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Commenting – Stairway To Quality Traffic, Backlinks, And A Good Page-Rank

Congrats you have your blog up and running, making your living through it and getting lots of traffic from search engine and direct links, now comes the time of interacting with other fellow bloggers belonging to the same niche. And what should be the right approach? Any guesses! Commenting, off course, a stair way to high PR, huge traffic and a quality back-links. But where is the skill lacking? It`s the right way to do it? Approaching it in the right way. You know, only commenting is such powerful tool in your arsenal which when used in a right way can take blog to the new height. So how to do it the right way?

Find your niche blogs to comment on

Just Google and find the right blog to leave the best impression, it does not matter if it is a do-follow or not, but check whether if there`s enough crowd to interact or not. Check whether the comments posted are relevant or not. Why I don`t care about the do-follow or not because a right and relevant comment can bring you a decent traffic even from hell too. It totally depends upon your use of right words and right approach.

Alternative to Guest Posting

You are well aware what`s guest posting is all about – Back-links, Traffic and Page Rank. But not everyone cannot write a guest post to a reputed blog in a single go – especially when it comes to newbies, that`s where commenting comes into action. So there`s no harm commenting on a high PR blog – the which is most reputed in your niche. Just read some random articles(the one which suits you) and leave the best opinion about the same. Don`t worry take time – after all you are commenting on a reputed one in your niche.

Read First, Then Comment

Biggest mistake, a commentator do just before leaving their bad impression. What do you think? Are they fools sitting on the other side. They are smart enough to detect whether you have read the article or not before commenting on to it. Here`s a fact – “You are, what you comment”, you reflects your nature with what sort of comment you leave on other blogger. So it`s better to read and grab the idea behind the article, then leave your comment. And I bet, not only you will feel better this way, but the author and other readers will also appreciate your words. No doubt that you are going to receive uncountable hits from that comment.

Basic Rules To Follow

Everything starts with some basic rules to follow. So commenting has got it own too. First, do not write your blog name in the name field(write your own), a very common mistake. Use your photo or gravatar instead of some superstar or a cartoon character posing for you over there. It`s the best way to grab the attention of other readers and author itself. Never comments like “good article, nice article, thanks for sharing and all such spammy words”. Try to write something which relates to the article, which adds some value to it. And yes, feel free to criticize the article if you are not in support of something, but do state your reasons, don`t use abusive language to criticize it, it`s the worst thing you are going to do to yourself. Instead, use polite words and lucid language to justify what you want to put to the users.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

Is that what you are looking for, benefits? Along with a positive insights in your daily traffic graph, some quality back-links and a positive PR update, you also gain exposure in the blogo-sphere. By reading and leaving your opinion on other blogs is what making you older and mature contender in your niche. A single high quality comment can bring you loads of traffic My opinion, be a good observer, while reading/commenting the articles on other blogs, try to grasp their writing skills, their key-word usage strategy, how they outline there articles and try to grab every bit of it, with that you`ll be able to leave a better impression, but you will also gain a better insights to write and implement the best strategy while writing for your own blog. Benefits are uncountable, but it depends on you, how desperate you are in seeking and grabbing them.

So here`s this journey comes to an end. So fire up your nerves and start acting on to this list of blogs to comment. Happy Commenting!

Blogging Tips

How to Get More Comments (Feedback) from Your Article

Why do some blog post fails and some succeeds in getting the right feedback from readers? Discover how to get more comments from your article.

If you find it very hard to make people comment or give feedback on your blog post, then you need a quick fix as fast as possible. When you are preparing a blog post, there are lots of things to put in place in order to expect positive feedback in form of regularly updated comments – I mean more comments!

Writing blog post that attracts more comment from readers isn’t a joke! You have to plan and prepare the content structure very well in order to arrive at your desired results – which is ultimately, positive feedbacks from readers. In my effort to proper justice to that, I will be talking on how to get more comments without changing who you are – just be yourself and the comments will start pouring in.

How to get more comments (feedbacks) on your blog post without consulting an oracle in your village.

Post Must Be Well Formatted

The main purpose of writing your blog post is to engage your readers and make them feel like they are at home whenever they are on your blog. There’s no reason why you will not take much time to provide them great contents because of the result you are targeting which is to get them coming over and over again to your blog.

When writing your blog post, make sure that you take much time in arranging the article to make it look more professional than the one that which they can just find on the public domain sites. They must see your posts as something that will turn them on and not to turn them off.

Format your post very well to make it look very beautiful and easy for your readers to read and that will make them to comment better on it.


There is nothing in the blogosphere that can bring more results than a well written blog post. A post that is well written will go a long way in getting more reader’s praises than the one that you just wrote on the blog without thinking twice.

Consists Easy To Follow Clue     

The main reason why your readers read your blog is because of the solution that you are providing them and if you stop to do so, they will go to another place. So, make sure that your post have lots of clue to help your readers and you will see them giving you lots of reply on the post to show you that you just make their day. Your motivation to write a post on your blog must be based on helping your readers to solve a particular problem which they are facing and that’s why you need to make sure that you keep on finding a solution to their problems everyday.


After writing good post, then the next thing is to format it very well to make sure that they are able to read it very well and after, expect the reply (feedback). Before I forget, this article is part of the series “201 Ways to Promote Your Website for Consistent Traffic Intro,” you can read up the rest of the series by going here.