the gravest mistakes of using blogging to propagate your online business.

If you are making these dumbest mistakes as an entrepreneur, it is time to do things right to achieve great success while blogging. To start a blog and achieve great success doing it, the above outlined are dumbest mistakes entrepreneurs make while blogging you must avoid.

Are you a blogger or an online entrepreneur? Have you been committing any of the dumbest mistakes above? Share your experience with us below.