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Understanding How Businesses Can Benefit From Email Validators

If email marketing is part of your promotional strategy (which it probably is), you know how efficient it can be for your business. For example, 80% of retail professionals indicate that email marketing is the best way to retain customers.

Email marketing metrics are easy to read and analyze, which helps improve the campaign tremendously and avoid extra expenses. But what if the information you obtain from your email marketing campaign is wrong? What if your strategy is faulty? It could happen for one simple reason: failing to maintain the email list hygiene.

An email validator can solve many problems your business could face when dealing with poor email marketing analysis. Let’s take a look. 

How Business Can Benefit from Using Email Validator

Email Validation - Understanding How Businesses Can Benefit From Email Validators
What is an email validation and of what value are email validators to your small or large scale business?

1. Avoid Spam Traps

One of the simplest ways to put a spammy email into a spam folder is to use a spam trap. Unfortunately, legitimate senders can fall victims to such spam traps unless they validate their email lists.

So-called pristine spam traps appear on your list if you use illegal ways to collect email address, such as website scraping. If you have purchased an email list, it’s likely to contain a spam trap.

This means that your emails will go directly to spam folders without the reader ever getting the chance of seeing them. Even the simplest email validating software can identify spam traps and remove them from your list.

2. Avoid Blacklisting

If you keep sending emails, which end up bounced or in spam folders, your domain and IP address can be blacklisted. Why would your emails be considered spam? It could happen if you keep sending them to wrong or non-existent addresses.

Improving your sender’s score, which shows your reputation as a sender, can be tough. More often than not, blacklisted addresses need to be changed and so do the domains. This can substantially disrupt the operation of your marketing team and hinder promotional campaign results.

3. Save Money

When you use email service providers to send your mail, the more messages you send, the higher the costs are. If one out of every 10 emails on your list is invalid, you are paying 10% more than you should be for your email marketing campaign.

Meanwhile, the number of bounced emails means that your marketing team gets the wrong information about the efficiency of the campaign, thus working out new and often unnecessary strategies.

 This forces the staff to work harder and lose focus on other important matters. As a result, your company wastes money and effort.

4. Better Customer Service

If you keep sending emails to wrong addresses, your real clients may not be getting them. If you want to retain existing clients, you have to send follow up emails. 28% of consumers prefer to receive marketing emails more than once a week.

The above means that you can get a good retention rate if you manage to send emails to the target audience.

If you fail to send the right follow-up or promotional materials, you could lose important potential customers. This can happen due to a silly typo during the creation of the email list.

5. Bigger Profits

According to email validation experts at Byteplant, a top-notch marketing campaign must include high-quality email marketing strategy. By failing to make sure all your customers receive your emails or wasting time on restoring your sender’s reputation, you lose money.

By taking advantage of such simple software as an email validator, you can have peace of mind about the quality of your promotional campaign and its results. 

Today, the majority of marketing specialists use email validation services. Some still try to clean their email lists by hand, but it’s too time-consuming. Take time to learn about validators today and improve your business tomorrow.


Document Conversion Solutions for Enterprises: Automating The Process of Business Conversions

One thing that every business enterprise has in common is the vast amount of data and information they generate on a daily basis. From confidential information to the regular list of materials and supplies, enterprises have all kinds of data stored in their systems.

Now, this data is shared within the enterprise and with the outsiders who are the suppliers, vendors, customers, stakeholders, etc. The data is also in various formats depending on the system that was used to generate it. That means the data has to be converted to other formats when sending it to others. This is where the document conversion solutions come into the picture.

The output management systems come with a document conversion software that enables the employees to convert the information in numerous formats to other formats such as PDF, SecurePDF, PDF/A, etc. The documents are also given a digital signature as a proof of authenticity and have extra protection when they are being shared to unknown recipients and metadata stores the steps performed during the process for future references.

Automating The Process of Business Document Conversions

The document conversion solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the following systems.


    • The document conversion services can be expanded to perform additional functions such as adding status information, validity notes, signature displays, etc.
    • Over 50 different input and output formats are supported.
    • All key storage methods are supported for document files such as Content Server, ArchiveLink, file system, URLs.
    • Reconverting, refiling, file exporting, etc. can be carried out either once or repeatedly.


    • The conversion to appropriate formats takes place automatically in the background.
    • This is possible for both mass conversions and interactive conversion of individual documents.
    • Different target formats are generated based on the file types of those that need to be converted.
    • The conversion process is a part of the workflow. The process can be monitored anytime directly in the Teamcenter.


    • SharePoint is a web application that covers several of the typical applications in an enterprise.
    • Adding the conversion solutions to SharePoint helps the employees carry out interactive document conversions within the SharePoint environment.
    • Parameters can be set to define the scope of the conversion process and the process can be monitored directly using the DPF Tracker.


    • Emails are a boon when it comes to communicating on a daily basis with numerous persons involved with the enterprise.
    • When files in various formats are received from suppliers, vendors, etc. the employees prefer to convert them to standard formats before storing them in the system.
    • The emails with information that need to be converted are sent to special exchange mailboxes where the pre-defined parameters are invoked and the information is converted. The employee is updated once the process is complete.


    • This is a web service where the employees send the data that needs to be converted to the company that provides conversion solutions.
    • The company does the job for them and informs the employees once the process is complete. This reduces the load on the existing systems.

The output management system can perform the following conversions with ease.

  • PDF/A is an ISO standard long term neutral format which is one of the most preferred formats to save the data.
  • CAD Conversion is where the files and designs in CAD are converted to neutral long term formats. The recipients need not have to use a CAD viewer to access the files.
  • Files from Microsoft and Apache Office are converted into standard PDF/A format.
  • Optimal Character Recognition makes it possible to recognize the texts in scanned documents.
  • Outlook conversion is where the files received via Outlook are converted to standard formats before being saved to the system.

A corporate conversion server is an efficient document conversion engine that performs the task of converting all files on a company-wide basis. The server can be integrated into the existing IT interfaces. It is a uniform infrastructure that creates many cost advantages to enterprises. The servers offer possibilities for straightforward configuring, and management of processes and structures. By automating the process by leveraging a conversion solution, employees can save time to focus on the core aspects of their job.


How Outsourced Email Services Can Help Improve Your Customer Service

It’s a no-brainer that businesses have to choose cost-effective options when investing in equipment, space, and even utilities. This also applies to making sure your communication channels—including your email services—are giving you the best bang for your buck.

You may be wondering why you even have to consider email when so many other modern communication tools are now available. The most important reason has to be being able to provide the best customer experience for the people who do business with you. Replying to your customers’ emails may look easy at first, but when you need to deal with a huge volume of emails in your inbox, your staff may end up be spending too much time sending replies and not enough time actually working. This is why you should consider outsourcing email services early on.

How Outsourced Email Services Can Improve Customer Service Experience

Outsourced Email Services

Outsourced Email and Customer Service

Properly handling email is part of providing good customer service. Let’s take a look at how outsourcing your email can make your clients happier.

Faster Response

While email doesn’t always require an instant response, even a few hours of delay can result in a few disgruntled customers. They want a response as soon as possible, and having a team dedicated to providing the proper response to inquiries and other concerns can mean the difference between having disgruntled customers and building long-lasting relationships with them.

Better Responses

A quick response is good, but not if the writing looks rushed, impolite, or impersonal. This can happen especially if you are handling large volumes of email on your own. By outsourcing your email services, you can take advantage of well-written templates or more personalized responses that allow you to respond in a more professional manner. Nothing beats a team of well-trained, dedicated writers that can proofread and adapt their writing style to your email needs.

Proper Equipment

Reading and responding to emails doesn’t require a lot of tech, but that’s not the case when you’re handling hundreds of them on a regular basis. You need to pay for faster, more reliable internet connection and hardware that won’t fail or crash while you’re in the middle of sorting out emails.— either you invest on these things or you can simply outsource your email to a third-party provider.


Being able to respond to emails during working hours is doable, but you’d also want to quickly reply to customer emails sent beyond your office hours. This is usually the case when you have clients living in different time zones. Obviously, keeping an eye on your inbox 24/7 is impractical, especially if you or your associates also have your own set of tasks to focus on. By outsourcing email services, customers can still expect quick responses any time of the day.


Let’s say you do have the people and the equipment needed to form your own email response team that can handle a large volume of messages in your inbox. However, what about times of the year when you’re not expecting a lot of inquiries from customers? What if you need to scale down on certain months? You’re basically putting resources on something you can’t always maximize. Email service providers offer flexible packages specially scaled to your current email demands. This means you get to spend for just enough, and no resources go to waste.

With so many advantages, outsourcing is highly recommended for almost all sorts of businesses ranging from startups to big corporations. With outsourced email services, you get happy customers and the chance to spend more time and effort on other aspects of your business.

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Cloud storage brings the right solutions for your emails

Email storage capacity has mushroomed in recent years, with the big providers claiming to offer ‘unlimited’ space to consumers. The idea of limitless storage space for emails is a fallacy as the capacity is located on a hard drive which has its space limits! However, as so few of us use more than one fifth of our email capacity, the idea that we have unlimited space at our disposal has a ring of truth. It’s all relative!

Cloud Email host, Why should you move your email to the cloud?

When it comes to companies and organisations however, volume requirements are very real, as is the security of their electronic communications. This is where email storage and online cloud storage play an indispensable role.

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Expert services

So important is the storage of email data for commercial and governmental organisations that it is best to secure the advice and services of a professional provider company such as Mimecast. Just think about all of the information that travels around the world in the billions of emails sent daily. Commercial and governmental communication is bound to contain sensitive data, not just in the email body but also in the accompanying attachments. Working with the experts ensures peace of mind for the security of email correspondence.

The data cloud

With its roots in the 1960’s, the Cloud is not a new idea, but the average email user can find the concept difficult to grasp. The Cloud is a bank of scores of computers connected to the Internet, which store data. This facility has greatly increased the storage capacity and security of email correspondence for businesses and organisations through the services of a provider company which manages digital data.

The benefits of cloudy skies!

It isn’t merely security which is greatly improved through a top provider. Email storage and the filing of other digital data like documents and images are expanded through using the capacity of the Cloud. This means that vital space in on-site computer systems is also freed up for other use as staff members have easy access to material stored through an email provider in the Cloud. What’s more, a company only pays for storage which they utilise, which isn’t always the case with alternatives such as mass private archiving facilities. Additionally, maintenance is taken care of by the provider, freeing the customer of a cyber-headache!

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How to Optimize Your Email Address for Better Result with WiseStamp

When it comes to getting traffic to a blog or website, Wisestamp can be a useful tool for emailing clients and harnessing the power of the underappreciated email marketing model.

To maximize the efforts of driving traffic from email to the website or a blog, you need to do lots of things to make it easy for people to click through your email link.

Have you ever thought of this before that you can get traffic to your blog just by receiving and replying to an email? That’s the latest thing that we shall be talking about this week.

In all emailing clients that we have in existence as at the time of writing, this is service that supports inserting signature into our emails but most of those signatures can’t be redesigned in a more professional way that will make it look well in order to attract people to our website.

Also, most of the emailing clients that we have normally do not have an HTML version of their mailing service except Google’s email known as Gmail is the only one present that allowed HTML coding where you can be able to add some code into your signature so as to brand your website.

But the good news today is that you can now add a customized designed images-rich signature to your signature post without stress with the use of a powerful browser extension.

The name of the plugin that we’ll be using is called WiseStamp. The extension is available for both Mozilla and Chrome because these two are the most used browsers as at this moment.


You can do anything you want with this cool extension plugin. You can brand yourself very well with images and any other things that can make you better on the internet. Whenever you’re sending out messages, your branded signature will go along with the email you are sending out without you having to do that by yourself.

So here are some of the cool features that you can be able to do on this extension plugin.

  • Email branding with Social Icons
  • Latest Internet Quotes
  • Quora updates
  • StumbleUpon latest posts
  • Image or Banner ads
  • and lots of other cool features that you will see in the extension setting page.

You can watch the video on how this wonderful browser extension work here below.

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5 Steps To Avoid Email Phishing Attempts

When it comes to the issue of security on the internet, many internet users at times to take much time to care about this, they think that it is not that important but forget to realize that without the knowledge internet security measures, they can be a victim of internet fraud sooner or later.

Protect yourself from Phishing AttemptsEmail phishing is an act of stealing internet user’s contents (valuable data such as band information, website logging details, your email username and password and some other confidential information like that). This act has turned many people into something else, some have lost properties, business assets and many other valuable things to online phishing attack due to ignorance of the system. If you know how to protect yourself online from this type of wicked people, it will be very easy for you to live your life as you supposed to live it than someone else to tell you how to live it.

How to Overcome Email Phishing Nightmare

In today article, I will be starting a series of internet protection and security articles which will be going live here on weekly basis so that you can be very safe from the hands of internet hackers and crackers and also I will be showing ways in which you can use to identify all forms of email phishing attempts from anybody throughout the world in the series and some other ways for better online security measure.

Look At the Title of the Message Very Carefully

If you are type of person who regularly receive series of autoresponder messages from some services that you have subscribed to online, you will be able to know if a particular email is fraudulent or if it is legitimate to trust.

The way the autoresponder email series are programmed works well in helping you to know the type of person that is sending it and thereby also making you to have good relationship with the publisher but, also be careful that some of the phishers out-here are cunning in most of the times, they (hackers) too can craft an email in such a way that it will look just the same way like that of a legitimate company that is sending you regular mail on periodic basis.

Compare It With Other Related Title

Another thing that you can do to identify a phishing attempts from the normal email address from a legitimate group or company is by comparing the title of the message with other message that you have received from the company before, though, this also can look somehow confusing because they (phishers)can also make the headline look just the same way that the trusted company or individual usually sent to you. But, one thing that is very certain here is that there will be a difference between the two because the phishers doesn’t know that you are receiving mail from the person and another point is that he’s just trying to have access to your email in order to get more details about you.

So, with this it is very easy to identify them because there type of email will not go straight to the point as the person used to send you message but there’s will be a request, telling you to do this and that and from this you can be able to know if they are truly a genuine company or not.

Email Address Filtering –Identify Real Email Address of the sender

By scanning through the header of the email that this type of people sent to you will help you in knowing fully if the email is a fake or a genuine one. Getting the real address of the person who is sending you an email is another method you can use in knowing either if the person is a legit or not. Check the header of the email if the mail is in HTML format and you will be able to see the true identity of the sender whom sent you the message.

Check The Link Claimed That It Points To The Main Domain Name

You must take this precaution in order to stay save online, before you make any click on emails that you are not quite sure about, you have to hover your mouse on the link for about a second so that you ca be able to see the real link of the website.

The real identity of the website that was embedded in the email will be showed in your web browser status bar immediately you put the mouse on the link, not to click but to hover and look at the status bar. If you notice that the domain name in the link is mis-match, you must know that someone is trying to force you to submit your data in order to hack you thereafter and this can make you loose more information than you can ever think of.

Use Spam Filtering Software

If you are not quite sure of other ways to go, you can make use of spam filtering softwares that can help you block any forms of emails that looks like spam. Though, nowadays some mail client like gmail and yahoomail are now offering this services but it has limits but if you can as well help yourself by getting a spam-filtering software installed on your personal computer, you may not be able to view much of spamming emails in your inbox talk less of you opening it. You can get one email spam filtering software here by downloading the latest version of the Kapersky internet security 2012 or you can also download it from our official download page directly here and then install it on your computer for better security.

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How To Get Your Facebook User ID number Easily

How To Get Your Facbook UserID Number Easily
As many of you are fully aware, facebook finally implemented friendly usernames that makes it substantially easier for friends to find us (and circulate links to our facebook profiles). However, applications still are based upon facebook user ID’s. I wanted to write a quick little note that tells someone how to find their facebook user ID number if they should ever need it.

You can still however obtain your Facebook UserID number using this technique.