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Windows Phone 8 Leaked

Windows Phone 7 is known for its great user interface. It has been the best user interface then the other mobileĀ OS’s. Microsoft is aiming to launch new Windows Phone 8 this year.

This version of Windows Phone is codenamed as Apollo. It is proposed to be revealed after the Tango update. The user interface is a bit Windows 8 like and it will be having integration with Windows 8. Microsoft has aimed at creating anti-piracy products and WP8 and Windows 8 has been built keeping in mind this concept. Like the Androids and the iPhones WP8 is expected to have bigger screens with HD resolutions. Here’s a screenshot of the WP8.

The Windows Phone 8 is expected to run only on dual core processors.
It will also have NFC support allowing quick data sharing. Windows Phone 8 will also have Skype, SkyDrive integration. Well, Windows Phone 8 will be a mysterious wait for the users to get in the hands. So let the excitement begin for WP8…..