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Amazon-Magento Integration: How Does it Unleash Business Prospects 

Magento’s migration from version 1.0 to version 2.0 has provided a new impetus to the e-commerce store. Magento 2 provides superior and scalable performance with many more advantages. Amidst the various benefits, it includes its ability to integrate with extensions. The Magento-powered extension enables you to easily integrate your Magento store with the most popular marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Walmart.

With every online entrepreneur looking to expand the business horizon, Magento-Amazon integration provides a viable opportunity to upsurge the product’s visibility amongst millions of customers. This is your chance to scale up business revenue and manage audiences across the globe.

But before we go into the details of how Amazon-Magento Integration will unleash a plethora of opportunities, let’s first set a successful Amazon-Magento integration process.Amazon-Magento Integration - How Does it Unleash Business Prospects  - TechAtLast

Magento-Amazon Integration Systems 

Various systems streamline the process of Magento-Amazon integration. All these systems make sure that Magento remains at the core central system. It mainly acts as a communication bridge between Amazon and Magento. The integration helps to update all information related to product data, inventory, and price levels. Thus, you can develop new listings. It also includes advanced features such as real-time Amazon’s automatic repricing tool.

Third-Party Inventory Management System 

The products listed in the third-party inventory system take center stage across all online sales channels. They are now the main product database that handles all orders. This can prove equivalent to Amazon-Magento integration as you can list your products both on Magento and Amazon. It also allows you to keep your stock up-to-date.

Synchronize Current Listing 

The next important factor that comes into play is synchronizing the existing listing. But when you are connected to your current listing, there are a few essential points to consider. For instance, if you are selling any product listed on Amazon by any third-party vendor, then you cannot change product data to a large extent. However, you can change prices and lower shipping costs to compete with other sellers.

In the second scenario, if you are the owner of Amazon product listing, you need to pay attention while connecting product listing with Magento. You need to make sure that Amazon data does not get overwritten with product details from Magento. If the listing gets overwritten, then there’s no chance of retrieving the data back.  Also, before the synchronization of product data, you need to ensure that all Amazon listing data is within Magento and mapped properly.

Create a New Listing 

The top Magento development company enables its customers to build Amazon listings using Magento data straight away. It means that users don’t have to take the difficult route of listing the product manually and then synchronize it with Magento. They just need to map the Magento fields containing product data.

Automatic Importing of Products 

With Amazon-Magento integration, you can automatically import Amazon orders into Magento. It also allows you to update your sales channels with the available stock.

Major Advantages of Amazon-Magento Integration 

Now that we have discussed the Amazon-Magento integration set up process, let’s highlight how this integration will boost your business prospects.

Saves a Lot of Time 

One of the biggest plus points of Amazon-Magento integration is that it helps you to save a lot of time. You can focus on other core aspects of the business. You don’t have to manage two different platforms on a separate note but concentrate your attention on a single integrated solution. You can upload and manage all your products and inventory using one dashboard.

Enhancing the Customer Experience 

Since you are saving a lot of time due to Amazon-Magento integration, you can dedicate more time to framing customer-centric business strategies. As the competition gets stiffer, the drift in fulfilling specific customer needs is gaining prime importance. You can provide more loyalty programs, attractive discounts, and rewards to increase web traffic towards your site. 

The Benefits of Amazon Fulfilment 

Online web stores can leverage Amazon fulfillment solutions such that they don’t have to manage shipping and logistics. Moreover, you can view what orders are getting synchronized and added to the admin panel by Amazon integration services. Thus, you can see all the information and details related to the product, mode of payment, and shipping option, all in one place.

Improves Product Visibility 

It is extremely important for any web store owner to increase product visibility to generate more organic traffic. Amazon-Magento integration provides you with the scope to reach out to a wider target audience. Amazon is one of the most popular and extensively used marketplaces with more than 300 million customer bases.

The Last Thoughts 

While Magento Development Services integrates with Amazon’s marketplace, it allows web stores to reap various benefits. Online retail stores can save both time and money. Also, they can reach out to more customers. Magento-Amazon integration simplifies the business process.

Kevin Haynes works for BrainVire, a Magento Development Company. He is a professional blogger whose passion lies in delivering valuable content to his readers. He explores topics mainly related to web development that includes website design, digital marketing, start-ups business and much more. 


Amazon kick starts Cyber Monday Deals on Sunday midnight

Amazon Cyber Monday deals

The deal has already begun since midnight today, seems we are already missing. The Black Friday has come and gone, the tempo is down except for the excitement in the people who made a judicious utilization of the thanksgiving season. The Cyber Monday is 26th November and what amazes is that some companies had already announced to kick start the day from Sunday midnight, such is what Amazon offers.

The Cyber Monday deals started on Amazon exactly on Sunday midnight, there are so many deals on the internet, but from them is a list from the Amazon shopping cart to celebrate the Cyber Monday. I have the opportunity to capture five of the best deals in pictures, after which you can select from the others in the Amazon Cyber Monday deals.

Angry Birds King Pig Castle

Angry Birds King Pig Castle (Amazon Exclusive) for Cyber Monday

This is the board version of the Angry Bird game, where you will play real life, for this Cyber Monday; you can have it for just $29.99, instead of the original retail of $49.99.

HGST Touro Desk 4 TB External Hard Drive

HGST Touro Desk 4 TB External Hard Drive for Cyber Monday

This is a hard drive for you to store the data in the whole world; 4TB is good enough to archive your whole multimedia library, movies, music, and the rest.

Its retails originally for $299.99, but the Cyber Monday deals offer it for just $169.99

Timex Women’s Ironman Race Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Timex Women's Ironman Race Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch for Cyber Monday

The watch is packaged with 10 workout presets which records heart rate and well as burned calories. It offers for $89.95 on the Cyber Monday deals instead of the original retail of $102.97

Dyson DC25 Upright Vacuum

dyson-dc25 Vacuum cleaner for Cyber Monday deal

A Vacuum cleaner ball technology from Dyson that can be used on all types of floor, it is smooth in steering. It offers for $299 on Cyber Monday board, but flies back to its $374 when the deal is ended.

M-Audio Venom 49 Synthesizer

M-Audio Venom 49 Synthesizer for Cyber Monday

This keyboard looks more of the digital processing type with a real time performance controls. It originally retails at $322.99, but Amazon says you can pick it up for $189.99 for the Cyber Monday deals.

Other offers available on Amazon for the Cyber Monday include;

  • A Panasonic VIERA 55 inch TV which takes off 60% of retail price.
  • A Samsung 3D Slim LED HDTV 40 inch goes for $747.99
  • A Nikon Digital Camera COOLPIX S9200 takes off 50% from original retail.
  • Panasonic Digital camera LUMIX DMC-LX7 is cheaper by 40%.
  • A high performance JBL Complete 6-Piece Home Theatre Speaker System, just $349.99 for Cyber Monday.
  • Some top brand headphones including V-MODA, Sony, MEElectronics and more takes off up to 70% for the deal.
  • 5.6 inch Dell Inspiron Laptop sell for $399 this Cyber Monday.
  • Thousands of Kindle books take off 80%.

Try and visit the Amazon Cyber Monday board to get prices of a lot of items you have always wanted to buy.

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Android Fans Freebies

5 Fun Apps for The Kindle Fire – Top Kindle Fire Apps

The Kindle Fire from Amazon came out a few weeks ago and many will be getting one for Christmas as a gift. Maybe you. The cool thing about the Kindle Fire and any tablet is filling them up with loads of cool and fun apps. Below we highlight five such fun apps for the Kindle Fire and since the tablet is an Android device all the apps below are Android apps from the Amazon Android store.

There won’t be much that you can’t get or add to your Kindle Fire, everything from music to games and all else in between is available from what we can tell. Share your favorite apps by letting us know your personal top five below in the comment area.Kindle Fire Apps

1. Pandora

One of the most popular apps for the iPad is Pandora. Guess which device next will become a BIG proponent of the music streaming service? Correct. The Kindle Fire from Amazon. With a built-in MP3 player and the ability to listen to music on the go, Pandora is prime for the taking when it comes to music streaming on your Kindle Fire. Download this free app and carry a library of music as big as Donald Trump’s ego.

2. Netflix

Although many unsubscribed from Netflix after a recent outrage over increased fees, it’s still the service to beat when it comes to movie streaming. The full color screen of the Kindle Fire was made with videos and movies in mind, not too mention it’s the perfect size for portable movie watching. With that in mind, Netflix has a free Kindle Fire app which will enable you to view your chosen flicks on the Amazon tablet.

3. Words With Friends

This game which I believe started on Facebook has become incredibly popular with millions of users playing and sharing words. What fun. Well as a new Kindle Fire owner you can play Words with Friends on a 7 inch screen versus the smaller iPhone screen. This game app is free.

4. Hulu Plus

The popular movie streaming service also has a PRO version which is called Hulu Plus and you can now experience movies and TV shows on your Kindle Fire with this app. You still have to pay for the monthly Hulu Plus service, but the app itself is free. This app is great for those long wait times at the DMV, your doctors office, school detention, etc.

5. Adobe

This free app allows you to view PDF docs with ease, even make annotations. The app provides an enhanced experience for small screens, the zooming in on your PDF docs and also sharing via email attachments. Perfect app for business professionals and web writers.

All of these can be found via a simple search on the Amazon app store or via your Kindle Fire device itself. All are free and easy to download and use right away. Hope you found a fun app or two for your Kindle Fire and feel free to tell us below in the comment area – which one app should we have mentioned on our list?

Guest article by Missy who works for Broadband Expert, a high speed internet provider.


4 Black Friday 2011 Deals You Can Get This Weekend



4 Black Friday 2011 Deals You Can Get This Weekend

Black Friday is coming back early this time! It is coming earlier this time as more retailers will offering pre-holiday sales as they count down to Black Friday weekend.


Sears’ pre-Black Friday event will take place this Sunday, Nov. 13, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Discounts will be available online starting on Nov. 12 at 8 p.m., Sunday, and running through Monday at 4 a.m.

Sears is offering an extra 25 percent off Lands’ End clothing and footwear, 20 percent off clothing for the family, intimate apparel andaccessories, and 10% to 15% off footwear,fine jewelryhousewarescosmetics,sporting good and appliances respectively. You will receive a 5% off electronics if you are interested.



Amazon will continue offering its Black Friday offer with its Gold Box deals. Likely discounts for Friday include:

game headset black fridayPC 330 GAME Headset

Philips Speaker System for iPod/iPhone

Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 

Panasonic 16x Optical Zoom camera.

Dollar General:

Shoppers at Dollar General can take advantage of the Black Friday prices this weekend. The dollar general store will run a sale exactly on Sunday, Nov. 13, to Saturday, Nov. 19. And shoppers can even save more money during a pre-holiday sale from Nov. 13 to Nov. 15.

Some of the promotions includes an 12 MP HD video camera, or Emerson 12 MP digital camera for just $25; Polaroid 4GB MP3 music and video players with a 1.5-inch color LCD for just $15; cake, brownie and cookie mixes for just $1.

Best Buy:

Best Buy will begin its own Black Friday offer this weekend. Starting from Nov. 13 through to Dec. 24, the electronics retailers will match its retail store’s competitors on all identically available product. Best Buy customers that make a purchase during that duration will be able to receive credit on the item they bought if Best Buy or any other competitor reduces the price before Jan. 24, next year.

In addition to that, Best Buy will also start its “Shop Early, Save Big” event which starts yesterday, friday and going on to Saturday. Available deals include: a Toshiba 40-inch LCD HDTV for $379.99 reduced from $499.99; Pandigital Novel 7-inch e-reader for $89.99 reduced from $119.99; Lenovo Laptop for $379.99 reduced from $499.99.

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