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The Domain Name and Its Effect on Your Business

The domain name you choose for your company represents one of the most important factors for growing your business. It helps your business website rank better in search engine results, mostly through keyword placement in the domain name and domain age and authority. In other words, domain name selection is a fundamental factor for any successful SEO effort.

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name For Your BusinessThe Domain Name and Its Effect on Your Business Growth

Selecting the right domain name depends on a few key principles. For example, it should be short, easy to spell, unique over generic, and so on. Let’s explore the subject further. 

Brandable over generic

A brandable domain name is always better than a generic one. Understand that your domain name is how customers will search, remember and share your business on the Internet. In other words, it is the foundation of your branding efforts. 

A brandable domain name is original, has a trust factor associated with it, and stands out from the crowd. A generic one is often stuffed with keywords (an awful SEO practice), doesn’t have any meaning, increases the keyword competition and isn’t easily remembered.

Keep it concise

Typically, when it comes to the length of your domain name, shorter is more efficient. A common domain name length is around 12 characters. Hence, aim for 7-14 characters. It is quite possible that almost every good shorter domain name is already taken since a long time ago. If you can’t opt for something short, at least make it brandable.

Easy to type

Think about some of the most famous websites and companies in the world. For example, Google, Instagram, CNN, BBC, SpaceX. What makes these similar (and thus famous) is that they’re all easy to spell. The future visitors of your website need to be able to type in your domain name without trouble. Just like with jokes, if you have to explain the spelling for it to be understood, you’re missing the point!

The only thing you do not want to occur is to have potential visitors mistype your domain name and go to a completely different site. A simple way to test this is to tell your potential domain name to a dozen people and ask them to spell it out. If several of them struggle with it, you should simplify it.

Easy to pronounce

This is a runner up of the previous advice. Having an easy to pronounce domain name makes it more memorable and easier to share by word-of-mouth. The test here is the same as it was for typing. Write down your domain name and ask a dozen individuals to pronounce it. If more than a few are having a hard time pronouncing it, it needs to be simpler.Easy to pronounce

Avoid numbers and hyphens

Numbers and hyphens make a domain name harder to pronounce and spell. Imagine explaining Google if it had a hyphen or a number in it. Hard, right? The most popular search engine out there might not have spread so fast if this was the case. The conclusion is to have a domain that’s smooth and punchy – numbers and hyphens get in the way of that.

Consider using keywords

Keywords exist to help improve your SEO – just kidding! The point is, they have their place in your SEO strategy. You just have to be careful with them. Just trying to awkwardly stuff keywords into your domain comes across as generic (a bad practice we explained before).

If you do opt for keyword usage, put them at the beginning of your domain. This will turn them into a stronger SEO ranking factor. You can explore different keywords with tools like Google Keyword Planner.

Think long-term

Since a domain name is one of the strongest factors that will define the future of your business and brand, you will need to select it with long-term in mind. Otherwise, you might have to change it as your business expands, which will cost you money and downgrade your branding and SEO efforts. The point is not to pin yourself down to a particular niche if you believe you might expand out of that niche. 

Check availability on social media platforms and trademarks

Before you go forward with a particular domain name, you should check its availability on social media websites as well as trademarks already registered to the name. To effectively develop your brand, you need to have the same name across all channels, including your domain and social networks.

This creates familiarity and makes it easy for fans, visitors, and customers to find you online. There is also the added bonus of avoiding legal problems since you’ll be staying away from names that have trademarks on them. You can either search yourself to see if a name is already taken or use online tools for it. If the name is taken, consider changing it a bit so that you can build unique social media profiles for your company.

Use the right domain name extension

In essence, your domain name extension is your domain’s “surname”. It finalizes your site address and assigns it a location on the web. Moreover, it provides your domain name with the much required “finishing touch”, making it recognizable and unique. Remember, the last thing you need is customers forgetting how to access your site or misspelling it with the wrong domain extension.

The purpose of your website determines the selection of domain extension, as it has to accurately represent who you are and what you do. In our case, it’s best that you choose a “.com” extension, since it is used for websites with a commercial purpose, is the most familiar and the easiest to remember. Selecting a wrong extension can confuse your future visitors and put your brand name at risk of being misinterpreted. 

Use a domain name generator to gather ideas

If you’re still having trouble to pick the right domain name, you can use a domain name generator to collect more ideas. It analyzes the keywords you enter in its search field and suggests the best domain name ideas for your company.

That’s it. By now, you should have a hang of what is needed for a perfect domain name. Remember that it is the first impression people have about your business, so choose it wisely.

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Can This Brand Help Small Businesses Secure Premium Company Names?

Online branding is one of the worthiest investment portfolios any established or aspiring startup should consider investing in. This is an investment to earn the respect and attention it truly deserves. An investment to dominate and get the brand’s message out there.

Investments ranging from premium company name acquisitions, picking a branded social media ID across all social networks, big data services, web hosting, and other inventories are what startups need.

Brandable premium company domain name will increase your sales and customer appreciation

How cool could it be to pick the right premium company name? Pretty | Kurtschmidt

Doing business in this 21st century requires more than been “physically” available everywhere. You need an ongoing online campaign if you want to offer your products and services to a much larger audience. Running a start-up business solely offline without taking it online is like owning the Grasberg mine, which happens to be the world largest deposits of gold with whopping 100Moz+ of gold without an idea of how you can turn it into pure wealth.

The premium domain name market is vastly growing. Start-ups and small businesses are spending heavily on branded domain names, hence the need to get cranky in preventing someone else from taking your desired name. Established brands, according to BI’s Alyson Shontell, can spend an unimaginable amount of dollars, even up to the tune of millions, for no other reason but to either recover or protect their most-prized premium asset.

Truth be told, having a premium domain name for your business is golden, especially if it is a start-up that’s hoping to expand capacity, increase coverage, and lower costs of running the business. Not only is this going to catapult your business to the attention of your target audience, but businesses that can benefit from your concept will easily identify with your brand.

One of the viable premium brandable domain companies offering this type of service that I came across lately is BrandBucket. They are one of the biggest vendors for premium company names all over the world. They have a robust system in place that will enable any business model to launch out in style. With over 10,000+ premium domains in its database, ranging from .com, .me, .ly and other top-class premium domains, I’m sure it would be worth your time to try to check them out.

Here’s a promise from them:

“Our selection of brand names is hand-selected by a team of business and linguistic experts. Premium domain names are submitted by owners all over the world, and they accept fewer than 10% for their collection.”

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Looking for a brandable company names for your startup business, BrandBucket is here to helpHaving headache in picking your premium company name? Worry less! | MarketingLand

…other benefits of premium company names?

Absolutely, yes!

Uniqueness across the web

One of major advantages of having a brandable domain name is that your brand and its unique branded name can be easily spread virally around the web. Just add the branded logos, images and other media files on your website with an “as seen in” tab building trust and authority for your brand when visitors come to your website.

Your Domain Name spells out your Business Name

Having a brandable domain name is as important as your business registration name with the government. In the early stages of a startup, the owners are more inclined to spend time on ideation and gathering of valuable ideas for a successful launch.

During this process, they’ll most likely exhaust their strength in order to arrive at an ideal brand-able identity before applying for its inclusion in the government registry. The duration for offline business registration and acceptance, by the respective government bodies in charge of business registration, is always longer than you could expect. Unfortunately at times, the name submitted might not be available, while in other case, they may need to go through several process of documentations before getting approval.

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Owning a branded company name earns you a certain level of trust and authority from clients, customers, and even, your competitors. You are in pole position to rank for your main keyword on search engine, and that limits competitors from trespassing on your property.


You have a lot to gain by investing in a branded or premium company name. It enlarges your company’s reach and opens up opportunities for your company to close more sales without loosing out on important transactions. Trademarking is another interesting investment worthy of looking into as soon as you’ve acquired your premium domain.

If you’re a startup entrepreneur, they has all it takes to help you to identify and pick the right name, or retain existing brand image with no glitch.

I’d like to hear what your opinions are about premium company names and online branding as a whole below. Let’s get talking on this.

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Domain Names Hack: 5 Trends To Consider When Domaining

Just as there are lots of ways to make and lose money in the stock market, there are also lots of opportunities to make and lose money when buying and selling domain names. Sometimes you get lucky and score a big win, but oftentimes you end up sitting on a domain name without a buyer to dump it off to. If you want to make money the key is watching for specific domain trends

that might help you determine whether the domain has a good potential or not.  It’s not an exact science, and of course, there is no guarantee of success, but watching for trends in domain names can help you sift the winners from the losers.

Trends in domain names search business

Domain names Trends solution

1. Marijuana Domains

Believe it or not, if you buy a domain name with the word “marijuana” in it, the domain might just reign in a pretty profit for you. While you may hesitate to purchase anything that might put your values in question, many people truly believe marijuana will become legalized one day. The medicinal properties may not be something you believe in, but the domain name can be, especially if someone else wants to pay you dearly for it.

2. Numeric Domains

Not many people are inclined to purchase a domain name that is merely four random numbers followed by .com, but the truth is that numeric domains can have some real value. Frank Schilling, an avid Internet investor, and holder of the most privately held domain names portfolio in the world is an advocate for the purchase of numeric domains.

He suggests that because only “999 three number .com’s and 9999 four number .com’s” exist mathematically, their intrinsic value is high.

In addition to relatively low numeric domain combinations, he also maintains that Chinese companies are literally rushing to buy domains like these. Numeric domains break all language barriers and provide a way for international recognition. Schilling also states that when many number combinations are “read aloud,” they “sound like words” in different foreign languages.

3. LNN.coms

These are letter and number combinations, and there are only 2,673 mathematical possibilities with these. They are short, easy to remember, and it’s quite possible that they would be a company’s name. When you go to buy these notice how expensive they are, usually in the $250-300 range, but it’s pretty easy to sell them for $400-500 on Sedo.  If you can find a domain that is an, it might be worth your while to buy it.

Life of a Domainer - How domain name big guys does it perfectly


While there may be no scientific data to support this notion; Google seems to like domains that possess a repetitive name. would be an example of a domain. Sometimes repeating the word one time strengthens its meaning and it can make the domain seem more robust and attractive.


Google actually ranks these really well, and internet users don’t seem to mind that typing in .org rather than .com.

When you’re ready to do some serious domaining, think of purchases from a trends perspective. People buy into trends and finding domains that fit into a trend can pay off big. Each of the aforementioned trends has a fifty-fifty chance of working or not, so use caution and make some money.

What are the other cheat sheet and tricks to buying and selling domain names at great prices? Would you care to share for others to learn? Please use the form below. Thanks