Download Angry Birds Seasons Ham’O’Ween for Android, iPhone , iPad , iPod Touch

Last time when I wrote about angry birds rio, I told you that that software was the latest version at that time and, there is a new update to that version again now. This latest update makes it easier for people to download Angry Birds seasons Ham’O’Ween for Android, iPhone , iPad , iPod Touch without much hassle. You can now download the game for any OS without stress.



  • Inclusion of 30 New Levels
  • Different Episodes
  • New Achievements levels
  • New Orange Bird
  • New Pumpkin Bonuses
  • Mighty Eagle inclusion

To make this new game updates easier for you to have on your PC, you will need to follow the links shared below to the direct download links for the game. Like I said earlier on, this game is only available for Google android, iPod, iPhone, and iPod Touch users. You can acces the link to download this app via:

Get Angry Birds here for iPhone , iPad & iPad Touch users

Get Angry Birds here for Android users


How to Download Angry Birds for Free with Intel AppUp Forever

Download Angry Birds for free

If you have been wondering to know whether it is possible to get the new Angry Birds RIO for free totally, then you guessing stops here. Angry Birds is a modern PC and mobile phone game developed by Roxio, the company that deals in producing powerful and addictive games for computer users.

Angry Birds! Everybody knows that it is not totally free as many used to refer to it. It will reach a stage where you will have to pay before you can be able to play the other levels as the phone have free offers packages to make people feels what they wanted to buy.

Truth is that, there is nobody that would love to test the Angry Birds and leave it without playing the other versions of the game. The game is hot and that alone makes it became one of the most powerful and popular game ever on and off the internet. So, if you want to have full access to play all the levels in the game without any form of limitation to payment, then follow the steps explained below to download angry birds for free forever and play more and entertain more.

For users who can’t purchase the angry birds game from Roxio directly because of the cash you are going to pay to get it, here is an excellent app given by Intel AppUp.

What Can I Do to Download Angry Birds free?

If you’re able to get yourself on board of Intel AppUp before the deadline of this offer, you have better chance of getting more app even different from Angry birds for free.

All you need to do is to register for Intel AppUp with your email address and that’s all you are required to do and then start to download games and other apps from the Intel AppUp freely. Note: That you can download different games including your favourite Angry Birds Rio either for Windows 7 or any others like XP and lower.

How to Download Games from Intel AppUp?

Downloading from the app is quite simpler than any other things. Follow this steps:

  1. First of all, download Intel AppUp center to your computer
  2. After the download, click the icon  on your desktop computer.
  3. After the option pops up, choose Sign In”.
  4. Then, once you signed in finish, then click the option that says Get One Here” (it is inside the message that will show up to you as a welcome message).
  5. Follow the guidelines to create your account.
  6. After the creation of account, then, double click the icon  and then go to the My Apps” tab to get your free apps.
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Download Angry Birds PC and other Top 100 Mobile Phone Games

Games is fun and it makes our life better at times when we feel weak. Games help us to get back on our leg jumping and doing extraordinary things because of the fun and others we can get from it. Playing games is one of the priority of some people while others hate it but the total number of the people’s that loves to play games are far more than those people that hates the action.

I love to play games too, I mean action games. Think of games that you will have to fight your enemies and some others like Angry Birds, games that has to do with shooting and others.

So here is the deal.

I have compiled the lists of over 100 games for mobile phones and computer that you can start playing immediately once you download it from the server now. The files compiles of angry birds game, street fighter and many more other popular games that I can’t even mentioned here until you get the file by downloading it online now.

So if you want to download angry birds game and the other games that I have compiled in the list of games that are available for free download, then check the link below to download the file and start playing and enjoying yourself.

Download Angry Birds here

Download the other 100 Mobile Phone and Computer Games here