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Hipe Messenger – The New emotional messenger lets you chat in a new dimension

Hipe Messenger let you chat emotionally for a better messaging experience

How often do you have not [enough] words to express your feelings or show your mood through messaging? We bet it happens with you almost every day. Most of the instant messengers are just a tool for communication and not the nice way to chat with loved ones. But there are some messengers in the field who can turn the communication to the more friendly side.

For example, Hipe messenger allows communicating mostly with pictures so you don’t need to try to find proper words every time you want to send a message. You can just send a nice card. [Pictures 1, 2, 3]

See it in dynamics:

Picture 1

Hipe Messenger emotional chatting

  Picture 2

I'm Tired as Hell - Hipe Messenger emotion

Picture 3

Hold on and eat some food

Let’s take a closer look into the app from the video below from our Youtube channel.

There are three main sections in the Hipe messenger app:

Hipe Messenger Public emotionsHipe — Public.

This is the collection of all public pictures in the app divided into the Popular, Trending, and Latest screens. There is also a series of thematic collections gathered by the team.

Hipe My.

Hipe Messenger My tabAll the images from the Public section and messages could be saved into user created categories under “My” section. So you could set up Hipe messenger for your own communication style.

That’s pretty awesome. Isn’t it?

Hipe  Dialogs.

Dialogs on HipeThis is the chatting room itself. Here we see the options to take photo and video, add some text, add a background and overlay from 12 preset categories of backgrounds and overlays for different situations, or your own collections, and to draw something.

There are a bunch of instruments for creating a message but if you answering to someone you have just 99 seconds for it. That could be tough at first but when you accept the rules of the game this limitations turns into the pure fun.

Conversations became more sincere and cool. By the way, you already see what your friend do this moment — there are fun statuses such as “looking at your message”, “browsing backgrounds…” etc. So you can see if they have seen your message and are they going to answer or not. That mean you won’t get yourself into a situation like this one:

If someone did not answer in 99 seconds, dialog will expire. That’s it. No history, no awkwardness.


To perform task or draw something through Hipe messenger

There are some more nice social features in the app such as the abilities to forward messages to friends in Hipe, share messages and your HipeID to social networks and add friends with only HipeID and not the phone number (pretty nice for those who care of their privacy). Hipe users also can send a message to a friend who’s not in Hipe yet — he’ll be able to see it on the website and even reply to it. Also, the app supports both one-on-one and group dialogs and available on the Apple store and Google Play.

Designs & Invention Information and Communication Technology (ICT) News

Tech Giants Smartwatch Makers vouch to make those Wearables Monitor your Health

Apple, Google, Samsung to bring health monitoring apps on their smart watch products.Smartwatch wearable

For some decades, medical research technology industries have been looking for ways diabetics can successfully check their blood sugar level on-the-go. Now, mobile tech giant companies are coming into the scene.

Apple Inc, Google Inc and Samsung Electronics are working on applications that could turn the newly innovated wearable gadgets like Smart watches and bracelets into a health monitor system such as blood sugar monitor.

Our source speculated that some of these firms have hired medical scientists and engineers and taking permission from the US regulations about developing glucose measuring features on next generation wearable gadgets.

The pioneering technology may be limited, but later the companies will graduate into competing in the world blood-sugar tracking industry that will worth more than $12 billion by 2017 according to a research figure from GlobalData.

29 million Americans are afflicted by Diabetes as about $245 billion was spent over this in 2012, a figure that will rise by 41 percent in five years. Many diabetics have to prick their fingers almost 10 times daily so as to check their blood glucose level.

Non-invasive technology could help in this area, ultrasound or electricity could pull glucose to the skin for measurement or a light could shine through the skin for the spectroscope to measure presence and quantity of glucose.

No comment was gotten from Apple, Google and Samsung, but the director of US FDA’s chemistry and toxicology device division spoke to Reuters that a marriage between glucose-sensing and mobile device has being “ordained from heaven.”

Apple executives help a meeting with the FDA last December where the FDA described how it may regulate glucometer that measures blood glucose level.

As a report that was gotten from Apple Tool box blog, such device would likely avoid regulation if used for nutrition, but may go under regulations as medical device if marked to diabetics.

Recently, Stephen Oesterle, Medtronic Inc Senior Vice President acknowledges Google as the next great rival for medical devices; it has been funding research and development or R&D.

He said that Meditronic invests about $1.5 billion annually on R&D, and its mostly “D” but Google invest about $8 billion annually on R&D, but he can tell it’s mostly “R.”

Some of the research plans Google has made public includes the development of the “smart” contact lens that measures glucose. In the blog post where the smart contacted lens is broadly discussed, Google says, the LED system is able to warn of high or low blood sugar by flashing tiny lights. Recently, it said that it is looking for partners to bring the product to market.

Past attempt to accurately use non-invasive technology have been distorted by body movement, temperature, hydration and fluctuations. Tears pretty gets lower concentration of glucose making it harder to track.

But the Life science team making the lens and other research in the same line is working in the Google X facility, where major breakthroughs such as the self driving car came forth said a former employee who requested anonymity.

Apple is vigorously working on the iWatch which is expected to ship in October confirmed by three sources at a leading supply chain firm in a Reuter report, even though it isn’t confirmed if the first shipping will include glucose tracking sensors.

Yet, Apple often meets with executives and bio-sensors engineers from big medical technology firms such as Vital Connect, Masimo Corp and now-defunct glucose monitoring startup C8 Medisensors.

“The tech companies are very much interested in the field, as Google announced its smart contact lens, that was one of the best occurrence in my career said Palikaras, CEO of Mediwise, We have been getting tons of emails”

Samsung was one of the first to make moves on smartwatch, but failed to catch on widely, and since has introduced Simband, a platform for mobile health which could be connected on smart wrist bands and other mobile devices.

A Samsung employee who doesn’t want his name mentioned said the company is investing in non-invasive glucose monitoring and it is looking for partners and will allow developers to try out different software and sensors.

Reliable sources revealed that Samsung is working with startups to effect “traffic light” systems in next generation Galaxy Gear smartwatches that flashes blood sugar warnings.

Part of the investment Samsung has made in this field include Glooko, a startup that makes it easy for physicians to access patients glucose readings and had also invested $50 million Digital Health Fund in Israeli into a glucose monitoring startup.

Software developers said they are working on blood glucose data apps, which will be channeled particularly for use to athletes and health-conscious users.

Mike Lee, cofounder of MyFitnessPal said they are paying close attention to research around how sugar impact weight loss.


Apple iOS

Apple HealthKit: Lets Hope Health and Fitness is All it Tracks

Apple’s announcement of iOS 8 at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) hardly came as a surprise, though many Apple enthusiasts were hoping against hope to get a word on a new iPhone. The latter have no one but themselves to blame for the disappointment, as the WWDC is, and always has been, about software. Getting back to the tech giant’s latest offering, it’s due this fall for current and next generation Apple devices. The newest iteration of the iPhone and iPad operating software doesn’t come with a whole lot of additions, though there is one that definitely caught our eye; HealthKit.Is Apple healthkit for real?

The caring side of Apple

It is hardly a surprise to see Apple jump onto the health and fitness bandwagon with HealthKit, considering the growing level of health consciousness in smartphone users. While the company may have been influenced by the popularity of other such apps to step into the health scene, it sure deserves the benefit of doubt. Let’s pretend that the tech giant is genuinely concerned for iPhone and iPad owners and their health. HealthKit is what the developers would work with, whereas the users will have the resulting Health app on their phone. It is being touted as a convenience that was otherwise missing. Apple acknowledges the fact that a health and fitness app is not its brainchild, but asserted that different apps were storing different health and fitness information in different “silos”. The Health app, on the other hand, will allow users to conveniently access all health-related information by serving as a hub that pulls in data from other third-party apps. It will let users track everything from monitoring their weight and activity level to chronic medical conditions like diabetes and blood pressure. Mayo Clinic and Nike+ are already on-board, though it’d be safe to assume that the list would grow in the coming months.

Convenience and utility, but at what price?

Upon looking at HealthKit, it’s hard not to think about similar apps created for the Android platform. Those apps were mostly debunked as bloatware by Apple loyalists. There hardly seems to be any reason to think the health app coming with iOS 8 will be any different. It’s likely to put a lot of weight on both RAM and memory. Another thing about HealthKit is that it comes off as an ideal target for hackers. With a license to gain access to other apps and track various user activities and other information, it surely looks like a ticking time bomb. For a company that was praised, and sometimes condemned, for its strong focus on keeping things nice and tight, Apple sure seems to have lowered the walls of the iOS fortress in a bid to offer more freedom and convenience. Let’s just hope this is a calculated risk.

Apple’s long standing history of keeping its products neat and its software without bloatware is what makes it a unique company among a world filled with tech products that come burgeoning with bloatware. But bloatware is not the only thing that can overwhelm a user’s experience of interacting with an interesting piece of hardware, there is a threat of giving too much to the user to choose from, or to use, that it may overwhelm them and leave them not using many of the features that a company touts to be the best it has produced. One hopes that this useful piece of software, HealthKit, is not one of them. And if somehow Apple can manage to pull that off, it could take a lead on its competitors.

Paranoia not without merit

Apple is no doubt a decent bet when it comes to security and privacy, but iOS 7 was a reminder of the fact that even one of the best in the business can slip up. One security flaw after another popped up during the course of its life, which, let’s not forget, haven’t come to an end yet. If Apple leaves a staggering security loophole in iOS 8’s security, the damage done may be of an entirely different level. And how can one forget about NSA enjoying complete freedom of tapping into anyone’s iPhone, courtesy of the backdoor access that offers a 100 percent success rate. If the NSA can get their hands on such an exploit, surely it’s only a matter of time before hackers follow suit.

There is still a fair amount of time left for iOS 8 to launch. Let’s hope Apple has a thing or two to say about some new security protocols that it’s introducing to ensure a safe and secure iOS experience for the users. Surely Apple couldn’t have decided to take the same road as Google and started giving more importance to user experience than user safety and security.

Do you think Apple HealthKit was meant for what it promises to deliver or something else? I’d like to know your view.

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iPhone 6, iOS 8 and Dr. Dre Beats to unveil at the Apple WWDC 2014

iPhone 6, iOS8 and Dr. Dre Beats to Debuts at Apple WWDC 2014

The month has been so busy for Apple; the 8GB version of iPhone 5C was released to market across the globe to strengthening Apple penetration into different economies. Discussions about expectations on Apple Store trade-ins including the iMessage bugs alongside the moves of competitor Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release against the iPad.

Apple WWDC

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is just a week away, expectations are high for the big event, analyst have been making predictions about what Apple will likely release. Observers think that Apple will be announcing something big at the event.

Previously, Apple has already shown that its main focus will be on the OS X 10.10 and the iOS 8. We should expect a change in these products. The tweaking on the iOS 8 will give a clue about the to be released hardware cycles like the iPhone 6 and iPads rumored to have scheduled for debut in September and October respectively. The minor update may improve the iMessage bug already acknowledge by Apple Inc. itself.

Not minding what Apple has scheduled, Forbes predicted increasing support for third-party developers to be major in the changes.

Other forecast mentioned Apple addition of Dr. Dre and Beat Audio to the company. Also many thinks Apple will like to upgrade its earbuds for iPhones and iPods for a renewed audio experience. Beats Audio has been receiving recognition for enhance audio experience throughout the years.

For more information about the Apple 2014 WWDC, check-in here. For other contents related to Apple releases, click here.

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Apple iOS Computer Tips & Tutorials How to Guide News Operating System (Computer or Mobile)

Why the Mac Is So Popular and How to Keep It Running Smoothly

Apple is one of the most popular companies in the technology industry today if Dennis McCafferty’s list is anything to go by. They got their start with computers but were able to launch themselves into the top of the industry with their release of the iPod. At the time, they had what was widely considered to be the best MP3 player on the market.

Macbook Air - Mac troubleshooting issues and fixA few years later, they released one of the first smart phones called the iPhone. The iPhone changed the way that society works. We were now able to access and utilize the Internet anywhere in the world. The iPhone quickly became the most popular smart phone on the market and still continues to be one of the top used devices around.

Thanks to Apple’s extremely popular product line, they have been able to release other successful devices such as the iPad. One of their oldest product lines is the Mac. Apple was able to use the success that they had with the iPod and iPhone to help make the Mac one of the more popular computers in the world. The Mac is in demand for many of the same reasons that the iPhone is. It is easy to use and it is very well designed.

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The Mac is notorious for being extremely user-friendly. Macs may cost a lot; however, they provide their users with reliability and protection. Macs are not susceptible to viruses and computer related issues much like personal computers are. This is the trade-off that you will receive when you pay a higher price for a Mac.

As great as this is, they are not immune to issues and you may find that your Mac is running slow at times. There will occasionally be a problem with it. For cases like these, it is helpful to be able to know how to maintain and fix your computer so that you do not have to pay high repair costs. In the rest of this article, we will go over a few ways in which you can solve many of the common issues that you may have with a Macintosh computer.

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Common Mac Issues and Fixes: Troubleshooting Issues with Your Mac for Smooth Performance

CD won’t eject: The CD is stuck in the machine

The common problem with a Mac can occur because of its optical drive. Occasionally, you may find that the disc that is in the Mac’s optical drive will not eject. If you find that you have this issue, there are a few things that you can do in order to solve the problem.

The first thing you should try to do is to hold the eject button of the drive for a few seconds. A 5 second count should be enough for this. If that doesn’t work, you can locate and push the emergency eject button using a pin. This button is designed to override any processes that may be causing issues with the optical drive and eject the disk immediately. In most cases, this will be enough to solve the issue. If you’re familiar with Windows, you might have come across something similar to this.

If the disk is still stuck in the machine, you can try restarting it. Most of the time, this issue will result from too many processes running on the Mac at the same time. The Mac may be stuck on a task and not be able to process the eject command. Restarting the Mac will end all of the processes that it is running and allow it to acknowledge the eject button request.

If all else fails, it may be a hardware issue. On rare occasions, the optical drive may become damaged and it will not be able to follow the commands that you give it properly. If this is the case, you may be required to replace the drive. Unless you know how to replace Mac components, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional for any hardware replacement issues.

Mac does not recognize devices: “Unable to recognize device plugged into it”

Macs are designed to be compatible with any type of Apple devices. Many people take advantage of this and use all of their devices together in order to switch out content, media and anything else that they need to do. If your Mac is not able to recognize the device that you plug into it, that will be a problem. If you find that you have this issue, there are a few steps that you can take to try and fix it.

The first thing that you will need to do is to narrow down and figure out what the problem is. Sometimes it may be the Mac and other times it may be your device. Switch out different devices in different ports to narrow in on what exactly the problem is.

Once you do this, you should be able to identify the cause of the issue. Whether it is the device, the port or the Mac, you will usually be able to see this issue by making sure your Mac is up to date. Restart your computer and check for any updates. Once you install the update, your Mac should be able to recognize any Apple device that you plug into it.

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Restart and check for upgrades

If you are still having issues, try to restart your Mac and see if you have any better results. Often times, there will be processes running that are slowing the Mac down or preventing it from carrying out normal functions like its device recognition.

Another thing that you could try is to check if your Mac and device are both up to date. Check them both for any new updates and install them if any are available. Sometimes device connection issues are not limited to your specific issue alone. If a device is buggy, it will usually be fixed with the latest update that the developer puts out.

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This is also a great solution if you notice that your Mac is running slow. Apple designs their products to be very easy to use and they put out constant updates that ensure that your machine will continue to run smoothly for years to come. So, why can’t you just apply the little Mac troubleshooting fixes explained in this article? Soon enough, your Mac computer will be back to its very best!

NB: If you are having Mac related issues that are similar or different from what we’ve mention in this article, you can send us a request for inclusion in our upcoming podcast series titled “The Tech Guide Experts Podcast.” The TechAtLast’s Tech Guide Experts Podcast covers everyday fixes to your tech world live troubleshooting for common challenges that users faces everyday along with suggestions for improvement. Watch out!

I’d love to read your concerns about Apple Macintosh related problems that you might have faced in the past. Thanks for reading!


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Apple iPhone 5S, the special features

No one knows if it was going to be called iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S, not until mid September when its release was getting closer.

Apple finally released the iPhone 5S on 20th September, it came along with a cheaper iPhone which Apple named iPhone 5C, a lot of the new Apple grand smartphone has been shipped to its first round of markets. My biggest concern is the special feature Apple had made to market the iPhone 5S.

Apple iPhone 5s.

Let’s stroll a little to see what the iPhone 5S has to offer

Touch ID fingerprint securityApple iPhone 5S

Apple tagged the iPhone 5S as the best smartphone so far, the new fingerprint security system is enough to be one of the point of features for Apple to hit a big bucks with the new iPhone.

Instead of the old conventional method of imputing password to unlock your smartphone, you can easily teach the device to learn your fingerprint and anytime you want to open it up, you simply place your finger on the home button for few moments and your phone activates.

The name of the new technology is called Touch ID.

It allows up to four people to use one device. At the moment, the new technology is used for unlocking your phone and making purchases on iTunes and may become a gateway for mobile payment in the future.


The iPhone 5 was a turnaround in Apple’s iPhone design, the iPhone 5S continued in this trend, it was designed based on the iPhone 5. It came with the already known shiny edges, glass top, metal back and bottom caps. The front is dominated by display still same size with the iPhone 5. If you had been waiting for a completely new design, you had just been disappointed.

The only difference that will not make you call the iPhone 5S an iPhone 5 is the home button redesign, bigger back camera flash and the color option in market. You have an option of going for a Space gray or Gold.

The body is light enough, (112g) and very thin (7.6mm), and can go in to size any harm comfortably. When it slides into your pocket, you hardly feel you are carrying any weight.

It seem the bigger screen of competitors’ product seem not to move Apple an inch. The iPhone for real is starting to look boring though it’s still a well built device with its gorgeous design.


The same as the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S screen quality can still be considered as excellent with no cause for alarm. Although, Android smartphones have leaped to 1080p since last year, the 326 pixels per inch Retina Display is still a jackpot for Apple and we are still okay with that. Color separation are excellent with the iOS 7 UI gorgeously standing out.

The screen size is really much of a concern, Apple seem not to be responding to the increasing trend of the larger screen demand of smartphone users, an advantage that has been taken up by rivals like Samsung and Sony. I can boldly say Apple is becoming an old school by not implementing this on the iPhone 5S. This is the biggest deficiency of the Apple’s new benchmark device. Anyway, let’s wait to see Apple’s plan on the iPhone 6 for 2014.


The iPhone 5S scored 2,533 on Geekbench 3 compared to the 1,851 value for Galaxy S4. Apple’s A7 chip proves to be pretty faster than the Samsung’s Snapdragon. Everything is immediate, zippy and responsive. No doubt, the iPhone 5S is excellent in performance. The A7 in the iPhone 5S shifted to the 64-bit architecture.

If not for this, Apple wouldn’t have gotten enough weapons to fight back on the rival’s table.

CameraApple iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S has an improved and excellent camera, daylight shot is not much different from the quality of the iPhone 5, but Apple claims a 33 percent light sensitivity, therefore, the device is really an albino that helps you picks up night images.

The iPhone 4S and 5 offers a maximum resolution of 8megapixel; the only technology Apple used to beat other rivals with larger pixels is the larger pixel size of 1.5µm vs. 1.4µm and the f/2.4 aperture stronger than the f/2.2 of others.

The new iOS 7

The iOS 7 is another reason you will want to buy the iPhone 5S, it was made in mind with the 64-bit, it has a smooth user interface and it is simpler. In short, it is good enough as a mobile operating system of 2013.

Battery life

A smartphone is completely useless if it has a bad battery life, this new device leaves no worries, in fact, it boasts of more improvement than that of the iPhone 5. Streaming video, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on, brightness placed at 75 percent, the 5S device still struggles to stay 6hours 15 minutes before shutting down. This is still the best result so far on smartphone batteries.

Are you opting in or not?

After a surface looks into the new Apple iPhone 5S, you could vividly decide where you are standing.

Truly, the Touch ID biometric fingerprint security system is a big bang, and worth a Nobel for the technology breakthrough, the iPhone 5S is constructed more or less like a piece of jewelry.

On the other hand, you could sit and refuse to feel the swagger of Apple, migrating from a full 4.7″ – 5″ display down to a 4″ might be so challenging. More so, if you are already on the iPhone 5, it’s up to you to decide for an upgrade or lay low till the next update.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Google Chromecast Vs. Apple TV: My Unbiased Comparison of the two

If you’re looking for a TV streaming device that will serve your need, you have quite a little options to choose from; ranging from game consoles to set-top-boxes. But the new entrant, Google’s chromecast could be ideal for anyone hoping to pay low for better value. We know its cheap at a mere $35 USD, but it has all it takes to rival Apple’s third-generation, Apple TV.

Why am I comparing them?

Google Chromecast and the Apple TV comparison would sounds great to a prospective buyer? I guess you guys would love reading a simple comparison-cum-review of these great TV gadgets and that’s why I’ll be writing them line by line for your understanding.

In my opinion, the new Google chromecast comes with a whole lot of advanced features which makes it superior in one or two ways to the Apple TV, but that doesn’t mean Apple TV lacks high-end features as well. The two gadgets are introduced into the market at a very different time, and they were meant to appeal to the same kind of customers but the technology used in making them seems different. So, let me analyze some of these technologies so you can see which is superior to the other as we move a step further to a 21st century or next-gen living room.

Google Chromecast vs. Apple TV: Battle line drawn

The Size

Apple TV and Chromecast Size: Is it Sparkplug in Apple TV or hockey puck in chromecast?

Seeing from the image above, you can see that the new Chromecast beats Apple TV hands down; from its length to breadth, we know the leader is in this regard.

And seeing clearly, there are two highly different devices; one comes in Sparkplug form, while the second in form of an hockey puck.

To take advantage of the Apple TV, you have to put it somewhere around or under your TV, while the Chromecast makes life much more easier because it connects directly to an open HDMI port. I love this a lot!


Chromecast and Apple TV weight

How heavier art thou oh Apple TV?

Although, you don’t have to hold both device all around as the case may be with a smartphone, you won’t care much of how heavy each may be, but surprisingly, Apple TV is much heavier compared to Chromecast.

Output Method

Chromecast and Apple TV both can connect to your TV via HDMI, but Apple makes you buy a separate cable

Chromecast has built-in HDMI plug (although, male one), while Apple TV lack this feature, and you will still have to buy additional HDMI cable to connect your TV, Google makes its gadget interesting here!

Both devices requires power source: Chromecast derives its power from USB port (either from a wall charger or through USB port on your TV), and Apple TV through a separate cable (Apple makes you purchase this separately).

Maximum Output

Both devices comes with a maximum output at 1080p (full HD content for you)

Both devices comes with a maximum output, which means you can watch all your media content in full HD (1080p). Thanks to latest technology advancement for this!

Mobile Device Slinging capacity

Chromecast and Apple TV lets you sling content from supported apps but....

No superiority here because both devices comes with feature that let you sling content directly from supported apps on your smartphone to the big screen. But they sling content in different ways.

To share content from Apple TV, you’ll use iOS to Apple TV slinging, where the content is served from your mobile phone and the output is thereafter shown on the screen for everyone. On the other hand, Chromecast slings content directly from the cloud while you can use your smartphone or tablet as remote controller or trigger for next action.

And remember that Apple TV lets you mirror anything that’s on your iOS device’s screen but Chromecast only let you mirror chrome web browsing, while lacking in mirroring from iPhone and android smartphones.

Slinging platforms

chromecast lets you sling content from ios, android and chrome but apple only allow Apple's platform

As you all know, Apple has a kind of monopoly that makes it uneasy for outsiders to benefit from their services, so also is the case here. Apple TV has been designed in such a way that makes it easier to communicate within Apple ecosystem. You can’t stream from Windows, Android, or any other unsupported platform unless your system has been hacked to do that.

Chromecast raised a lot of eyebrows with lots of features. By default, it slings from android devices, and unlike Apple TV, you can use your iPad or other iOS devices with!

But Windows phone and Blackberry devices aren’t included. Sorry Microsoft and BB guys out there!

Remote Control

Control us from your mobile device, says Chromecast and Apple TV, but Apple has physical remote system

Apple TV has a physical remote control and you can use your iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone by installing Apple’s own remote app. With Chromecast, you won’t see a physical remote control, but you can make use of your smartphone or tablet powered by Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS, as remote.

Supported Apps

Supported apps by Apple TV and Chromecast

When it comes to app availability on both devices, Apple TV rocks here, owing to the fact that Chromecast is a new comer compared to Apple TV.

With Chromecast, you can sling from Youtube, Netflix, Google Play Music, and Google Play TV & Movies. And if you are browsing through chrome browser on your PC, you can easily install an extension that lets you mirror content from the browser to your TV screen hassle-free!

Although, the kind of quality rendered isn’t as good as streaming directly from a mobile device, but it worth the hassle at 720p — but, if you’re to consider the kind of quality that someone would get from using some of the high-end mobile phones like those compared at, you’ll agree that it worth the price at $35 than paying high for almost the same quality.

Isn’t that awesome?

Apple TV offers a wide variety of native apps and this feature reduces Chromecast’s chances.

Processor Capabilities

Chromecast and Apple tv processors

CPU capability is very important in knowing how far a computer can go in term of performance and how long it can last, and to sum it up, these two devices has single-core processors, and they are enough to handle 1080p video and audio streaming from the cloud.


Both Apple TV and Chromecast comes with a 512MB ram

Same thing happened here, as each devices comes with a 512 MB of RAM (Random Access Memory). I think one is copying the other here 🙂

Storage space


This doesn’t mean anything much because you don’t have to a whole lot of media files on the device, its only there for caching purposes. You have the cloud all to yourself as the storage space for all media content, while the device takes hold of them for a shorter time.


Neither of the two can allow you to add your own media content such as video or audio files. But Apple TV can play such content if you go through the back-door by transferring the files to your iOS or Mac, and then AirPlay it from the device to Apple TV.


Rumour has it that Chromecast runs ChromeOS, but I’m not certain of this. However, Chromecast is more of Android or Google TV than how it is to ChromeOS. But if you have plan to do some hack, that’s okay.

Apple TV according to Gizmag, is a modified version of Apple iOS. So, don’t expect much or less than iOS.


Chromecast price is more preferable to Apple TV

Know thy selling point and thou shalt sell much…more!

That’s Chromecast for you. At $35 you can watch video from Youtube, Netflix, and access music and videos from Google Play with ease. And you can as well transmit content from your web browser on a PC with ease without paying extra hard.

Also remember that you’d be required to purchase an extra HDMI cable before you can connect the device to the screen on Apple TV purchase. And that’s extra after $100 payment.


Google Chromecast has lots of features that you’ll hardly see in Apple TV, and also, Apple TV rocks in its own areas. Moreover, Google chromecast at the launch has limited list of supported apps unlike , but you’re free to make your choice.

Judging from the pricing, storage ability, connectivity features and many others mentioned above, which do you intend to buy, Apple TV or Chromecast?

Apple iOS Information and Communication Technology (ICT) News

The next iPhone may include a fingerprint security system

Since most smartphone has become more or less like a personal assistant, you have the biggest reason to optimize your mobile with the best security you can. Most cell phone makers are trying to get you the best on security. Some phone makers will allow you to create a security pass code, In the latest series of the BlackBerry OS, your BlackBerry ID is require  as pass before you can login to your device at every startup, a friend uses the Android Samsung Galaxy Pocket, there you will connect a pattern via dots you created before gaining access. Security on smartphone is becoming a big issue.

You know Apple always tends to come out with the best ahead of others on its technologies, I have a 4 digit pin which I uses in unlocking my iPad, but according to the latest report, Apple may release a biometric scan security system on the next iPhone to prevent stalkers from gaining access to you.

Apple iOS Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Five projects that will shape the future for Apple

Apple has been the golden boy of the tech industry for many years. Consumers across the globe fell in love with the brand and every one of its latest products has been an overwhelming success.

In recent years, the company arguably changed the face of the music industry as well as sparking worldwide demand for a tablet computer. Profits soared – and it appeared as if no-one could stop it.

However, the next couple of years remain critical for the brand. Profits are down, Tim Cook’s leadership is being questioned and consumers and wondering what is going to be the next big thing. Here are five projects which could potentially shape Apple’s future.

iWatchApple iWatch

Although the release date, the price and many other details are being kept under wraps, it appears as if the iWatch will be Apple’s next big release.

Rumours suggest that the watch will have bluetooth technology allowing it to connect to the iPhone so that users can perform certain actions without having to get their phone out of their pockets or handbags.

There is talk that Apple is struggling to finalise the design, but this could well be the product that cements its place at the top of the tech mountain.

iOSApple ios 7

The latest version of the iPhone, iPod and iPad operating system will be a dramatic shift from previous iOS models. It has been hailed as the biggest iOS update since the iPhone was released.

Rumoured new features include a control centre that lets you control every important aspect of your phone from one screen, improved cloud connectivity that lets users share media between any iDevice and a whole load of new gesture controls.

The battle to regain the smartphone market

There was a time when Apple was dominating the smartphone market. In fact, the iPhone was arguably the device that kickstarted the smartphone revolution.

Since then though, Samsung has taken its crown. In the first quarter of 2013, Samsung sold 70.7 million smartphones (an annual improvement of 61 per cent) compared to Apple’s 37.4 million iPhones.

It may take more than a small update with iOS7 to wrestle this dominance away from the Japanese company. It will be interesting to see what’s up Apple’s sleeve.

Apple HDTVApple HDTV

As with most of its new products, details surrounding the new Apple HDTV are scarce. The main headline-grabbing rumour is that Apple is working on a feature where viewers can pay to have adverts completely removed from broadcasts. This money will reportedly go straight to the advertisers themselves. It’s certainly an interesting concept worth keeping an eye out for.

Marketing to the CIO

CIOs have more or less had Apple products thrust upon them, following the increasing popularity of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) schemes in the workplace. For now, it remains the tech provider of choice for consumers, even if not for the enterprise. This article makes a great argument for why Apple needs to make better friends with the IT department.

As you can see, there’s plenty to get excited about for the future at Apple. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

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Business Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Samsung beats Apple in 2013 Fortune Global 500 release is an arm of CNN that deals with money; it features news about successful business and people in the world.

The Global 500 is a rank list of world’s biggest companies by revenue, the latest release was on Monday where Samsung proved to rival Apple that it is standing firm in the competition.

Samsung went from its 20th position last year to 14th position on the Global 500 securing $178.6 billion in revenue while Apple moved from position 55 to 19th as its revenue goes up to $156.5 billion.

Samsung’s revenue last year was $149 billion and Apple $108 billion according to the CNN Fortune Global 500.

Although, Apple has done well, moving 36 companies to position 19 is not an easy task compare to the just 6 companies Samsung pulls out of the way. Even though it isn’t easy, this is Global 500 where the world’s biggest conglomerates are rated, moving up one trend would have cost a number of powerful efforts.

Despite the fact that Samsung and Apple are pulling it towards the smaller digits on the row of the Global 500, it is not expected that they will be hitting the first spot anytime soon. Royal Dutch Shell with revenue of $481.7 Fortune Global 500 bubblesbillion claims the first position of this year’s Fortune Global 500 ranking.

Here are few technology giants with their position on the Global 500 ranking for this year.

  • Samsung – 14th Position
  • Apple – 19th Position
  • Hon Hai Precision Industry – 30th Position
  • NTT – 32nd Position
  • AT&T – 34th Position
  • Hewlett-Packard – 43rd Position
  • Verizon Communications – 48th Position
  • Hitachi – 54th Position
  • IBM – 62nd Position
  • China Mobile Communications – 71st Position
  • Sony – 94th Position
  • Telefonica – 97th Position
  • Microsoft – 110th Position
  • Amazon – 149th Position
  • Dell – 165th Position
  • Google – 189th Position
  • LG Electronics – 225th Position
  • Best Buy – 226th Position
  • Nokia – 274th Position
  • Lenovo – 329th Position

How the top 500 companies were chosen

Those companies were ranked according to total revenue for their respective fiscal year which ended on or before March 31, 2013. All the companies on the list must publish their financial report and data part or all to a government agency. The original figures were compared to prior year’s data. Prior year’s figures are not being reinstated for changes in accounting for present year.