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How to Download Alexa ToolBar

Quick Guide: How to Download Alexa Toolbar and Install It

Alexa is a web service company owned by The site is known as a toolbar oriented website that helps webmasters in increasing and monitor their online properties (websites and blogs). As a webmaster, it is highly recommended for you to have Alexa toolbar installed on your computer because, the absence of it means your website wouldn’t get ranked well on Alexa and that can also affect the authority of your site on search engines. Another disfavor of not using Alexa toolbar is that, you may find it difficult to get advertisers or sponsors for your website because of the low rank the site has. When your website is ranking well on Alexa – the chance of you getting more sponsors is very bright (certain) because there are many large companies that are searching everyday to get sites that have good Alexa ranks to advertise on and your blog might even be the next site in question if you do the right thing.

Here, I present to you the link to download alexa toolbar for your website or to use for visiting other websites on the internet without stress or hassle.

Go to the Alexa Toolbar Download page and follow the next steps to download your own Alexa toolbar or the Status bar – it is in two variety, one is for showing latest information about sites and hottest trending things on the browser bar while the second one known as Status bar is been used for showing latest rank of sites and others in the status area of website browsers (at the bottom side of the browser).