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Blogging and Your Business — Beyond the Basics

Blogging is all the rage. It’s so popular that every business knows they should be blogging. It’s a great way to connect with your customers on a personal level, it helps communicate your expertise, and it’s a great way to attract new customers to your website. But, are you doing it right?

There’s a lot of information out there about how to write the perfect blog, but a blog is much more than the words on the virtual page.

Here are a few other things that go into a high-quality blog that you likely aren’t doing, but they can have a huge impact on the overall success of your online presence.


Blogging and Your Business – Building a sustainable brands with blogging

Visual Elements

When you think of a blog, words, sentences, and punctuation come to mind. There’s no doubt that what you’re writing is extremely important, but the visuals on your blog are important too.

Before you start to feel overwhelmed, there are a lot of great online resources that can help. Custom design templates can make it easy for you to create title images in just a matter of seconds, while stock photos are a great way to add visual appeal to your blog.

Other visual elements to consider include:

  • Readability of the font
  • Font and background color
  • Bulleted lists and short paragraphs
  • Images and embedded videos

Choosing the Right Hyperlinks

A blog is about more than just having someone read your content. You want search engines to read and like your content too. That means integrating SEO techniques, like hyperlinking.

Start by linking to previous blog articles. Linking to other articles early in the article you’re currently writing is the best way to get noticed and ranked higher by Google. Then, make sure you’re linking to many different articles. Don’t link back to the same two articles all the time.

It can be very helpful to link to outside resources too, but be careful. Linking to reputable sites looks better in Google’s eyes than linking to low-ranking sites that haven’t been updated in ages.

Share and Promote

If you build it, they will come. That may be true in the movies, but it isn’t true for your blog. Just because you post something on the internet doesn’t mean people are going to read it.

Instead, you have to put in the extra time and effort to promote your content so people know it exists. A few ways to promote your content include:

  • Linking your article to social media accounts
  • Including a link in your email campaign
  • Creating a pin for your article on Pinterest
  • Partnering with others in your industry and offer to share each other’s content

Most of all, keep track of each article’s stats to see how it is performing. Strive to recreate the kind of content that’s getting a lot of attention, and consider going back in and altering blog articles that aren’t performing well. By paying attention to these details, you can get the most out of your blog.

Blogging Tips

5 Dumbest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make While Blogging

When you start a blog, you think it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 right? Just set up an account, write contents and then publish the story and sit here and wait till people visit your blog. That is because you think blogging is just like that. You write your thoughts and let people know what is on your mind. But wrong. It is more than that. Running a blog and making money out of it is never easy. It requires a lot of commitment and making your blog as competitive as possible to let people know your site is out there and they should check it out. Others may succeed while some don’t. Of course, you will want to be on the other end of the spectrum and you want to avoid these things that most bloggers do. Here are the dumbest mistakes entrepreneurs are making while blogging and we provide solutions to quickly turn the table over.

Want to Start a Blog? Here are Dumbest Mistakes You Should Be Wary Of.

DUMBEST MISTAKES IN BLOGGING:- Are you making these dumbest mistakes as an Entrepreneur? Now is the time to do things rightly; posting at the sequence, pick the right template to promote your brand, taking time to reply to comments from your tribe, having a working promotional strategy for your content, and not forgetting to put search engine positioning in proper check.

Choosing the Wrong Template

When you start a blog, the design templates, color schemes are very important because the first impressions last. If you have a business-like content in the blog, or if your target is the professionals, then you may want to avoid using flowery templates or cheeky-colored backgrounds. Instead, choose a straightforward color and you can research the color schemes perfect for businessmen. There is a psychology behind the colors and designs in website making so you should do a little read on that.

Also, make sure that the contents are readable despite whatever foreground and background color you choose in the design. If your texts are unreadable or of it causes strain to their eyes, then chances are readers won’t come back because you are making it hard for them to like your blog in just a glance. If you are just starting out, you may want to check out WordPress and if you have a little extra, you can get premium themes do make your website a little fancy but still with great depths.

Not Paying Attention to Comments

The comment section is the place where your readers connect with you. This is the place where they can be heard and as a blogger, you have to acknowledge that. Unfortunately, most of the time, the comments section is unread. Think of the comment section as the feedback comment of your retails store, they air out concerns and even commends your store for having good customer service. The comments section in your blog is like that too. Replying to your customer helps increase your goodwill and you should be courteous about your reply to keep in touch with your readers.

Sometimes the comment section is where they may give constructive criticisms like you are overselling yourself too much or just have gone way overboard with the storytelling. Though telling your story may captivate a lot of people but that can sometimes be telling too much of yourself and sometimes overestimating how your life and “success” stories go, it can lead to losing readers or regular visitors in your website. So when you want to tell your story, don’t overdo it and keep a little bit about yourself when you start a blog.

Want to Start a Blog - Here are Dumbest Mistakes You Should Be Wary Of.

Not Using Search Engine Optimization Techniques

To reach the first page of the Google search is the main point of blogging and using the right SEO techniques. This increases the visibility of your blog thus increases blog traffic. You should understand when you start a blog that writing for a print publication is different when you are writing for online publications. SEO or search engine optimization is very much useful to gain visibility and hopefully make it on the first page of Google Search! However, you have to make sure that you are using the correct method of making use of the keywords. Don’t overdo things and strategically make sure the keywords are in the right spots. There are tools that you can use and purchase them online to add keyword density to your post and still make your article look good and not forcibly just insert the keywords in the whole content.

Not Promoting Blog Content

As an entrepreneur, you have to promote your blog or website to increase traffic, gain a lot of visitors and earn money in the future. When you start a blog, this vision seems far-fetch at first so sooner or later, you may forget and neglect that you had a blog. That can be a problem because if you don’t put contents or then your readers don’t have anything to look forward too.

Promoting your blog is very important because it helps you build your brand and make it become a household name to a lot of people. One of the best and surest way to promote it is through your social media accounts. You can always share your content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media websites. Aside from that, there is the e-mail list where you send emails and send updates to your subscribers about your products. Then you can also guest post to other blog sites with the same niche and also encourage other bloggers to post on your website. It is very nice to promote and see your blog grow along with other people who are also in the same niche as you.

Writing Everyday

Writing every day is like a 2-edge sword if you are a beginner in the blogging world. Others may say that when you start a blog, writing every day will increase blog visibility and at the same time increase blog traffic. But if you are a beginner in blogging, and you only have a few following, in the beginning, only about 10% of those viewers will see your blog. It does not really make much of a difference depending on the article contents that you have too. So, as a newbie in the blogging industry, you may want to go slow on your entries and then increase the number of articles as your viewers also increase.

There is no exact solution on how to really avoid these dumbest mistakes in blogging but the one thing that you should do as a blogger is to listen. Publishing anything on the blog the way you want to and not thinking about other people will make them like your website even less. It is not the content and the appropriate keywords that matter to them the most. It is because what they are looking for in your blog site is not met or seen by their eyes.

There are many things you can do to turn people off your blog that we might have missed. But, we believe avoiding some of the major points outlined above wouldn’t be considered as part of the gravest or dumbest mistakes you’d ever make this year as an entrepreneur trying to make things happen through blogging.

If you could do without any of these blogging mistakes which have been dragging some of the former top bloggers backward as a result of complacency or not measuring up to the industry standard, you’d be highly regarded by people in your niche as a professional blogger who knows what’s working and what’s not. You will not commit some of the gravest mistakes of using blogging to propagate your online business.

If you are making these dumbest mistakes as an entrepreneur, it is time to do things right to achieve great success while blogging. To start a blog and achieve great success doing it, the above outlined are dumbest mistakes entrepreneurs make while blogging you must avoid.

Are you a blogger or an online entrepreneur? Have you been committing any of the dumbest mistakes above? Share your experience with us below.

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Sharing What We Care About, that’s Why We All Love Blogging

The world has never been more connected than it is today. The explosion of social media in the late noughties has allowed everyone to share multiple snapshots of their life in a series of pictures, tweets and statuses to friends and family anywhere in the world.

This has become particularly prevalent with the ever tumbling prices of already low cost mobile broadband.  The link above points to the provider mobi-data which currently offers internet data at 1/20th of a pence per MB of data – suffice to say that unlimited data usage is a cheap and plentiful commodity for people in 2014. One of the most popular and longest standing social media channels is the online blog. Essentially a blog is an online journal, which provides an outlet for individuals to share their life experiences and opinions in much greater detail than would be possible on sites such as Facebook. But of course, you knew that because you probably have read one before, or even have one yourself.

blogging while travelling
This lady blogs while traveling around the world because that’s what she loves doing!

Blogs can be created by anyone for any purpose, and there are millions of them ranging from stay at home mummies sharing their experiences of motherhood to stylists reporting on the latest collection from the FROW at London Fashion Week or techies at the recently concluded #CES14 where all new technology developments are on display for the world to behold. Such has been the success of blogs that marketing companies have jumped on the bandwagon to capitalise on this ready-made captive audience. Blogs can be used not only as a personal record of life events and journeys, but also provide a perfect platform from which businesses can communicate their brand and services through well written articles with relevant content aimed at establishing relationships with key demographics.

Whether you are looking to create a personal or professional blog, there are several things you must consider in order to make your blog a success.

Firstly, what will your content be? Are you a foodie who wants to share recipes and inspire fellow cooks with your culinary creations? Are you a budding photographer who wants to publish your experiments with new lenses and techniques? Or maybe you are an established travel company looking to increase your web presence by attracting new clients to your website.

Whatever your choice of topic, you need to be passionate about it. Interesting and engaging copy is key to all great blogs, and MAD blog award winner hits the nail on the head with her honest writing about her life raising two daughters, her love of vintage style and crafting. Another great example is, where Kari eloquently writes about all things fashion, inspiring readers with her style and regularly reporting on different brands and design must haves for any fashionistas wardrobe. The reason these blogs work is that they are full of personality, and even though they contain the odd paid marketing review, readers know that they are getting the bloggers own thoughts and opinions.

It takes a while to build up trust and relationships with your readers, but with clever content and regular posts with short attention grabbing titles, your blog will start to gain gravitas in the world of Google+. 🙂

Why do you blog? Are there other interesting reasons why you blog different from what we’ve mentioned? Please let us engage and learn more about this subject.

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5 Must Have Gadgets for Bloggers That You Can’t Afford Not to Have

Gone are the days when blogging was done for the sake of hobby only. The time has passed and so the state of blogging is. Many bloggers are joining the blogosphere, one day after the other. If you are also one of them, then you might be familiar with the hard work involved in blogging. Well, hard work is key to success but only hard work does not pay you anything. In fact, I would rather say that Smart Work is key to success, especially in blogging.

There are many gadgets that can ease the work of any blogger. I got inspiration to write this article when I stumbled upon a Dutch gadgets website. Investing your hard earned money on every gadget is nerds’ step and I hope you are not so. To help you in this, I am up with the list of 5 must have gadgets for bloggers. Let’s have a look at it.

Must Have Gadgets for Bloggers All Over The World

Must Have Gadgets for Bloggers in 2020
Are you an upcoming blogger, or an existing expert confused about gadgets to buy? Check our list of Top 5 Must Have Gadgets for Bloggers.


Admit it! Blogging for the whole day by sitting in front of your PC is a damn tough task. Even it’s not good to keep blogging secretly behind the curtains. If a blogger has choice to buy only one gadget, then I will surely go for Netbook only. As a blogger, you can’t be sure that when you are in need of Internet. Having a Netbook will do the trick for you in such case. Most of the bloggers prefer Apple Macbook to have with them. Thumbs up, if you can afford it. But if not, then no need to feel sad, any other Netbook will do the work as well.

Acer NetBooks - Netbook is one of the Must have gadgets for bloggers
Netbook is one of the must have gadgets for bloggers. Getting yourself a notebook, or call it NetBook, will help your business a lot. It allows a seamless and location friendly working experience.


Being a blogger and still having an old 90’s mobile phone in your hands is like giving knowledge to others and staying far away from it yourself. Smartphone is what I recommend on the second place in this list of 5 must have gadgets for bloggers. In the past some time, smartphones have crossed all boundaries and are near to the level of laptops. The need of smartphone increases even more, if you are a tech blogger.

Top notch smartphones are basic necessity for bloggers who is aspiring to reach the top. It is one of the must have gadgets for bloggers to have this year.

Gaming Console  

I know you are blogger. I know you need to work hard day and night. But I can’t neglect that you are human first. A human who needs rest, fun to get more work from brain and body. That’s why listing the need of gaming console in blogger’s life on no. 3 in this list of 5 must have gadgets for bloggers. Of course, you can opt for any gaming console of your choice. The idea here is to enjoy some fun time, while staying in touch with technology. Gaming consoles do the both for you.

Bloggers Needs to Invest in Gaming Consoles for Relaxation Purposes
Bloggers Needs to Invest in gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and others in order to feel relaxed after a very long hours of brain works.

WiFi Finder

There is no existence of blogger without Internet. Being a blogger, I have suffered many times, the problem of not having Internet with me. But thank God! I have got a WiFi finder with me. It helps me to find WiFi easily. I know, every blogger must have it. No Internet means no blog. And no blog, so what’s ‘Blogger’? I am hearing this word for first time.

Blogger Needs WiFi Finder - discoverability at its best
Professional blogger needs a fast and working WiFi Finder in order to stabilize their internet access.

External Storage Device 

I like to keep my blog’s visitors updated with useful content. For this I always use videos. My PC is showing the ‘Low Storage’ signal. If this is happening with you, then stop compromising with your needs or deleting the old content for the sake of saving new. Go get an external storage device. Although, I am listing it on last in this list of 5 must have gadgets for bloggers, still it’s worth to have it.

External Storage or Hard Disk
There are certain gadget you can’t do without as a content creator. External storage (Hard Disk) is one of such must have gadget you can’t stay away from using. There is just no way.

One additional must have gadget I’d have added to this list is a professional DLSR camera. You can read more on how professional camera works in our previous post to have an idea of that.

Don’t hesitate to make investment on this five must have gadgets for bloggers. Believe me, you are going to thank me for this list. Well, I accept your ‘Thanks’ and from me, Welcome buddy!

Feel free to share your opinion and let us know your next gadget on the list!

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How To Earn From Blog Without Ads

Shocked from the title? Well, you should be, as most (not all) of bloggers think that advertisement is the only way to earn money from blogs. The misconception is mostly among the newbies. But there are several other ways by which a blogger can earn from his/her esteemed blog even without displaying ads. If you are still confused about it, then read out the post below, in which I am listing the best ways to earn money from blog without ads. So let’s pay attention here.

How To Earn From Blog Without Ads

Paid Reviews
Since blogs are getting huge importance in the search engines and thus are getting huge traffic, therefore every new app, software or service developer wishes to get them reviewed on blogs. There are many people who are ready to pay a healthy amount to get a review on blogs. This is the best way to make money from blog. You can simply add the contact us or paid reviews page on your blog. This will give the visitors, a way to contact you to set the deal.This is the best ongoing method to earn from blog and by the way, it doesn’t include any ads.

Offer Services
Taking any blog to success meter is a damn tough task. During the ups and downs of blogging, you get talented in many fields. Don’t let your talent get wasted. You can use it to help others, well, not for social welfare, but for money that will go in your pocket directly. The best way to get new clients for your services is by placing a Services page on your blog. This will allow your visitors to hire you for services, because, the clients are also hidden in your blog’s visitors.

Sell E-Book
Expertise in your niche, then go ahead and write an attractive E-Book on it and post the download link on your blog so that others can download it in exchange of some bucks, set by you. Selling E-Book will help you to get extra amount in your pocket and Yes, it’s not any sort of advertisement.

Become SEO Consultant
With the ups and downs of your blog, you learn many new things related to search engine optimization (SEO). You can use these skills to make money. There are many companies and bloggers who are always looking for SEO consultants. You can attend them and can earn a lot.

Writing Jobs
A blog is all about writing content. This helps in improving your skills in writing. You can offer your content writing service to other bloggers or can apply for various writing jobs. You can be a freelance writer and who knows you get hired by some big company as permanent content writer.

There is lots of money in blogging. Don’t put all your eggs in a single basket. Advertising is only one way and not all. So give them a try and grab the money that is waiting for you always on the other side of advertisements. If you have any query to ask, then feel free to use the comment box below.

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8 Reasons Why You Can’t Make the Best of Your Blogging

Blogging has become an important part of our online activities. Bloggers have been on the rise in the recent years. In the past, blogging has only been limited as an online platform, where a person can talk about varied topics and anyone can follow to express their comments, thoughts, ideas and more. The purpose of blogging still revolves on this but the main concept behind blogging has seen significant changes. More bloggers have come to realize the capability of blogs in generating online income when the right type of hard work is employed. It is also essential to understand the potential of these blogs as they could be converted into cash-generating systems.

We will not discuss here the reasons on how you can gain benefits from your blogging. Instead, let us get to know the points on where bloggers can go wrong and why they usually fail to create the large impact they could create with their blogs.make money online fast blogging

1. You ignore new ideas for your blog

The first thing that you must understand is that the internet is a fast changing platform. The strategies and techniques, which could be effective during the previous years, could never be successful this year. The main platform for blogging so there is a need for new ideas for your blog.

2. You still follow conventional forms of online marketing

Most traditional ideas for businesses are not suitable for online ventures. With the recent advancements in doing business online, it would entail greater innovation on its style and implementation of business strategies. For example, if you still cling to conventional marketing techniques you might easily be beaten out by your competitors.

3. Your blog resist to be a solution to certain problems

Provide a solution to the problem that you think could be solved by your blog. Your competitors can easily displace your ideas if you cannot tap the right market. Most individuals now are becoming netizens or people who are always online. These people know certain strategies to use the internet to their advantage so you must work hard now to follow this trend.

4. You disregard blog innovations

You can present old ideas with new features. There is no need to formulate an entirely original idea to be lucrative with your blogging. If you have been following ideas through conventional forms, you will certainly end up a loser in this fast-paced world.

5. You don’t have a membership with social networking sites

The proliferation of social networking sites with gaming options could only mean one thing – the internet is a powerful tool for networking and entertainment. You must use this fact to make your blog more humane. Try to add entertainment value to your blog. Make certain that you have always something to tell, perhaps a good story or a striking cartoon.

6. You think monetizing your blog is bad

A blog can be your online cash machine. Monetizing your blog is not just a way to provide you a regular flow of online income. It will also turn your blog into an online authority to whatever niche you are blogging about. However, to make your blog worthy of monetization, you must write interesting content based from your expertise. If you cannot even write a blog post, it would be hard for you to maintain your blog.

7. You write poor-quality blog posts

At first, it is just right not to expect about the commercial side of your blog. You can focus now on the returns you can reap as time goes by. It is essential to prioritize the quality of your content and the presentation on the initial stages of your blog.

8. You disregard web traffic

It is crucial that you have real and natural traffic from real online visitors. Stay away from those auto traffic generators since it is a form of cheating and dishonesty. Aside from this, when Google found out that you have utilized these kinds of systems, you will be penalized or worse, your blog will be cancelled.

David is a promotional items expert Writer and write a lot about promotional products like pen drives, laptop bags.

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The Best 5 Blogging Tips to Wow the Readers

5 Blogging Tips to “WOW” Your Readers This Year

Everybody can set up their own blog on the worldwide web if they want to. You see, blogging is a great means to express your thoughts and views to the world. The best thing about a blog is that you don’t need to be an expert in programming in order to build it. Creating a blog is very easy. In fact, it can be done in just a matter of minutes using blogging resources such as Blogger or WordPress.

Blogging is an excellent way to make money, and be heard on the internet. Whatever your reasons are, whether it is to communicate your thoughts and views or to make a profit, blogging is definitely the best way to go. Indeed, blog posting is a fun experience, but, of course, you would like to make money out of it. Actually, there are lots of things you can do to your blog to drive more traffic and increase revenues. So if you want your blog to be a smash hit, here are some blogging tips that you need to know and put into practice.

But first, it is of the essence that you know and understand what a blog is. Basically, a blog is a short term for weblog. It is also known as an online diary. Constructing or maintaining a blog is what is referred to as blogging. Meanwhile, the individual entries or articles on the blog are commonly known as blog posts or blog entries; while a blogger is the one who writes these posts or entries on the blog.Blogging Tips 101 for this year

There are many different reasons why people create a blog. Some do it for their business and to boost up their ranking in the search results of major search engines. While others blog to increase their sales and generate higher traffic to their website. Blogging is also a good way to make your company get noticed. But most people enter the blogging industry, does it because they want to make money online.

Now, here are the vital tips that will help you get started in the blogging world.

1. Blog about the subject that you are most familiar with.

It is very crucial to create a blog in which you have knowledge of. Remember in setting up a blog, your goal here is to give some helpful information the public. It is important that you know what you are saying in your blog since the people rely on the information that you post on it. As much as possible, you have to ensure that what you are posting in your blog is accurate and useful to the readers.

2. Make use of profitable ventures by means of blogging.

If you are blogging for work, there are several ways that you can do to earn more income using your blog. This is one of the most essential tips that bloggers should know if they want to take advantage of this opportunity to do what they love to do while making money out of it. The most common profitable ventures through blogging are PPC programs and other affiliate marketing programs.

3. Make some regular updates to your blog.

It is very important to keep your blog up to date. Why is it vital? Of course, you want to stay current so as to keep the readers from coming back to your blog and read your blog posts over and over again. By updating your blog from time to time, you will have more chances of making more money online.

4. Put more valuable information on your blog.

Usually, the best blogs are those that give accurate and useful information to the reading public. Even though how inspiring it is to plainly read a blog about a person’s life or personal experiences, it is even more money-making to have a blog that is enriched with various information that are vital and useful to the readers. This way your blog will gain more readers, thereby making it more popular in the world wide web.

5. See to it that your blog posts are very interesting and persuasive.

You have to make sure that every blog post that you put on your blog is very engaging and appealing. No matter what the topic is, there are many different ways to make your blog entries interesting and persuasive. In this way, the readers will keep on visiting your site to read your posts again and again. This only means that bloggers who make use of their blogs to earn some bucks will get more frequent customers.

Although there are lots of blogs that are found on the internet, there are some ways on how you can make your blog stand out and cut above the rest. The most effective way to do it is to put yourself on the shoes of your readers. Imagine yourself as a reader and think of the things that you would like to read and to see on the blog to keep you from visiting the blog repeatedly.

Rajkumar Jonnala Part time Blogger and in his free time writes a lot about cable label and rack cable management.

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5 Blogging Surprises You Should Expect This Year as a Blogger

5 Blogging Surprises You Should Be Expecting This Year as a Blogger

2012 is a better year for everyone when compared to other years that we have passed – even for me, I reckon it as the best for me as a blogger because it is a great year when my blog clocked one and also the year I started my new blog as well.

Last year was the best for some people while many still complains a lot about last year not being their best year due to some mistakes and errors they’ve made along the line. Do you have to allow such a thing to happen to you this year? I don’t think this has to be because this year is believed, is going to be the best for everyone excluding the lazy bloggers out there who aren’t ready to sacrifice all for getting their desired results.5 Blogging Surprises for 2012

In this article, I shall be sharing with you some of the basic surprises you should be expecting this year as a blogger, so that you will not sleep and forget yourself while some of your friend who are bloggers are already working hard for getting good results. But rather, you will work harder in order to achieve the best you’ve ever been dreaming of.

So, follow the steps I mentioned below and make sure that the inevitable doesn’t meet you unprepared because this year is a year of surprises. – read the unbelievable things that happen around the world in 60 seconds.

Google PR update may fail you…. and you needn’t to worry

The main reason for Google to demote its own Google Chrome page from search pages is because of the report from Search Engine Land about Google’s action of buying paid links to rank Chrome page, which symbolises Google violating its own rules and guidelines. The search giant Google, in order to show that it is still on its verdict; demoted Chrome (search engine land reports) from search pages and strip-off its Google Page rank of 9 to PR 0 for that same reason.

And that should tell you that you should be expecting something similar to this year or else, it will happen unexpected – which means that you need to plan ahead to avoid getting hit badly.

With that action, it means Google doesn’t value its own business pages more than other websites on the internet and Google can penalize anyone who’s trying to go against its rules and guidelines. That is why you shouldn’t engage yourself in Black Hat SEO or some other illegal SEO Tricks that some people are marketing out there.

If you lose Google page rank, you shouldn’t worry much about it for now, but rather focus on improving your website search position in order to claim your top position back.

Several Google Panda Update effect on many blogs

What is the main benefit of having a great PR status? Isn’t it traffic? But, what is the essence of having a great PageRank without good traffic? I don’t think such PR status has anything better to offer. And, that is the main reason why you shouldn’t focus on having good page rank when you are supposed to focus on how you can be getting good and huge traffic from Google.

Google Panda effect is another thing that has been happening in the blogging industry since last year because of Google’s decision to produce the best answer for its users.

Google does not want to promote the wrong site to the front page of its search software when there are other useful websites underneath with useful information for the searcher. For this reason, the search engine giant creates the Google Panda system to rank websites according to the latest and how informative each site is.

Now that you know the main reason for google to make such decision, and the next for you is to make sure that your website revolves around Google Panda algorithm rules and guidelines by avoiding illegal contents on your blog. And also make sure that your website is always up to date with latest and updated information.

Increased Organic Searches for Positive Thinking Bloggers

Just as we have some group of un-serious bloggers, so also are serious ones who are ready to do all it takes in order to achieve success. You should be expecting increased organic searches on your website starting from today if you are following the rules and regulation designed for webmasters by Google and other search engine providers such as Yahoo.

However, if your organic search reduces, you should know for sure that you’ve made some mistakes and need to correct them as soon as possible in order to avoid being axed from top google result pages.

No room for the wicked – do the right thing all the time

You love duplicate contents? Stop that from now on or else, you will lose most of your credibility from Google and your website will be discredited for this. Anything you are presently doing that might affect your website in the nearer future to come should be avoided. Don’t copy-paste content from other blogs. And if you are to do that, make sure that you reference the site where you copy the information from. Any blogger who tried to turn another person’s content into his or hers will soon get axed from search pages online and since you all know that; traffic from search engines is the best traffic.

Guest Posting and Publishing may fail for building backlinks

Guest Posting will fail soon – that is a great assurance because Google is getting stronger and more stricter day-by-day. And you need to start building backlinks to your blog with another methods, so that it won’t happen to you unaware. It is no more news that using guest posts to build backlinks to a blog or website helps such site to rank better on search pages and also can help that same website to get higher google page rank, but, now that people have started abusing the system with non-quality contents and bad keywords, Google will soon stop this model for building backlinks.

If you want your website to remain relevant in the industry after that time, you should start thinking of another method you can use to drive traffic to and rank your site better on Google. What the video below for similar information on it.

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Blogging while Traveling – How do I go about it?

Blogging while Traveling: A to Z steps

If you are working as a blogger for a publishing house or doing your own gig, blogging does give you flexibility and a lot of blogger keep their work updated while traveling as you do not want to lose the readers interest.  Part of the fascination with blogging is that you can do your job anywhere in the world while traveling so long as you have internet. So, we decide to share some awesome tips to help everywhere who loves blogging while traveling around the world.

Traveling could be more helpful for bloggers to gain new insight into few things to write about and I personally love writing/blogging while traveling either in a public or private car of mine because it gives me comfort and helps me in learning new things.

I easily get exposed to new ideas, new things in a particular place which I can relate to my blogging world and this helps me improve as a blogger who loves blogging while traveling. Please read the guidelines for successfully blogging while traveling below.

Some tips to facilitate blogging and posting while traveling are discussed here:

blogging while travelling

Use a Desktop or an offline solution

When you are blogging or creating posting or even writing emails, it is always better to use MS word, notepad or a text editor that can work offline and once you gain internet access, you can do a rapid copy paste job and transfer the email or post to the blog. This also takes care of data loss if you lose a net connection while using a web based publishing tool.

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Use Facebook and Twitter for small updates

If you have a slow connection or an intermittent connection, then you can use Facebook posts or Twitter updates for short notes which will keep the blog updated.. You can use widgets on your blog to keep readers updated with the latest posts.

Organization and using time judiciously

Part of the blogging job requires that you organize your schedule and create a checklist. One should also try to use the time waiting at transit stations or the time spent travelling to generate new ideas and keep the blog updated.

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Use Smart Technology Devices and Tools

Always carry smart tech gadgets that increase mobility and help you keep providing regular updates.

Small laptops, net books, tablets and even smart phones will help you in keeping the weight low and provide complete mobility. Do check if the devices will work in the travel destination or they require certain additions as certain countries use different power plugs.

Use the latest Tools that help you sort out the work and keep your organized like creating Twitter lists. Using the various applications and tools will increase efficiency.

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Plan Ahead and Work in advance

Before Traveling you can create and set up staggered posts that be published at regular intervals. You can schedule newsletters. You should also be fully aware of the publishing platform being used. If you are not, then it becomes difficult to find assistance in remote locations with limited connectivity. Be prepared in advance.


While traveling internet connectivity bills can cause a huge headache. Always try to get accommodation which offers free Wi-Fi. A lot of the coffee houses and hotels offer free internet access if you order a drink or use any of their service so one should be smart and not let go of these opportunities. Hotels offer free Wi-Fi access in the lobby and once should use that.


Hope you like and enjoy this article, tips on how to engage in Blogging while Traveling anywhere in the world? Share your own experience and tips that you know might even be useful for others as well below.

What other methods do you think blogging while traveling experience could be improved? Have you ever engaged in a blogging activity while traveling from one state to the other or from a country to another, what was your experience? Please share that awesome blogging while traveling experiences with us so that we can learn a few new things, religions or others. 🙂

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Differences: Black SEO & White SEO – What is Black Hat SEO & White SEO?

Editor’s Take: What do you know about black hat seo and white seo? I think you should have heard something concerning these words before. Do you think using any of these two techniques can help or mar the success of your website? You’ll know that by following this simple to understand article from a friend of mine who owns,, a blog that focuses on all tech updates and others. Here comes Chandra…..

Black SEO

Because of the wish of the webmasters to see their pages well positioned in search engines, the illegal optimization methods appeared. Those methods are called Black-Hat SEO, and they refer to techniques used by the search engines to “see” the content of a site, while the visitors see a different thing. The search engine penalizes or eliminates the index of such sites once they are discovered. Amongst major companies that tried those methods is BMW or Ricoh, both sites having German origins.


Amongst the Black Hat methods, we can talk about the sites that spam the social networks. Amongst those methods, the most effective one is publishing a material referring to the subject that attracts visitors and including a link to the site that needs to be promoted in front of the curious visitors. Along with those visitors that represent a growth of the site’s traffic, the users will also take the link, spreading it around the internet and creating a set of external links. There are many methods to grow traffic and to have the desired positions in the search SEO vs white SEO

There are two main optimization methods possible. One of them refers to the code of the site and optimization by including the site in directories and obtaining links to your site. The description of the page affects the ranking greatly. An evolved web interface will highlight the keywords that need to be exploited.

An evolved structure of a site must highlight the desired keywords. This can be done by
using the tags <meta>, or tags such as <h1>, <h2>, and <strong>.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO represents a method based on respecting the rules and recommendations of the search engines. It is an optimizing method that is based on creating the optimal density for search engines, on resembling content for human users and for the crawlers and spiders of the search engines. It also represents a long-term optimization, and the only method that is not penalized by Google. You can use a series of SEO instruments to see the optimization degree of a site, considering the indexing rules of the crawlers.

Black Hat SEO is a method that does not respect the rules, trying to trick the search engines, and to obtain better indexes. Black Hat SEO was considered an illegal method, as there is a difference between the visual and non-visual content of the site. It is a method designed to obtain results fast, but it attracts penalties from search engines. Still we can see a lot of threads on black hat SEO on different webmaster forum.

The most interesting methods are discussed by the visitors of the internet-marketing site. Some of those techniques are:

–          keyword stuffing; the site contains a large number of keywords

–          invisible text; texts that have the same color as the background

–          doorway pages: fake pages that are not visible for the human eye, pages that are created only to be indexed by the search engines

The Black Hat techniques are tempting, as they offer fast results, but they can attract different penalizations from Google.

Subhash Chandra is an internet marketer who has a team of experts and newbies discussing on ideas , tips , strategies on making money online in his webmaster forumThe webmaster forum also has marketplace to buy/sell/trade online goods or services.