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Digital Eternity: Eter9 Social Media Posts updates on user’s behalf after Death

The new social media claims to create digital eternity for user, Eter9 will learn user’s personality using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and will continue to post updates after the user is dead turning the user to an eternal being.Eter9 social media

Digital immortality has long been seen in Sci-Fi movies, but this time, new social media claims to offer this service to users.

Learning your personality, the way you use the social media with artificial intelligence (AI), Eter9 will continue to post updates on your behalf after you have gone to the beyond.

With Facebook-like newsfeed and a “cortex” working just like the Facebook wall interface, Eter9 also allows you to “smile” at things similar to liking them on Facebook, and adopt virtual beings it calls Niners to act as your assistants.

Eter9 will analyze the kind of content you share, how you share them and how you comment with AI and will create a virtual counterpart that mimic your behavior after death.

Eter9 will learn more from you if you post frequently on social media.

“Eter9 makes it possible to eternalize the user and gives them the permanent ability to interact within the network 24/7 through an element called counterpart, which will be active even while the user is offline, both in terms of posting content and commenting,” the company states on its website.

“The counterpart will also be responsible for the user’s eternal life. The counterpart will absorb all the information according to the posts and comments, and process that information within the limits of the acquired knowledge.”

In an interview with the creator of Eter9 Henrique Jorge, he stated that Eter9 is a combination of “Eter” – from the word “Eternity” and “9” from “Cloud 9” referring to a state of absolute happiness.

The social media network is currently running its Beta stage; it already has over 5,000 sign ups although some insightful thinkers have described the concept as “spooky” or “creepy.”

In his word with BBC Newsbeat, Mr. Jorge said he is trying to create an AI system that faster learn from other social networks like Facebook as the Eter9 information is currently small.

Eter9 is never the first website promising eternal life to users in the online world, Lifenaut is an American company that offers you a chance to make a rich back-up of your life by creating a digital avatar based on voice recordings, photos and other information.

Also recently, Facebook rolled out a feature it called “Legacy contact” in the UK which allows users to appoint an “online executor” to decide what happens to their profile after they die.