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Time Warner Cable acquired by Charter Communications for over $55 billion

Time Warner cable acquired by Charter

US cable company Charter Communications has officially made a public announcement on Tuesday that it is acquiring Time Warner Cable with a much fancy offer than the failed attempt by Comcast a year ago. Last year, Comcast offered $45 billion (£29.22 billion) to buy off Time Warner Cable but the offer didn’t see the other end of the tunnel – it failed, until now that Charter Communications have gotten ahead in reaching a $55 billion agreement, equivalent to £35.71 billion, to take over the company, according to the lead we got from Bloomberg.

Comcast failed to nail the previous offer due to its inability to get regulatory authorization.

Time Warner cable deal
With the new agreement, Charter Communications has placed a value of $195.71 on each of Time Warner share — 14% higher than how much the company shared was priced at the closing of the market on Friday. The acquisition of Time Warner cable has up its worth to $78.7 billion (£51.10 billion). Embedded into the agreement is another cable company called Bright House Networks.

Charter Communications

According to the official announcement released by the Charter Communications today, it reads:

“The merger of Charter, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks will create a foremost broadband service and technology company providing services to more than 23.9 million customers in 41 states.”

The unification will make Charter Communications the second largest cable company in the US, offering its services to about 20 million cable and internet subscribers.

Source: BI

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What to look for in a mobile broadband plan

The world is changing, technology is constantly being updated, and we as a society are becoming less able to live without it.

The internet has revolutionized the way individuals communicate with one another, to the point that communication without the internet is almost impossible.

Mobile broadband


Of course, a telephone can still be lifted from its base to make a cheap phone call, and a letter can be written with the receiver getting the sender’s message in several days time, but the world is becoming more and more globalized, and in turn, our methods of communicating with one another are too.

A letter simply does not cut it anymore to contact someone on the opposite side of the world, and a phone call is often an expensive means of contacting a friend or loved one overseas.

The solution is the internet, of course! But when you are on the move and need to contact someone overseas, in another state, or pretty much anyone who isn’t within a stones throw, you need a mobile connection that can guarantee your message is deliver quickly and without interference.

How to chose the best mobile broadband plan

Mobile broadband plans allow mobile devices to access high speed internet connections from locations right the way across the country.

Plans are available for laptops, tablets and mobile phones, and can be accessed by the user via a SIM card inserted into the phone or tablet with a plan loaded on, or via a USB or portable wifi modem that can connect and disconnect quickly and easily.

Many laptops on the market currently also come with the capabilities to support mobile broadband already built in to the system.

The plan-holder does not only have the choice of SIM or wireless modem to connect their device to the internet, they also are free to choose whether they would prefer a prepaid service, or one on a pay as you go system.

Prepaid plans are often more advisable and budget-friendly for students, elderly internet users, and those users who don’t go online very often, as the internet will stop working as soon as the set amount has been used.

The second option for mobile broadband users is to sign up to a pay as you go plan, which, like prepaid plans, allow for a certain amount of downloads for a fixed price.

You should watch out for plans where the internet connection is not cut off after the maximum downloads are reached, and additional costs – in some cases with some providers quite hefty costs – are incurred for excess usage.

Mobile broadband fixed contracts are perfect for use by those who are heavy content downloaders, or find themselves easily using the small amount of internet available on prepaid plans, though can rack up large bills if they are not monitored.

Visit iinet for mobile broadband plans, and more information on the options available to users.

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3 Types of Internet Connections and Their Usefulness

Starting or running an online business rest solely on one major factor, internet accessibility! Without a reliable and fast internet connection, you can’t excel in your service delivery. There are three types of internet connections method; some are for mobile phones while others are for both mobile phones and computers.

So, in this article, we will be sharing the top 3 types of internet connections and their usefulness.

3 Types of Internet Connections

Types of Internet Connections and Uses
These three types of internet connections have stood the test of time, providing internet solutions to mobile phones while at the same time servicing computers and smart device owners around the world.

1. WAP

Wireless Application Protocol WAP i

The WAP is an abbreviation for ‘Wireless Application Protocol’ is one of the types of internet connections that allows mobile phones to connect to the internet. It is another form of internet connectivity that can be likened to the GPRS internet connection. They both share similar traits except for the fact that a GPRS connection can be useful when connecting to the internet via a computer unlike it is with WAP. This is a totally mobile internet method which means that you can only use it on your mobile phone and you can’t use it with a computer.

The connection is very slow when compared to the other two forms of internet access mentioned in this article. Only mobile browser enabled phones can use this connection. Connection can be activated by using the phone line to dial a connection via the phone connection’ signal before the user can then be able to access the net. It is classified among the second generation internet connection method.


The GPRS internet connection method is known as a type of internet connection that which you can use to connect to the internet via your mobile phone network. You can’t go beyond the connection’s signal capacity which you can do in other types of internet connection methods. GPRS internet access is a second-generation connection method known as 2G. As much as it has its ups, there are limitations that accompany it.

The connection is fast in speed but very low when compared to the speed you can get from a broadband internet connection (the third-generation internet access).

GPRS internet connection can work both on a phone and a computer system. Just like I said above, you will need to dial the connection from your mobile phone in order to connect to the internet with this type of connection. In most cases, people use PC suites or Bluetooth to set up a connection link between the phone and the computer in order to access the internet through this method.

Of all the three types of internet connections discussed in this article, this one can disconnect at any point in time without notice, especially when there is no signal in the area, but a broadband internet connection can’t.

3. New Generation Internet Connections (3G and 4G)

Newer generation internet connection methods are known as the most reliable and fastest mode of accessing the internet. When we are talking of newer generations of internet connection, we are referring to 3G and 4G broadband internet connection methods.

A 3G broadband internet connection is known as the fastest internet connection until the time 4G internet connection method was announced to be in the making and when it finally released for everybody to be using it worldwide, it will become the fastest internet connection with the speed which is said to be in form of 100mbps which none of the formal internet connection are able to offer.

4G internet access is the best and the fastest means of accessing the internet as of now and it is far better than a 3G internet connection and even all other forms of internet access.

These three types of internet connection methods have stood the test of time, providing internet solutions to mobile phones while at the same time servicing computers and smart device owners.

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7 Steps to Get Better Mobile Broadband Internet Connection

Broadband internet connection is a form internet access that allows us to get the glimpse of the internet at our finger tips. We can do anything with this connection because it is very fast and even secure internet connection method. Majority of the things that we do on the internet daily that took us much time can be perform faster with the use of a mobile broadband internet connection because it is very fast and easy to understand than dialup internet connection and others.high speed internet

It is the best internet access that is available for usage at present and none can take its place for now except in the future. Since we know mobile broadband internet as a fast speed internet connection, does that means that the connection is perfect in all areas? Absolutely NO!

The mobile broadband internet connection sucks just like any other internet connection method that has being in existence for ages especially when the user made some errors when using the connection. So how can we put a stop to most of the issues that normally happens to a mobile broadband internet connection so as to keep on getting all the better service that the connection method offers? The right answers to the question above are what I will be talking about in this short article. So therefore, listed below are the top 7 steps to get better mobile broadband internet connection.

Browse at the right time

Browsing the internet when it is right is one of the best clues to help you have better mobile internet connection. Even if you are connected to the fastest and most reliable internet connection method like a 4G broadband internet, still, you can’t get faster internet access if you don’t browse the internet at the right time that you suppose to do it. You may be asking me that when are the right time to access the internet, I will tell you blatantly that you can get better internet experience when you connect to the web at the time when few people are using the internet in your area.

Think of the time when your area (location) normally cools down, the time when few people are actively doing one or two things on the internet and try to fix your internet browsing activity to that time and you will see that you’ll begin to experience faster and more reliable internet access whenever you are connected to the net.

Protect your connection when on wireless

When you are connected to the internet with a wireless connection, you should make sure that your protect your internet connection by disabling all forms of unauthorized access to your wireless connection because if you don’t do, people will start to share your internet bandwidth with you and sooner or later, your connection bandwidth will run-out.

Use the internet when necessary

If you don’t have what you want to do on the internet, it is advisable for you to stay clear of accessing the net at that point in time so that you can save your internet connection bandwidth. Browsing when you don’t have a clear goal of what you want to do on the internet is like you are trying to waste your bandwidth and that can hurt you later especially when you are short of cash.

Download lesser files from the net

The amount of data you’re downloading from the internet also must be minimized so that you can you can have faster internet connection when next you want to have the glimpse of the internet. Don’t waste your internet connection bandwidth when you are downloading files from the net. Only download the files that can add value to your life and the one that is very much important.

Make use of reliable web browsers

The experiences you will get when browsing the internet differ from one browser to another. If you are using an unreliable web browser, you may experience negativity in accessing some websites on the internet because of the browser. Assuming, you can’t compare a Mozilla Firefox web browser to Internet Explorer (IE, both old and newer versions). The results from each browser are very much different from others.

Use Good Computer

If your computer system is not of higher quality, then try to get another one that is of high qualities because your computer too can affect how you get better mobile internet connection.

You can’t get faster internet access on a slow computer. You can only have faster internet experience when you are using a fast computer with good configuration (computer’s function).

Protect your computer with antivirus

After getting a better and easy working computer system, the next thing to do is by making sure that the computer stays protected always by using antivirus software to protect it from all forms of virus attacks.


To experience a fulfilling internet connection, you should make sure to practice some of the tips mentioned above in this post and you will see that your mobile broadband internet connection will continue to work better than before and another thing is that, the above tips work for a slower internet connection too, slow connection such as a dialup internet connection.

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What Not to Do When Trying to Find the Right Broadband Internet Deals

Getting a broadband internet deal can pose a little problem to people – this does not mean that it is very difficult to get broadband internet connection service providers but to get the right one for you might be a bit difficult.

Why so many people fail to get the right broadband internet connection that suits their needs the most is that there are some things they ought not to do which they do and often leads them to hit the wall. When in search of a broadband internet connection service provider, you need to take some things into consideration before you can assure yourself that you have the right broadband internet deal.

Many people do make some certain mistakes that do lead to them not getting the right broadband internet connection deal for their needs.

In this post, we shall be looking at things you should not do when trying to find the right broadband internet deals.

Don’t look in the direction of start-up companies

Many people focus their attention on start-up companies for the sake of not spending money. It is always a good idea to strive to save more money but when it gets in the way of one’s living, it has to be curbed.

There are cases whereby you might for the sake of saving money go for a start-up company that will offer you cheap broadband internet connection service and at the end you find yourself spending more than what you budgeted for. While you can get cheap broadband deals from start-up companies, not all of them can offer you the right broadband internet connection deals. If you are in need of cheap broadband internet connection, you can consider bundling.

Don’t underrate broadband costs

One other thing you should avoid doing at all cost is underrating the cost of broadband internet connections. When you budget very little for your broadband internet connection needs, you might get disappointed that the broadband internet connection that will suit your needs most may cost more than what you have at hand and so you have to go for the one that you won’t benefit much from.

It’s more advisable that you have more than what is required to cover the cost of your broadband internet connection needs than not having enough. When you have adequate money to cater for your broadband internet connection needs, you can then buy other things that will help make your broadband internet connection better and more enjoyable.

Don’t go for an ISP because they’re offering free modems

Yes, a lot of us love free things. And mostly, this is what most broadband internet connection service providers use to hook people down to come to them. What you will read on their websites is that they are now offering free modems to everyone, while this is only a way to get you to their side. There is one simple question you should ask yourself: does anything go for free? If anyone wants to offer you a free thing you should have it at the back of your mind that such a fellow has a way of making you pay for it.

The internet service provider that wants to give you free modems knows you must pay to use that modem. If they decide to double the price of their service there is actually nothing you can do than just to pay the price and at the end of the day you will only find out that you’ve spent more than what you ought to have spent.

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3 Basic Internet Security Rules That You Must Keep for Good Internet Experience

In everything we do in life, there will certainly be one rule or the other that guides the usage of such a thing. This rules issue also applies to internet security, there are many rules that pertain to internet usage even this time where there are many hackers on the internet, hacking and hijacking lots of many internet users’ data and important files that worth a lot to the owner. Imagine, for a hacker to steal and take over someone’s stock account or if they eventually hack through someone’s online banking account, we all know that they (internet hackers or hijackers) are human beings like use but merciless in nature.