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Moving Home? Here Are 4 Steps For Setting Up a Fast Internet Network

We’re so connected to the Internet in our daily lives that, for many of us, the first thing we do when we move into a new home is set up the Internet connection. Sure, there are boxes to unpack and furniture to assemble, but what we really want to do is jump online so we can put Netflix on in the background as we get on with the hard work.

Every home is different, so factors like where the connection point is for the NBN and the position of the walls and doors around the house can affect the quality of the Internet signal. If you’re like most people and would like a strong signal and fast Internet speed across your house, a bit of planning in how you structure your home Internet network will go a long way.

This is how to structure your home for fast speed internet connection

How To Setup A Fast Internet Network in Your New HomeMoving home?


Choose the best network provider

This almost goes without saying, but a good network provider is essential for delivering a good Internet speed. Australia has a national broadband network (the NBN) that all Internet service providers (ISPs) can use, so chances are that wherever you’re moving will be connected to the NBN.

However, not all ISPs have their own dedicated node infrastructure throughout Australia; many will piggyback off the technology of other providers, which can result in slower Internet speeds, particularly during peak periods. Because of this, when you move you may find you’re better off switching to an ISP that has its own infrastructure to ensure fast Internet speeds. Be sure to talk to your new neighbors about which ISP they’re with and what their Internet speeds are like with that ISP.

Be smart about the placement of your modem and router

Once you’ve chosen an ISP, the next step is to make sure you’ve got your modem (the device that connects to the Internet) and router (the device that connects your devices to the Wi-Fi) in the right place.

Most people would rather tuck their electronic devices out of sight and mind, but routers have a limited distance across which they can broadcast an Internet signal, and that distance can be further reduced by objects such as walls getting in the way. Additionally, signals can be interrupted by appliances such as microwaves or cordless phones – anything that creates waves of its own. All of these issues can cause the Internet to function more slowly than expected.

The best idea is to place your modem and router in a central location to the home and make sure there’s as little clutter and appliances around it as possible.

Refresh your security

Many people forget about security, especially on devices such as their routers. So, given you’re setting it up again, why not take the opportunity to ensure the security is as robust as you can manage?

Set up your Internet to use the WPA2-AES security standard, which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 – Advanced Encryption Standard. This is the most powerful security option available for your Internet connection, so some ISPs might not offer it.

Security is important because if someone gets access to your home network, not only can they potentially get access to the information you don’t want them to, but they might start to use your Internet for themselves, slowing down the speeds you can get in the home.

Use the Ethernet

While the modern household is very mobile and wireless Internet is often the way to go, don’t forget that if you need extra speed (to a work computer, perhaps, or the box under your TV that plays Netflix), you might want to consider using a wired connection.

The Ethernet is a wired connection used in local area networks (LANs) instead of Wi-Fi. Connecting an Ethernet cable to your device to access the Internet will ensure it gets the maximum speed as it eliminates the loss of speed that occurs with wireless Internet. However, keep in mind there are different Ethernet speeds you can choose from.

The right network for your new home

Whether you live in a cheap city like Columbus or in an expensive home in the suburbs, getting your home Internet network right can make your new home more comfortable and more efficient, just be sure to invest in the right technology and have the right ISP providing your Internet service. If you’re moving home, you should also consider how to minimize the disruption to your Internet throughout your home, and using the Ethernet if you need it.

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Tablet, VoIP Netphone and High Speed Internet…I’m in Heaven!

A high speed ADSL2+ broadband internet can be advantageous for many reasons, but it also allows consumers to benefit from the increasingly diverse nature of how we use the net. From a tablet to a VoIP phone, we’re no longer content to merely use a net browser to view websites, or an email program to communicate with family and friends.

With ADSL2 Broadband, Tablet & VoIP phones, you’re boarder-less

iinet Budii VoiP Phone calls

Evolution of VoIP phone calls

A VoIP phone allows us to call people from our computer, but we need a high speed connection, such as ADSL2+ broadband internet, to really benefit from it. With a VoIP phone, we can have a telephone conversation with someone on the Internet, or be able to phone someone who is using a regular phone. VoIP itself stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.

A softphone is one way that VoIP communication can be established. On a computer screen a softphone will typically resemble a hand held phone, by having a row of numbers that the user can punch in to connect with someone by using a mouse. Some users of a VoIP phone will also be able to take advantage of a ID facility – which can be used in a similar way as a list of names/telephone numbers of contacts.

A VoIP phone is one example of how beneficial high speed internet can be. Using a dial up connection to call someone will normally be problematic as the line will often break up and make a conversation almost impossible in some cases. High speed ADSL2+ broadband internet is also important to anyone who watches videos online regularly, or who likes to listen to radio stations online.

It’s also a boon when it comes to downloading music, films, games, etc., as the download speed will be many times faster than it would be if downloading similar items using a dial up connection. Most websites are now designed with high speed internet in mind, so most web pages will now appear slow to a dial up user.

iinet budii - ADSL2+ broadband high speed internet impact on tablet and VoIP users
ADSL2+ broadband impact on tablet and VoIP users

Via Tablet

The tablet has been another way that people can now take advantage of the internet. These devices have not just become a must have for techno geeks, but ordinary consumers are now hooked on these hand held devices, which are mostly operated by touching a screen.

How the devices is used range from social media interaction to reading books, and, in the case of the latter, some popular tablets are designed specifically for this purpose. These devices can be connected to the internet via a wireless network, or, for instance, by way of a ADSL2+ broadband internet connection.

Australian internet users can benefit from combining a home smart phone with a modem, and have the option of adding a tablet, with iiNet ADSL2+ broadband internet budii deals. Budii is a communication device that helps to simplify technology and communication for iiNet users.

Regarding the budii deals, iiNet customers have the option of renting or buying, and of taking up a two year contract or not. A two year contract involves a saving of $80 on both the smart phone/modem and smart phone/modem/tablet deals. The smart phone and tablet are also compatible with Google’s Android.

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Why You Should Disagree to Agree When Choosing a High Speed Internet Connection

Before choosing high speed internet connection, you need to constantly keep yourself on your toe by asking yourself this life challenging question about the type of high speed internet access package that you want to choose with this simple but complex question, “Is this broadband connection good for me”? or “can I get the speed and bandwidth that I really need from this connection”?

How to Stay Safe When Using Public Wi-Fi by Olawale Daniel

I believe that if you can answer YES to this kind of question, then, I think you’re on the right journey to a full speed internet connectivity experience because you need to know the value of service that a broadband company offers you at a point in time so that you can compare it with others and even ask questions from those that have used such service before in other to know the amount of bandwidth limit whether it is unlimited or not.

The best way to choose a good high speed internet connection provider has been explained and even expatiated better in the paragraphs below.

Review the Offer

The major reasons why you should disagree to agree before choosing a high speed internet service provider is to know the type of service they offer when it comes to the speed and bandwidth rate. You don’t need to hear a good testimony from your friend or following other people’s advice before choosing a good high speed internet service provider because what you need the need the broadband net access for might be different from theirs. Some people will advise you that choose this broadband ISP because the speed is “good and likewise the bandwidth” but you needs to exercise due diligence in other to get the very best broadband internet service providers that will suits your needs.

Ask Questions

By asking more questions about people’s opinion about their past or present experience with some of the high speed internet connection ISP will come handy for you to know much about the offers of each ISP, but you need to caution yourself not to believe or agree to all the suggestions they can contribute. However, by getting a good or bad complaint about those ISP will help you to shift your position to the right place. You can create a questionnaire about this on facebook by inviting your friends to participate, by asking them what they know about the ISP service that you want to subscribe to, so that you can learn from their past experience about those ISP. Moreover, you can go to their website or visit their customer help desk of their office to ask more questions about their service. though, doing this will costs you time and money but if you don’t pay a good attention to this, you’ll end up spending even much higher than what you spend to do the research and this does pays than to jumps to any high speed internet ISP without knowing what they can really offer you in terms of good service delivery.

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4 Ways to Avoid Experiencing a Degrading Broadband Internet

If you had been using a real high speed internet connection service over the years, you won’t feel comfortable using a slow and degrading internet connection like dial up. There are, however, some factors that can make your high speed broadband become degrading and poor in performance.

When your broadband starts performing slow, your productivity output will be altered. But this could be avoided if we avoid doing some wrong things and also do the right things at the right time. Below, I will share tips that will help you optimize your internet connection usability.

Avoid Visiting Sites You Don’t Know About

Users are fond of doing many funny things with their internet connection which is often referred to as exploring; visiting websites they know nothing about being one of them! If you are fund of visit just any website you heard of or you are fund of clicking links to websites you don’t know about on the web, you may be surprised at what dangers may follow such acts.

When I was on a vacation in one African country at the start of my discount coupon blog where I talk about Allurez Coupon and Diamonds International Coupon, I was reading an article on and I followed a link from there to Craiglist. My IP was banned immediately, and when I contacted my ISP, I was made to understand that my IP was banned for attempting fraud! How could that be? It was later that I discovered that many people from that country do scam people on Craiglist, and so trying to visit the site with their connection service will only lead to them banning your IP address.

Use Proxy Tunneling Sites/Programs

Another way to avoid having bad experiences using a broadband is by using a proxy tunneling program to mask you IP address. There are some sites that won’t work well with your current IP address, but do you know that with the right proxy tunneling software or website, you can visit any website you like on the internet?

If you are experiencing difficulties visiting particular websites with your current internet connection, you can try out proxy tunneling programs like Tor, India web proxy or

Avoid Overloading Your Internet Connection

Overloading your internet connection might cause you to have bad experiences using it to surf the web. You won’t want to be found in a situation where you’ll have to restart your computer or have to wait for longer periods than usual just because your connection has been overworked.

Your internet connection will become overloaded if you open too many tabs on a single web browser at a given time, if you are downloading multiple files at once or if your computer is downloading an update from the internet while you are still running too many tabs at once. Try to avoid these from occurring, and you will enjoy every bit of your broadband connection.

Protect Your Computer from Viruses

Viruses can be bad and terrible at the same time. There are lot of troubles you can run into if you are not making sure your computer is protected from viruses and spywares. One of the most dreaded ways a virus can affect your internet connection is by uploading your browsing history and caches to unsolicited individuals on the internet– usually the programmers of the virus.

You have to make sure your computer is highly secured from any form of virus infection. Secure a strong and reliable antivirus program for your computer and make sure it’s always up to date.

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3 Basic Internet Security Rules That You Must Keep for Good Internet Experience

In everything we do in life, there will certainly be one rule or the other that guides the usage of such a thing. This rules issue also applies to internet security, there are many rules that pertain to internet usage even this time where there are many hackers on the internet, hacking and hijacking lots of many internet users’ data and important files that worth a lot to the owner. Imagine, for a hacker to steal and take over someone’s stock account or if they eventually hack through someone’s online banking account, we all know that they (internet hackers or hijackers) are human beings like use but merciless in nature.

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3 Ultimate Factors That Affect Your High Speed Internet Connection Performance

Your high speed internet connection will only work better when there are no problems hindering its performance. Having a problem-free internet connection performance is achievable if only you know how to optimize your connection. If you want to access the internet and your internet connection is working at a snail speed, you will certainly get annoyed and the negative experience get from this can also make someone to loose hope in that particular internet connection method.

Today, we are going to be talking about different factors that can affect your internet connection performance and possible ways of solving these problems easily. So, here below are the three different possible factors that can affect your internet connection performance over the time.

4G internet connection performance
There is a huge difference between 3G internet and 4G internet connection performance. They aren’t on the same level.

Location of Your ISP

The location of your internet connection service provider has a lot to do with your internet connection performance. If your ISP service provider location is far away from where you are accessing the internet from, you will certainly experience slow internet connection. The rate at which you will be able to access the internet from a particular location can be different from how you can access it from a place closer to your internet service provider’s network service. You can only enjoy your internet connectivity if you are located in a place closer to your internet service provider’s connection base.

Location of the website you’re trying to access

Your internet connection performance can be determined by the location of the website you’re browsing through. Most big website on the internet have different mirror servers which you can make use of instead of having trouble accessing the main site. Many website at times has different servers in different countries, if you are accessing a website and you notice that you cant access it efficiently, you should contact the administrator of the site to know if they have a mirror version if the site in your country or in a place closer to your location, e.g. you may have difficulties in accessing while you’re in Canada which supposes to be, but once you can locate the next servers that is closer to your location it will be easier for your to access the site with the full features.
To resolve this, you can contact the administrator of the website you find it difficult to access about the problem and ask if there’s a possible solution to it and also you can make use of internet anonymity software that can help you in accessing website that is too far from you with a dedicated server that’s present in that country, a great example of this is your-freedom software. It has over 20 different servers in different countries throughout the world.

Limitation of your Internet Data Transfer

If your ISP company puts limits on your internet connection data transfer rate, you may find it very difficult to access the internet or a particular website at a particular time because of limitation that’s on your internet connection package. At times, some ISPs companies limits the kind of websites that you can visit with their service by filtering your internet browsing transfer making it difficult for your to access a particular website at a given time.

All the above mentioned points are factors which can affects your internet connection performance and you need to take not of this so that you can enjoy your internet connection.