Video: Apple iPhone 6 Sapphire Screen finally breaks

If you haven’t heard of that, Apple is making a sapphire screen on its iPhone 6.

Sapphire crystals are durable; making screen out of this material isn’t a bad idea. Apple is trying to make something stronger that won’t crack so easily. In a previous post, I wrote about how my iPad screen got broken and the hell I went through before getting it fixed. You should read it if you have similar experience to get yours fixed for free!

Over the time, Apple iPhone and iPad screen has always being failing the durability test, despite the phone being expensive. This time around, on the new iPhone 6, Apple wants to give value for money and you no longer have to treat your iPhone like an egg due to screen fragility.

iPhone 6 sapphire crystal screenFor weeks, rumors persist so strong that Apple will be making sapphire crystal display in both of its new iPhone 6 models this September. Apple explained that it has adopted the sapphire crystal because of its durability compared to the current Gorilla Glass display on the iPhone 5s and other previous models of iPhone.

Anyway, the issue is a mixed truth, Sapphire screen is truly durable, but to some extent. It outshines Gorilla Glass in some areas, but in others it doesn’t.

Recently, a YouTube video was posted by Steve Hemmerstoffer showing the Sapphire crystal remaining tough under powerful fatigued conditions such as; Key scratches, hammer impacts, knife cuts and drop on its face. The iPhone 6 new screens will also hold up when bent under tense conditions. They seem to be really impressive against any other display we have ever seen.

However, when the Sapphire crystal display was run over by a vehicle, it cracked immediately the tire hits the panel, and completely badly broken when the vehicle has moved over it, we all had hope that the sapphire glass surpasses the Gorilla Glass in all manners until we saw its failure against the rubber.

Corning, the manufacturers of Gorilla Glass isn’t surprise at all, they have gone all the way to make a publication that Sapphire Glass crystal (in large amount) is more fragile than Gorilla Glass, the company has produced sapphire display for military purposes and it seem they know a thing or two about which display is superior.

If you are already saving for the iPhone 6, enjoy the durability of the sapphire crystal display, but always ensure that your iPhone never falls to be run over by a car, else the best you can do is to make a good on that additional AppleCare protection premium.