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10 Great Sites to Make Cartoon of Yourself under 5 seconds

You would have seen some of your friends in various social networking sites, having their cartoon-ed pictures as their DP. You would have wondered lately how to create such interesting pictures of yourself too. That doesn’t require you to learn tricky Photoshop tutorials. You can Cartoonize yourself easily in the web.

There are many sites available online that lets you create cartoons that resemble you, You can then set them as your DP or profile picture as some sites call it, in various SN sites and be the center of attraction. Here I have compiled a list of 10 sites that let you Cartoonize yourself.cartoonize yourself

Best 10 Sites to Cartoonize Yourself Now!

#1 Face Your Manga

The best site out there, Let you create cartoon pictures of yourself that almost look like you. Try it out at

#2 Simpsons Movie

Create Simpson like pictures of yourself here. Enter the site and look in for the option to create a simpson you at the top menu. check at

#3 Yahoo Avatars

This is from Yahoo, this web app has plenty of features, you have wide varieties of accessories to choose from. This can be a pretty interesting thing to meddle with in your free time. Check at

#4. SP Studio

If Simpson Movie site was for Simpsons, this site is for South Park. All SP fans go here and you know what it is capable of doing. South-Park-Yourself at

#5 Illustration Maker

Illustration Maker might not be what you’re looking for but you can still try it out. Go check it out at

#6 Wee World

Cartoons created using this site may not absolutely look like you, but you can just have the pleasure of creating cartoons here. Create cartoons at

#7 Mii

A simple tool, with less options but lot of fun. Mii may not be the best cartoonizer, but it surely one of the easiest to work with. Mess around at

#8 Befunky

You might have already heard about this, it is a very popular web carton creation app which can be used to create awesome cartoon of yourself! Do the justice at

#9 Moonjee

The site’s purpose is actually different, but however you can use it for cartoonizing you. Check it out at

#10 Cartoon Your World

Requires you to download it. But fun to use. Check at These sites are  not arranged in any increasing or decreasing order of awesomeness, just try them and pick your favorite. My personal favorites are at #1 and #2 Try these sites and create cartoon pics of yourself and share your favorite ones with us too. Here is a pic I created using the site at #2. Looks cool huh ? 😛

Image: Bamidele Onibalusi

Do you guys know some other valuable (useful and resourceful) websites out there where we could cartoonize our image for better output, please endeavor to share them below.

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Bamidele Onibalusi of WritersInCharge is a Big Spender! See why

This is a short article about my millionaire blogger friend that makes a money round the clock just by writing. His name is Bamidele Onibalusi. He’s the brain behind the popular, which has now been re-branded as WritersInCharge – a blog that focuses on helping writers across the world achieve success online with their writing skills. Bamidele professionally teaches strategies for writing the kind of insightful content that people would love to read over and over again on your blog.

If you are an aspiring or established writer, the truth there is that you’ll find this guy’s content interesting to read because he’s got the stuffs you need to succeed as a writer. He knew the nitty-gritty of the profession and that’s one of the reasons why he has been enjoying an inflow of traffic on his blog for doing what he loves to do best.

What stuff has this guy got?Onibalusi Bamidele of Youngprepro

You might have been wondering why this post was mainly focused on this guy, the reason for this is that, he’s my guy! I like to follow up on his development because I admire his astute ability to write for fun. He teaches people ways to make real money online even if they are from the third part of the world. Presently, he’s Nigerian Youngest online personality making millions on monthly records. He did not let the fact that he’s from Nigeria disturb him from doing what is right. And through his teaching, I could see some young guys stepping into his blogging foot doing some things that are extraordinarily great every time I check on them – and the joy there is, they all are from the same Nigeria.

About His New Million Dollars Re-design

Bamidele like to spend much on his blog because of his personal philosophy. He has a belief system that design of his website can improve how much he could make as a blogger. In a personal chat with him, he led me into his personality and what blogging for him is like and why he likes to spend much on blog design than on himself. If you are a follower of his blog, in about few months ago, he changed the outlook of his blog for $1500 – it is big bucks in his home country, Nigeria, if you do the math – but that design is no longer on the blog as I’m writing this because he has changed it to the new one.

Just few months after his first design, he has added a new design that amounts to $3000 in price. I’ve known him, Bamidele Onibalusi, to be super-spender when it comes to decisions that might improve his website’s readers experience. My take on this for all bloggers out there is that you should always try to satisfy your readers if you are hoping to get good results in your blogging career.

I don’t need to write much on this because I know very well that you would like to check more about him from his blog. But if you are interested in checking out Bamidele Onibalusi’s latest design that this article is all about, click here.

Few information about Bamidele Onibalusi

Source of Income:

Writing Services: $8725

Affiliate Marketing: $85

Total Income: $8810

Update! His income stream has grown bigger ever since Sept 2011 that this article was published.

Read more about Bamidele Onibalusi’s new design on his blog to know more about him and also to learn new techniques he’s using to get more clients and, how he does his thing!