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Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android Review

Secure Your Android Smartphone with Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android

Android devices such as HTC Titan II, Samsung Galaxy families and the rests have overnight become the greatest rivals to the popular Apple product, the iPhone. It happened thus because these phones are being built with good and outstanding features that you might not easily find in iPhone (in most cases). However, these phones, I mean the android mobile phones, are mostly powered with the latest Android OS software such as the ICS, thereby helping the manufacturers to add additional outstanding features and capabilities to the phone.

But as of now, the current numbers of threats relating to android OS recorded over the year is not encouraging at all, giving that we need to find a security solution to the issue. Many have lost their most useful information to mobile phone hackers over the years – all because of lack of security tool on their android devices.

But I’ve found a lasting solution to all your mobile security challenges as of now.

Here’s the solution, the Bitdefender Mobile Security Software for Android is just for you if you need solution to your mobile insecurity. The software is the recent release by the popular security company, BitDefender.Bitdefender internet security for android users

Are you ready to protect your device?

Aren’t you ready to take care of your android mobile device security? If you are ready for the challenge, I’ve this review to share with you so that you can have basic knowledge of what the software can do for you.

Look no further for android mobile antivirus software anymore because BitDefender Mobile Security is here for you to download right away.

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android

It is now time for you to enjoy your Android device without the fear of hacker or breakers trailing your smartphone. You can now start protecting your smart device from all e-threats, and preserve your device battery with the Bitdefender Mobile Security software.

The Bitdefender Mobile Security software lets you smartly protect your device that’s running on the Google Android Platform, either online or offline without hassle.

With its latest addition, cloud scanning technology, you can be sure of keeping your android phone battery up and running with no involvement of the battery through the process of scanning the device for issues.

It provides basic and critical information about app/services that requires you to pay a certain fee before you can access them, thereby helping you to make the right choices at the right time about the deduction of your money from the service or application. Unlike what Jon Barocas said in his post on Problems of QR Codes, where he outlined challenges many face with using the system. He mentioned that many people are billed for services continuously without their knowledge with the use of Fake QR codes.

Bitdefender Mobile Security will help you solve these types of misappropriation of your phone credits from being deducted unnecessarily simply by helping you prevent applications from getting permission to use the internet or to access your private data, thereby making you proactive about how your money is being deducted and some other things.

In my opinion, this software is one of the best Antivirus for Android apps this year because of its awesome features and threats solving capabilities.

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Features of Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android

Anti-Theft Security Measure: (Premium subscription based service)

This program’s Anti-Theft module is designed to help you remotely lock, locate or wipe your android device of its data whenever it is confirmed stolen. Another great benefit it has is the ability to send message about the status of the phone. Though, it is not a free service, it is a billable service but it worth the price.

Web Security (Premium subscription based service)

The Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android software make use of the Bitdefender Cloud storage services to send alert to the user, when surfing the internet, about some webpages that is not safe for the person to browse through. It mean, if it detects malware, phishing or any content that looks fishy, it will warn you against such.

Pre-Programmed On-Install Scanning (Free & Premium Subscription Based Service)

The new Bitdefender Mobile Security has been pre-programmed to always scan new android application upon installation to help your mobile OS stay clean and protected. You don’t need to worry about malicious code injection into any android app that you wanted to install when you have this application running – both on your phone and on the cloud. This feature is both available for free and premium users, which mean, you can either get limited service freely or subscribe for a premium version with more advanced features to give you good Android Mobile Experience.

On-Demand Scanning (Free & Premium Subscription Based Service)

It comes with an on-demand scanner to help you scan the mobile OS (your mobile phone operating system) whenever you felt like scanning it for probable issues.

It is advisable for mobile phone users to always scan their mobile PC’s applications to keep the its secure and up to date with latest security e-threats. If you are looking for mobile antivirus online for your smartphone, I recommend you to download this app from the download server to your android smartphone right away.

Application Permission Request Audit (Free & Premium Subscription Based Service)

Now is the time to track every event that’s happening in underground mode on your device with the Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android’s Application Auditing option. It will report to you all the application that are trying to have access to your Internet Connection, Contact List, Messages, Calendar entries and Photo Gallery – even while you are sleeping.

This feature is helpful for tracking all the applications that have been granted permission to access the phone’s critical locations in the past – such as apps that have used your bandwidth to check the internet for one or two things, phone credits for making phone calls or sending SMS and others.

Reduces Stress on Your Android Phone Battery

One thing that is very common to smartphones these days is the low battery issues. The iOS5 is known few months back having low battery issues with the Siri assistant management (though, the solutions to those were later released with a message about the fix for the Siri bugs and a solution based post on charging glitches), so also does Androids having battery issues due to some application that were working in the background mode.

And thanks to God because it will be taken care of by this great program. No program will run in the background to drain your battery and also, when the application is conducting scanning, it won’t have any effect on it as well because all the process is being done online via the cloud based service.

Features of the Free & Premium Package of the Antivirus

Free Version Key Features: It comes with key features such as Application Audit, Malware Scanner, and Remote Geolocation.

Premium Version Key Features: This is a premium service and it comes with more option such as Application Audit, Web Security, Anti-Theft protection (Remote Geolocation, Remote Lock Device, and Remote Wipe Device), and Malware Scanner.

System Requirements for Bitdefender for Android

  • Android 2.2 or later version: You must have the latest android software running on your phone such as the Ice Cream Sandwich. But, if you have Android 2.2, you can install this app as well but it won’t work for any version before that.
  • Fast Speed Internet Connection: You must have an active internet connection working on your device. With that, it can help your track and protect the gadget.
  • A Default Android Web Browser: The phone must have the default android browser working on it.

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