Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

WOT -Surf The Internet Securely (Facebook, Twitter Easily)

Use Facebook Safer With Web of Trust Facebook and Twitterusers now can smile again becuase of the latest security solution that was recently discovered. Facebook in colaboration with web of trust (WOT) is an online securtity based websiet browser addon that is useful for securing your online account from hackers and many other dangerous acts. This is addon is useful for all facebook users that loves to share links with their friends and familys on social media sites like facebook, but at times, most of this acts have a lot of negative effects that it can have on your facebook account if you don’t know about it yet. WOT, is here to help you if you shares with your friends online and others.It’s a browser add-on that’s enables you to know the eputation of any website you visit with ease.