Digital marketing: Why does your business need it?

There is a difference between surviving and flourishing for a business. In today’s competitive world, your survival is guaranteed if you are thriving, ahead of your competitors. And digital marketing is one such solution that can navigate you through this path quickly. Gone are the days when merely building a website or conducting an ad campaign tend to produce results. If you want to stay relevant in your market and grow, you need to adopt an integrated digital marketing approach to enjoy the outcome. Here are a few things that prove the importance of having reliable online marketing practices in place.

What is the role of Digital Marketing in small business growth?
What is the role of Digital Marketing in small business growth?

Increases your reach to the target audience wherever they are

According to marketing data, one user can have about seven social profiles on average. In the US, 97% of adults have their presence on social media channels, and they are less than 65 years of age. A substantial part of the population uses the internet daily. And for them, social media serves as a significant customer care platform. As per the trend, more than two hours is the amount of time that an average audience spends on his or her social channel. The teens, however, stay there the most by clocking around 9 hours.

The primary reason why people use social media so much is to buy products or services they come across on those platforms. About 37% of their time of social media goes into this kind of engagement.

But it’s not easy to benefit from this trend until and unless you know the ways to boost your ROI through social media advertising. Making social profiles and publishing content periodically is not enough. You need to have a proper marketing strategy to make things work in your favor.

Digital marketing enables focused targeting

Printing an ad on a fashion magazine is also a kind of audience targeting. You can decide where you want to place your ad and what type of message to send. The copies may likely go to more than one million people. How do you identify who your actual buyer of those one million readers is? The magazine can have huge readership with 55% of females who fall between the age group of 35 and 55. They can have an interest in the product. However, it’s still a vast area to cover. Nevertheless, you can make this task simple with digital marketing because of its super focused targeting that helps in narrowing down on the group of people that are serious or potential buyers.

Since dividing groups is not a difficult task here, you can also create more relevant ads for them to connect with them.

Gives you a more profound insight into the analytics

The ad you air on TV or radio has to go through a testing period to detect the most responsive time. But digital marketing not only informs you about the best time to showcase your products and services but many more things. For example, they can tell you using their analytics tools how much likes, comments, and shares happened on a particular ad related to your business and how many of them saw conversion.

From this, one thing is clear that digital marketing can be a driving force behind the success of your business. If you want to get help in this matter, you can contact the social market way or some other reputable agency to get set up for success in digital marketing.

Biz Branding & Customization Blogging Tips

5 Ways to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy for Potential Customers

There are many components to marketing that ensure businesses are successful, but arguably the most important of these is content marketing. Regular content can keep your target market engaged and eager to see what comes next, but without the right strategy, you could be putting content out there which is doing more harm than good to your business. This can be a daunting prospect to process, but there are luckily many ways in which you can polish your current strategy and optimize it. If you are struggling to find out how content marketing strategy could greatly impact your brand, make sure you take note of the following key tips.

Content is king - but effective strategy means a lot to your brand!
In case you don’t know, content is king in this digital age! But, effective strategy means a lot to your brand! Finding the rhythmic way of positioning your content to drive values to your brand is the ideal way to mastering the game of viral internet marketing.

Make a plan for your strategy

It is impossible to have a flawless content marketing strategy if you don’t have a plan. Not only can your aim become lost, but you can lose track of funds quickly, which is not ideal if you are a small or emerging business. Before you start putting content into the world, you should make a plan that covers everything from budgets to staff involved, what mediums to use to your key objective.

Always have a back-up content marketing strategy in place

Although it’s easy to create a rigid plan that you want to stick to, most plans don’t work without some leeway. In any content marketing strategy timeline, there will be times when your costs don’t match your budget, or other nasty surprises crop up. In this case, you should always have a backup plan you can turn to if you need. This means having a fund reserved for emergencies, having a bank of freelancers on call, and being flexible with targets.

Understand your target audience

The biggest mistake many businesses make is thinking they know their audience straight away. In fact, without an in-depth analysis, it can be tricky to know exactly what they want. In some cases, without this understanding, you could be pitching to the wrong crowd. To help with this, hold market research focus groups, engage with people on social media, and enlist the help of customer psychologists.

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If you are struggling to know how having a viral content marketing strategy could greatly impact your brand image, this article covers tips that would shed more light on it.

Be original with content strategy

When people think of content, they automatically start producing blogs and articles. Yet there are more mediums to content marketing that are often ignored, such as social media posts and videos. Though this is a new area to many businesses, it is not one that should be ignored, especially as it helps you reach a larger audience. By investing in business video production, you can include the power of visual storytelling, which can help convert viewers into customers, while getting your brand and ethos across.

Focus on headlines; it wins the eyes of your audience!

Written content has always been an important part of any effective content strategy, but while lots of people focus their time mainly on the body of articles, much of their time should be spent on creating a catchy headline. As this is the first thing people will see of your article, it needs to be memorable and relevant. There are some rules out there to help you write the best headline you can, but if you feel as though you need some fresh ideas, it’s always worth looking for an expert freelancer to give some input.


For anyone struggling to know how content marketing strategy could greatly impact their brand, these tips would shed more light on it. We have been able to share ideas and strategic steps to position your business using content. Now, go and get the attention you deserve!

CMS Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Web Development & Design Ideas

The Familiarity of the Magento Experience and its impact on eCommerce Business

Of all the software packages out there that can be used to build ecommerce websites, Magento has established itself as arguably the most popular of all. Now used in millions of websites all over the world, Magento is involved in the creation of about 1 percent of all the websites on the worldwide web. Magento is thus the favoured solution for many ecommerce entrepreneurs and the intuitive features and functionality that Magento ecommerce offers have now become familiar and valued to business people the world over.

The Impact of Magento CMS on eCommerce business

So how has Mangento established itself as such a favored eCommerce solution? One of the primary reasons for this is that Magento has addressed the needs of all ecommerce entrepreneurs whatever their budget and requirements. While other competitors and particularly proprietary software has perhaps served the large corporate sector well, Magento’s two distinct versions has ensured that it has tapped into this market significantly, but also not neglected the value of small and medium enterprises.

Magento has also been particularly praised for the simplicity of its set-up and feature set. You don’t need to be an IT expert to get the most out of Magento, far from it, getting your ecommerce site up and running quickly is painless with Magento, meaning that you can start making money with minimal initial outlay.

Magento Top Advantages

However, despite the ease of use of Magento, the software by no means scrimps on the features packed into the software. Magento is optimised to guarantee the maximum quality of user experience, enabling ecommerce site owners to build websites that increase sales conversion and average order values rapidly. Magento makes full use of Google Analytics and the most advanced marketing and site monitoring tools available, meaning that it not only helps you build your website, but also monitor, measure and improve its effectiveness going forward.

The open-source nature of Magento also makes it a very flexible and adaptable piece of software. Ecommerce entrepreneurs who require a particularly customisable platform for their business have really relished Magento’s flexible feature set. And because the program is open source, those ecommerce businessmen and women who are particularly IT literate have been able to adapt its source code for their own particular needs.

It is recognized by ecommerce entrepreneurs worldwide that Magento is also the ideal package to grow with the needs of a business as its scope expands. This means that the software can adapt and integrate perfectly with the future direction of a business, another big factor in the Magento success story.

Magento Performance

Another major concern for a lot of ecommerce entrepreneurs is security. There are massive issues related to Internet security, and while these are often overblown and generally the Internet is no less secure to shop with than a high street store, these issues must nevertheless be addressed. Customers must be able to accessyour ecommerce store and know that their private and personal information is secure.

Magento has been a market leader in this department as well. The Magento package is well known to offer one of the best and most advanced security packages among ecommerce site building software, with data backup and payment gateways among the best in the industry.

It is this sort of quality that has seen Magento being purchased by Ebay. The fact that such a legendary ecommerce name has swooped to acquire Magento shows how well recognised its qualities have become.


The quality ecommerce package that Magento delivers hasn’t gone unnoticed among consumers either, quite the opposite. Magento has built up a massive reputation since it was first released in March, 2008, and today millions of entrepreneurs have become familiar with its features.

This is one of the best arguments for signing up for Magento. Its vibrant forum and community of dedicated users can share their knowledge and familiarity with Magento’s features with all new customers, making the transition to building your own ecommerce store as easy as possible.

Magento has established itself as the major creative player in the ecommerce marketplace. Millions are familiar with its features now, and this number will only grow as more and more businesses pick up on the exceptional feedback and buzz that Magento has created among its millions of loyal customers.

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