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Leveraging Blockchain Technology: How Blockchain Helps to Enhance Data

Leveraging blockchain technology has become the best way to ensure data processing services quality. The way blockchains share information sets it apart.

A blockchain is a modern form of technology where several computers are linked together, and data is stored equally across all of these computers. Leveraging blockchain technology has become the best way to ensure data quality. The way blockchains store and share information are what sets it apart from everything else. Ownership of data is then established through each device linked in the chain. So when data is changed, it has to be verified across all sources. What this does is provides higher security and the ability to pull audit trails to see exactly which user made a change.

The problem with traditional data systems is those analytics are not always accurate due to data corruption. True insight is dependent on having access to accurate data. There’s so much data coming into businesses that systems start to degrade, and errors creep in. So executives begin to become less confident in their data and are hesitant to make crucial decisions. This will ultimately limit growth.

Blockchain technology fixes this problem because it records all information in the form of transactions, just like records in a database. The difference is that this technology stores these transactions in blocks on separate devices. They are technically separate records that are compared for accuracy. One transaction can have an error, but that chance becomes nearly impossible when that transaction exists across multiple blocks.

Now let’s look at some of the ways businesses are leveraging blockchain technology in relation to data processing services quality.

Leveraging Blockchain Technology: How Blockchain Helps to Enhance Data

Let’s look at some of the ways businesses are leveraging blockchain technology in relation to data processing services quality.

#1: Blockchain is Much More Accurate

All transactions on a blockchain are registered in the system, and then the network will run it through several monitoring algorithms. These are designed to make sure the new data is valid. If the new record is flagged for some reason, all blocks within the systems are notified, and then extra steps will have to be taken to prove their authenticity. If the data passes the check, then all other records are notified.

This makes blockchain technology a highly accurate way to store data because there are so many different checks made to ensure accuracy.

#2: Data is Secured Using Authentication Keys

Data security is one of the biggest concerns for businesses today. We have seen so many companies become compromised by hackers and other data breaches. The good news for blockchain users is that this information is much more secure than traditional databases.

Only members of the blockchain can access specific data and blockchain technology takes a lot of steps to ensure that they have the proper clearance. It forces the user to prove that they are who they say they are. This is done through authentication keys. This creates a much more secure data environment than a traditional database.

#3: Blockchain Fights Hackers

Cryptographic technology is used to help store data in the blockchain so that it can’t easily be hacked. Even if a hacker were to gain access to the blockchain, they would have no way to decrypt it. Fighting hackers is a high priority for businesses today. They must protect their customer data or risk losing consumer confidence.

Blockchain technology uses software that makes it so that only authorized individuals can read data. There are two types of keys used – private and public. That helps keep the data even more secure. So, hackers have a tougher time getting access to private data since they will not have the right keys.

#4: Creating Digital Identities using Blockchain

A user will create a digital identity within the blockchain for a block to be created. These credentials are checked and verified across multiple blocks by multiple users to increase their level of authenticity. So a secure digital identity is created and then verified. Once that’s done, they will be added to the blockchain.

This presents a unique opportunity for data to be shared throughout a company while also ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to it.

#5: Blockchain Data is Decentralized

Information stored on the blockchain is not dependent on a central source verifying it. Cutting out a centralized process saves time and lowers the risk of breaches. The more dependent a business is on a centralized data processing system, the higher the likelihood of sensitive information being leaked.

The bottom line is that businesses gain an edge by using a blockchain because they reduce the risk of fraud. All it takes is one breach to compromise a centralized system.

#6: User Authentication Made Easier

Leveraging blockchain technology also presents businesses with a unique opportunity to improve the way they authenticate users. For instance, a dating service website might need ways to verify that an individual is the person who they claim to be. Therefore, blockchain technology could be implemented to create a more advanced system that forces a user to authenticate  across an entire chain. Their information would be verified using social media, email, and other places where there is stored data.

The Future of Blockchain Technology

Companies will be looking to set up their data management systems in a way that makes it compatible with blockchain technology. Data processing services are one of the primary industries that I foresee seeing a significant shift in this new technology.

With that said, there is still resistance to blockchain technology. Some local officials are even taking steps to remove it from their areas so that it doesn’t evolve. These misconceptions are mostly due to financial applications. Cryptocurrencies are scaring banks into forcing these regulations because the technology removes the middle man, in the case of finances, banks. But to enhance data, eliminating centralized databases is going to disrupt industries as we move into the next decade.

Right now, we’re seeing blockchain technology being used mostly in the financial sector, but that is going to change quickly. The technology is expected to be fully adopted into all industries where the need for accurate and secure data is in high demand.

In leveraging blockchain technology, data management becomes an easy task because of the effectiveness of the blockchain. In a nutshell, blockchain technology enhances data processing services quality.

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Google Apps Data Migration Service – Safe Data Transfer to Office365

Office 365 is a suite of subscription services provided by Microsoft for productivity, communication, and collaboration. The service plans of Office 365 are designed to meet the requirements of small businesses as well as large enterprises in terms of reliability, security, and productivity. It is a complete solution that enables users to work at any time from any place, communicate by video conference, share their data in real time along with complete security. The growth of Office 365 is being exponential and allows users to outstrip the competition. Due to all such reasons, users want to switch from Google Apps to Office 365.

However, data migration in Google Apps to Office 365 is not as straightforward as it seems to be. In fact, it becomes a painful process for users, if they do not have a proper guidance or method. Hence, in this article, we are going to disclose an eminent Google Apps Data Migration Service to transfer data in a secure way.

G Suite Data Migration Service – What is It?

Well, the data migration from Google Apps to Office 365 can be done using simple manual techniques. But, if users have a large amount of data in their Google Apps mailboxes then, the task of migrating becomes complex and risky. There are various applications in the online market that promises complete data migration Google Apps mail but some of them might result data loss. Thus, we recommend to use a highly reliable utility i.e., SysTools G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool. With this, users can migrate their Google Apps mailboxes to O365 in a few simple steps without any technical assistance. Also, the software allows users to transfer all data items from Google Apps account like emails, contacts, and calendars. It facilitates Domain user to transfer multiple G Apps domain account at once.

Live Working With Google Apps to Office 365 Migration Plan

  • Download the software and launch it to get the Welcome Screen of the tool
  • After this, you will get two different options for the migration via which you can either export single or multiple G Apps user account data to O365 account
    1. Single User: To migrate a single user from a G Suite domain
    2. Domain Users: To migrate multiple users of a G Suite domain

single user and domain user access

  • Here, we are choosing the Single User option to move Single G Apps User’s Mailbox. Type your email address and click Register
  • It will redirect you to the browser
  • Now, log in to your Gmail account with Username and Password

sign in

  • The software will ask for the permissions, click Allow for the verification and close the window
  • Choose With Impersonation option if you are the admin of Office 365 domain

with impersonation

  • Or, if you are not the admin but need to export a single user account then, choose Without Impersonation option

  • Select appropriate categories (mail, contacts, calendars) that you want to migrate

Select categories

  • Apply the filters accordingly and add date range if want to export the data of a specific time interval

apply date filters

  • The tool will provide Advance Settings option for Folder Mapping and Include Folder List to add more folders

Advance Settings

  • In order to export the data into Existing Profile, check the box next to Append Data into Existing Profile. Otherwise, uncheck the box if you want to create new folders for the migrated data and click on Export to migrate the data items

click on Export

  • The software will display the status of the ongoing export process
  • Once the export process gets completed successfully, you can Save Report in CSV file format and then, access your Google Apps data from Office 365 account.

Save Report in CSV

But, Why This Software Over Other Third-Party Applications?

SysTools G Suite to Office 365 Migration software is designed with highly-programmed algorithms so that it incorporates some amazing features that make it unique from other tools that are developed for the same purpose:

  • It is easy to operate and executes complete Google Apps data migration in a few minutes.
  • Maintains the structure of Google Apps account data and save emails, contacts, and calendars in user-defined folders.
  • Transfer data of multiple users of a G Suite domain and provides an option to move the specific data also.
  • Does not impose any file size limitation so that users can migrate large size data files to Office 365 account.
  • Allow users to pause the migration process in between when required and resume it any time as per necessities.

Final Words on Google Apps Data Migration Service 

There are several users who ask for a common question that how to perform G Suite to MS Office 365 migration. Well, it is a good question so we thought we’d answer it with perfect Google Apps data migration service. The solution we have recommended in this page is completely secure and will not result any kind of data loss.

Computer Tips & Tutorials

Download EASEUS Data Recovery Software Wizard Free trial offer

The enhancement in technology is bringing ease to our life. There was a time when people used to depend solely on large computers, which use to occupy a lot of space and now it’s the time we use our phones as a computer. The size of computer is just 5.5 inch. The same achievement is governed by software engineers of late. Over the years, there has been high level of positives recorded by engineers in the software niche, particularly data recovery industry.

They have successfully made such software’s which can easily recover our lost data. Yes I am talking about recovery software. Whenever we lost our data from computer, having file recovery software handy helps us to recover all the data.

Why data recovery?

We always try to format our computers when it is running or working slow. Mostly the cause of slowness of computer is virus impact or file congestion. This led to, slow our computers and make our work more difficult. When we reformat our system the perception is deleting of files and programs. Basically the files and programs are not deleted rather they are lost. Now the question here is how the recovery software brings back our lost data?

File recovery software

People mostly save their files and programs on a drive which by reformatting is not affected. And in the end when reformatting is done they use to reinstall all their files and programs. Like all others I am rest assure that you also find this way the easiest one. As you are able to see all your essential documents in a drive and can reinstall them easily.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software Wizard Kit

Do you want more easy way?

The software engineers at EaseUS are successful in designing an amazing software tool which can make all this easier and less time consuming. You can without any issue reformat your computer without the loss of your important documents. Like we have published recently, this software is encompassed with lots of features that could help in restoring all that you could have lost as a result of reformatting your computer or damages.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software Wizard can protect your files, programs and data. It helps you even when you reformat your computer and laptops.

It is an amazing file recovery software that protect you from unforeseen circumstances. When you have no other way except formatting your PC, you’d be cool to turn to EaseUS data recovery software wizard to help you in protecting your files and assist you to recover all the lost data. It protects your PCs from viruses and malware as well.

It is one of the tested and justified recovery software and is used by thousands of users. It also gives you 30 days risk-free trial to test it out.

If you want this amazing software all it requires is:

  • Download it
  • Set up the tool in your computer
  • Learn how to operate

Final Verdict

EaseUS data recovery software wizard is one of the highly rated software and is used by number of people around the globe. According to the users they had a great experience with it and this software has saved their files as well as time. You can easily download the software from CNET.

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How Would Your Small Business Cope with Data Loss or Accidental File Deletion From Local Computers and Devices?

If you operate a small business from your own computer or a small network, then chances are you often keep things you are working on saved to local drives. While there are many benefits to moving to cloud storage, if you haven’t implemented this yet and are still operating locally, you might probably accidentally become a victim of data loss.Managing Big Data in the Cloud

Whether it is pictures from your camera’s memory, documents and other files from your computer, or audio files from your phone or tablet, it can be incredibly stressful when you can’t find the things you need, and can cost you a lot of time. At worst, losing files you need to deliver or use in your marketing can even cost you business.

The Importance of a Good Saving Strategy

Modern applications like MS Office will allow you to set an autosave, so that your computer will save your work regularly even if you don’t remember to manually ask it to save. This means that you can recover almost everything you have done recently if your computer crashes, assuming you can get it to reboot! It is a good idea to have this feature switched on, although on slower computers it may make the application run slowly while the automatic saves are taking place – this is better than losing work just because something simple like your computer overheating or Windows crashing occurs.

Automatic saving and recovery is not completely foolproof, however. You can still lose work if you have done a lot in the minutes between autosaves, and sometimes for different reasons files can’t be recovered properly. You should therefore hard save very regularly.

The Importance of Backing Up

Backing up the data from your computer to a different drive, or to another computer like your local network server, will make file accidentally deleted recovery much easier, or which become lost or corrupted. You can also consider backing up to the cloud, which can be a better option because you don’t have to worry about the stability of your back up location, schedule backups to run automatically, and run them regularly – how regularly depends on how much data you tend to add or change, and how important it is.

Buy Some Good File Recovery Software

Even when you are saving and backing up with a good policy, you may sometimes lose files. There are all kinds of reasons why this may happen, from accidentally deleting them yourself through to data becoming corrupt. It is therefore a good idea for your business to buy some file recovery software which can be run as and when needed to restore any missing files. offer solutions for file and photo recovery on Windows and Mac at reasonable prices, and products like these offer assurance that you won’t need to panic if a file is lost at a crucial moment!

Consider how you will be able to cope in the event of losing files, and also do all you can to prevent this with very regular saves and a good back up strategy.