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How to Travel the World Using Your Laptop

In an ideal world, traveling would pose no financial challenge. You would sip your latte in a chic coffee shop in Prague one day and embark on a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean the next. You would have enough money to buy a safari excursion or fly all the way to Australia and dive at the Great Barrier Reef.

But, this is the real world, and more often than not you can barely make ends meet at the end of the month, yet alone travel to some exotic destination. However, that doesn’t mean that you can trick reality. In this overly connected world, you don’t even have to get out of your home to enjoy what the world has to offer.

Here’s how to visit the world using your laptop.


See the World without Leaving Home

The Internet is a place for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you can afford to book a vacation at a five-star resort or are camping outside the city. It doesn’t matter if your computer is old or new. Anyone can use different platforms and services and see the world without ever leaving their couch., for example, is a service that gives you access to thousands of webcams around the world. You can see the Northern Lights in Finland, enjoy a panoramic view from the Eiffel Tower, or visit Budapest’s main square. It will take you one click and less than a few seconds to get there. You can also explore places that are unknown to others by using their map and accessing all available webcams.

Google Earth is another excellent platform you can use to learn about the world. Sure, there are a lot of strange sights on Google Earth, but the website also showcases a lot of educational videos and tours of cities, UNESCO sites, famous buildings, and so on.

Engorge on Social Media Pictures

We all have that friend that is on a perpetual vacation and posts photos from every destination she or he visits. Don’t feel bad about envying her and thinking about banning her account (we’re all guilty of that.)

Yes, social media can be a frustrating reminder that your life isn’t as perfect as you would have wished. But, instead of resenting those that live their dream, try to use social media to explore the world and learn new things.

Follow travel accounts on Instagram or Pinterest, read travel blogs, and let their stories and photos seduce you. Who knows, maybe someday you will put all this knowledge to good use to create a travel blog of your own.

As you’re reading this article, feeling sad for yourself that you are stuck at work, try to understand that while you can’t physically travel to a destination, you can always cheat reality.

Become a Tutor and Connect with People Worldwide

One of the things that make traveling such a rich and fulfilling experience is immersing in cultures and traditions that are different than your own. Thankfully, you don’t have to fly to the other corner of the world to learn what views other people have on topics like life, death, politics, and so on.

For example, you could go to websites like, become a tutor, and connect with people worldwide. By becoming an English teacher, you’re not only supplementing your income and saving money for a holiday, but you also get to learn about the places you plan to visit someday. And, who knows, maybe you’ll become friends with your students and ask them to show you around via Skype or to send you pictures from their town home.

Blogging Tips Business

Blogging while Traveling – How do I go about it?

Blogging while Traveling: A to Z steps

If you are working as a blogger for a publishing house or doing your own gig, blogging does give you flexibility and a lot of blogger keep their work updated while traveling as you do not want to lose the readers interest.  Part of the fascination with blogging is that you can do your job anywhere in the world while traveling so long as you have internet. So, we decide to share some awesome tips to help everywhere who loves blogging while traveling around the world.

Traveling could be more helpful for bloggers to gain new insight into few things to write about and I personally love writing/blogging while traveling either in a public or private car of mine because it gives me comfort and helps me in learning new things.

I easily get exposed to new ideas, new things in a particular place which I can relate to my blogging world and this helps me improve as a blogger who loves blogging while traveling. Please read the guidelines for successfully blogging while traveling below.

Some tips to facilitate blogging and posting while traveling are discussed here:

blogging while travelling

Use a Desktop or an offline solution

When you are blogging or creating posting or even writing emails, it is always better to use MS word, notepad or a text editor that can work offline and once you gain internet access, you can do a rapid copy paste job and transfer the email or post to the blog. This also takes care of data loss if you lose a net connection while using a web based publishing tool.

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Use Facebook and Twitter for small updates

If you have a slow connection or an intermittent connection, then you can use Facebook posts or Twitter updates for short notes which will keep the blog updated.. You can use widgets on your blog to keep readers updated with the latest posts.

Organization and using time judiciously

Part of the blogging job requires that you organize your schedule and create a checklist. One should also try to use the time waiting at transit stations or the time spent travelling to generate new ideas and keep the blog updated.

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Use Smart Technology Devices and Tools

Always carry smart tech gadgets that increase mobility and help you keep providing regular updates.

Small laptops, net books, tablets and even smart phones will help you in keeping the weight low and provide complete mobility. Do check if the devices will work in the travel destination or they require certain additions as certain countries use different power plugs.

Use the latest Tools that help you sort out the work and keep your organized like creating Twitter lists. Using the various applications and tools will increase efficiency.

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Plan Ahead and Work in advance

Before Traveling you can create and set up staggered posts that be published at regular intervals. You can schedule newsletters. You should also be fully aware of the publishing platform being used. If you are not, then it becomes difficult to find assistance in remote locations with limited connectivity. Be prepared in advance.


While traveling internet connectivity bills can cause a huge headache. Always try to get accommodation which offers free Wi-Fi. A lot of the coffee houses and hotels offer free internet access if you order a drink or use any of their service so one should be smart and not let go of these opportunities. Hotels offer free Wi-Fi access in the lobby and once should use that.


Hope you like and enjoy this article, tips on how to engage in Blogging while Traveling anywhere in the world? Share your own experience and tips that you know might even be useful for others as well below.

What other methods do you think blogging while traveling experience could be improved? Have you ever engaged in a blogging activity while traveling from one state to the other or from a country to another, what was your experience? Please share that awesome blogging while traveling experiences with us so that we can learn a few new things, religions or others. 🙂