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How To Become a Better and More Engaging Manager at Workplace

You won’t learn how to be a better manager overnight, in fact, being an engaging and inspirational team leader takes patience, the willingness to want to develop your skills, focus, and experience. To strive forward and become more skilled at managing a team, you should learn about your cohort and realize what their strengths are as well as their weakness. You need to hone your business acumen via means of further education, filling gaps in your knowledge, taking yourself out of your comfort zone to promote growth, as well as to serve as a role model, and listen effectively.

There are so many qualities to try and adopt in order to be the very best and better manager you can possibly be, so continue reading for expert advice, helpful suggestions, and sensible direction to engage your team at every opportunity.

How to Become a Better Manager In Your Profession

To become a better manager as a team leader, there are different qualities to possess and criterion to follow, and this is what this post is all about. To expose you to those leadership qualities and how to develop them if you don’t current posses them.

Improve Your Knowledge of Business Processes

To Be More Engaging Manager - Try to Improve Your Knowledge of Business Processes
To be a more engaging manager and an understanding one, you need to regularly aspire to improve your knowledge of business processes. There’s a need for consistent sharpening and re-evaluation of your skill sets. Do this regularly, your stock will skyrocket in value delivery.

When it comes to business processes, there’s no one appropriate place to start, and this is because there are simply so many. Get acquainted with all the processes you need to understand and oversee and take furthering your education all in your stride.

Begin by enrolling in a course to see your managing skills improve. If you have a bachelor’s degree already, then you’d be eligible to pursue a supply chain management masters to open up new positions for career advancement, an increased number of leadership opportunities, as well as broadening your understanding and grasp of sourcing goods, data analysis, positive interactions with your team, and implementing a fully supportive business environment.

Value Your Team

Value your team if you want to become a better manager
Value your team if you want to become a better manager and person of value to the team.

Remember to communicate just how much you value and appreciate all of the hard work your team does for you and the business. Congratulate individual members of your company when they have performed exceptionally well and impressed you. Make them know how much you value them by bestowing praise and appreciation, but also by caring for their welfare and providing a great working environment focused on healthy and transparent communication, positive and constructive feedback, group bonding experiences, and of course, an open, clean, and clutter-free working landscape.

Value their health, morale, and productivity by improving office conditions. Do this by ensuring facilities and appliances are regularly serviced and up-to-date, the place is clean, air-conditioned, filled with plants, and light and bright enough.

Have An Open Door Policy

Have an Open Door Policy to engage your colleagues
Be approachable at all times. Maintain an open-door policy to encourage team players to have freedom of expression. Just this alone inspires creativity and improves overall productivity in the workplace. And guess who goes home with the accolades, the best manager who oversee the team activities.

If you’re yet to introduce such a policy to your office space, then it’s high time you did. An open-door policy communicates how you want to be of assistance to your employees whenever they need your advice, suggestions, or to raise a complaint, for example. Essentially, your company need to be rest assured that you will actively listen to them, be approachable, helpful, understanding, and impartial should they need to consult you on any matter at all. To implement this feature, you can simply gather your team together and explain how you plan to put this operation in place, and what you want to achieve from it.

Encourage employees to come and see you when they need to, but if you’re particularly busy for whatever reason, make sure that you free up at least one hour in the day to welcome questions, suggestions, and even criticism.

Don’t Accept Bullying and Discrimination

Don’t Accept Bullying and Discrimination
Your working place should in a normal clime be serened and serenading in nature to foster productivity. Any form of negativity must be booted out immediately you spot them. Doing this would further cement you as a better manager.

Your team needs to know that you simply will not, and cannot, accept foul and disrespectful behavior and language within your workplace. Make it abundantly clear that such conduct will be challenged as soon as it happens, and further action to discipline and dismiss the perpetrator will be carried out.

Setting an example should include showing your team how you expect them to treat each other, and that bullying in the workplace will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Your employees should be safe, protected, valued, and seen and heard. Allowing discriminatory behavior to happen communicates the opposite, and no good leader would allow this to happen. If you’ve been unwilling so far to engage in office politics, whispers, gossip, and dispute, then now is the time to set it right and come down hard upon those you seek to undermine, tease, and persecute other hard-working members of your team.

Show Your Vulnerable Side

In order to show your vulnerable side, you needn’t weep in front of your team and explain how much of an awful day you’ve had. However, there’s nothing wrong with being human, accepting fallibility, and enjoying a laugh and a joke with those around you. By presenting yourself as not too dissimilar from your team, you’ll be able to engage them and encourage them to like and respect you. Ask for help when you need it, and be honest about gaps in your knowledge and how you’re seeking to fix them.

Be personable and approachable as, after all, you should be focused on working to motivate and inspire your workforce. Doing so will drive morale and productivity, and in turn, should push for higher profits, and a more seamless running of the business – always a good thing!

Display Your Passion and Drive

Display your drive and passion for the job to become a better manager and team leader
Display your drive and passion for the job if you aim at becoming a better manager and team leader. Let them feel what you are talking about!

Passion, motivation, and happiness are contagious. So, with this in mind, try and present a positive outlook to your team. This isn’t to say that you should pretend everything is great and smile through adversity, but instead, look for ways to pick your cohort up after unforeseen adverse conditions and shortcomings.

Always keep your team in the loop in regards to what’s happening, how the company is performing, challenges it’s facing, and advancements it might be thinking of adopting in the coming future. Show your excitement for development, and be willing to share the business’ ups and downs with those you work hard to see that it succeeds.


To recap this article and to get the most out of it, be sure to take away some essential points made over its course. So, in short, make expectations clear, communicate well, and set your employees tasks to keep them busy and engaged. As a leader, you should know all about the many different business processes and be able to responsibly and clearly answer any questions your team have. Give them insight into the framework of the business, how you expect operations to be run, and just how much you appreciate everything they do for you.

As well as these points, closely monitor your budget, never accept bullying in the workplace, and realize your own potential and worth.

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5 ways that you can use the internet to manage your time as an entrepreneur

In the fast-paced world of business, every second counts. That is why you need to make sure that you are making the most of your time. Instead of spending your days distracted by unnecessary tasks, all of your focus should be centred on taking your business to the next level. If you are determined to succeed in your entrepreneurial endeavours, you will need to read on. Below are five ways that you can use the internet to manage your time as an entrepreneur.

Ways to use the internet to manage your time as an entrepreneur.
Do you have challenges in maintaining the peak of your daily schedules? Worry less!
Written underneath below are five effective ways that you can use the internet to manage your time as an entrepreneur starting immediately.

Look for time-saving ideas

Going online opens you up to a world of opportunity. Make sure that you are always on the lookout for time-saving ideas. This will help you to free up your schedule. One option is to use marketing automation. This software platform will take control of your digital marketing activities. It can complete repetitive tasks such as product recommendations, abandoned cart notifications, and order confirmations. Why complete these jobs yourself, when technology can do them for you?

Manage your schedule

In order to get the most out of your days, it is vital that you stick to a clear schedule. That is why you should consider moving your weekly timetable online. Going digital will provide you with the tools needed to color code your workload, edit your tasks, and share your information with other people. It will also eliminate the chance of you losing your schedule.

Monitor your communications

If you are in charge of a workforce, it is important that you are communicating online. Even if you are in a small office space, digital communications are easier to monitor. You can even use an email system that allows you to see when an email has been read. This will help you to hold all of your employees accountable and to promote a fast turn-around.

Find potential employees

If you have a vacancy that you would like to fill, you should look for your employees online. This will help you to find a wide range of candidates and will improve your chances of selecting someone who is a suitable addition to your business. It could also save you a huge amount of time, as you can cut out the process of dealing with a recruitment agency. Instead, you can find all of the necessary information independently.

Conduct your meeting online

Conducting your meetings online is a fantastic way for you to manage your time. Instead of leaving your office for meetings, you can stay in one place. This will benefit staff morale, as your employees will be able to see you throughout the day. It will also ensure that you aren’t wasting any of your time in transit. Why spend your days travelling around, when you have important tasks that need to be completed? If you decide to take this approach, you need to ensure that you understand the basics of engaging with video calls.

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5 Awesome Free Online Productivity Tools That’d Up Your Game

Nowadays it is more than unusual to meet a person who resides somewhere in the western world and doesn’t use their computer on a daily basis, or at least to a certain extent. Even the ones who have real trouble coping with these new technologies frequently use programs for processing information, web-based email accounts, social media, and sometimes nifty free tools for either entertainment or professional purposes (like image editors, audio/video streaming services and so forth).

In order to adapt themselves more adequately to the insanely quick pace of modern life, many embrace all sorts of free tools and apps which are simple by design, but offer great help when it comes to time-efficiency and productivity. Today we are going to introduce a couple of these free online productivity tools that can be extremely handy for all users, no matter how technologically savvy or advanced they are.

You Can Do More Than Expected With These Free Online Productivity Tools
HOW CAN I BE MORE PRODUCTIVE? You can do more than expected with these free online productivity tools.

Want some improvement? Use these free online productivity tools to up your game!

1. Fotor

Fotor is free web-based online photo-editor

Fotor is free web-based online photo-editor, and it has many amazing features like making a collage (which is great for making serious tutorials, and also for fun, making collages from your vacations pics for instance). It also has options for beauty retouching, making HDR photos, double exposure photos (a beautiful effect which is very complicated to achieve without Fotor). You can also create designs with different elements for your YouTube channel, social media post, or Facebook cover art and much more.

2. PDF to Excel

PDF to Excel

The most famous programs for information processing are Microsoft’s Word and Excel, and because they are so widely-spread, with each new update there are some fantastic new features. But as much as they are advanced, they have certain lacking in specific sections.

It is well known that Excel spreadsheets should be converted to PDF (Portable Document File) format before sending, so that the layout of the page wouldn’t get corrupted when the file is opened on another device. But the PDFs are read-only file types and cannot be edited regularly, they require a specialized program or a tool that can convert them back to their native state, in this case the spreadsheet.

PDF to Excel is a completely free tool that allows you to extract your Excel spreadsheets locked in PDF and then edit them without any problems. Besides the very accurate conversion, its best feature is that absolutely no user information is required, not even an email address.

3. Doodle

Doodle scheduling app

Doodle is a scheduling tool designed for busy individuals who often struggle with free time, and when a couple of people like this try to meet, either for business or simply for a cup of coffee, the process of arranging the meeting often becomes complicated and quite tedious.

This tool works on a principle that everyone on it marks the dates, locations and a specific time frames when they are available, and by doing this a match is automatically found every time that the time/place is in accord with all the participants. It really simplifies the process and the time needed to schedule any event.

4. XSplit Free

Xsplit app

XSplit is a streaming software perfect for both video and game streaming, and the free option allows you to set up a live high definition broadcasts without any troubles.

While the gaming section is pretty simple to understand, the regular video streaming can be used for a number of different reasons, ranging from education, tutorials and business, to music and other more relaxed subjects. It also has a personal and premium packages with whom you can get access to other more advanced features.

5. Buffer

Buffer App

As one of the best social media management tools around, Buffer is a great option for anyone who needs a software that is simple by design but has real power in its core. After creating the account you can add or remove networks and connect all your social media pages and profiles.

In the Analytics Lab you can access all the analytics reports where you can see your social media reach and quickly learn how to improve your marketing strategies.

With Buffer you can also create custom posting schedules, and choose the frequency of your daily posts. It can be used on all your devices via their mobile app, and directly from your browser using the add-on extension.

If you find yourself in any of the niches that these free online productivity tools are made for, be sure to give them a try and become more productive than ever before!

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How to Stay Motivated and Be More Productive in your Business

The internet is trending right now; it has given a lot of us the opportunities of our lives, opportunities we might never have if the internet never existed.

The problem with the internet, however, is that it is damaging as much lives as it is improving, and one area that is notorious for this is the area of productivity.

The productivity of this generation is dwindling, and we now find ourselves postponing that should have been done and forgotten.

Of course, the problem with this is that it also results in lack of motivation, and this article will be sharing with you a few tips on how to stay motivated and be more productive. I’ll also be sharing some apps to help you.


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1. Avoid Routines, but Keep to Your Plans

It’s natural to think that the best way to stay motivated and be more productive is to have routines, especially since that’s how we’re brought up.

The idea is that we wake up at a particular time of the day, we go to our places of work at a particular time of the day, and we perform a particular activity at a particular time of the day; while these actions sound like the very best way to be productive and organized, they don’t really work especially if you work online.

What has always worked for me is to avoid routine; in other words, instead of waking up to check emails at 8 am every morning, I shake things up a little bit, and I make sure my plans for the day are a little bit different.

In other words, I avoid routines.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m not trying to say you shouldn’t be organized, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t stick to plan. Instead, I’m saying you should be organized.

Make sure you plan each day and stick to your plans, but always shake things up a little bit to make the journey more exciting.

2. Have Adequate Sleep

There’s a lot of bad advice out there today when it comes to productivity, especially from those people who think that the best way to be productive is by only sleeping for 5 hours a day.

The first thing you should realize to be productive is that there is a huge difference between time spent and what is achieved. The fact that you spent 20 hrs in front of your computer at a particular point in time doesn’t mean you’re doing work that matters.

Sleep for at least 7 hours a day, and if 8 or 9 hours is what makes you feel good, then go for it.

It is better to work 5 hours a day and make the best of it, than to be awake for 20 hours and not be able to get anything done.

To be as productivity as you want, you need rest; you need sleep!

3. Know Your “Creativity Cycle”

One thing about individuals is that we’re very unique, and there is no advice that applies to everybody; what works for me will probably not apply to you, especially when productivity is concerned, so the best way to be really productive is to know your creativity cycle and make the best of it.

There might be a time of the day when you’re more productive, and there might be a particular activity that kick-starts your productivity. Don’t ignore this “cycle” and go after the tips you read online because everyone says they work; take a closer look at yourself to see what works for you, and spend quality time mastering it to secure your productivity.

4. Try Your Best to Never Miss Deadlines

If you’ve ever observed the process of getting addicted to a particular bad habit before, you will notice that it starts with the first step, and the second, and the next step until it starts to look like nothing ever happened.

The same thing goes for productivity and motivation online.

Make sure you don’t miss your deadlines, whether it is set by you or your client; once you agree to a particular date to get something done, stick to it, and get it done no matter what.

Apps to Help You Be More Productive

Since we’ve covered a few essentials of staying motivated and getting things done online, I’ll also share a few apps that can influence your productivity and make you more organized. Check them out, and you’ll be surprised to see how much your productivity can improve almost overnight.

1. Time Doctor

You know exactly how it feels to spend 8 hours in front of your computer on a particular day, thinking you’ve gotten something done, only to discover that 4 hours was spent on Facebook alone, and more hours on other insignificant activities.

The best way to be more productive is to keep track of your time, to know how many minutes you really spend on a particular activity, and how many hours you waste on social media sites and on tasks that don’t count.

Time Doctor is a sophisticated software application that helps you monitor your time, while quickly notifying you whenever it notices that you’re on Facebook or Twitter or any other major social media site. It helps keep you in check and ensure you’re on the right track, and it also gives you tips and suggestions on how to improve.

2. Evernote

Productivity revolves around ideas, and you will hardly move forward if you often ignore your ideas.

Evernote is a website (and software) that helps you take note and keep tracks of activities around you, and it can also serve as a notepad or idea journal for you.

You need ideas to be productive, but some of your best ideas will come when you’re incapable of acting on them at the moment. Keep track of these ideas with Evernote, and let them develop over time.

3. Free Mind

Free Mind is a mind mapping software that helps you plan your future; it could be a day worth of action you want to take, or a whole year. It helps you organize your idea in a way that is easy to remember and act on, and it has a lot of functionalities that can enhance your productivity.

This is a guest post by Bamidele that writes about Sugarland real estate and Houston real estate listings. You should check his personal blog for more helpful productivity tips for bloggers.