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2012 Election – Barrack Obama Joins Foursquare

The US president, Barrack Obama in his bid to win the second term election, has made another great steps in achieving his second-term presidential aim by joining the fastest growing social networking site, Foursquare. He made this move in order to make it easier for him to have access to relate with large amount of people more better than he has been doing it before so that he would have covered much ground before the election by next year 2012.

About 2 months ago, President Obama re-opened his Twitter account when he finally said clearly that he will starts to tweet from his @BarrackObama twitter account in order to reach out to his followers and mostly everyone in the states and abroad.
According to this infographic, Foursquare achieved ten million users as at last month (July 15th) and the chance of getting bigger within a couple of months is very certain and Mr President knows very well the power of social media because it is part of his campaign when he was trying to contest for the presidency position back then in 2006/2007.

Obama joining Foursquare comes just hours after the geosocial network unveiled Tip Lists, a feature that lets users and brands bundle and curate their best tips into easy-to-follow lists. It seems that the White House will be using Tip Lists as a way to track the President’s visits across the country as he begins his campaign for reelection. <Mashable>

With this news, everybody now can have access to relate with the president on Foursquare and also on twitter @BarrackObama.