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  • Angry Birds Soda, extends to Russia, New Zealand and Spain, expected in the UK later in the year

    After developing the top downloading mobile game, Angry Birds‘ developer extends business to soft drinks industry. The Angry Birds Soda was first launched in the home country Finland, and now, it’s like the tempo is gradually moving out and taking other markets. If you an Angry Birds fan, everything is now available for you on T-shirts, […]

  • Angry Birds Space – New Release In Angry Birds Series

    The Angry Birds series is one of the most popular mobile applications of all time. Firing birds into towers of pigs seems to be something that has caught the imagination of the public globally & it is rising day by day. More often than not, when travelling through the city you can usually see someone […]

  • Angry Birds Space vs. Angry Birds in Infographic Picture

    Angry Birds Space and the previous Angry Birds game are two popular game that people always plays with passion. The game is awesome and interesting! Recently, the new Angry Birds Space game was released by Rovio, but the taste of the old angry birds game, is still in the mind of people playing the game. […]

  • Download Angry Birds Birdday Party Update for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

    Rovio has just released an update for the Angry Birds game on the special occasion that was to mark the second anniversary of this popular game – Rovio released the update for the game by naming in respect of the party, Birdday Party! ALSO READ: How to Download Angry Birds for Free with Intel AppUp […]

  • Top Angry Birds Apps For Mac

    This angry bird apps for Machintosh idea was from one of my blog reader, Santhosh by name who owns tech-buzz.in. Angry birds is one of the top most played mobile and PC based game ever as the history would have it. It is because the game is full of some character which makes it interesting […]

  • Top 20 Angry Birds Pictures Free Download

    Angry Birds is one of the most played games on the android OS and even of recent, Apple provides a platform for the game to be played on all its smartphones. Many people have been enjoying this game since the beginning of its reign since the past two years and some months now. I too, […]

  • Angry Birds – Why Are the Birds Getting More Angrier

    What are angry birds? Do you know their functions? These are what I will be talking on in this blog post today. Angry Birds is a mobile puzzle video game, which was developed by a Finland-based mobile application developer known as Rovio Mobile.