7 Ways to Nurture Customer Loyalty with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Using artificial intelligence (AI) can help you offer personalized experiences to your customers and potential buyers. But did you know that it can help you build customer loyalty? Here is how:

Grand View Research, Inc. predicted that the global artificial intelligence (AI) market size will grow to $390.9 billion by 2025.

Why will this market grow so much?

Because marketers who want to stand out from the competition are finding ways to implement artificial intelligence to grow their businesses.

A Gartner study found that 59% of marketers adopted AI-powered solutions for their businesses in 2019. Most marketers planned to implement more AI-powered applications by 2022.

Gartner study found that 59% of marketers adopted AI-powered solutions for their businesses in 2019
A study by Gartner found that organizations foresee substantial acceleration in their adoption of artificial intelligence-powered solutions, unlike others.

There is a need to offer better customer experiences and automate tasks. And AI-powered solutions can help you do that effectively.

With AI, you can make better decisions, follow a customer-centric approach, and improve customer experiences. All of this will eventually help you build and enhance customer loyalty.

But how can AI help you do all of this?

Let’s find out.

Table of Contents

How Can AI Help You Build and Enhance Customer Loyalty?

1. Leverage Personalization

2. Reduce Resolution Time with AI-Powered Chatbots

3. Run Data-Driven Customer Loyalty Programs

4. Predict Customer Behaviors

5. Engage Your Customers Better

6. Offer Dynamic Pricing

7. Incorporate Self-Service Options

Are You Ready to Nurture Customer Loyalty with AI?

How To Nurture Customer Loyalty with Artificial Intelligence
AI can help you offer personalized experiences to your customers and potential buyers. Here is how you can nurture and enhance customer loyalty with Artificial Intelligence (AI) while improving your ROI by over 50%.

How Can AI Help You Build and Enhance Customer Loyalty?

AI is continuously shaping the future of marketing.

It is offering marketers a way to offer custom experiences that meet the needs, interests, and preferences of individuals. Offering personalized experiences can encourage customer loyalty and increase customer lifetime value (CLV or often CLTV).

Here are a few ways in which you can use AI to nurture customer loyalty:

1. Leverage Personalization

Using AI-powered solutions can enable you to identify the needs of each customer by tracking their behaviors and interests across touchpoints. You can then use this data to give them custom product recommendations and offers.

This will help you channelize your marketing efforts in the right direction and deliver better customer experiences. It will, eventually, help you build loyalty.

91% of consumers are more likely to shop from brands that remember and recognize them and give them relevant recommendations and offers. Another study found that 72% of consumers only engage with messages tailored to their interests.

With personalization, you can offer consumers what they are actually looking for or what they’re interested in. And when you do so, they are less likely to look up to your competitors for solutions.

2. Reduce Resolution Time with AI-Powered Chatbots

Have you ever had to wait for a long time for a customer service agent to pick up your call?

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Offering consumers fast response times is crucial for businesses that want to stand out. But it isn’t always easy to do so.

You need to leverage the right technology to handle large volumes of customer inquiries. This is where AI-powered chatbots come into the picture.

There are many chatbot platforms that allow you to build custom bots for your business. These automated, AI-powered bots can help you handle multiple customer requests at once and provide faster, reliable solutions.

They can also help you improve the quality of customer service experiences you offer to your existing customers and potential buyers.

Using these AI-powered chatbots can help you:

  • Offer personalized customer care support, 24/7.
  • Set up a knowledge base with responses to basic customer inquiries.
  • Bots can learn with every customer interaction using machine learning. So, you can offer improved experiences every time.
  • Collect more information about your customers/clients that will help you deliver better experiences. Your human agents will be able to see each consumer’s full history, issues highlighted, and solutions offered.
  • Some intelligent bots can also help you drive sales by recommending, cross-selling, and upselling products to customers.
  • AI chatbots can also ask relevant questions and use the customer’s responses to make tailored suggestions.

3. Run Data-Driven Customer Loyalty Programs

AI-powered solutions allow you to collect data and segment customers based on their past purchases. This can help you determine their customer lifetime value (CLV), their future buying potential, and how likely they are to leave.

Using these details about your customers, you can offer incentives to your most-valued and high-paying customers. This will help you enhance customer loyalty, improve your retention rate, and bring in more business.

4. Predict Customer Behaviors

AI-powered solutions can help you predict the future actions of your customers using predictive analysis. By analyzing a customer’s past behaviors and purchasing history, AI-powered tools can help you identify what they may look for next.

You can also find potential threats that could derail customers from the buying journey.

For example, you can keep track of what a customer purchases and how often they purchase it. Tracking this can help you ensure that you have enough stock and you don’t run out of products.

You can also send personalized discount offers on their favorite products, right when they are thinking of buying them. This can help you shorten their sales cycle.

By keeping customers happy, you can nurture their loyalty towards your brand.

5. Engage Your Customers Better

What is an important driver of customer loyalty?

A study by PwC found that consumers are likely to endorse a brand, make repeat purchases, and be more loyal to a brand if they feel appreciated. They are also willing to try additional products from brands that deliver superior customer experiences.

One of the best ways to engage your audience and make them feel valued is to interact with them on social media.

You can use AI-powered social listening tools to identify the products or services they like, their top complaints, and the type of content they resonate the most with. You can use these insights to address their common questions and concerns and encourage positive interactions.

You can also engage them by hosting activities that are easy to participate in. For example, you can host a photo-sharing contest or a simple poll to generate engagement.

If you find it difficult to plan and manage consistent social engagement activities, you can also hire a marketing agency with a portfolio of successful social campaigns.

What’s more?

Consumers are willing to pay more for greater convenience, and friendly, welcoming experiences. The same PwC study also showed that 65% of U.S. consumers find positive experiences with a brand to be more influential than great marketing.

AI can help you offer better customer experiences through seamless communications, 24/7 customer support, omnichannel experiences, and personalized messaging. This can, in turn, help you build and nurture customer loyalty and boost your retention rate.

6. Offer Dynamic Pricing

Did you know that consumers value price more than personalization?

Think I’m exaggerating?

See for yourself:

Engage your customer more
According to Deloitte Consumer Change Study 2018, consumers across age groups and income level value price, convenience, and products over core values and personalization as main reason for selecting a retailer. | Image Credit: Deloitte.

So, how can AI help you offer great prices and deals to your customers?

Using AI can help you strike a balance between making a profit and offering fair prices to customers with self-learning algorithms.

AI-powered tools can help you analyze pricing scenarios, past transactions, contextual data, and competitor prices. You can use these insights to gauge the willingness of customers to pay a certain amount for a specific product.

You can then determine if you’ve overpriced or underpriced your products. AI solutions can help you predict product prices that are likely to drive more sales.

Offering products at reasonable prices can also help you build loyalty.

7. Incorporate Self-Service Options

Do customers have to reach out to your support team for all inquiries and issues?

Why don’t you make it easier for them to find resolutions to basic issues?

You may be wondering if that’s even possible.

Of course it’s possible.

You can easily start a blog with a FAQ section or Help section to provide answers to commonly asked questions. You can also introduce a self-service portal or forum where customers can get instant resolutions on their own.

You can use AI solutions to help customers find the information they need.

For example:

When a customer wants to learn about a procedure or process, your AI chatbot can redirect them to a specific link of the FAQ section, blog post, or discussion thread that answers their question.

This way, your customers can learn more on their own and will not have to call or email your support team for further information.

However, there’s a catch:

Articles on the self-service portal should offer value. They should answer all related questions that the customer may have. They should be insightful articles that can help resolve the customer’s problem.

If you provide value through self-service solutions, this can help consumers save time and have good experiences with your brand. This, in turn, can help you enhance customer loyalty and increase your retention rate.

Are You Ready to Nurture Customer Loyalty with AI?

If used correctly, AI can help you build and nurture customer loyalty by giving them what they need.

AI-powered solutions can help you get real-time feedback that can help you provide immediate solutions to resolve issues. You can offer exceptional customer experiences, provide relevant offers and deals, and build loyalty.

That’s why implementing AI is good for your business’ growth.

Do you have any questions about how to use AI solutions to enhance customer loyalty? Let me know in the comments section below nurturing customer loyalty by gathering knowledge.

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CRM Software – 5 Essential Features of An Effective Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM software adds advanced features to help small and mid-sized businesses increase sales. But what are the essential features of an effective customer relationship management software? 

Customer relationship management systems are designed to automate the collection and analysis of data on different market actors (such as customers, partners, competitors, contact persons). It helps companies to interact with a large number of customers easily, operate different business activities smoothly, attract and retain the most profitable customers & generate more sales. Due to the availability of different CRM systems on the market, individuals find it difficult to choose the best CRM software that could meet their needs completely. Developers create different CRM systems for different industries. They add multiple features to the CRM software to increase its sale. So, what are the essential features of effective CRM software? Let’s find out.

5 Important Benefits of CRM Software for Small Business

5 Essential Features of an Effective CRM Software
Customer relationship management makes it easy for a business owner to automate the process of business from getting new sales to gathering customer feedback – you get it all covered with CRM. CRM software adds multiple features to help businesses increase sales. What are the essential features of SaaS CRM solutions? Let’s find out.

1. Online Appointment Booking Facility

It is the most important feature of customer relationship management software. Gone are the days when customers used to come to your office, wait in long lines, wait for their turn, request for specific products and services, and get it after wasting a lot of time and energy.

Now, customers are very sensitive about their time. If it takes a considerable amount of time to process their request for service, they will leave your office and service center soon and look for service providers who can cam provide products and services quickly.

CRM Makes It Easy to Setup Online Appointment Booking Facility for Your Business

An online appointment booking facility is very important. It allows company owners to book appointments with customers at any time and from any place using the Internet. You can show the availability of services, products, working staff, time slots, etc, to customers with the help of customer relationship management software & book appointments with them easily. Online appointment facility allows you to process the service request of a large number of customers, help them get the requested services in less time, & increase the customer base by leaps and bounds in a few days.

2. Point of Sale

A popular company may have thousands of products and services. It is not possible for a manager or working staff to remember the details of all products and services. That is why you must choose the SaaS CRM software with POS capabilities. It will allow you to feed the details of your products and services on the CRM Software.

POS - Point of Sale System A popular company may have thousands of products and services. It is not possible for a manager or working staff to remember the details of all products and services. That is why you must choose the CRM software with POS capabilities. It will allow you to feed the details of your products and services on the CRM Software.

It will help you to fetch all the details of a particular product or service immediately, inform customers about it, and make transactions quickly. POS software helps business marketing professionals, E-commerce companies, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, etc, to collect payments from customers, generate accurate bills with all necessary details, maintain a record of all customers, and see how the business develops. It also helps to strengthen your finances, track the movement of finances, and catch wrongdoers. The POS must support different payment gateways and currencies.

3. Cloud Storage of Data

The concept of cloud storage of data is based on the operational distribution of remote computing resources. It allows business marketing professionals to access important from all locations and conduct business activities smoothly. Today, cloud technologies act as a backup service and store large amounts of information.

It helps freelance professionals and small companies that handle huge amounts of information and works with many customers. Cloud storage provides easy access to all company documents, reports, spreadsheets, photos, video surveillance cameras, and any other digital assets that are very difficult to keep on local computers.

Increased productivity and reduced requirements for local equipment are its two main benefits. Always keep in mind that, sooner or later, companies have a large amount of data. It becomes very difficult for them to store huge amounts of data on computers. So, Cloud storage helps them to accumulate data and maintain their privacy in an easy way. Only authorized individuals can access the stored data. So, the chances of insider trading or information leakage are reduced significantly.

With CRM sotfware in place, you can automate the process of storing all valuable data in the cloud with less hassle.
With CRM software in place, you can automate the process of storing all valuable data in the cloud with less hassle.

4. Mobile Version

Business mobility is gaining momentum. For example- Uber. It provides on-demand paid taxi services. It has reached a value of $60 billion and works in 600 cities of the world. Always keep in mind that mobile applications are increasingly penetrating the corporate environment and giving new competitive advantages to companies that use them.

According to recent studies, the number of smartphone users has increased dramatically. Today’s employees increasingly want to use mobile devices to solve business problems instead of desktops or laptops.

So, you must choose the CRM software which has its mobile version. It will enable you and your employees to conduct important business activities from all locations through mobile devices, acknowledge important business notifications, and make the business available to customers 24*7/365 days.

Mobile Version - So, you must choose the CRM software which has its mobile version. It will enable you and your employees to conduct important business activities from all locations through mobile devices, acknowledge important business notifications, and make the business available to customers 24*7/365 days.

5. Business Performance Monitoring Feature

A well-known American merchant, a politician, and marketing pioneer, John Wanamaker, once said:

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The problem is that I don’t know exactly which half”.

Many business owners still can’t get rid of this problem as the art of measuring advertising effectiveness is imperfect.

Business marketing is one of the most important, but expensive for any organization. It helps companies to increase awareness of the brand, expand its customer base, sell more products/services, and expand the business further. Many organizations have a limited budget for marketing. So, owners and employees of enterprises have to measure the effectiveness of each marketing campaign carefully to find out which strategy was successful and which should be avoided in the future.

Unfortunately, there is no one hundred percent accurate way to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Therefore, companies must choose the CRM software with analytics and performance tracking feature. When they struggle to increase revenue, identifying successful marketing strategies will them to find the right business strategy and reinvest into areas that have been most effective in the past.

Regular analysis of all business activities with the help of CRM software allows business owners to better understand the nature and needs of their target audience and patterns of consumer behavior. The CRM software monitors all visits to your website and accumulates statistics automatically. So, it becomes easier to see which traffic channels are profitable and which are unprofitable & make changes in business marketing activities accordingly.

Final Words

The use of customer relationship management software continues to increase with each passing day. Be careful when you choose CRM software to automate business activities & increase the profit margins. Research and select the best CRM software with the above-mentioned features to skyrocket your business in a few days. CRM software adds multiple features to help small and mid-sized businesses increase sales. What are the essential features of effective CRM software? Let’s find out.

Image Credit: Pixabay, Shutterstock

Biz Branding & Customization

How to Build a Consistent Customer Relations With Ease

It’s always better to retain customers than to attract new ones because the cost involved in getting new customers is much higher. Around 90% of online consumers shop from different brands. Statistics also reveal that, largest majority of these people are not loyal to any of these brands in particular. Therefore, it’s important to focus on developing a consistent customer relationships in order .

Let’s take a look at the best ways to increase customer relations of your brand:

How to Build Customer Relations Without Loosing Your Brand ReputationUnique Brand Identity - customer relations

1. Get to Know Who Your Consumers Are

The more you know your customers, the better your retention will be. Do research to understand their needs and desires and what delights them the most. Understand why they make a purchase from your online store.

From your previous experience, map your customer journey. Explore the available data and analytics to understand your customers’ behavioral pattern and trends.

2. Create a Modeled Process for Your Brand

Maintain a standardized process throughout your company for a great customer experience. Create clear guidelines and make sure your employees follow them. Address different situations while preparing guidelines so that your team can be prepared for anything.

Go out of your way to give your customers an amazing experience. Surprise them. Never let the quality of your customer service drop in any circumstances.

3. Train and Monitor Your Employees Properly

Train your employees, especially your client-facing and client-interacting team members. Hire the best professionals for client handling and then arrange regular workshops to keep them updated. Provide a holistic customer experience on all platforms.

4. Deliver a Unified Customer Experiences Across All Channels

To maintain consistency in customer service, it’s important to standardize it across different channels. Customers expect to receive similar experiences on all channels. They don’t like to repeat themselves if they have already told you their issue in some way.

Therefore, it’s important to keep track of every conversation you have with them. Address all of their issues promptly.

3 Tips and Tricks to Improve Customer Relations with Ease

Be it social media, your blog, or in a newsletter, stay connected with your customers often.

Find out which social media platforms your customers use the most and accordingly create a strong presence there.

1. Learn to engage your customers more than before

Feedback is a very important part of building a customer relationship. Listen to what your follower have to say about your product and services.

2. Show them that you are acting according to their feedback.

Always appreciate them if they say good things about you, and try to solve any grievances they have. Keep in mind that you should never take a reactionary approach with customers.

Make them feel special and let them know that their opinions matter.

3. Leverage Inbound marketing

Use customer-generated and influencer content to spread the word about your brand. There is nothing more effective than a good customer testimonial.

A happy customer is indeed a part of your salesforce, as they have more credibility than your salespeople have. After all, trust and credibility are the backbones of a long-term customer relationship.

Check out this new infographic to discover more about these customer relationship building tactics.

How to Build Regular Customer Relations for Your Brand

Image courtesy: Salesmate
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Consumer Engagement: Sure-shot Tricks to Excel Your Online Consumer Engagements

Starting business in this golden age is quite easier that decades ago. With the exposure of social media and advent of breakthrough technological innovations out there, upcoming and established business owners can now rest assured of having every solution to most problems they’d ever face while starting their venture.

Today, we are going to talk about one pertinent challenges business owners face which is attracting more sales through online consumer engagement. We will try to proffer lasting solutions to them by sharing tips on positioning the business to attract the right kind of customers.

7 Sure-shot Tricks to Excel in your Online Consumer Engagements

Consumer Engagement: 7 Sure-shot Tricks to Excel in your Online Consumer Engagements
Ever wondering how you could increase online consumer engagements for your startup business? Here are the best tips to attract customers to your online store and take off like a rocket!

The Beauty of the Store

One of the most important concepts is to make your store beautiful. The design you choose is critical for success. If your online store is ugly, your potential customers will shop somewhere else. It is important to realize the average consumer decides whether or not to make a purchase after being on your website for three seconds.

The first impression is everything. If your design does not impress the consumer they will simply leave and they will not return.

Your website represents your store. The site should be professional and beautiful. This is especially true if you are selling products with aesthetic value. A good example is a consumer looking for a special dress. If your website appears ugly and neglected, your merchandise will not make a difference. There are thousands of stores available online. The consumer will choose the store with a modern and charming appearance. This is because a beautiful store is deemed to be more trustworthy and reliable. Another good example is having landing pages for specific products. This will immediately show the consumer the exact merchandise they are looking to purchase.

The Activity on Social Media

Social media offers you free promotions for your store. Although publishing ads is not free, your presence is. The best way to achieve success with social media is to provide exceptional content. People will follow you if you are outstanding, unique and interesting. This provides you with a great channel for marketing without any costs. You should post something at least once a day. This will ensure customers do not forget your store. You should create a positive consumer engagement with the users by asking them relevant questions, leaving replies for any comments and catching their attention. The channels responsible for driving the majority of traffic to online stores are Pinterest and Facebook. Post images and use graphics because this will increase your consumer engagement by fifty percent.

Caring for Customers

Outstanding customer care is important to your customers and will attract additional users. The best possible promotion for your site are satisfied customers. Your customers should have a positive and remarkable experience in your store.

“A survey revealed 45 percent of the consumers in the United States will abandon a transaction if they do not receive fast answers for any concerns or questions. This percentage is fairly similar for all countries.”

This means you must reply to every inquiry or comment to attract customers. This must be done as quickly as possible because the key to success is a timely response. The importance of your customer’s care must never be underestimated.

“Another study showed seventy percent of all consumers base their buying experience on the way they were treated. The main key is not your ads or even your products but your customer service.”

This is not an easy task. Negative experiences are shared twice as often as positive impressions. The rule is; twelve positive experiences are required to eliminate the impact of one negative. This is why you must make certain your customers are happy with your services. The customers will come when you are competent, helpful and nice. The best marketing is achieved through good word of mouth. 

The Promotions

Most people love discounts and promotions but these savings are not what makes them happy. These feelings are created by a psychological mechanism. Irrational excitement is experienced by consumers who hear the word free. This stimulates a very positive emotion. These emotions can be used to attract more customers to your store. One of the best ideas is to provide your customers with free shipping. The majority of stores offering free shipping are successful. This will increase your number of purchases by a significant amount.

“One of the main reasons a customer decides not to make a purchase are the shipping charges. Many stores only provide their customers with free shipping after they have spent a specific amount.”

When your customers realize they will not be charged for shipping, they will often make a larger purchase. This will generate additional sales because you have provided your customers with a special value – and that’d increase your consumer engagement radically.

Distributing discount coupons is another effective technique. When a new client is given one of these coupons, they have an added incentive to make a purchase. Discount coupons also work well for loyal customers. You can offer them something special such as purchase two and the third is free or forty percent off their second item. This type of promotion will encourage customers to shop in your store and make them feel special

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective and cheap solution for attracting customers to your online store. When a consumer receives an email, their attitude towards the store is 54 percent more positive. The astonishing fact is 71 percent of the consumers receiving an email remember the business it was sent from. Email marketing is incredibly important for the success of your business. You have numerous options such as sending emails about promotions, sales, new products, offering recommended or similar products after a purchase and just saying thank you. This ensures your customers are excited about making an additional purchase. You can email customers discount coupons when they have not made a purchase in a while. This will provide an incentive for them to revisit your store. You can also help ensure your customers come back by sending tips directly related to your products.

Online Store Consumer Engagement

It makes no difference if your online store is new or has been in existence for years. Your store must attract customers or you will not succeed. Online consumer engagement process is both time-consuming and difficult. There are ways to increase your traffic while remaining within your budget to help ensure your success. Whether you are selling sequined evening gowns or designer overnight bags, you can be successful with just the right tips.

Preparing for the Future

Attracting customers to your store does not require a large budget but is important for your future success. You need to be creative, organized and offer sensational service. Once you have this knowledge and are promoting your store the rest will follow.

Do you have a successful online store? What viral promotion strategies or online consumer engagement techniques have worked for you so far? Do you mind sharing?


8 Guaranteed Ways to Lose Clients Fast with Expert’s Touch to Keeping Them Happy At All Times

Do you find it easy to lose clients in your business and you want the situation to take a new turn? Read on.

The key to economic success is keeping clients happy.  

Returning clients are telling you that they like your work every time they come back. The work you’ve done in the past, however, isn’t enough. You’ve got to be continuously impressing them to convince them that you are the person they need.

Here come new ideas on handling clients, the complete beginner’s guide to handling client reactions; the only resources you will ever need in keeping your clients happy always.

Avoid these eight things to please your clients so they’ll keep coming back and you won’t lose clients so easily.

How Not To Lose Clients Faster and How to Build a Lasting Empire with Your Clients. 

How Not To Lose Clients Faster and How to Build an Lasting Empire with Clients 
Tired of Losing Clients? We’ve discovered new ways why business owners lose clients faster and how to avoid such from occurring again. From handling customer’s outburst, to how you react to situations and how you relate with them are some of the points raised.

1. Ignore Your Clients (but DON’T)

You haven’t quite gotten around to doing that one client’s project yet, so when your client emails you, you just don’t respond. Then when they shoot you a follow-up tweet, you just pretend you didn’t see it and so on. At this point, you’ve started losing your client.

Communicating is of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping clients happy. Even if you are behind on their project, just let them know; they’ll be appreciative of the effort and, more than likely, be understanding of the situation.

2. Be Unavailable (be REACHABLE)

In the age of social media, clients expect you to be available when they need you. In their minds, since they have their phone on them 24/7, you must have yours on as well. You might not always be available, everyone has to take their Candy Crush breaks, but you at least need to appear available if you don’t want to lose clients.

When you leave the office, set up an automatic email response to let your client know that you aren’t in at the moment, but you’ll get to their email ASAP. If they tweet you, shoot a quick tweet back saying you’ll follow up with them tomorrow. If they get some kind of acknowledgment from you, it will make them feel like they feel like you care about them, and that, in turn, will keep them around.

3. Lack Courtesy (APPRECIATE them always)

A simple thank you can go a long way. In comparison, a lack of thank yous go just as far but in the opposite direction. Being polite to shows the client that you consider them more than just a paycheck and are truly thankful that they are giving you business.

4. Speak Ill of Your Client (please DON’T – it will make you lose clients)

It’s been a long day, so you go out to dinner with a friend and tell them all about this horrendous client who forgot about your meeting today. You’re frustrated so you keep talking and getting more worked up. You start wondering why you are even keeping this client even though they’ve given you great projects before and normally super communicative. The next day you go into work to see an email apology from the client. You respond quickly and negatively, still fuming from that conversation with your friend. Upon reading the email, the client decides they don’t want to work with you anymore.

This is a fairly common scenario. The moment you start talking bad about your clients, you start planting a negative seed in your brain. This seed will fester and grow, and it will start to affect your interactions with the client. You will start treating them more negatively until they decide to leave.

5. Improperly Invoice (be ACCOUNTABLE and ON-POINT)

Have you ever meant to do something really important, but just kept pushing it off until you forgot about it? Was that important thing sending an invoice? In your rush to send that late invoice out, did you misspell the client’s name?

Forgetting to send invoices happens more often than most people think, and clients hate it. It actually could make them feel ignored and unappreciated. Avoid doing so by investing in invoice software that will help you remember your clients’ due dates as well as how to spell their names.

6. Make No Effort to Know Your Clients (invest time in CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP)

If you go into an office and the receptionist recognizes you and asks you about your kids or spouse, or your job, you feel special. You feel like you have a connection with that receptionist and the business. You want to build a connection with your clients so that they feel like you really care about them as an individual rather than just a paycheck. You will lose clients if you don’t create room for a business-client relationship.

7. Don’t Listen to Feedback (listen and revert to COMPLAINTS)

Clients will give you feedback, whether you ask for it or not. If you ignore the feedback, the client will feel like they aren’t valued and they’ll go somewhere where people will listen to them. You don’t necessarily have to utilize the feedback, but you should listen to it. Ask a follow-up question and give them your attention so that they know you’re hearing them. Who knows what treasures you may unearth by simply listening to your clients’ feedback.

Put quality first
How Not To Lose Clients – When you put quality first, you’ll gain good customer feedback and review which would eventually expose your brand to a new audience.

8. Doing Shoddy Work (QUALITY FIRST should be your focal point)

This one is as simple as it sounds. If you aren’t doing your best work, your clients are going to notice. They’re paying you for your best work, so if they feel like they aren’t getting it, they’ll take their business elsewhere – it is one of the easiest way to lose clients.

If you avoid these eight things, new clients will not only come knocking at your door, but they’ll also stick around for dinner and dessert.

How low can your clients go? The answer to that question depends on your level of relationship with them. This article has detailed how to stay popular in the client world and how to build an empire with clients that’d last for ages. Taking all these eight guidelines into practice would certainly save you a lot of money and time from negative company review, lawsuits and bring more positives towards your brand.

What are other techniques you’re using to keep your clients happy that are different from what we have shared above? There are many other business owners out there that wouldn’t want to lose clients, would you mind sharing these tips with them below?

Social Media

How To Make Effective Use of Social Media for Customer Engagement?

It has been rightly said that no other platform can provide you customer engagement better than social media. Social media has emerged out as a medium that provide businesses a platform to showcase their products and services. Most of the web users learn about various brands and businesses from social media. Therefore, one should make effective use of social media to enhance the engagement of the customers into your products and services. If you are looking for reasons how you can utilize social media for better business performance, then here we have solved your purpose. Below, we have clubbed several useful tips that can help you use social media in a better way.

Steps to Improve Customer Engagement ‘Without Breaking The Bank’

Customer Engagement Strategy for Maximized Growth

Keep Them In The Flow by Updating Regularly

Creating a business page on social networking websites would not only bring you traffic, but you need to update the content regularly, this would help you establish relation with your customers and they can also know what is cooking hot in your business.  You can share the latest deals; discount offers or anything related to your business that can please your customers.

Answer Customer Questions and Queries

Social media also provides you an opportunity to improve customer relations by answering the questions and queries that they might have.  If a customer asks you some question or he is confused over anything, you should always come up with a positive answer and help him clear his doubts and queries. This would help build trust factor among the customers.

Deal with Negative Comments Wisely

Surely, you might have had experienced negative comments.  Negative comments or discouraging feedbacks can be very intimidating to business. They not only put the reputation of your business at stake, but also pass a bad message about your business goals and values.  Whenever you come across a negative comment or feedback, you should answer politely and address the issue of the customer properly.  The answer should be very polite and not in arguing mode.

Give Clickable Social Media Icons On Your Website/Blog

You should always give clickable social media buttons on your website or blog. This way, customers can directly visit your social accounts without having to search them separately. In case you do not provide your customers with clickable icons, they may never come to know the existence of your social accounts because nobody has time to search for them separately.

Ask Happy Customers for Reviews

Another great trick that you can use to enhance customer engagement on social media is to encourage happy customers for giving positive reviews. People generally have a habit of going through the customer reviews before they indulge in the purchase. Reviews play a crucial role in making people reach decisions. Therefore, to enhance the credibility of your business, you can always ask happy customers to leave positive reviews on social media pages (facebook), so that they can encourage other customers.

Watch Your Competitors Closely

Since there is a tough competition going over the web to get to top positions, therefore you should keep an eye on your competitors so that you do not lag behind others in the competition. Be watchful about what they are doing and use that to re-define your strategies the same way so that it does not put a detrimental effect on your business performance. Never lose sleep over your competitors because while you are, they’re probably outplaying you in the marketplace. Find useful tools to make it easy for you to keep track of what’s on point. You can use tools like Google Alerts for being in the loop for trending and breaking news and events around your industry.

Customer Engagement Model
Customer Engagement Model: Non-personal and Personal Interactions | CC:- PM360

Promote Your Business Effectively

If you do not promote your business, customers may never come to know about your business.  You should always make efforts to promote your business the best possible way so that it can reach its targeted audiences.  You can also hire a marketing agency to help you do that.

Those were several tips that you can follow to enhance the customer engagement in your business. You could also reward your existing customers for their loyalty so that they keep coming back and refer others as well. Additionally, if you follow above mentioned tips, you can surely win over the trust of the customers. This would help you get improved customer engagement, increased sales and enhanced profits. If you are a business owner, then what are you waiting for. Use these useful tips to take your business to the next level and reap the results you always hoped for your business.