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5 Places Where to Sell Your iPad 2 to Raise Money for the New iPad

Where and When to Sell Your iPad 2

There’s nothing like the iPad 3 any more as at this moment unless Tim Cook has some others in store ready to be released soonest. Just like what Apple did when the iPhone 4S was released instead of the iPhone 5, that was what happened this time as well when many people have been expecting the iPad 3, but, it was the New IPAD that we have now – that is how Apple and the Tim Cook’s play the game.

It is very certain that many people out there would be waiting to buy the new iPad but not having much to pay for it. And the best way for you to buy it if you found yourself in this kind of situation is to sell your iPad 2.

And here is a guide to show you how to sell your iPad 2 for money so that you can then buy the new iPad which is now on for pre-order.

where to sell your iPad 2 for new iPad
Tired of iPad 2, then sell yours for the new iPad on these websites

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When Exactly Should I Sell My iPad 2?

Even at this time when the new version of the iPad family has been announced, it is dawn on us that this is the right time for all iPad 2 owners to sell their device for the most money so that they could as well order for the new iPad.

Few days from now, the iPad 2 will become cheaper in the market for those who want to buy them while, people selling would be forced to collect few amount of dollars.  If they refuse to sell at those prices, there is certainty that they might not be able to sell it again for that particular time – which means, the longer it goes, the cheaper it would become.

Where Should I Sell My iPad 2?

If you are not reading to scam your brother into buying your iPad off your hands, you need to decide on where exactly you’re going to sell it to get money for buying the new version.

That is how the gadget goes in the market, when the new one comes; the older versions got sold for cheaper prices for acquiring new ones. And particularly, this is very common with all the Apple products.

So, I have here some places for you to sell your iPad 2, but your phone has to be in perfect condition. And the prices listed here are for the 32GB Wi-Fi only model iPad 2s.

If You are Too Lazy to Do the Rough Work Involved

RadioShack: $320

RadioShack’s Trade & Save program does not offer good prices especially when selling. But, it has one thing that makes me chooses it over the others: convenience.

You do not need to make listing for your iPad or do some tasks related to shipping and others. Or neither do you need to monitor the auction or deal with many questions from the people claiming to be a buyer. All you have to do is to make sure that your Local Radio Shack store allows drop in, trade-ins, and help you exchange your iPad for cash.

And the good news here is that, you don’t have to buy a new item from the store at that same time with the trade-in program. It work this way, if you want to trade in your iPad, you can get a gift card along with the store worth the price of the iPad, and then come back once there’s new iPad for you to buy.

If You’re too Lazy & You Don’t Mind Shipping Your iPad by Yourself

Amazon: $362.50

Amazon on the other hand offers something cool as well, but you will have to pack and ship the product to Amazon according to their requirement. And the negative side of it is that, it may or may not be received in the condition that you claimed, which mean, you might waste more money on shipping and your time.

But the good side of it is that, Amazon makes this kind of task an easy one – the company will provides you the shipping label, and they might even upgrade your item and give you better payout if the product surpasses what you claimed.

Once the deal is done, an Amazon gift card will be credited to your Amazon account for purchasing products.

If You’re Very Patient Enough and want every Penny

eBay: $450+

It is unfortunate that majority of all eBay users are not technologically inclined, and that gives you upper hands in selling your iPad 2 for good money. With huge database of users, you will surely find someone ready to buy your iPad 2. Since, majority of them doesn’t know much about the technological aspects of each gadgets and I don’t even think they wants to learn how to.

And you need to be careful as well. Why? It is because eBay is where the sellers are always losing more while the buyers gains.

If you Have an iPad That Sucks

Craigslist: $400

Craigslist is another interesting place for you to sell your iPad for good money. If you some kinds of iPads that you know suck, you don’t have to give yourself headache over it. Or you do have one but you don’t have time for it.

Just sell those on Craigslist right away and get your money. But before you list it there, you should remember that you must not sell it a hidden place, but rather meet in an open place such as a bank lobby. Once you collect the cash, save it in the bank and then go back for it.

Other Places to Sell Your iPad 2 with Lesser Selling Prices

Gazelle $300

NextWorth $324

Buy My Tronics $309

eBay Instant Sale $296.64

Among all these threes, I can say, RadioShack and Amazon is the best place for you if you are looking for ways to sell without hating yourself afterward.


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Thanks for reading, and wish you happy selling and buying soon.

By Olawale Daniel

I love tech support services!

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You did a wonderful job on this RadioShack and Amazon, the two best places where you can sell products.To do as much as you can buy iphone new version instead of the previous version is also a good idea to share . Thanks for sharing.

Nice Article to a point clear of selling old products like the iPhone and the purchase of the lastest instead of the. RadioShack and Amazon, the two best places where one can sell their products.Thanks for sharing.

We ever look to the places where we can sell our used gadgets and this blog is the perfect place for getting all the required stuff.

Hi Olawale Daniel , your post is very interesting. Not only this I like all your post and never miss reading them. Keep it up!

Nice article of where to sell ipad and all the things you mention here is nice…….
Thanks for sharing it……………

HEY HEY HEY !! For sale ipad2 with screen protector and leather case ” 22,000 lang. ”
Hasn’t been much used within a week and has 16 gb. With downloaded apps and is still brand new.

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