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Donald Trump – It Is Now Time To Take The Money

Donald Trump shows a fuck you signDonald Trump is in the news again!

Trump┬ásays it’s now time for him to take over the position of the presidency in the next coming election slated for next year, He explain the reasons why he’s referring to the Republican presidential primary race as stupid.

Time to take the money, Donald Trump!

He said “Republicans are “stupid”, really-who gives up that much cash?. Trump says in a live 4 minutes YouTube video session, “I said ‘you know what? This is the time to take the money”.

Trump┬ásaid on Thursday, “I really hated what I’m seeing in the Republicans”.

He said, “I’m watching closely if the wrong person is chosen, we can’t continue to be ruled under Obama.

Donald Trump has always been on the receiving end of public accusations for his outspoken attitude and I won’t be surprised if these kind of public outrage ruin or affect his political ambitions. But I wish him great luck because he is one of my go-to business minds because his books are helpful and loaded.

I wish him good luck once again.