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Flipboard for Android Tablets is available now

FlipBoard for Android

If you are an esteemed owner of a smartphone or two, then you might be having a long list of your favorite apps. Right?  I am damn sure that Flipboard shines at the top in this favorite list. If this is actually so, then here is good news for you. Flipboard for Android tablets is finally available.

In the past some time, Android tablets had progressed a lot and the progression rate is growing rapidly day by day. Many people are now having Android tablets with them. The Flipboard is well-renowned app for smartphones and as many customers are now opting for Android tablets, the Flipboard for Android Tablets was in high demand, and finally, the developers have heard the shouts of the die-hard fans of Flipboard, and thus has made the Flipboard for Android Tablets available.Flipboard

For those out of you, who are not familiar with Flipboard, let me tell you that it is a well-renowned and highly popular app, with users’ based being in the count of millions. The app is Flipboard app current have millions of people using it on daily basis, to stay updated with what’s going on around their locality, and the world at large with latest updates on their favorite blogs. As Flipboard for Android Tablets is now available, so user base is expected to show a peak in its graph, as majority of people are now switching for Android tablets, because companies like Samsung, Asus keep hitting the market with new rich-featured Android tablets.

Eric Alexander, Head of International Development at Flipboard stated:

With the series of new devices that Amazon, Samsung and other mobile smartphone manufacturer have brought to smartphone market in the recent months, we can see the domination of android tablets growing quickly.”

According to him, Flipboard for Android Tablets is the result of high demand by users, as most of the people nowadays, prefer to buy Android tablet either for their own use or as a gift to their loved ones, over any other device.

The developers team claims that Flipboard for Android Tablets come with new page layouts which are optimized for wide range of android tablets screen sizes and different aspect ratios. The bigger screen of Android Tablets is like an advantage for Flipboard, say developers. According to them, the big screen of tablets will enhance the users’ experience with Flipboard, because they would be able to read more content and with better quality. Thus Flipboard for Android Tablets, is better than that of smartphone version, claim Developers. Firm also stated that they worked with Samsung in the past year so as to optimize the app for Samsung’s tablets.

Flipboard is the first mobile oriented social like magazine started with the aim to improve how people explore and discover and share information on several social media networks, on everywhere in their social networks. Flipboard for Android tablets will take them near to their aim.

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Devices with 7 inch screen were able to run the Flipboard Android Smartphone version. If you are also running the smartphone version of this app on your 7-inch Android tablet, then you will get a notification to upgrade to ‘Flipboard for Android Tablets’ version.  Of course, you can keep both the versions of Flipboard in your Android tablet.

Flipboard also comes with support for Google+ and YouTube in their service, and now once you link your Google+ social media account to Flipboard, you will be getting your friends’ updates on Google+, right on this app. The Flipboard for Android Tablets does not cost you any single penny, and is available for free download in Google Play.

Is this news of joy for you? Were you eagerly waiting for it? Are you going to download this app on your Android Tablet? Use the comment box to answer.